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This is the page that will eventually become an article, and will be added to until it does become an article.

Issues we will be tackling concerning the baptist religion and why it is not Christian when compared and held to the standard set by scripture and the acts and words of Jesus and the apostles:
1. The tainted gospel as taught by convicted con-man and illuminati operative C.I. Scofield that has been used brainwash pastors when in seminary, and is preached behind the pulpits everywhere. Zionism, dominionism, and escapism are all false teachings brought into the Baptist religion by the adoption of the Scofield bible.
2. The baptist religion also teaches salvation based on the T.U.L.I.P. gospel of the apostate John Calvin. This is also referred to as OSAS(Once Saved, Always Saved). This is a wrong teaching of salvation that has millions believing they are saved, when they are not, leading them straight to the BBQ.
3. The rejection of the working of the Holy Spirit in demonstration and power. They do believe in the Holy Spirit, but the working of the Holy Spirit is confined to conviction of the heart.
4. The acceptance and adaptation of paganism which is idolatry. They are quick to condemn the Catholic church for idolatry, but they are just as guilty of being practicing pagans as the catholics. They practice Easter, and Christmas, and many baptist church even throw halloween parties. Ask your baptist neighbor if they think Harry Potter is ok for children to read, you might be surprised to know they have no problem with it.
5. Many baptists are freemasons. According to Mr. Holly of the SBC, up to 14% of SBC pastors are masons, and up to 18% of the deacons are also masons. But i have heard unverified estimates that go up to 60%. The official position of the leadership is not to condemn or challenge freemasonry, and pastors who may be freemasons. It is undeniable that the god of freemasonry is lucifer according to famous masonic writers. How can a pastor serve Jesus Christ and Lucifer too? Well he can't, these wolf pastors are all headed for the BBQ, and they are taking as many as they can to the BBQ with them.
6. The Baptist organization(s) became part of the ecumenical movement starting in 1919, heading toward the blending of all religions, the final goal being a one world religion. This is the point in time when it is clearly defined the Baptist leaders gave up on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in it's place favored the new satanic religion. One of the new authors to put into print these new goals was Samuel Zane Batten who wrote at least two books toward this end. One of them is titled "The new Citizenship", another is "The New World Order", published by the American Baptist Press.