Satanic World Order Police State Videos

In police cars, there is video and audio recordings going without our permission, but when we do it for our protection it is wiretapping. There is Nazi rule in this country right now, and the American citizen has NO RIGHTS at all - NONE! What i am saying to you now is considered terrorism by these Nazis, as this kind of speech is against their laws, and they are working right now to put a stop to the free exercise of thought on the internet. The internet is the last holdout to preach the gospel right now, and it will only last for a short time. It is against the law to preach the gospel in "church", It is against the law to preach the gospel on the street corner in most cities, and certainly in the city in which i live. You cannot preach in public places like parks in most areas, and soon it will be illegal here on the internet as well. There is no freedom of religion in this country, there is no freedom of press, and there is no longer freedom of speech, these are all relics of a past civilization in America, and those who still think these relics exist, are living deep inside the matrix, that is nothing more than a make believe world that they think is real, but in fact is not, it is an illusion, a hologram, a contrived reality. So all of those who wish to live true to their convictions in Jesus Christ, his spirit, and his teachings, will live as outlaws and criminals, in this "free" country. We will at this time be persecuted BY the millions who call themselves "Christians", but are anything but born again believers in Jesus Christ. We are living in a perverse and wicked generation, with only a few of God's remnant left. The masses will turn against the remnant believers in the coming days, and even saying the name Jesus Christ will not be tolerated any longer, and those who do so will be pursued as criminals. We are living in a time when the horrors of persecution of past times, like the middle ages, will be repeated again. How long oh Lord, shall the wicked prosper? When will their cup of wickedness be full?

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