About Pilgrim4life.org

Pilgrim4life first started as Remnant Radio Network in late 2004. It first began when programming was formed for a local Christian FM radio station. Internet streaming was added from the FM station, and this website was developed so that anyone worldwide can access the internet stream, and so other radio stations can pick us up and broadcast also.

In September 2009, RRN became what it is today, Pilgrim4life.org.
RRN stopped all radio efforts, and we now concentrate on bringing multi media resources from various sources and ministries centered on this website only.
Pilgrim4Life has mainly Christian resources which presents many doctrinal opinions. Some resources seem to be in direct opposition to others at times, and so it would be an error to categorize RRN as representing any one doctrinal stance.
We have resources that promote the so-called "rapture", while others take an opposite view, as an example.

So, what we have here will challenge you in some areas, or give you a supporting opinion in others, so if there is something being said you do not agree with, just keep looking around and listening and you will run across opinions that you will agree with.

Pilgrim4Life is run only as a free service. There is nothing to buy here, and i do not ask for donations.

Paul Pilgrim,