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06-24-2010 Are you a "self righteous hypocrite"?
Once in a while i get this kind of name calling by someone towards me. Someone views something i wrote, and it is like putting baking soda and vinegar together - Kaboom!

These kind of words usually come from people who are steeped in their own rebellion against God, and the only thing they know how to do is lash out against the messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is true that ALL of us still have hypocrisies, we still tend to be self righteous, and still are tempted by the lusts of the flesh and things like that. Nobody is exempt from these things, even the great apostle Paul still had trouble. But for those who have submitted and committed their lives to Jesus Christ, we are taken onto a path of holiness, where Jesus instills HIS righteousness in us, HE starts eliminating the hypocrisy that has in the past ruled us. This is not our own doing, and no man can just decide to be righteous, it does not work that way.

So then who are the self righteous?
When we reject the only one who is righteous from working in our life, then we become self righteous. So those who like to point the finger at a preacher or a messenger of the gospel, they are indeed the hypocrite and the self righteous. The very thing they accuse a Christian of is what is really their own condition.

So, next time you get accused of self righteousness or hypocrisy, you now know how to answer back, turn the tables on them. Those who are committed and submitted to Jesus rely not on their own righteousness, for we now there is nothing we can do to redeem ourselves, the gift of God to salvation is just that, it is a gift. It is nothing we deserved, or is owed to us. It is only by the grace of God that he has extended to us a second chance, he did not have to do that. The self righteous however reject that gift, thinking they can wiggle their own way out of the mess they are in. It is only through the righteousness of Jesus Christ that any of us can EVER see God, or EVER in any way be righteous.

So go ahead you accusers and mockers, call the sevants of the MOST HIGH self righteous and hypocrites, with every word you further deepen your own hopeless condition, and maybe, just maybe, you will reach out to Jesus someday and enter into his righteousness for yourself. It is my prayer, and my hope, that those of you who have not submitted your life 100% to Jesus will do so, for in that you fill finally find your purpose in life.

05-09-2010 Fallen soldier of Jesus
It has been months since my last blog, and that is because i have been caring for, and now lost, my helpmeet, a faithful soldier, my best friend, and the love of my life, other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself which has been and always will be the #1 purpose and drive in my life, or should i say - His life.

Lady Pilgrim, as i have always referred to her as here on Remnant Radio, her name is Rachel. Rachel left this world to go to her Lord Jesus almost 1 month ago.
It has been a rough time for me, and that is to be expected, so not much blogging and SN postings lately.
I have always considered our union to be a good example of what a union of a man and wife together in Jesus should be. Our friends and family have always marvelled at our relationship together, and with jesus at the center of it all. While it seemed most marriages were falling apart, or rocky, our's was rock solid, because it was built on the rock which is Jesus.
I could write a book of all of the acts of God that we witnessed together in us, around us, and through us, and someday that might come, but for now this blog serves as an honorarium for one soldier who ran her race faithfully until the finish.

If Rachel could have sung a song to us all, it would have been something like the one that Larry Norman sung to all his friends and family before he also went to be with his Lord - Jesus Christ. Click Here to hear this heart touching song.

Rachel, you had no idea of how many friends you really had here while serving alongside me, and also how much respect you garnered with your earthly family, but i'm sure you're in a place now where you know this.
My darling, i will miss you of course, but i know you are there kicking me and prodding me to move on, and not spend time dwelling about once was, and so i will move on, to new and perhaps better adventures in the Lord Jesus Christ than even what we had together, perhaps with another life partner.

Good bye my love, we will meet again in the pure joy, love, and light of the Lord Jesus Christ in HIS great city, where there is no more decay, sorrow, pain, suffering, and death.


01-04-2010 WARNING! DANGER! The movie "Avatar"
I received another report today from someone who went to see the movie. Here is what he said from the best i can put it together:
The movie's basic plot is fairly simple. Ex-marines are recruited by a mining company to collect an extremely valuable material on the planet Pandora, that is found underneath a huge tree that is the home of an indiginous people called the Na'vi that just want to be left alone. In order to get a foothold with the native people they create a hybrid half human half alien creature called an Avatar. The avatar chooses to defend the alien native race instead and becomes a savior to the native race.

The Na'vi are a people that have a oneness with nature, and can communicate with the other creatures of the planet. This is stikingly similar to the pagan societies here on earth, and especially the American Indians. The Na'vi even have a shaman. They live in that great tree, which is symbolic of the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Na'vi can ride the flying dragons by mind-melding with them, thereby becoming at one with them. The avatar is taught this as well, and eventually rides the great red dragon that only a few Na'vi have ever been able to ride before. The great red dragon is symbolic of Satan himself, and the normal dragons are symbolic of demon spirits, or what the bible refers to as "devils". The experience of riding with the dragons, and becoming one with them is symbolic of how pagan peoples become demon possessed and become at one with the demons. The savior figure, the avatar, finally rides the great red dragon which is symbolic of what John saw in the book of revelation concerning the "man of sin", which is what many improperly refer to as "the antiChrist". While Many people including supposed Christians will be rooting and cheering the avatar as the savior of the Na'vi, he is in fact just the opposite. The avatar in symbology is actually perfectly possessed by Satan and becomes the "man of sin".

Pandora - From greek mythology, is the first woman created by Prometheus(Satan) who unleashed evil upon the world by opening her jar(eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). Pandora is from the greek word Navowpa, traditionally derived from Nav "all" and owpov "gift", thus "giver of all". The name of the people "Navi" is no doubt derived from this. Also Pandora is a moon of the planet saturn(Satan's planet). The Luciferians have a scheme to ignite Saturn as a sun this year 2010, in order to terraform another moon of Saturn called Titan. See: The Lucifer project update.
Avatar - A hindu word meaning god incarnate, or heaven to earth, Jesus Christ by this definition was also an avatar. The leading character who is the savior figure in this movie and who ultimately rides the great red dragon, and becomes accepted by the navi is this avatar or god in flesh to save the navi.
I'm sure there is much more that can be said about the symbologies, and messages of this movie, but this is just a beginning point for you to consider. As more is revealed, i will update this blog and probably turn it into an article.

Now here's the WARNING:
This man told me he came under demonic attack during the movie, and had to enter into spiritual warfare and cast the tormenting spirit away in Jesus name.
He told me that the Holy Spirit gave him the knowledge that this movie is not about just telling a story, but is quite something different. It is actually a demon possession machine teaching, and opening the movie viewer to demon possession by mind-meleding and becoming one with the demons. He said that there were demons dispatched to every watcher, in order to gain entrance into them.

I had wondered why the makers of this movie would spend nearly a half billion dollars on a movie, and now i know why, it is not just a movie, it is a demon possession machine that people go into completely willing, they even pay for it. The concepts and imagery are so compelling that people unwittingly receive the demons by the emotions and feelings that are created by watching.

I normally watch these type of movies just to analyze the imagery, symbolism, and messages, but this is one i will not watch, either now, or when it comes out on DVD.

12-26-2009 The masonic Ritual of Baseball.
After spending much time researching and reading material found on the internet, i compiled a new article that puts all of the info in one place, plus some thoughts of my own on the matter.
I have come to the conclusion that the game is not only masonic from it's inception, but is actually an occult ritual that brings the masses into this deeply religious ceremony that has the result of changing the world through kabbalistic magic.
I have noticed this very same group magic take place with movies, television shows, music, and with centers of occult activity such as Las Vegas which is the religious capitol of the west, if not all of America. Las Vegas is a sun worship temple complex. Millions come to this temple complex every year to worship and be a part of the rituals and ceremonies. Almost all invoke the false god of luck, which is the same as the false god of Hap. They give their sacrifices at the tables, and in the machines, and there is even a golden idol that many bow to complete with kneeling pads like found in the catholic churches.
This same magic and occult power is involved with baseball, and probably all games including olympic games.
Here is the direct link: The Masonic Ritual of Baseball If someone has more information to be included is this article please contact me:

11-01-2009 The tale of two men, Paul and George.
Got your attention huh! I'm going to share a few words about the Paul and George of centuries past, not of recent history.
There are two men other than the Lord Jesus Christ that has been the greatest inspiration to me of all men past or present. The first is the one that many refer to as the "great apostle" or the greatest apostle. Paul who wrote much of what we call the "New testament" in the Holy Bible, was an enigma to many, an inspiration to most, mysterious to a few of those who say they are Christians. Next to Jesus Christ, he is hated the most by those from outside the camp of "Christianity", including those of the Yahweh cult, the Pharisees, those of other religions, and those clearly serving Satan.

Paul was a man that completely stands out in scripture, he was a man out of place, and was totally unique in his writings.
The enigma that besets those who try to practice Holiness, such as those in apostalic and holiness cults, is the statements of Paul that makes it clear that Paul did not operate in his own righteousness. Paul stated that he was the "chiefest of sinners", yet he is considered the greatest of apostles, how can this be?
This is no mystery to those who walk in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ, but is a problem to those who try to work their way to heaven another way. Paul's explanation of grace is a blessing to many, but a bane to many more, even to the point that there is now revisionist movements afoot to remove the apostle Paul from the canon of scripture. Much more could be said, and in fact many books have already been written about Paul, but the reason for this blog is to tell you he is first and foremost the most inspirational man under Jesus Christ that we can draw spiritual understanding from.

The second most inspirational man i have run across is George Mueller. If you have not yet studied for even an hour who George was, then i encourage you to do so. He started from scratch and refused the teachings of the men of his day. He locked himself in with Just the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible, to be taught by God the doctrines which only God would give him. His life from that point was nothing less than amazing and miraculous. He was one of a few who believed and taught that "original sin" did not start with Adam, and that was one of the most refreshing aspects of George that i found out, since god himself has shown me the same thing.

To study George just a little here is a couple of convenient links for you to follow: Youtube video: Robber of the cruel streets part 1 of 6. Wikipedia page.

09-25-2009 Today, a day in infamy. Are you an ANARCHIST?
One of the headlines today at FOX NEWS was "Obama to Usher In New World Order at G-20".
As you may have heard, there was a big protest in Pittsburgh by college students opposed to the "New World Order". These students were labelled as "ANARCHISTS" by the mainstream media, in order to steer the American "hive mentality" against these protesters. These students are not anarchists, they are opposed to only one form of government - WORLD GOVERNMENT.
In contrast those against the protesters, including the politicians, news media, police, and the secret world elite, are opposed to lawful national soveriegn government. So who are the true anarchists?
Will you oppose, resist, or even evade the one world government?
If your answer is yes, then you too will be considered an anarchist, and subject to harsh penalties including on the spot execution by the up and coming death squads, like those "death vans" circulating in Red China right now.
This does not even take into account if you are a committed believer in Jesus Christ or not. If you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, then you will also be adverse to their plans, be labelled as a "hater", and subject to penalties under the up and coming international hate laws, subject to heavy penalties including on the spot execution.
For those who remain steadfast in our belief and commitment to Jesus Christ we can be found guilty by their intolerant Satanic government on both accounts, as a hater, and an anarchist.

By even maintaining this website, providing the material we do, even for me writing this blog to you, this is enough evidence for them to mark and label me.
Anyone that knows me, knows that i believe absolutely in the words of Jesus Christ, when he commanded us to "love your enemies". I have no intention of harming anyone, quite the contrary, i wish that all would be filled with peace, joy, and love of the Holy Spirit. How does that make me a hater? They say because i believe this love, peace, and joy can only come through a committed life to Jesus Christ. Are not the real haters those who so hate Jesus Christ, that they will murder and destroy anyone who even believes in Jesus, and reject any other "messiah", or king?

08-30-09 What is your confession? Negative or positive?
A brother in the Lord Jesus Christ called a couple days ago, and was swinging his rock pick around in the spiritual gold mine. He struck the side of the tunnel with his pick, and discovered a rich vein of gold that i need to tell you about.
We were talking about the emerging church movement, and how the occultic new age philosophies are found at the core of this movement. Hundreds of millions of "Christians" are currently in deception from this witchcraft called "positive affirmation" or "positive confession" philosophy. I was approached this last year by a woman who wanted to "air" her "Christian" program on Remnant Radio. I listened to one of her programs, and it seemed alright, and i was almost ready to give her time, but i decided to listen to another. The next program horrifed me as to what she was saying. It was all about "positive confession", and was basically parroting the same junk that has now filled all of the bible bookstores. I told her that what she was saying was completely adverse to the message of Jesus Christ and that i was not going to give her airtime. She replied in a shocked attitude, saying everything she says comes right out of the scriptures. I was equally shocked and again horrified that someone can be so deceived that they actually believe that this positive affirmation gobbly goop is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Back to the gold mine of truth.
This brother who was swinging his pick, piped up and said to me, "my confession is a negative one".
What this meant as he explained to me is that those who walk in the Holy spirit know that we are weak and can do nothing of ourselves. Our strength lies in Jesus Christ alone. In order to walk in this place of strength a negative confession must be made. "Lord Jesus, i can do nothing of myself, only you can give me strength to do your will, and accomplish what you need done".
So it goes like this, first the negative confession as described above. Second, the apostle Paul said it best: "I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me". This is the positive confession that follows the negative one. THIS IS THE ONLY POSITIVE CONFESSION THAT IS ACCEPTABLE TO THE LORD!!!!!!

This positive confession is not to go about doing what we want to do, but only to accomplish God's will. It will generally lead to selfless acts of love, and miracles will follow.
So today make your confession a negative one if you want to do God's will, and walk in the spirit of life which is the Holy spirit. Then you can achieve a proper positive confession, not the kind found in all of those countless books sold today at the apostate bible bookstores, and preached behind the vast majority of pulpits today.

07-10-09 JESUS ONLY
Last night the Holy Spirit descended on me, and what was impressed on my mind was wholly new to me. I was not even thinking about this when this event took place. The Spirit fell so heavy that i was immediately humbled and the scripture from Matthew and Luke came to mind. "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. for ever and ever."

Then, it was shown to me that this prayer is something that was shown to the disciples of Jesus, and was meant for a time BEFORE Jesus completed his work on the cross, was resurrected, and the coming of the comforter.
There was a covenant by God the father, with Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and with many of the ancient descendants of Adam, and then of Noah. Over and again these people that God had made covenants with had failed in their faithfulness to God, to the point that God the Father had just plain had enough of them.
Jesus Christ who was at the beginning with the Father, in the creation of the physical universe, and who sits on the right hand of the Father, took it upon himself a plan of redemption for not just those of Adam's, Noah's, and Israel's seed but of all mankind.
With the completion of the cross, ressurection, and givng of the Holy Spirit, began a new covenant with all of mankind. Some like to think that this is an extension of the old or original covenants, but no this was a seperate covenent, totally seperate and new.
No longer is our covenant with the Father, but it is now with the SON only. Jesus Christ has become our shepherd and we are the sheep of his pasture. Jesus Christ presents all of those written in his book of life to the Father as a purified, clean, redeemed people.

For this reason, our relationship is with Jesus Christ only. He is our lord and savior, and is the only name under heaven by which we can be saved. It is Jesus only that our relationship with God is with, it is him we talk to in prayer.
Any other attempt at reaching God is trying to find another way to heaven, and that will never be. Jesus Christ must be at the center of everything we do, and we are not to bypass him with attempts at praying to the Father.

There are three distinct entities to God, what most call the trinity. Eben though we tend to wrap up all three and call this God, there is a distinct seperation of the three, and it is only Jesus that is given to be our shepherd, with the Holy Spirit as being the one that Jesus Christ ministers to us through.
Even though this triune relationship of God is perhaps the biggest mystery of the universe to mortal man, we must understand and have faith enough to obey that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, and the ONLY life given for mortal man.

06-17-09 Why don't they just trust in God's plan of salvation?
I receive email regularly from various members of the Yahweh cult. There are certain earmarks that are common between Yahwists.
1. They believe in strict observance the Mosaic law and the 10 commandments.
2. They believe that the name of God is YHWH(Yahweh), with the most popular pronunciation being Yaw - Way. But some Yahwists insist it should be pronounced Yaw - Vay, Yah - Vaw, and other forms of the same. Some, and maybe most, believe if you do not get that pronunciation right then you are not going to be in good favor with God.
3. There is no trinity of the Godhead. Therefore there is really no Holy Spirit, and there is no Jesus Christ who sits on the right hand of the Father, as recorded in scripture. They believe there is only Yahweh, who manifests himself in different ways such as the manifestation of someone who they call Yashua or Yeshua which means YAHWEH SAVES. They say this Yashua is the same as Jesus Christ the one that Christians believe was the only begotten SON OF GOD, who died for all mankind that ALL can be saved. The Lamb of God who was slain, and who rights in HIS book of life all of those who attained salvation through him. Obviously the Yahwist belief is completely contrary to scripture when it comes to Jesus Christ and who he is. They also have no right to call themselves Christians, as they truly do not believe in Jesus Christ as taught by Jesus himself and the apostles. But many of them do claim to be Christian, DO NOT be fooled by them, they are either being purposefully dishonest in order to gain acceptance or credibility, or they are so deceived themselves they cannot see their folly.
4. Sabbath keeping seems to be the number one item on their list to do, except that of using the name Yahweh.

Now i will get to the point of this blog. I received an email a couple of days ago from a Yahwist who now is in real trouble. Please try not to laugh when i tell you what this trouble is, although it may be hard to resist.
The trouble is one of their own has discovered that the sabbath day is neither of the pagan name days of Saturday or Sunday.
Well this is most distressing to Yahwists, because if it is of utomost importance that the sabbath is kept, then the exact time and day must be right, or it will not be pleasing to God. I have watched some of these Yahwists figure the sabbath down to the very minute.

Why don't they just give up their striving to climb into heaven another way than what is prescribed? Why don't they just surrender their lives, their hearts, their hopes, and their dreams to Jesus Christ, and be baptized by the Holy Ghost? It is the only plan of salvation given to man,but yet this plan seems to escape them, it apparently is just too simple.
One final thought before i end this blog. Is there any difference between these people and the disbelieving Jews in Jesus day? - - I think not. Some will probably be upset about me calling this the Yahweh cult, but it is a cult. Anything that deviates from gospel of Jesus Christ, as Jesus taught, and the apostles taught and preached is in error and those who believe and practice that deviation are cultish. I don't pull any punches when it comes to wrong gospels being preached, and most people are members of cults in this great time of deception that is upon us now.

05-21-09 What's in a name?
I get asked sometimes, what's up with that name "Pilgrim"?
If you are thinking it is just a nickname, radio name, stage name, or maybe just something to hide a birth name, then you would be off track. It does have elements of a nickname or a "handle", but that is not why i use that name.

In 1975 i was reading the book of Hebrews one day, and that scripture in chapter 11 verse 13 jumped out at me. Not Only was Abraham a Pilgrim and a stranger and never saw the promise of God, but so are we who walk the Matthew 7:14 path. We are strangers to the world and those who dwell here. We are neither citizens of this planet, or have a home here. This planet is foreign to us, and we are indeed strangers to it, as well as the world is strange to us. We all walk as pilgrims on that narrow treacherous path. We all walk in the wilderness, and pitch our tent here and there, moving with the Shekinah glory cloud wherever it goes. We eat the manna from heaven as our daily substinance carrying none until the morrow.

So even though i have three birth names like most people do in the USA, they are BEAST registered names that tied to citizenship of the federal government. I have renounced these names, and have made my citizenship known to all as a citizen only to God's kingdom. Therefore i go by what i am -- a pilgrim. Which Pilgrim am i? i also identify with one that is the greatest(and least) of the apostles, and that is Paul. So that is why i go by Paul Pilgrim. Paul means small, therefore small pilgrim is what you can call me.

If you are walking the Matthew 7:14 path then you too i will call PILGRIM.

04-21-09 After The Jesus Movement: What happened to all those "Christians"
For those of you who remember or were part of the Jesus movement, this is especially for you. For those who do not know what this is, here is good place to go to get some history ONE-WAY.ORG.
There is no exact dates when it began or ended, but i think it began about 1967, peaked about 1972, and was all but gone by 1975. 1972 is when this movement touched me, and the Holy Spirit first descended on me, and caused me to lay my life on the altar as a living sacrifice to Jesus Christ. This was a most miraculous time, the like of which has probably not been seen since the upper room in the second chapter of ACTS. Hopeless heroin addicts were turning to Jesus Christ in large numbers, and i have heard many testimonies from these people. They were instantly delivered and recovered from their addictions without any withdrawal symptoms, and never again turned to vice. This was true of not just heroin addicts, but ALL forms of vice. These people were on fire for Jesus Christ, and they had a pure faith and relationship with HIM.

In order to answer that question i think my case was typical to the average converted hippie during that time in this respect:
1. I was not "churched", never read the bible, did not even know a "Christian" or what one even was until that time in 1972. I never had the gospel of Jesus Christ presented to me before.
2. I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, baptised in Holy Spirit, and began reading the bible, all outside the influence of any church or pastor.
3. My faith was pure and simple uncorrupted by religion, ritual, ceremonies, holidays, doctrines, and such.
The love, peace, and joy of the Holy Spirit was so overwhelming, that i thought i must be the only one who this has ever happened to in our community of 30,000 people. I certainly had never met anyone or heard about anyone who had this happen to them, and i had lived there my whole life until that time.
So i decided to go investigating what churches were all about, after all they all claimed to have something to do with Jesus. So i went to see the pastor of the Nazarene church, who was quick to tell me that my experience was not unique, that all of them there have had this experience, and that i was just being over-zealous in my exuberance of the Holy Spirit. Talk about trying to throw water on the fire! Thank God his tactic did not quench my fire! This guy i think is typical of what happened to so many, where the religious system found it their job to quench the Jesus Movement cold in it's tracks. They obviously felt the need to get these UNCONTROLLED JESUS PEOPLE under control, indoctrination, instruction, and mind control.
Sigh! double Sigh!! and more SIGH!!!!
Well it worked, almost all of these once on fire, delivered, set free, REAL CHRISTIANS, fell for the traps that were set before them. These free range Christians were told they needed to meet in groups, which turned to cell groups, for even more intense control methods. They soon became pew sitters instead of the natural born again street preachers that they once were. Being a Christian was soon defined as someone who goes to church, and all Christian activities could only be inside the church walls.
More sigh!
Today, i know of very few who like me received Jesus Christ during that time, who God has kept from the spoilage of the churches, and religious system, and because of that are still on fire for Jesus Christ.

04-13-09 Baptists ON the barbeque! This will be an ongoing blog to show how and why the baptist religion is just a religion and is actually anti-Christ. This does not mean every baptist is on the BBQ, but is meant to be an expose of the religion itself.
First, i will need to know who you are. Be honest, and click the appropriate pill. If you are a baptist, DO NOT click the blue pill.


04-11-09 What do you expect?
What do you expect when you minister or preach Jesus Christ to others? We were taught early on that we must witness our faith and commitment to Jesus Christ to the "un-saved", or lost. This is not only what the apostles did, but they were also commanded of Jesus Christ himself to do so. We take the apostles mission and do the same thing because we want to see those who live in darkness to come to the light of Jesus Christ in their lives too.

But what what are your expectations when you witness the light? Do you expect that others will respond and turn to Jesus Christ as savior and Lord? What do you do when they don't, and does that shake your faith? Why don't we see more brave people openly preaching Jesus Christ on the street corners, and in public places? Why do so many "Christians" not speak of Jesus Christ to anyone except when they get inside of a safe church building?

I think it is because of wrong expectations, that's why. As long as what we say and preach is accepted by friends, family, and those we meet, then we are good with it, but that is hardly ever the case, and most people cannot bear being rejected by all for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Are you willing to preach, speak, and live according to your convictions, and the leading of the Holy Spirit? If you say yes, be prepared to be alone, for very few in this day can bear witness of the truth and light.
If you still say yes, i will ask again what are your expectations?

You may be asking right now, ok Pilgrim, what should we expect?
Expect nothing, if you can. This way you will not be shaken, or tossed by what people may say or do. You should be obedient to God in your mission, and care not the reactions of people. We are witnesses of truth and light, which is Jesus Christ. We are to remain steadfast in our post, and there is no room for discouragement. Discouragement comes when when our expectations are not met. Do not let the enemy gain a stronghold your life through loss of expectation.

We do the job God gave us, no matter if anyone ever believes us, or follows the light with us. In this wicked and evil generation in which we live, where faith in Jesus Christ is all but lost, except by a few, we should be evermore steadfast in our resolve to being a witness of the light.

04-05-09 This week's Obamanable news.
Ok, first Obama and his wife Michelle hug the queen which is unprecedented for a US president. Then he bows in submission to the Saudi Sheik which is unprecedented for a US president. Why was this? Because he IS NOT the US president that's why.
Today he is talking trash about North Korea, and saying their independence will not work for the "global regime"
WHAT? That was global REGIME, not global co-operation which is what would be expected for a nation. So today he has in as much said that we have a global government, right here - right now. Every day brings a new surprise with this usurper of the presidential office.

It is at least very clear now that he is not "THE ONE". He might be instrumental in setting the stage for the appearance of THE ONE, but he himself is not that guy. George Bush was indeed the last US president, Obama is just the man to handle the US in this transition period into the "global regime". It was obvious from the beginning he has no allegiance to what once was the US, he didn't even have a clue how many states the US had, nor does he care. ALL state and US resources are now property of the global regime, the water, the food, the air, the minerals, and most importantly, ALL of the "human resources". Yes, they think YOU are their property, to do with what they want, including disposal. If they want to eliminate 90% of their human resources then THEY think they have that right and can do so at their whim. THIS IS NOT CRAZY TALK!!!!! They have told us these things for a long time now, but only a few really pay attention to it. So now all of a sudden most of the masses can't figure out how all of this is happening so quickly. Well they just have been busy living their lives, raising their families, while this has all been going on for decades, even centuries.

When they have complete control over the food industry and distribution which they now do, then they can control their human resources completely. If a human resource is not in complete obedience, then they will not eat, or may simply be disposed of - plain and simple. Think this is far stretched. Do an internet search for China's "death vans" which are circulating all over China now as we speak, disposing of Chinese human resources for not being in obedience to any one of China's 68 laws that require a death penalty including tax evasion. Do not think this is something that will stay in China, this is a prototype system that will be instituted globally.

Are you ready? Is your family prepared to resist this Satanic empire? Or will you continue to be one of their "human resources" to do with as they please?
The answer is Jesus Christ. They cannot kill someone who has switched kingdoms. They might kill the body, but the spirit will go back to God to live in his kingdom.
This is the preparation i speak of, and once that is done, the Holy Spirit may deal with you in preparing in other ways as well.

04-02-09 The touchy-feely "Christianity" that can offend no-one, but does. Hypocrisy in action.
I run across them regularly. Oh "God bless you", "I'm so glad to meet you", "I love you", "I love you in Jesus", Etc.
There is no problem with these as long as they truly reflect what is in the person's heart. But more often than not, these words and sayings are spoken when the person heart is full of despise, or anger, or other negative emotions. These things are said because it is the "proper" thing to say, so as they don't appear to offend anybody. As well intentioned as that may be, it actually has the opposite effect. I can usually tell when those words match the feelings, and when they don't, it becomes doubly offensive because i know they not only harbor ill feeling but are dishonest as well.

On the internet i run across this same phenomenon. Yesterday Tangle wrote a message: "We recieved this message "Trying to delete this Tangle account, because Tangle is anti-Christ" on your tangle account. We're sorry to see you go! Your account has been removed per your request."

Could that have been any more disingenuous, and dishonest? I never asked them to delete the account, and the message they say they received i never sent them. What's even worse is they lied about that even, they never deleted the account after all.
I received another today from someone who's public video that i added a comment to: "Hey Pilgrim. just want to thank you for commenting on my video and to let you know I'll soon be deleting it. Peace and blessings"
Ha ha ha, I'm sure he was honest about one of the three statements he made, because he did delete the comment.

All i'm trying to say, is people pick up on dishonesty, and that dishonesty makes matters worse. Let's try to say what we mean, and mean what we say, otherwise we are like the Pharisees and hypocrites that Jesus spoke so sternly about. We all do this to some degree, and when i catch myself later i lament, and repent, wishing i would have been honest instead of taking the convenient route.

03-31-09 Update on the Heretical Tangle
I have mentioned before that the internet "Christian" social networking site "Tangle" is appropriately named because once a person joins, there is no way to un-join thereby becoming entangled and can't get out.

Well this happened to me. I joined when it was Godtube more than two years ago. I watched during this time as Godtube and now Tangle has supported demonic, occultic, and heretical "movements" all the time calling themselves "Christian". Now it is impossible to seperate myself from them, so i decided to start posting real Christian material and making comments on videos that they promote.
Almost in every case they will not allow my comments to be made, or my blogs to be posted. The latest was a series of easter videos that they promote. I thought i would just post the website Too Long In The Sun to the comments of these videos, so that viewers can actually get access to the truth about easter, instead of the heresy that Tangle promotes. Of course they will not allow my comments to be posted, so they actively block the truth from being spoken.

How long will these WOLVES be allowed to rule? As long as people will let them. They rule in ALL so-called "Christian" venues, including churches, CCM(Contemporary Christian Music), magazines, books, and bookstores, any thing with the word Christian attached to it. God help all of those who truly love Jesus Christ, and want to do HIS will, to see the deception all around them and seperate themselves from it.

04-01-09 UNTANGLED AT LAST! Tangle finally deleted the account, even though i did not ask them to. I guess they decided i was too much trouble for them, something to do with me calling them anti-Christ i think.
04-04-09 Still Tangled. The account is still there! They either deleted it temporarily, or maybe they never deleted it.
04-07-09 Account seems to be deleted now, let's see if it stays that way. I think they are monitoring this blog.

03-28-09 "Canned Ham" vs "Dr. Dino"
I have been wanting to write a blog about this for a long time, and today is the day.
There are a few "Creationist" speakers that have gained a lot of attention in the last couple of decades, but this blog is about two, "Canned Ham" as we call him, and Dr. Kent Hovind aka "Dr. Dino".
Dr. Hovind has probably garnered more attention than any creationist speaker in our modern times, so much so that the evolutionist/communist faction needed to do something about him. Dr. Hovind won every debate when pitted against evolutionist debaters and educators. They could not stand for this, and they did something that would take Dr. Hovind out of the public eye. They trumped up a bunch of bogus charges against him, and found a corrupt judge and court to convict him criminally, and so he has now been in prison for several years as a political/religious prisoner.

His work has not stopped, and his debates from years back are being broadcast by others in order to continue his work. But his ability to be on the spot, continue his lectures and debates has ended for now, and another has stepped in to fill the gap that was left. This other man we call "Canned Ham" which i will refer to as simply "Ham", has the somewhat same message and presentation that Dr. Dino had, but is NOT the same. Ham presents a much toned down on the truth, politically and religiously correct creationist view. His statements aften contradict those of Dr. Dino's, and i think this is an attempt to discredit Dr. Dino altogether. I do not appreciate this attempt to replace the honest truth that Dr. Dino presentied for many years with a compromise fo the truth that Ham presents, and so the purpose of this blog.
You know that someone is getting close to the truth when 99 websites out of 100 are against the person. Why is it that "canned ham" does not get anywhere near the persecution that Dr. Dino has received? Because Dr. Dino tells the truth, that's why. The satanists hate Dr. Dino with more passion than they give toward anything else, and even the "Christians" seem to sympathize with the satanists when it comes to persecuting Dr. Dino.

Here is a website to check out Dr. Dino and get access to his life's work, as well as keeping up to date with his unlawful imprisonment and how you can help: Click here to access FREEHOVIND.COM

3-23-09 What is "God's Law"
I have run across few people who know what God's law is. Most of the time people think it is the ten commandments, some go as far as saying it is the law of Moses. Others think along the lines of a recent man who told me that Romans 13:1-7 is God's law, apparently thinking that all scripture is God's law.

First let me say, there are actually two law systems when it comes to God's law, and this is what confuses people. There is the law of the natural, and the law of the spirit. Ideally the two would be one, but this does not happen unless a person walks by and in the holy Spirit. Natural law, can be divided into two categories as well: a. The ten commandments which God wrote directly on tablets of stone which is truly God's law b. Other laws and scripture written by man, hopefully under the inspiration or direction of God. The law of moses fits into this category. The many issues that the apostle Paul wrote about possibly fits into this category.

The law of the spirit is what Jesus Christ taught. Through all of the parables and allegory, he was giving the spiritual law. He sums everything up in two laws.
Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
Mat 22:38 This is the first and great commandment.
Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

So, this is God's law. Jesus Christ spoke it, and has become the law that everyone "born of the spirit" must enter into and obey.

I have heard some people tell me that the word "repentance" means turning back to God's law. This is loosely true, when God's law is understood to be the spiritual law that Jesus commanded, but is not true when applied to the law of Moses, or obeyance of "the Torah".
This will make some angry who may read this, so my suggestion to you who may be angered, is to turn to the spirit, and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus also said in John 4:24: "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

Hope this helps some of you out a little bit on this issue.

3-18-09 - A word about "Silver"

"Silver" is the name of one of my companions and fellow travelers. He might be small but has the heart of a lion, fearing nothing around him. He follows his dad, and would be happy to be with dad all day, and go wherever dad goes, even if it would involve something that would scare his peers to fright, like take a ride on dad's big motorcycle. He has a gentle heart, and is never cross with any other creature, unless of course it might be considered food, or entertainment.
He has only gotten mad a human only once, and that is when that vet tried to stick a big needle in his neck to draw some blood.

We could all learn a lesson from this simple creature. His devotion to his dad is first in his life, causing him to do exploits that normally one his size would not do. He fears no-one, and whatever dad does, then it is alright for him too, and he does that fearlessly, with a heart full of faith. He is in his happy spot when he gets dad time, and is what he lives for.
He follows not another, is his own "man", owing allegiance to only his dad. His peers often try to imitate his ways, but he wants no followers either.

Oh, if we would all have the devotion and love for God, that this creature does for his dad, then this world would be a much different place.

If you are a biker, ex-biker, or Christian biker, then you might find this to make some sense also:
Silver is a true biker-cat. In addition to being fearless of his peers, situations, and of exploits, he has some other traits you might find familiar. His mere presence among his peers demands respect. When a peer is disrespectful, he may tolerate that for a while, but when he has had enough will dominate and put in place even the largest of bullies.
He sets his own path, and follows not another, except his dad.
But yet he watches for the welfare of the rest of the pack, and is a faithful brother.

Again, a lesson to be learned here for the rest of us. We should take no guff from demons or devils, but should rise in the authority of Jesus Christ to rebuke even the biggest of devils that may come against us, or our brethren. We should always be a watchman, to guard against enemy intruders, or anything that would harm those who are in our club called "the body of Christ".

One last word: Pictures of Silver have been published in two different magazine publications that i know of, he tends to be photogenic. One viewer in Germany once wrote to me and said "he is the most beautiful cat i have ever seen". I think what this viewer was actually seeing was the inner beauty of this wonderful creature God has made.

Your friend and brother in the Lord Jesus Christ ----- Pilgrim

3-12-09 - What part of "Flee from the very appearance of evil" don't they understand?
Also, covered in this blog is "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers", and another, "What fellowship does light have with darkness?"
Who are your friends, and who do you call your brother? Who did Jesus speak of when he said "Love your neighbor as yourself"?
The answer is, Jesus made it clear that our brother is he who does the will of God, these are also the same ones he calls friends. Our neighbor is also that person who does the will of God.
We are not to have fellowship with those still in rebellion to God, they are not our friends, nor are they our brothers. The only thing we are to do with the rebellious is to be a witness of the light, that they in their darkness might see the hope of Jesus Christ.
When we run across the religious hypocrites and pharisees of our day, which usually associate themselves with one of the many demon-nations, they are to be treated as the heathen, they are not our brothers, friends, and neighbors. We still witness the true and correct gospel of Jesus Christ to them, even though they pretend to be believers.

Back to the "flee from the very appearance of evil":
When these so-called "Christian" churches are involved with their pagan practices, pagan worship, pagan ceremonies, and religious rites, this should be enough to obey God and have nothing to do with them, but there's more. When we see the blatant signs of illuminism, masonry, secret society/mystery school symbologies, and further yet, teachings, then we should run at breakneck speed to get away from it. But yet hundreds of millions of "Christians" go to these pagan shrines or "synagogues" every Sunday and many more often than that.
So i ask again, why do they participate in evil instead of running from it? Well here are some reasons why these "Christians" are so steeped in deception, and lies they can no longer see the wolves, they cannot see the paganism, and can longer tell what is of God, and what isn't.
1. They conform to the ways of the world.
2. They do not really love God or truth.
3. They love the praises of men more than the praises of God, giving time to that which "tickles the ear", rather than hear the hard truth that leads to repentance.
4. Unwillingness to "die daily", to take up our cross, and become a bond-slave of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To see what happens to the millions of "Christians" who are following after the wolves CLICK HERE

------ Pilgrim

3 - 11, 2009 - Have you been "shunned"?
There is a term the Amish use when a person or a family in the community veer off of the accepted ways and stray from the Amish way. That term is shun, shunning, and shunned. It means simply that the person is no longer of good standing in the community, and that no other members are allowed to even speak to the shunned one. This in effect puts the person or family into total isolation from the community, and even if the the shunned one is in desperate need, there will be no contact, help or rescue.

It is amazing to me how what are supposed to be my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ are so quick to shun anyone who does not go along with what their preacher or religion says.

The baptists, especially the southern brand, actually hate me, or at least some of them do. Not only do they shun me, you can see the anger and ire in their eyes, and hear it in their speech. This is for several reasons. One is my stand on the Holy Spirit. The second is when i expose their preachers and pastors as wolves, as most of them are masons. Third is because i speak aginst their pagan worship and practices which i have found to be active in almost every baptist. The other baptist-like religions such as nazerenes, church of Christ, etc. also fall into this same category.

The Catholics don't like me much because i say they are not Christians, in that they really don't even come close to understanding what salvation is, or give their lives to Jesus Christ. Secondly their religion is ALL about pagan worship and practices. Instead of being a Christian religion which many catholics think they are, they should be more appropriately called a pagan religion.

The pentecostals and charismatics don't like me much either because they are the same as the baptists, except they believe differently when it comes to the spirit. My biggest problem with that is what is called the working of the Holy Spirit, i find is mostly of another spirit other than the Holy. There is a spirit working all right, but as clearly evidenced at the recent Lakeland, Florida revival it is not the Holy Spirit. Because people are so hungry for the supernatural, they have lost their discernment and accepted an imitation.

I could go on and on with the different religions, and why i am despised by all of them, but there is no need, the above examples are sufficient. The bottom line is religion is not a path to God, but people follow religion in the place of Jesus Christ. Where i get under their skin, is because i do not compromise the truth for the sake of friendship or acceptance.

A true Christian, a true believer in Jesus Christ, should have no trouble with me, nor i with him/her as a true Chritian will accept the truth about our pagan society, and will want to flee from all appearance of evil. A true believer cannot be a mason, because a true believer is not a house divided. A true believer follows the spirit of the living and true God of all creation, instead of practicing religious ceremonies, and rituals. A true believer knows very well, the only way to please God is by faith and humble submission to God's will.

If you consider yourself to be a true believer in Jesus Christ as i have just described, then no doubt you find yourself mostly isolated and alone because all or nearly all have put you on their shun list.
Consider this not a strange thing, and this is what is in store for a true believer, as he/she will most definitely find themselves as John the baptist did - A VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS.
This is why Remnant Radio is not popular, nor ever will be, because something here will always gore whatever sacred cow a visitor to this site may have stored up for themselves.
Remnant Radio is shunned by almost all. You won't find the website talked about on the net, it is like it doesn't even exist. People come here, get their sacred cows gored, then leave pretending like they never saw the website to begin with.
You may be thinking about now that maybe a different strategy is in order like "honey draws more flies". Well, like i mentioned earlier, the truth cannot be compromised for the sake of popularity or friendship. My duty is to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords - JESUS CHRIST, and him alone, and if that means being shunned then so be it.

------ Pilgrim out for today.

3 - 10, 2009 - What is a Christian?
Short answer it means a follower of Jesus Christ. The origins of the term as written in the scriptures says it is a term given to the first believers by the unbelievers. So, in other words it was probably a negative term, kind of like those who call black people n*****s.

But today the term is very confusing at best, it seems like everyone's definition is a little or even a lot different from one another. If we would define the term based on who and what the first believers were like, then i would dare to say, there are very few Christians in today's world. The statistics show there are approx. 1 billion Christians in the world today. But these statistics indicate only those who say they are Christians, without any definition or description of what a Christian is. So we have 1 billion people who say or believe they are Christians, and that really means little to nothing.

Someone who has asked Jesus Christ to come inside of them, to forgive them of their sins, and then receive a "born again" experience will define that born again experience as the basic requirement of what it means to be a Christian. This one requirement, drastically alters the overall number of 1 billion to just a fraction of that. Now if we further define the term Christian to not only having a born again experience, but also includes only people who walk in obedience to Jesus Christ every day, then that fraction is drastically reduced to a much, much smaller fraction. I could keep going on in further defining based on the lives of the first generation Christians including the apostles, and we would end up with a very tiny fraction from that 1 billion figure.

Most of the time when i venture into public, i wear clothing that talks about Jesus Christ. Sometimes someone gets brave enough to respond indicating that they are a Christian too. When i say "praise God" another believer, or something like that, the conversation almost always immediately goes to "where do you go to church". Almost always my reply is: "we are the church, you and i, and we are attending right now". You see almost everybody wants to define the term Christian not with being a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, but who it is you hang out with. Almost always conversation is ended at that point, and not from my withdrawal of the conversation. People want to know what demon-nation(denomination) i will identify with, so they can judge me as to if i am really a Christian or not. When i patently refuse to do that, and refuse to be boxed up nice and neat so they know where to put me, then the only response people have is to end communication. They don't want to talk about Jesus Christ, they don't want to know what it is that the Lord Jesus Christ is doing with this vessel of clay, nor do they want to tell me anything about them. Simply put our identification is in the Lord Jesus Christ only, not with a church, or a teaching, or anything else, but this is not the standard that most people use.

How about you? Do you wish to be identified only with Jesus Christ? If you have a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ, then you no doubt have this same standard. If you don't have a living dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ, then you need to humbly submit to him, and give up ALL of your plans, your hopes, your dreams, and wish to do HIS plans, his WILL in your life. In other words give all, 100% to Jesus Christ, and HE WILL fill you with the Holy Spirit, and you will enter into a dynamic living relationship with him, and you WILL be a true Christian, who will meet even the toughest standard and definition of what it means to be a Christian.

---- Pilgrim

3 - 10, 2009 - Blog page started again
This is a return of the blog page which i started a couple years back, but took back off.
The reason for the return is because my blogs are censored by the website now called Tangle which was formerly Godtube. The blog following this one was censored and removed by Tangle the same day i posted it. I wrote one previous to this about the same subject but worded quite a bit differently. It too was censored and removed. It seems Tangle IS NOT a Christian website as they claim, but is instead a new age religion website, intolerant of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would not be surprised to learn the owners/operators of the website are masons. I don't know this to be true, but i highly suspect it.

It was my preference to keep blogs off of the Remnant Radio website, but there seems to be no more appropriate place than right here, so here we go again. I will try to keep the subject matter interesting and from the heart.

----- Pilgrim