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Texe Marrs 2010 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

52. "Hey, You Can’t Say That!"—Big Brother’s Assault on Our First Amendment Rights: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Ted Pike, founder of the National Prayer Network. Pike shines the light on hate crime laws and other atrocities against our freedom of press and speech. He especially exposes the ADL’s pro-homosexual attack on Christianity and praises heroic award-winning newswoman Helen Thomas, who finally stood up to the Zionists and is now telling the truth about Jewish and Israeli control of America’s political establishment, media, and Hollywood. Pike also discusses the perverted sexuality rampant among Jews and deemed acceptable by the rabbis’ filthy "holy" books of the Talmud.

51. Empire of the Elite (Volume 1)—Trillions for the Fed Reserve and the International Bankers, Stolen from the Pocketbooks of the American People: Download
New revelations about the corrupt Federal Reserve, including the disclosure that 12.3 trillion dollars was given by Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Fed to corporations and banks without specific Congressional approval. The Fed also pumped trillions into 39 foreign banks. More money went to giant Swiss bank UBS and England’s Barclays bank than went to America’s huge Citicorp and Bank of America. Why is the Fed the “World’s Central Bank?” Who authorized trillions to be stolen from America’s suffering taxpayers and doled out to banks in Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Europe, and South America? Not only that, but unknown to Americans—and covered up by U.S. media—The Fed also gave tens of billions to foreign corporations and automakers, including firms like Volvo, BMW, and Toyota that were already brimming with cash! America is being beaten down and plundered. The financial end is in sight for us, unless we the citizens rise up enmasse, overturn these wicked Money Men, and return to the Constitution.

50. Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie Download
Texe Marrs interviews Pat Shannan, Among the fascinating topics discussed:
(1) The mysteries of the JFK assassination. Were there two Lee Harvey Oswalds? Was the Israeli Mossad involved in the murder? What role was played by the Mob, CIA, and FBI? Who was Jack Ruby?
(2) Did Sirhan Sirhan kill Senator Robert Kennedy or was he a patsy?
(3) Why was former NFL football star Pat Tillman murdered by "friendly fire?" Was he going to expose the sham Afghanistan war?
(4) The 1969 Apollo moon landing—true or a hoax? The answers to these questions and much more is on this week's tremendous program, "Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie".

49. Secrets - Volume 172 Download
(1) Witches worship both a goddess and Pan, the horned goat god;
(2) Wikileaks is a disinformation project set up by the CIA, Mossad, and British Intelligence designed to spin fabrications about Iran and exonerate Israeli criminality;
(3) Homosexual Senator Lindsey Graham demands Wikileaks founder Julian Assange be prosecuted;
(4) Rabbi admits that the Jewish Messiah will be identified by his number 666;
(5) Pope Benedict XVI wears Vatican “Dagon the fish god” headdress with a Jewish six-pointed star symbol on it;
(6) The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, has a special Christmas exhibit of homoerotic art showing homosexual brothers kissing, Jesus covered by ants, and other sick gay and transgender smut. Will this Congress-approved and White House sanctioned blasphemy never stop?
(7) We thank God, is up and running. You are invited to become a member;
(8) Reparations totaling $4.6 billion are being paid out to black farmers whom White House and Congress say were once prejudiced against and denied government loans. However, it turns out that most of the recipients of the reparations are city dwellers and never even lived on a farm;
(9) December 25th was not really Jesus’ birth day. Should Christians celebrate that day?

48. “Here We Have No Continuing City”—By Rejecting These Six Profound Words of the Holy Bible, Evangelical Christians Have Doomed Millions of Innocents to Misery and Death and Have Consigned Millions More to Eternal Damnation: Download
There is not one city on the face of planet earth that God considers His Holy City. Paul wrote that Abraham and the prophets did not look to an earthly Jerusalem but toward a heavenly city, Zion. "Here we have no continuing city," Paul informed us. Jesus prophesied the downfall and destruction of the notoriously evil city of Jerusalem and its Temple. He said that the House of Israel would be "left desolate" until His return. Peter prophesied that the whole planet we live on would someday melt and dissolve, being completely removed from its place. Isaiah prophesied the same. In Revelation, Jerusalem is described as spiritually wicked "Sodom and Egypt," a city both corrupt and perverse. So why do evangelical Christians exalt a city, Jerusalem, that God spiritually describes as "Sodom and Egypt?" Why do they work to rebuild an earthly, ungodly nation, Israel, that Jesus wants "left desolate?" Why do Christians help the satanic rabbis kill, torture, and rape their neighbors and steal their land to build up an earthly kingdom of the Jews? Why are the minds of so many focused on carnal things rather than on the things of God? Don’t they realize that, "Here we have no continuing city?"

47. Religious Darkness Found in the Christian Church—Satan’s Ancient and Most Dangerous Philosophy Is Now Being Taught to the People in the Pews: Download
The Bible says that, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." God has said that He prefers that a man be either hot or cold, that He will spew a lukewarm person out of His mouth. Texe names some lukewarm leaders eligible for this treatment and provides evidence of religious darkness and double-mindedness occurring throughout America. Here is proof that pastors and churchmen have abandoned their First Love, Jesus Christ, and returned to the vomit.

46. The 2010 Elections Are History! - Now What Happens?: Download
What will happen to the U.S. economy? Will the Fed’s "quantitative easing" boost the economy, or will this fantastic printing of electronic deficits drive America into bankruptcy? Why did President Obama take off on trips to India and Indonesia immediately after the crushing election defeat of his Democrat Party? Will California now go belly up? With food prices climbing rapidly, why did Congress and the President refuse to increase Social Security and Military Retirement payments for the second year in a row? Why are the Tea Party and Republican politicians making the cutting of social security entitlements their #1 priority? Will "Mr. Weepy," the new Republican House Speaker, Mr. Boehner, be a success or a dismal failure? Will the U.S. become even more embroiled in Middle Eastern conflicts? Is a tax increase (a national sales tax or a VAT tax) inevitable? Who will run for President in 2012—Republicans Palin, Gingrich, Huckabee, or Cantor? Can Israel’s brutality be stopped? Will China continue to gain on the U.S.A.? Is another 9/11 event in America’s immediate future?

45. Secrets - Volume 171 Download
(1) News report claims that to save the earth’s resources, many young people are not bathing, shampooing, and brushing teeth;
(2) Christians during Communist era in Soviet Union would recognize each other by signs and meet secretly in the woods to worship. Communist agents would hunt down these little groups of Christians and they would torture, rape and kill;
(3) In early Christian era, the first Churches were not temples, but were small gatherings in homes: Home churches;
(4) Jews may control Washington, D.C. but they don’t yet control everything. We must continue to work while we can;
(5) An influential rabbi, Obideyah Yosef, in Israel, says Gentiles only exist to be slaves of the Jews. In the coming Jewish rule over Earth, as long as you serve the Jews you will not be killed and will be fed and sheltered;
(6) Another rabbi, Saadya Grama, has published a new book teaching that Jews are racially superior to Gentiles;
(7) Fox TV’s Glenn Beck, asked by Bill O’Reilly if he believed that gay marriage is a threat to the country, answers, "No I don’t!";
(8) Church in San Francisco is surrounded by a crowd of gays. Cars vandalized, the homos began beating on the doors screaming to be let in. Pastor called SF Police and they told him, "What do you expect? We have better things to do."
(9) Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State under Clinton, favored the U.S. bombing of Christians in Serbia to protect the Moslems. She has now written a new book, Read My Pins. Albright wore the occult "Hillary Pin" which has an eagle with a pearl in its talons. In her book she explains the hidden meaning of all the pins that she wore while Secretary of State;
(10) The co-chairman of President Obama’s federal debt panel, Senator Alan Simpson, is under fire for crude remarks he made about social security recipients;
(11) The elite plan more tax increases, maybe a VAT (Value Added Tax), while Social Security and Medicare entitlements for American citizens will be cut;
(12) Obama is continuing the Bush program of assassinating American citizens. No judge, no jury, just murder them;
(13) Pan’s Labyrinth: New movie has pedophilia, satanism. Shame on Hollywood!;
(14) A disgusted Indiana legislator wants to cut state funding for the Kinsey Institute based at Indiana University. He visited the place and called it a wicked and perverse "porno-pit."

44. Illuminati 2 Deceit and Seduction: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Henry Makow on his new blockbuster book, Illuminati 2—Deceit and Seduction. Makow courageously takes on the bad guys—from the Masons to the Vatican, Bill Gates and Microsoft, the Bohemian Grove, Russia’s Putin, British Intelligence, pedophile judges, rock music, lesbians, pimps, Lucifer, Marrano Jews, Judaism, Obama, the bankers, Stalin, Hitler, Hiroshima, the Katyn Forest massacre, the Cabala, and radical feminism. You will appreciate this insightful probe into the depths of Illuminati deceit and seduction.

43. “They”—Texe Marrs Unravels the Mystery of Who Really is Behind the Global Illuminati Conspiracy: Download
Patriot radio talk show hosts and website authors are constantly peppering audiences with accounts of Big Brother Police State abominations and the accelerating momentum of America toward economic collapse and a New World Order. But they are either too scared to tell us who is behind these things or they are simply ignorant. Who are “They,” the conspirators behind the sinister evils that surround us? Is it the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Jesuits, the Masons, Obama and the socialists, the Rosicrucians, the Nazis, the Communists, the Bohemian Grove…? How can we fight against an undeclared enemy? Are patriot leaders and conspiracy researchers simply ignorant and unaware of who “They” are? Are people in the know too afraid to even speak it out loud? Texe Marrs, ever unafraid, unravels the Mystery.

42. Secrets - Volume 170 Download
(1) CNN news anchorman Rich Sanchez complains that Jews run the media and discriminate against people like him. He calls Jon Stewart of Comedy Central (a Jew whose real name is Liebowitz), a "bigot." The next day, Sanchez is fired by his Jewish bosses at CNN;
(2) Geert Wilders, well-known politician in Holland, is indicted for "defaming the Moslem religion" and tried for committing a hate crime. Meanwhile, in Austria, a seminar speaker, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, is also under investigation for criticizing Islam. Will the U.S. Congress pass similar hate crime laws?;
(3) Microsoft Corp. wants to require internet users to be registered;
(4) Feds propose investigation of internet websites that are "resentful" of the government;
(5) Walter Isaacson, Skull & Bonesman and head of the Illuminati's Aspen Institute, names Russia, Iran, and China media outlets "enemies" of the New World Order;
(6) Elton John, homosexual entertainer, complains that America is too homophobic. John was invited to sing for Rush Limbaugh's recent wedding;
(7) Is Obama in the jaws of political death?—Jews who rule the Illuminati give the President an ultimatum.

41. Should Christians Burn the Jewish Talmud?—The Jews Most Holy Book is Full of Hate, Murder, and All Measure of Ungodliness: Download
Recently, Pastor Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida promoted "Burn the Koran Day." Moslems have burned the Bible before. What does Texe think about this? Was he mad at the Moslems for burning God's Word? Is God's Word indestructible? Should Christian's burn the Jewish Talmud?

40. Obama Tells Jews, “No More!”: The President Finally Stands Up to the Worlds Tormentors—Will All Hell Now Break Loose?: Download
Barack Obama was, from the start, a creation and puppet of the Jews. Now, he is making war against his creators. He's had enough and isn't going to take it any longer, and his angry Jewish controllers intend to smash this runaway President. The battle lines have been drawn. Will the Jewish lobby pull out all stops to destroy Obama? Can President Obama hold out against the many weapons the Jews have accumulated? Will Obama cave in to the pressures or will he continue to battle against these monsters? The answers to these questions and much more is on this week's extraordinary program, Obama Tells Jews, "No More!": The President Finally Stands Up to the Worlds Tormentors—Will All Hell Break Loose?

39. The Illuminati’s Presidential Choice for 2012: For now it’s Newt Gingrich vs Barack Obama, with Zionist Stooges Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and Yes, Hillary Clinton, Waiting in Line: Download
Texe evaluates the presidential line-up for 2012. He exposes the unAmerican traitor Newt Gingrich’s outrageous proposals to throw out the U.S. Constitution, set up a world government, and radically reshape American culture into the more desirable “Jewish Utopia.” Gingrich proposes also the end of Christianity as a “Third Wave” sweeps away all vestiges of Americanism and terminates old-fashioned morality. Gingrich’s plan is for a “New Civilization.” Incredibly, the controlled media have totally bottled up this satanic agenda. Also explored: The possibility of Cantor, Palin, Romney, Huckabee, or a dark horse getting the nod in 2012. And, if Barack Obama continues to falter as America’s leader, will Hillary be brought in to carry the Democrat Party’s banner as White House candidate in 2012?

38. The Genocide Solution—The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by the Red Terror of Israel’s Communist Jews: Download
Revealing the true story of how European and Russian Jewish terrorists, armed by the Soviet Union’s red army, were transported to Palestine and commenced the genocidal massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Proven cases of butchery and inhuman atrocities include the rape of children, the knifing of the elderly, the stuffing of bodies down wells, the gouging out of victim’s eyes and the theft of Palestinian homes, businesses, and farms. All these cruel and merciless crimes were done in the name of God with American Christians and politicians cheerleading the killers and praising them for ethnic cleansing of the land. And so, a new Communist republic became reality, calling itself “Israel,” arrogantly flying over its stolen lands the occultic, six-pointed star, the symbol of evil recognizable to witches around the world as Solomon’s seal, the hexagram. To this day, Satan’s people, the Communist Jews of Israel, continue in their awful task of cleansing the land of the Goyim, the Gentiles whom they so fiercely hate. And still, the evangelical Christians shout out, “Amen—Death to the Palestinians, Long Live God’s Chosen People.”

37. Secrets - Volume 169 Download
(1) Glenn Beck endorses much of the liberal, socialist agenda, including gay marriage, global warming, a national V.A.T. (sales) tax, and amnesty for illegals; but dumbed down Republicans and Tea Partiers haven’t got a clue;
(2) Too late to take America back! Is secession now our last hope?
(3) Ted Olson, a top official in George Bush’s White House, is now the #1 lawyer promoting the homosexual agenda in America;
(4) Chairman Ken Mehlman, President Bush’s Chairman of the Republican Party, comes out of the closet and admits he’s a queer. But Power of Prophecy outed this pervert as a gay weirdo some five years ago!
(5) Jews show contempt for Christians by grabbing their crotch and spitting on the ground. Jewish comedian Roseanne Barr did this on TV after she was booed for singing the national anthem;
(6) Susan Bolton, the socialist federal judge who overturned Arizona’s immigration law, is a Jew. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton;
(7) Judge Vaughn Walker, the federal judge who overthrew California’s ban on gay marriage, is an open homosexual. Walker was given his position by Republican President George Bush, the Senior. So much for the Republicans being conservative;
(8) Case in point: The Republican Party’s U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, himself a homosexual pervert, voted to confirm Obama’s nominee, Democrat and lesbian Elena Kagan, to the U.S. Supreme Court, proving once again that immoral birds of a feather fly together!

36. The Glenn Beck Deception—How Easy It Is to Scam the American People: Download
Deception surrounds us everywhere. In the movie "A Face in the Crowd," Andy Griffith's character, Lonesome Rhodes goes from being an Ozark guitar picker to a TV superstar. Glenn Beck's journey from being fired as a disc jockey to a TV superstar parallels this film. Coincidence, or did the Illuminati elite use the same script in promoting Mr. Beck? Who was behind Beck's recent "Restoring Honor" rally, held at the same place, as well as on the same date as the famous Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream Speech?" Is there more here than meets the eye?

35. Triad of Evil—The Secret Plan of Rothschild, Zionist Jews, American Traitors, and Chinese Communists to Overthrow America: Download
Are Illuminati Jews behind an ages-old Plan to overthrow America? Texe Marrs presents a mountain of evidence that Zionist conspirators, including Rothschild’s banking cartel, Israeli leaders, and covert Jews working with the Communist regime in Beijing (Red China) have the goal of plundering America. They intend to use this nation’s military to police and maintain the New World Order and are now in the process of stealing America’s wealth and redistributing it to Red Chinese and Israeli banks. Traitors within our own government are assisting this sabotage and subversion project. Prophetically, the Illuminati is organizing a satanic triad of global powers, made up of Red China, the U.S.A., and Israel. Behind the three countries are diabolical Zionist overlords bent on world dominion.

34. The Illuminati’s Oriental Express—The Rise of China and the Beatdown of America: Download
Red China now has the world’s second largest economy and by 2020 will topple the U.S.A. as the largest. More autos are sold to Chinese than Americans. China’s steel, aluminum, and copper companies are thriving. PetroChina is fifth among petroleum conglomerates and by 2015 will replace Exxon-Mobil as the world’s largest. China’s HSBC bank is rising fast and now controls the world gold markets. China’s military has modern missiles, nuclear bombs, and nuclear submarines and is globally capable. The Chinese peoples’ standard of living is rising. George Soros, billionaire Rothschild associate, says that, “China will lead the New World Order.” Soros also warns Americans against resisting the new global financial system. Meanwhile, the U.S.A.’s economy is declining, unemployment is at record levels, the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, and its military is overextended. American corporations are moving headquarters to foreign countries, and the nation’s budget deficit is humongous. What’s happening to cause this astronomical rise of Communist China and the beatdown and fall of America? Are the Illuminati elite behind it? Is Obama a closet Communist, working covertly to level America and submerge our once great country into a global system? Is the greatness of America at an end?

33. Obama's Anti-American Outrage!—The Elitist Plot to Rob You of Your Hard-Earned Entitlement to Social Security and Medicare. Download
The average native-born American works about 45 to 50 years of his life, paying in to Social Security and Medicare. His employer also pays in. But now, the corrupt politicians want to steal all those trillions you and I paid in and redistribute the funds to the 35 million illegal aliens inside our borders and fund more illegal wars overseas. Republicans and Democrats alike are in on this outrageous plot. Texe uncovers the propaganda that Obama, Congress, and the Washington, D.C. crowd are using to convince Americans that the galloping budget deficit and bloated federal budget can only be reduced if working class Americans "sacrifice." To which Texe says—"Nonsense!"

32. Secrets - Volume 168 Download
(1) Faith healer Benny Hinn and prosperity preacher Paula White are reportedly in hot romance—they go on jet trip together to the Vatican to see the Pope;
(2) Shyster prosperity teachers continue to thrive: Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes and others excite crowds while profanity-spouting, tattooed biker evangelist Todd is back in business, spreading gold dust on the money-grubbing faithful. Bentley says his angel, "Emma," helps him perform miracles;
(3) U.S. Supreme Court ruling adds to the judicial branch's outrageous attacks on the Christian faith and the 1st Amendment's freedom of religion;
(4) President Obama's Budget Director Peter Orszag resigns but is replaced by yet another Jew, Jacob Lew;
(5) Dr. Alan Sabrosky, formerly on the faculty of the U.S. Army War College, fingers Israel as the culprit behind both the savage attacks on the USS Liberty and the World Trade Towers (9/11);
(6) President Obama adds to his growing list of "Czars." The Obama chef, Sam Kass, has now been promoted from the White House kitchen to an executive suite as America's new "Food Czar." Kass, a Jew, cooks only tasty kosher meals for the Obamas. Kass will serve as America's food nanny, telling us what we should and should not eat;
(7) President Obama accomplishes another first—he and Michelle hold a Sedar dinner with Jewish friends to celebrate and honor Israel's Jewish roots and faith. It is the first time a President has held a Sedar celebration at the White House;
(8) Judge Andrew Napolitano courageously authors new book describing how our government has lied to us and has engaged in wholesale assaults on our constitutional rights. Napolitano says George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be indicted for war crimes;
(9) The Jews' holocaust dogma has become a sacred religion;
(10) Top Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's brother, demands that movie director Oliver Stone apologize for his comments about the Jews controlling both the media and U.S. foreign policy. A cowed and frightened Stone meekly complies;
(11) Jewish ADL director Abe Foxman says that eighty percent of all Americans—that would be about 240 million people—are anti-Semites who hate Jews and Israel;
(12) Researchers at the University of Texas report that water is found on much of the Moon's surface. Uh oh! NASA and the Apollo astronauts who "landed on the Moon" back in 1969 said the place was a dust heap.

31. Unmasking the Spooks, Spies, and Spidery Connection of the Illuminati's Global Intelligence Network: Download
Black Intel unmasked! The American CIA, Israeli Mossad, British MI-5 and MI-6, French and Russian Intelligence and other government spy agencies now work closely together to establish total control of every nation and people on this planet. The Vatican and Freemasonry operate global intelligence units, joining hands with government spies and spooks to pass on information and execute devious operations. Such groups as the FBI, Homeland Security, Shin Bet, the UN's directorates and others also are connected into this global criminal network. Trillions of dollars are spent annually on eavesdropping, surveillance, human intelligence, assassinations and other Big Brother Police State activities.

30. Shocking Truth!—Satanic Jews Have Turned America Into a Spiritual and Immoral Wasteland: Download
Jews constitute only about 2 to 3% of America's population, but the filth and degradation this tiny minority has heaped on this once great country is beyond belief. The Jews are behind almost every anti-Christian and anti-American organization ever founded, including the NAACP, the ACLU, the ADL, the AJC, the Communist Party, B'nai B'rith, the SPLC, and on and on. The Hollywood and TV industries the Jews own and control continually pulsate with X-rated porn, homosexual trash, fiendish necromancy and witchcraft, dirty language, and soul-destroying themes. The Jews' control of the news media taints our daily lives and paints an unreal picture of reality. Satanic music, narcotic drugs, even the invasion by illegal aliens is the result of Jewish Mafia. The Jewish lobby in Washington, D.C. either buys or blackmails our politicians. These people are the chief polluters and destroyers of America. They are Israeli firsters disloyal to the U.S.A. and its traditions. What is there about the Jews' religion and lifestyle that breeds such terrible conduct and hatred of the good? What can we do to minimize the grave damage Jews are causing America and the world?

29. Rothschild's Black Gold Empire—The Hidden Conspiracy Behind the BP Oil Disaster: Download
The death of the crew of BP's Gulf Coast oil derrick was not an accident! Texe Marrs unmasks an outrageous Israeli-Red China oil laundering scam. He reveals how BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig was destroyed by a submarine operating out of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base on the coast of Georgia. Texe also discloses how an unexploded undersea mine (bomb) later washed up on nearby Alabama's coastline and was found by BP cleanup workers. Also—how the Bolsheviks, in 1920, under the direction of the Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel, deliberately torched and destroyed the oil fields Baku, Azerbaijan, an even which mirrored what happened to BP's oil derrick and the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2010. Discover who is responsible for America's environment being despoiled and its oil wealth intentionally kept from world markets. Also learn how Israel and Red China have colluded with the American CIA and military to steal Iraq's huge oil resources and pocket trillions of dollars. America has been dealt an enormous economic blow—find out how and why!

28. Political Chameleons and Other Lying Lizards—Is It Too Late to Rescue America From These Unprincipled Agents of Destruction?: Download
America is suffering a plague of deceitful politicians. Republican or Democrat, they are controlled by monied interests, and they don't give a whit what the voters want. These political chameleons consistently flip/flop and lie. They have no principles, no integrity. We now suffer from worthless, futile wars, homosexual misdeeds, Zionist control, economic horrors, and more. The worse Republican offenders are schemers like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Governors Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Congressman Ron Paul's politician son, Rand, also falls into this category. He recently caved in to the Jewish lobby and published a policy statement proclaiming his undying love for Israel and the Zionist war agenda.

27. Secrets - Volume 167 Download
(1) Does the New Catholic Catechism allow homosexuals to be priests?;
(2) In a narrow victory for the Constitution, the Supreme Court says that all have a right to keep and bear arms, much to the disdain of Sonia Sotomayor & nominee Elena Kagan;
(3) Is Christianity exclusive? Is the god of Islam and Judaism the same as Jesus Christ?;
(4) Did Rahm Emanuel help the Mossad set up Abu Ghraib?;
(5) Is the planet really awash in oil?;
(6) Is it okay to reproduce Texe Marrs' articles? What are the limitations?;
(7) Why does the Kennedy clan wish to keep the FBI's Ted Kennedy/Chappaquiddick files secret?;
(8) In Laura Bush's new book, she reveals some very disturbing facts about her beliefs.

26. Ways of the Serpent—The Theory and Practice of Hell and Illuminism (Part 2): Download
Texe Marrs concludes his essential two-part series on the scientific implanting of the Double Mind in the minds and hearts of deceived humanity. Significantly, he points to God's promise that in the last days, "The wise shall understand" (Daniel 12:10).

25. Ways of the Serpent—The Theory and Practice of Hell and Illuminism (Part 1): Download
This crucial, new special report, a 2-hour series, explains exactly how Rothschild, Obama, and the elite are employing alchemy, satanic magic, and mind-mangling witchcraft to mesmerize and enslave men’s minds. Humanity has fallen into a strong delusion, as the illuminists work to reinvent the world and mold civilization into a hellish, new last days pattern. George Orwell called this scientific makeover “Double think.” The Holy Bible revealed it to be the implanting of the Double Mind. Mirabeau, during the French Revolution, identified it as “veritably, the code of hell.” Satan began this implantation of the Double Mind into humanity as far back as the Garden of Eden, but over the past century the scientific processing of humanity has been greatly accelerated. If you are to understand what really is happening today—and what Satan and his minions have planned for your future—you must have this incredible knowledge.

24. Am I Anti-Semitic?... Are You?: Download
Charges of anti-Semitism are frequently hurled today at anyone who dares expose the deviant role that Jews play in American politics and culture. Moreover, brave souls who dare to criticize the nation of Israel are also branded "dangerous anti-Semites." Questions: Is it anti-Semitic to say that "America is a Christian nation?" Is it anti-Semitic to accurately report that the Jews' holy book, the Talmud, outrageously calls Jesus Christ a "liar" and "blasphemer" and his mother Mary, a "whore?" Was columnist Pat Buchanan an anti-Semite when he recently complained that Jews on the U.S. Supreme Court—if Obama's choice Elena Kagan is confirmed—will hold over 33 percent of the Court's seats while in the overall U.S. population Jews make up less than three percent of the people? Is it anti-Semitic to accurately report that many Jews are bigots who discriminate against Gentiles and consider themselves to be a superior race? Is it anti-Semitic to read and believe the New Testament's account of Jesus' persecution and crucifixion at the insistence of the Jews, who angrily cried out to Pilate, "Crucify Him!"? Finally—and importantly—what is a "Semite?" Since most of today's Jews are proven by DNA evidence to be of Khazarian (Ashkenazi) heritage and not from ancient Israeli stock, are these Jews falsely claiming to be descendants of Abraham and Sarah? Are today's Jews, in fact, unholy racial imposters?

23. Secrets - Volume 166 Download
(1) Fox TV's Glenn Beck sends eye-opening "french kisses" on air to Texas' Bilderberger Governor Rick Perry and to Congressman Ron Paul;
(2) Wanda Marrs—God's miracles of healing and faith;
(3) God's timing trumps elite agenda;
(4) President Obama delights Mexican illegals and insults English-speaking American citizens by referring to the Arizona-based pro-basketball team, the Phoenix Suns, as the Los Sols;
(5) Depraved Catholic nuns sexually abused children;
(6) Why did Jack Ruby murder accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald? Did a mafia-affiliated Jewish rabbi give the order for the hit?;
(7) Yet another Zionist hoaxter! Brooklyn, NY Jew Joseph Cohen masquerades as a Moslem revolutionary and threatens creators of TV show "South Park;"
(8) Great Britain's police and government declare war on Christian believers—arrests a man for simply quoting from the Bible and fires a hospital worker for her "crime" of wearing a cross as jewelry around her neck;
(9) Messianic ("Christian") Jewish leaders and groups buy into Israeli propaganda that Iran's Ahmadinejad is "another Hitler." One group even claims that Ahmadinejad is plotting a new Nazi holocaust and has set up concentration camps for the "Final Solution." This radical Zionist group further alleges that Iran is planning to wipe both Israel and the U.S.A. off the planet by atomic bomb attack. (Note: These groups cannot explain why all sixteen U.S.A. intelligence agencies, as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency, have repeatedly reported that Iran has no atomic bombs and is not developing atomic weapons);
(10) Why does the world press refuse to mention that pedophile criminal Catholic priests are also homosexuals? And why does the Vatican today officially approve homosexual candidates for the priesthood?

22. Inventors of Evil Things—How the Jews Created Freemasonry, Illuminism, Communism, Satanism, Witchcraft, and the New Age Movement—And What They are Up to Now: Download
Texe Marrs presents indisputable facts documenting the Jewish creation of the world’s most bloody movements and groups. From the Inquisition’s Torquemada, to the Illuminati’s Weishaupt, Communism’s Marx and Lenin, Satanism’s LaVey, and Witchcraft’s Starhawk, sinister and wicked Jews have been at the forefront in inventing evil things. Jesus said of the Jews, "You are of your Father the Devil," and He spoke absolute truth. The historical record is clear. Therefore, we must urgently ask: What exactly is this demonic racial cult plotting against humanity now, in this, the 21st century? Just what great evil are they stirring up from the cauldron of hell?

21. Principles of Conspiracy Science (Part 2): Download
For the majority of people, world events are a total mystery. The ignorant masses are easily duped by the official propaganda espoused by the mainstream media, and are blind to the grave dangers that are imminent. The man or woman who is awake recognizes what is really happening, senses the dangers, and is able to escape disaster. Those of us who delve into world conspiracies are falsely labeled "conspiracy theorists," when, in actuality, we are "conspiracy scientists." Understanding and discernment are great gifts. This week's tremendous program, Principles of Conspiracy Science (Part 2), concludes Texe's dissection of deceptions and coverups.

20. Principles of Conspiracy Science (Part 1): Download
Texe Marrs explains why those who research and delve into world conspiracies are not "conspiracy theorists" but in reality are "conspiracy scientists!" America and the planet are immersed in conspiracies; people everywhere are confronted with diabolical plots and schemes. A literal labyrinth of deception and coverup can be uncovered and dissected and this is the business of conspiracy scientists. Unfortunately, the ignorant masses are easily duped and actually believe in the official propaganda. Most are taken in by the lies of the media and are blind to the grave dangers that are imminent. For the majority, world events are a total mystery and they easily fall into traps and pits. But, increasingly, the man or woman who is awake recognizes what is really happening around us, senses the dangers, and is able to adjust and escape disaster. Understanding and discernment are great gifts. Are you a conspiracy scientist? Here’s how to be one of the knowing.

19. The Lord of Money—Rothschild, His White House Pawns, and the Criminal Power of the World's Richest and Most Wicked Banks: Download
Amazing revelations of the ongoing financial crash and how it is affecting your pocketbook. Documentation that huge banks—JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and others are part of an international Rothschild money network. Which banks manipulate and control the price of gold, silver, and oil—and how do they do it? How do the Red Chinese fit in? Proof that the White House is subservient to the banking cartel and that Bush, Clinton, Obama are mere servants to the New World Order elite. How the dollar, the Euro, and other currencies are manipulated. What the future holds for America and for you and me. Will it mean financial prosperity…or economic chaos?

18. Secrets - Volume 165 Download
(1) Germany and U.S.A. guilty of tormenting and imprisoning Ernst Zundel for seven long years simply because he questioned the exaggerations and myths of the Holocaust;
(2) Canada has become an Orwellian nation with Jewish elite empowered by the state;
(3) May Day (May 1) is a supreme Holy Day on Satanic calendar—this is why leftist labor unions and Communists march on this day and why pagans conduct orgies and festivals around the phallic "May pole;"
(4) Bohemian Grove members in 1978 enacted a play, "Siddharta" which promotes Buddhism. Bohemians participating included actors Eddie Albert and John Lithgow;
(5) Ann Coulter outs former Senator John Edwards, once the VP nominee for the Democrats, as a bisexual and "faggot;"
(6) Former Congressman Bob Barr courageously stands up to Republican neocons, offering to personally waterboard any of them who do not believe this "coercive interrogation" technique is unlawful torture. He gets no takers;
(7) Former House Speaker and globalist New Ager, Newt Gingrich, teams up with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to do a TV commercial promoting "global warming." Gingrich says it was the right thing to do even though he admits, "I don’t know if there really is global warming, nor does anyone else.";
(8) President Obama becomes first U.S.A. President to celebrate Passover (Seder) with Jews at White House;
(9) Fox News provocateur and con-man Glenn Beck flip-flops. He tells audience "If you don’t believe in global warming, you are a jerk!;"
(10) Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, neocon pal of John McCain, backs not only amnesty for illegal aliens, but also is in favor of a national I.D. card, more energy taxes, and expanded war in the Middle East to boost Israel;
(11) Congressman Ron Paul, on Fox TV, agrees with host Glenn Beck that anyone who rejects the government’s version of 9/11 is a "nutjob."

17. Vatican Shame—Devils, Demons, and the Crimes of Pope Benedict VI Haunt the Catholic Church: Download
Once again, just as Texe Marrs has long forecast, the Vatican is proven to be riddled with pedophiliac priests, bishops, and cardinals. It is so bad that the chief exorcist of the Vatican—its #1 authority—admits that, "The Devil lives in the Vatican!" Pope Benedict VI himself has repeatedly covered up these monstrous crimes, just as did his sick predecessor, Pope John Paul II. Now we are hearing of one priest who raped over 200 little deaf boys; there is news of the head of a top Catholic Order who regularly fondled and raped legions of young seminarians. These outrageous works of the devil can no longer be covered up. Any man or woman who stays with this wicked institution deserves his own place in the hottest compartment of unholy hell.

16. Legionnaires of Sodom—From Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, How Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians Alike Are Obeying Satan and Tossing America into a Homosexual Abyss: Download
A Homosexual International controls America’s political establishment, and politicians are eagerly swearing and bearing allegiance to the satanic thugs that run this network of sexual and cultural disease. Congressman Ron Paul is outed—He’s a Freemasonry kiss-up and a homo defender. His top aides grovel and explain that yes, Mr. Paul is soft on homosexuality, but only because he’s "socially tolerant." Massachusetts Mitt Romney led "gay pride" parades in Boston and boasted to newspapers, "I’m more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy!" Barack Obama, meanwhile, is alleged to be a bisexual, and it is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton is an activist lesbian. America has become "Sodom and Egypt." Where are the Christian heroes and men and women of morals who will stand up for decency and protect our children from this overwhelming flood of sadomasochistic evil?

15. Illuminati Degenerates—A Look at the More Seamy Side of the Psychopathic Men Who Rule the World: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Henry Makow, author of Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World. An examination of the ritual practices and occult horrors of the elite. These are the most depraved people in the world; yet, they are our leading politicians, bankers, educators, writers, televangelist and clergy ranks, the Kremlin and the White House. Many, but not all, are Jews. These evil, powerful degenerates are determined to push their filthy values on us, to degrade men and women, increase people’s sense of futility, and drive humanity into a base and vulgar, dehumanized New World Order.

14. Secrets - Volume 164 Download
(1) Chief Exorcist for the Catholic church says pedophiles in the church proves that the devil is in the Vatican;
(2) The late Pope John Paul II regularly whipped himself;
(3) CIA involved in heroin dope trade in Afghanistan;
(4) Sarah Palin’s Israeli Zionist hero recently addressed a perverted pro-gay rally;
(5) Stop the Obama plan to crush the Social Security Fund and redistribute its billions to illegal aliens!;
(6) Jews dominate Hollywood’s Academy Awards program;
(7) Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown campaigns for liberal pal, John McCain, in Arizona;
(8) Hoax: America threatened by America’s Al Qaeda "Jihad Jane" domestic terrorist;
(9) Thousands of care-free, nude Israelis crowd and cavort at Israel’s sunny beach while nearby military forces murder hapless Palestinians;
(10) Sick homosexuals inside CIA enjoy torturing innocents;
(11) Congressman Ron Paul correctly accuses CIA of being top drug-runner criminal organization. This was exactly what Colonel Bo Gritz reported years ago.

13. Goldman Sachs 666 is the World’s Richest and Most Wicked Bank, and Rothschild is its Secret Prince and Head: Download
A Texe Marrs exclusive! Discover the unbelievable story of planet earth’s most powerful banking combine. Goldman Sachs is today the Illuminati’s locomotive engine. It drove up the price of oil to $147 per barrel; it was Goldman Sachs that gobbled up the failed U.S.S.R.’s valuable assets; that broke the back of California’s bonds; that crushed the entire planet’s economies in 2006 and 2007 with it derivative credit debacle; that funded the presidential campaigns of both McCain and Obama. Goldman Sachs sits atop the globe’s financial heap. Its Jewish CEO is more influential than all of the world’s 175 national leaders combined! Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke work for and take their marching orders from Goldman Sachs. The U.S. Congress cannot pass even one bill on finances or taxes without Goldman Sachs’ approval. And who owns and runs Goldman Sachs? That would be Lord Rothschild and his clan. Yes, Rothschild—Prince of Jerusalem, New King of Israel, Crypto-President and Czar of America; it is he who sits at the helm of the world’s richest and most evil bank.

12. Secrets - Volume 163 Download
(1) Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs turns out to be another "snake in the grass"—sells out to New World Order elite. Dobbs Is now pushing for a national I.D. card and amnesty for illegal aliens;
(2) Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly also pimps for Obama and Illuminati objectives of amnesty for 35 million illegal aliens and promoting Big Brother’s national biometric I.D. card;
(3) Senator Scott Brown, swept into office by Tea Party "independents" in Massachusetts, proves he is just another con-artist and bum. Scott, a pro-abortionist, is now in Arizona campaigning for his zombie liberal pal, Senator John McCain. Scott voted for Obama’s so-called "jobs" bill, which will give socialist groups $15 billion, and, surprise!, he will be in Obama’s corner on "Obamacare." What a deceiver!;
(4) Tea Parties are duped by Republicrats—the politicos laugh at their gullibility;
(5) Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the infamous Jewish lobby group, attacks 9/11 truth people as potential terrorists and militia—claims they’re in same category as KKK and Nazis. SPLC was co-founded by a reportedly bisexual Zionist wingnut, yet the organization’s warped views get top attention from Fox News, CNN, CBS, and other biased establishment media;
(6) Exposed—The establishment’s plot to destroy the Social Security and Medicare programs, steal its assets and leave America’s elderly virtually penniless. We must stop this outrage!;
(7) The infamous American Al-Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, goes on internet-TV to threaten the U.S.A. with more terrorist attacks. Actually, Gadahn is not an Arab at all. He’s a Jew, and his real name is Izzie Perlman. He’s an agent provocateur in the employ of the Mossad and the Feds;
(8) Foreign-born Arianna Huffington, of the news website is unmasked. Her website recently censored an article by former Governor Jesse Ventura because the Governor criticized the official 9/11 account. Conspiracies not allowed, says Mr. "Pinko" Huffington;
(9) The heroic Ernst Zundel, prisoner of conscience, is released from a German prison after seven years of captivity. His crime: Zundel expressed doubts about the official holocaust story. To Jews, this is punishable under law. If they could, they’d like to kill honest men like Ernst Zundel. The Jewish Talmud instructs Jews that the best of the Gentiles should be killed;
(10) What’s really behind the resignation of New York Congressman Eric Massa and his naked tiff with White House Chief of Staff, Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel?

11. God’s Medicine—Answer to Your Health Needs: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Joyce Riley, RN, host of the Power Hour radio program. Nurse Riley gives insight into natural remedies and preventatives for excellent health. She points to herbs and vitamins that can kill toxins and bacteria, eliminate pneumonia, and attack cancer cells. Also discussed: Senator John McCain’s scheme to increase the profits of huge pharmaceutical corporations by limiting people’s access to herbs and vitamins over the counter, and how prescription drugs often destroy people’s bodies.

10. "Pretty Poison"—Sarah Palin, the Neocon-Controlled Media, and the GOP Takeover of the Tea Party Movement: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Alex Jones, documentary video producer and radio host. Texe and Alex Jones shed light on Fox TVs Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and other elite. Discover the truth about these pseudo-conservatives and how the Republican Party has co-opted the Tea Party Movement.

09. Gun Control and the Rise of the Global Police State: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack is the law enforcement officer who sued the Clinton White House over the unconstitutional Brady Gun Control Act and won. He is a champion for the second amendment and its right of the people to keep and bear arms. Sheriff Mack exposes the dangers of the proposed Obama/United Nations small arms control treaty which, if enacted, will enable global gun control. He warns of the horrors that will ensue if our rights are taken away by the usurpers. The second amendment, Mack stresses, is the guarantor of all other rights and liberties.

08. Secrets - Volume 162 Download
(1) Interview with Alex Jones, bestselling video producer and talk show host—Alex reports on the gun grabbers’ most recent atrocities, including the ATF and FBI collaborating with local police authorities to frighten citizens into voluntarily giving up their constitutional right to keep and bear arms;
(2) How the Illuminati elite coded the number 666 into the construction of the Washington Monument;
(3) A black political leader, a Baptist, has authored a new book praising President Obama as a "Prophet of God" and as "The Chosen One;"
(4) In a controlled scientific study, rats addicted to cocaine, when offered either that drug or sugar substitutes (aspartame, etc.) preferred the artificial sweeteners. The researchers concluded that the sugar substitutes are even more addictive than cocaine;
(5) President Obama names first transgender (he/she bisexual) to his Administration;
(6) Zionists refuse apology of former President Jimmy Carter, label him a "Liar;"
(7) High priest of voodoo in Haiti bashes Christian humanitarian givers;
(8) Report: 237 millionaires in Congress—no wonder they are so out of touch;
(9) NASA cancels manned moon landing mission. Was the 1969 Apollo Mission a gigantic hoax?;
(10) Brutal movie, "Inglourious Basterds," depicts what twisted Jews want to do to you and to me—split our heads open and kill us!;
(11) Jewish war veterans now being given belated Medals of Honor they don’t deserve after deal is struck by corrupt Jewish Congressman;
(12) Federal court rules goat sacrifices by Santeria priests can continue.

07. "Oh the Games People Play"—The Awful Truth About Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Hidden Controllers of the Tea Party: Download
America’s patriotic citizens are angry and fed up. Washington, D.C.’s corrupt political parties and wickedly perverse political leaders have betrayed our Constitution and gutted our Bill of Rights. They have created the most horrendous federal, state, and local debt problem and now threaten to bankrupt the Republic with yet more taxes. Frankenstein government is poised to strangle us into oblivion. To coverup their crimes the elite have trotted out competing would-be "Saviors" and "Messiahs"—President Barack Obama, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Steve Brown and others. Controlling both the Republican and Democrat parties, they have pumped up Fox News’ Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and painted these lying deceivers as "trusted journalists" we should believe in. Now they have co-opted the Tea Party movement and intend for this grass roots movement to be seized by pied pipers of the traitorous Republican Party. These are the political games these devilish people play—games invented in smoke-filled back rooms. Listen as Texe rips into and unmasks these "games" and provides solutions we can use to oppose the plot of the elite.

06. America's Disastrous Economic Collapse—Did the Illuminati Elite Pull the Plug?: Download
The World Economic Forum met earlier this year in Davos, Switzerland. What future plans were decided upon? What is "Sovereign Debt?" Are nations in the European Union staring at bankruptcy? Will Moody Investment Services downgrade the United States credit rating? Who really nominated Ben Bernanke for another 4-year term as head of the Federal Reserve? Did Dr. Markus Reinhardt, chief of security of the World Economic Forum really commit suicide? Who is Maurice Strong?

05. How to Become God of Your Own Planet—The Promise and Tragedy of the Mormon (LDS) Church: Download
Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS church, accumulated 23 wives here on earth. But now, as god of his own planet somewhere out in space, Smith has a harem of wives unlimited in number. And guess what? The LDS elders of Salt Lake City want you to have the same! Texe Marrs and Dr. Cathy Burns (author, Mormonism, Masonry, and Godhood) examine the bizarre teachings of the Mormon faith. Discover why this strange Church teaches that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers, that every man may become a god and rule over his own planet complete with many women-wives, that Jesus is only one of many such gods, and that the Father God and his goddess-wives live on a mysterious planet called "Kolub." Over 15 million men, women, and children have bought into all this incredible nonsense, and the ranks of the LDS are ever growing.

04. Dark Secrets of the Talmud (Volume 2)— The Sick Obsession of the Jewish Religion with Sex and Bodily Functions: Download
Texe Marrs and Michael Hoffman go deeper into the perverse religion of Judaism. Find out how God’s Old Testament laws—as Jesus revealed—have been turned into man-made Talmudic horrors by the rabbis.
(1) Incest with little boys and girls;
(2) Oral sex outside of marriage;
(3) Abortion is okay, as long as Gentile babies are killed;
(4) Circumcision of infants done by rabbis with their mouths and teeth;
(5) Jews grabbing their crotch and spitting to desecrate Christian symbols;
(6) Jews cursing Christian cemeteries and spitting on objects of their hatred;
(7) Worship of a female deity; originally a moon goddess;
(8) Weird toilet guidelines;
(9) Unseemly rules for sex with “shiksas” (Gentile girls).

03. Dark Secrets of the Talmud (Volume 1)—The Jewish Religion as Witchcraft and Black Magic: Download
Texe Marrs and Michael Hoffman (author, Judaism Discovered) delve into the darker aspects of the Judaic religion. Here is Judaism as it really is, the way Gentiles aren’t supposed to see it. Occult talismans (i.e. the six-pointed star), shamanism, animal sacrifices, satanic rabbis, kabbalism, incantations and spells, hexes and potions, cannibalism, and more. A real shocker!

02. Secrets - Volume 161 Download
(1) Planned Parenthood, projected to rake in billions from Obama’s healthcare boondoggle, has plans for "Abortion Super Centers," huge one-stop abortion killing factories.;
(2) Numbers of animals tortured and sacrificed by Jews, Santeria, voodoo priests, and other satanists skyrocket;
(3) Was Barack Obama a CIA project?;
(4) Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy’s mysterious "Vulcan" hand sign turns out to be the Jewish alphabet "Shin" letter which is also the Kabbala’s secret symbol for the word "serpent.";
(5) New Agers are ecstatic about the year 2012 and the prophesied return of the Aztec’s messiah-christ, Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent;
(6) Ornaments on Michelle and Barack Obama’s family Christmas tree at the White House included ones with images of Red China dictator Mao and flamboyant transvestite Hedda Lettuce;
(7) Pastor Joel Osteen speaks at Houston’s lesbian mayor inauguration ceremony. Commits the unpardonable sin;
(8) President Carter apologizes for his criticism of Israel. His grandson is running for the Georgia state legislature and his district is loaded with rich Jews;
(9) Chicago police are scrapping the entrance exam required to become a police officer.

01. Rothschilds Plan for America Download
Discover the 10 dark objectives of Rothschild and the Illuminati as these evil conspirators deconstruct America and transform this once, great country into a Zio-Mammon controlled wasteland of lost potential. Texe focuses the spotlight on Rothschild’s goal:
(1) Inject racial and cultural diversity to destroy America’s unity and common history;
(2) Transforming the Christian church into an ungodly Zionist-Judaic cult;
(3) Control and wield the media;
(4) Control politics and government;
(5) Control education, from pre-K to university-level;
(6) Control banking and finance;
(7) Use America’s armed forces as a bully-boy, mercenary force to whip and punish would-be rogue nations that refuse integration into the New World Order;
(8) Use America’s Jewish minority (7.5 million Jewish residents in the U.S.A.) as a vanguard, nucleus, and engine to enslave the almost 300 million American Gentile citizens;
(9) Build a global colossus, a two-headed beast ruled from U.S.A. and Israeli capitals;
(10) Totally undermine and unseat Christian values, tearing to shreds America’s spiritual covering and ushering in a society immersed in witchcraft, sexual licentiousness, sado-masochistic cruelty, and hatred of everything pure and good. In other words: Satanize the entire nation.