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Texe Marrs 2012 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

52. The Prophecy Factor - Understanding Global Events Through Faith in God’s Word: Download
From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible shines through with amazing prophecies that came true. Discover the many prophecies that shocked the nations with their clarity and timelines. Jesus is the “Spirit of Prophecy” and reveals His secrets to the prophets. Paul tells us that prophecy edifies and that prophecy is the greatest gift of God to man. What sure prophecies remain to be fulfilled?

51. Bloody Zion (Volume 2)- Zionist Fronts: Communism and Freemasonry and How They’re Molded to Fit the Jewish Kaballah): Download
Texe Marrs interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the new bestselling book, Bloody Zion—Refuting the Jewish Fables That Sustain Israel's War Against God and Man. Is Freemasonry Judaism for Gentiles? Who is the god of Freemasonry? Is this the same god as the Jews? Who is Jahbulon? How many gods do the Jews worship?

50. Bloody Zion (Volume 1)- Jewish Supremacism: Infiltration of the Christian Church...Scriptural Verses That Kill: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the new bestselling book, Bloody Zion—Refuting the Jewish Fables That Sustain Israel's War Against God and Man. Is there only one people of God? Is God a racist? Can any person become a Christian? Is there a faction inside the United States that support Israel over all other nations? Have Christian churches become synagogues of Satan?

49. Greed is Good - Money and the Jews: Download
Jesus told his disciples that "a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven." In fact, He said, "that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God." What does the Talmud teach? Does the Talmud specialize in sex and money? Do Jews worship money as their god? What is the worldly religion of the Jews? Are Jews the best "money getters?"

48. Secrets 196: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) What will it take for Republicans to garner enough votes to win in the future?;
(2) Why do apartheid Jews blast Americans who want to deport illegal immigrants?;
(3) Did Latinos build America?;
(4) Is God a racist?;
(5) Is Mormonism a crime factory?;
(6) Did Brigham Young order a cover-up of the Mountain Meadows Massacre?;
(7) Is Jim Bakker a mentor to author Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger?;
(8) Is it now illegal in California to bad-mouth Israel?;
(9) Was David Petraeus set up by the Israeli Mossad?

47. “Tell Us, What Shall Be the Sign of Thy Coming, and of the End of the World?"—Jesus Speaks on What is to Come: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report: On December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end in a shattering series of earth changes and calamities. But what does the Bible say? In fact, Jesus’ disciples asked him when the world would end and what signs to look for and Jesus answered them. Discover the amazing signs that Jesus gave for the end of the world.

46. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 9) - Americans Feast on Hoaxes and Propaganda While Astonishing Truths Are Assigned to the Dustbin of History: Download
(1) Prosperity preachers promise the gullible that God wants them to have earthly riches, yachts, jewelry, fur coats, mansions;
(2) Former President Bill Clinton calls Mitt Romney a liar—pot calling the kettle black?;
(3) U.S. government colludes with Israel to deny 1969 Israeli murderous attack on U.S.S. Liberty Ship;
(4) JFK assassination—We finally are shown buried video of First Lady Jackie Kennedy claiming her husband was killed in a conspiracy and that Lyndon B. Johnson was part of it;
(5) Nuremberg War Crimes Trial—hoax perpetrated by U.S. and Allies. Torture was used to compel Germans to “confess.” Most of the evidence was fabricated;
(6) Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess’ secret peace mission to Great Britain: Hess was strangled to death in prison to keep him from telling what really happened;
(7) Hitler allowed British Army to escape at Dunkirk to prove to the British that Germany truly desired peace. History books conceal;
(8) There was no such thing as a Nazi “Final Solution” for the Jews. The concentration camps were internment camps, not death factories;
(9) Most “anti-Semitic” crimes and incidents against Jews have been hoaxes;
(10) Homosexuals are haters of Christians and heterosexuals, not the other way around;
(11) “Zombie Jesus:” Actors mocking Christ are celebrated in Philadelphia while Christians are discriminated against;
(12) The Pope’s butler did it! Why did Pope Benedict’s butler at the Vatican steal thousands of secret documents?;
(13) Citizens of Iceland overthrow regime and renounce the government’s huge debt “owed” the bankers. Iceland prospers afterwards! Role model for U.S.A.?

45. Obama Wins Reelection—What Happens Now?: Download
The Presidential election is over, and Barack Hussein Obama will rule over us for four more years. What is on President Obama's agenda for America? Are we in the perilous times that the Bible says will occur during the last days? Will Obama turn America into a socialist nation? Will Bible-believing Christians be targeted for arrest—or even worse, assassination—as domestic terrorists? Will the welfare state expand? Will there be a massive influx of illegal aliens? What about the Second Amendment? Is Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block?

44. Secrets 195: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) New scientific evidence confirms: Global warming stopped sixteen years ago;
(2) Jewish lobby tries to ban sales of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion;
(3) Masonic Lodge murdered Captain William Morgan and this crime inspired creation of an anti-Masonic Party;
(4) America’s sixth President, John Quincy Adams, branded Freemasonry a “Luciferian sect;”
(5) Shame: Public nudity approved in San Francisco and dirty old men now expose themselves to children on city sidewalks;
(6) House Bill H.R. 6566 is introduced; entitled “Mass Fatality and Religious Considerations Act;”
(7) National Archives release long bottled-up documents revealing a coverup by FDR and Churchill of the Katyn Forest Massacre in 1940 of 22,000 Polish officers. Soviet Union Communists did it, not the German Nazis;
(8) Masonic Lodge admits its rituals are based on Judaism’s occult Kabbalah;
(9) Christian Zionist prophecy teacher giving “El Diablo” handsigns?;
(10) Messianic Christian (Jewish) ministry claims circumcision brings Jewish babies into fold of Abraham’s seed;
(11) Mormon Bishop daughter spills beans about LDS Church.

43. Is the Pope a Zionist High Priest: Download
Why does Pope Benedict wear on his head the ceremonial hat of Dagon the Fish God and the six-pointed star of Moloch, Hebrew god of fire and sacrifice? Texe interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the outstanding book, Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great, on the amazing things now happening inside the Vatican.

42. Demonic Cloud Over America: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. Vampirism, zombies, blood sacrifice, necromancy...America is today going insane. Kids are murdering siblings and parents, and parents are torturing and murdering their own children. Cannibalism is in vogue, and mind-altering drugs are used by tens of millions. What is going on? Is America now home to millions of devils—evil spirits come to capture peoples’ souls in preparation for some horrible cataclysmic event soon to come?

41. Pastors and Churches Gone Wild (Volume 6): Download
Christianity is being assaulted from within, and Hell is being enlarged to house these heretics and apostates. Recent examples:
(1) Famous “Christian” artist Thomas Kinkade dies of alcohol. He drank himself to death. The painter left behind a mistress and a broken life;
(2) Evangelist Billy Graham’s life was prime example of compromise to false religion;
(3) Vatican nuns refuse to obey the hierarchy. Rampant lesbianism and abortion among nuns plagues the Catholic Church;
(4) America’s top pastor, Rick Warren, promotes book endorsing Hindu tantric sex, yoga, and other ungodly practices;
(5) Jewish rabbi Yechiel Eckstein rakes in millions of bucks by campaigns to resettle Jews in Israel. So why, then, are there today more Jews living in the U.S. than there are who reside in Israel?;
(6) The Church of England is aging and membership is rapidly declining. Some say the reason is that most of its clergy are now homosexuals;
(7) Rock ‘n’ Roll “Christian” festival in Wisconsin draws 20,000 youth;
(8) Campus Crusade for Christ changes its name claiming the word “Crusade” is too militaristic;
(9) Popular pastor in Kirkland, Washington publishes sex book about Jesus entitled Jesus is Bringing Sexy Back;
(10) Woman pastor in Philadelphia passes out condoms at church. She claims that having sex and sharing bodies is similar in partaking of Holy Communion;
(11) TV pastor with adoring congregation from Florida to Canada erects billboards of his picture and words “666, Number of Wisdom.” He claims to be reincarnation of Jesus. His followers are enthusiastically having the number 666 tattooed in their wrists and hands;
(12) Woman pastor in Denver has body covered in tattoos. Her church, called the House for All Sinners and Saints, welcomes gays and teaches both that Judas Iscariot is today in heaven and that there is no hell;
(13) Many churches are removing crosses. Their leaders say that people today are offended by the cross and that the idea of a Savior dying for our sins is ludicrous.

40. Secrets 194: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Bilderberg conference elite consider the ordinary citizens as “useless eaters” and dupes;
(2) The Apostle Paul told us that, “At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.” So why are so many today substituting fake names for God?;
(3) Medical discoveries are often made by unheralded doctors and researchers, and herbs and vitamins provide best cure;
(4) Over a hundred students at prestigious Harvard University discovered to be cheaters on tests;
(5) Korean cult leader Sun Myong Moon dies. Moon had claimed that Jesus “failed in his mission” and boasted he would succeed. Christian evangelical leader Jerry Falwell once received a million dollars from Moon, and Tim LaHaye (of Left Behind book fame) also took money from Moon; (6) Chicago teachers on strike look like a throng of lesbian communist hags;
(7) Surveys show that young American adults are unconcerned about the recession and the poor economy. They say that government welfare benefits and money from their parents and grandparents is all they need. Many expect big inheritances, but experts warn they’re only deceiving themselves;
(8) Government bureaucrats are stockpiling hundreds of millions of lethal, hollow-shell bullets. Why?;
(9) Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano and her nest of butch lesbian associates get away with outrageous sexual harassment of in department;
(10) Satanic illuminati architecture in evidence at London Olympics. Theme was: Zionism and Paganism;
(11) The late Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat died from poisoning administered at Paris hospital by Mossad killers;
(12) Congressman Ron Paul wants Fed Reserve audited. But why trust a crooked audit? Best to abolish the Fed altogether!;
(13) Arabs in Middle East have every right to be angry and to protest the United States bombing and killing of their citizens. wouldn’t you and I be angry if a foreign country sent in drones and helicopter gunships to savagely assault our homes and families?

39. If Romney is Elected, the U.S.A. Will be Transformed Into a Leviathan Zionist Hell on Steroids: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive. Romney’s criminal spying activities for Israel and its murderous Mossad are documented. The Mormon Church and its secret pacts with Israel are also exposed. As President, will Mitt Romney fulfill the terrors of Bible prophecy by engulfing the whole world in the flames and genocide of World War III? Will the Mark of the Beast be required of us all?

38. "Do As He Says"- Whatever Jesus Tells You, Do It!: Download
Texe presents an inspirational message illustrating the power of God in peoples’ lives. Whenever a man or woman puts his trust in Christ Jesus and follows His daily plan, incredible miracles inevitably occur. The end result is always contentment, and victory over their circumstances. Let “Do As He Says” be the guiding principle in your life and discover the unstoppable flow of blessings that result.

37. Sixteen U.S. Intelligence Agencies, the Pentagon, and U.S. President Barack Obama Tell the Jews "No!"-Israel's Netanyahu and the Jewish Neocons in America Vow Revenge: Download
A stunning, new 82-page report published concurrently by all sixteen U.S. Intelligence agencies warns that Israel is a brutal, dangerous and immoral, “rogue state” that does not deserve American military and financial support. Entitled “Preparing for a Post Israel Middle East,” the report also says that, given its inhumane and illegal occupation of Palestine and because of its many crimes and its belligerence, Israel “cannot be salvaged” as a nation. The U.S. intelligence report documents Israel’s criminal spy activities in the U.S.A. through over sixty Zionist front organizations and its employment of thousands of U.S. officials to secretly do its bidding. The Pentagon’s Chairman of the JCS, General Martin Dempsey, backs the findings of the study, but Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and America’s Zionist neocons are furious and are vowing revenge.

36. The Islamic Antichrist—How the Jews and Israel Are Using the “Moslem Threat” to Swallow Up Christianity and Grab Power in the Middle East: Download
Following a century-old Master Plan, Zionists have grasped the scalp of the Christian establishment and intend to “swallow-up Christianity” and “fold it back into Judaism.” So-called Jewish converts to Christianity demand they be called “rabbi.” Meanwhile, the myth that the antichrist of prophecy will be a Moslem is the Jews’ newest and most successful scheme yet. Hoaxes abound, including the case of a man named Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian who is making big bucks preaching in churches, claiming to be an “ex-terrorist.” Shoebat titillates audiences by alleging falsely that in Arabic, the number 666 refers to Allah.

35. Secrets 193: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Hotel removes Bibles from rooms and replaces them with a pornographic book;
(2) Was Ayn Rand a Zionist fanatic and a sexual deviant?;
(3) Mitt Romney is the new darling of America’s Zionist news media and has the support of Jewish billionaires. Goodbye Barack Obama!;
(4) Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is funneling millions into Romney campaign in exchange for Mitt’s promise that, as President, he will pardon convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard;
(5) Shocker! Israeli soldier found guilty of ruthlessly murdering Palestinian mother and her daughter is sentenced to a measly 45 days;
(6) Moslem couple in Indonesia is tried by religious court for conceiving a child out of wedlock. Punishment: stoned to death!;
(7) Do some Dr. Kevorkian types who enjoy watching people die work for Hospice?;
(8) Mitt Romney backs gays in Boy Scout leadership positions;
(9) Mayan Apocalypse—Will world end on December 21, 2012?;
(10) Pastor who supports FEMA program paints bizarre occultic symbol on floor of church activity center. What is its meaning?
(11) Romney takes trip to Israel to get marching orders from Zionist overlords. While there, he claims that “Hand of Providence” has prospered Israel but that God purposely keeps Arabs in poverty and desperation.

34. The Caiaphas Complex - How to Confront and Defeat the Zionists and Israel Firsters Who Are Destroying Our Country: Download
Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, The Caiaphas Complex. A fascinating look at today's behind-the-scenes Zionist movers and shakers in America with some great ideas on how we can strike back with the message of truth.

33. The Great Serpent, the Red Dragon, and the Soaring War Eagle—Israel, China, and America Fulfill Bible Prophecy: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive. The book of Revelation gives us an incredible window into what is going on today and what is soon to transpire. Prophecy paints for us an awesome picture of three amazing symbolic creatures—a Serpent, a Dragon, and an Eagle. Discover what these symbols mean. Proof that you can know the future!

32. The Ruling Elite—The Zionist Seizure of World Power: Download
Texe interviews Deanna Spingola on her outstanding new book. >From Woodrow Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jewish financiers like Bernard Baruch and Illuminati chieftain Colonel E. Mandel House operate behind the scenes, promoting war, mayhem, and economic catastrophe. Jews constitute only about two percent of America's population. Spingola presents evidence that by conspiring together, the leaders of this small group have been able to seize world power.

31. Secrets 192: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) London Olympics symbology reeks of deviltry and occult ritual;
(2) Aurora, Colorado "Batman" theatre shooting a government psyops project?;
(3) Thank God for Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy for standing up to homosexual same sex marriage agenda;
(4) Will the world end December 21 as forecast by ancient Mayan prophecies?
(5) Shame on IRS for insisting Olympic gold medal winners pay more than $8,000 for taxes on the medal;
(6) Olympic logo spells out "ZION"—is called the Rothschilds Olympics;
(7) Former Bush Secretary of State Condi Rice admits America’s Homeland Security Program came from Israel;
(8) Outrage: An Oregon farmer is sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater on his own land!;
(9) Penn State University President Graham Spanier, fired for covering up the Sandusky child rape scandal, gets a new job—he now works for federal government in top national security post;
(10) Iran Navy rescues U.S. commercial ship under attack by pirates, but brave Iranian sailors get no thank you from Zionist President Barack Obama.

30. Hunger Games and The Report From Iron Mountain: Download
The new science fiction movie, The Hunger Games, has captured the minds of millions. Is this movie a government project featuring how our future will see real "Blood Games," as laid out in the super-secret government study, The Report From Iron Mountain. Discover the astonishing future for America and its citizens. Warning: Every single proposal outlined in this mind-blowing secret study, The Report From Iron Mountain, has come true!

29. Sayanim Everywhere—Unmasking the Legion of American-born Jews and Zionists Shamelessly Betraying the U.S.A. as Undercover Agents and Spies for the Foreign Nation of Israel: Download
Texe Marrs explains their criminal behavior and names the men and women who willingly serve Israel and are Benedict Arnolds selling out their native-born country for the anti-Christian, socialist nation of Israel. Exposed!—Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, Ben Bernanke, Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Cantor, and scores of other Jewish and Zionist spies.

28. Homosexuals and Vatican Secret Societies Link Up to Rip the Heart Out of America—The Truth About Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, the ObamaCare Conspiracy, and the Pope's Pink Brigade of Perverts: Download
The Stunning facts of Judge Roberts’ membership in the infamous Vatican secret society, the Knights of Malta. Roberts is also outed as a liberal ideologue and longtime champion of the Gay Community. Did President George W. Bush and his homosexual confidant, Karl Rove, know of this when they chose Roberts for the Supreme Court? Also, exposure of CNN Anderson Cooper as a homosexual and of country music entertainer Carrie Underwood as a homosexual advocate.

27. Secrets 191: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Liars on internet plant stories claiming Texe Marrs has "torn into Congressman Ron Paul" and "is angry with Alex Jones;"
(2) There is only one way to defeat the Devil;
(3) Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a homosexual activist with a reprobate mind. Texe warned about this man when he was first nominated;
(4) Why keeping dried food on hand is important;
(5) Dr. Robert Schuller’s famous church, the Crystal Cathedral, is now owned by the Roman Catholic Church;
(6) America’s top intelligence agencies again report Iran has no nuclear bombs and is not developing them. Still, Obama and his lying buddies in Israel pretend otherwise. They want a bloody war in order to invade Iran, steal its oil, and create a "Greater Israel" superstate in the Middle East;
(7) Syria is now under attack by brutal terrorists paid for by the American CIA and Israeli Mossad. Like Libya, Syria must fall for a Greater Israel to rise up and dominate the Middle East;
(8) Minneapolis man ordered by a judge to stop handing out free Bibles to people in public places. First Amendment tossed out the window;
(9) New scientific study ridicules "Global Warming" as a hoax, says facts point to over 2,000 years of Global Cooling, instead!;
(10) Dismissing all scientific truth, a top Global Warming advocate angrily says that all who deny Global Warming should have their houses burned down as punishment;
(11) And more environmentalist lunacy—Australia passes new "carbon emissions tax" and the government begins to tax the cremating of the dead by funeral homes;
(12) To evade U.S. taxes, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota announces dual citizenship in both Switzerland and the U.S.A.; then, after criticism, she drops her Swiss citizenship.
(13) Presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans trip to Israel before the November elections, where he will get marching orders from his Mossad superiors.

26. You Are Worth Millions!—The Hidden Financial Riches Owned By Every American Citizen: Download
Astonishing but true. Every natural born American citizen is conservatively worth as much as five million dollars ($5,000,000)! A family of four is owner of a staggering twenty million in assets. The Illuminists, bankers, corporate elite who run our country do not want you to know that the U.S.A. is sitting on an ocean of oil and gas. Underground and offshore, the U.S.A. has greater petroleum reserves than all the rest of the world combined, including Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. And these vast stores of oil and gas are located on public lands. They belong to you and me! There exists a greedy plot to hide this wealth and to keep Americans in the dark. In effect, your wealth, your heritage has been stolen from you. Discover why they are doing this to us and learn how we can overthrow their grand theft and claim the riches due us by right. Unbelievable truth covered up by Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the oil/banking titans since 1913!

25. The Evil Twins of Israel—The Zionist Juggernaut Rolls On With Mossad Agents Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive. Shocking proof that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are clandestine agents of the Israeli Mossad. Their entire lives been guided and controlled by CIA and Israeli Mossad superiors. Romney was teamed with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu right out of college and worked for Bain, a Mossad-affiliated private investment company, for over two decades. Barack Obama’s ties to wealthy Jewish ideologues are revealed, as are the links to the Jewish Mafia.

24. Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Mike Hanson, photojournalist and author of the important new book exposing the secret society. Until Hanson’s courageous exposé, many of the activities of the Bohemians had remained a mystery. Hanson explains why he wrote the new book and how he felt going inside the Bohemian Grove and filming the amazing satanic rituals with his hidden video camera. He also discusses the power these men have to catapult the world into bloody wars and economic catastrophes, and documents the way the Bohemians use this power to select who will hold America’s top political offices.

23. Secrets 190: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Are the Rockefellers covert Jews?;
(2) Is Dog Chapman, the bounty hunter, a Christian?;
(3) The Holocaust—did it happen?;
(4) Masonic leader mocks persecuted Christians: “Stop your whining!;”
(5) New York newspaper calls Texe’s Rothschild’s Choice video “anti-Semite filth;”
(6) Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera complains, “I was raped by TSA screeners!;”
(7) The truth about Nixon and Watergate: What were the “plumbers” after when they broke into the Watergate offices?; Did Nixon intend to expose the whole JFK assassination coverup?;
(8) Joint involvement of LBJ, CIA, FBI, Jewish Mafia, and Israeli Mossad in JFK’s murder is confirmed;
(9) Zionist propaganda puts out ridiculous trash claiming that the “Nazis” are behind today’s New World Order conspiracy;
(10) Why is Texe one of the few courageous enough to expose who “They” are—the actual conspirators?

22. The High Priests of Globalization: Rockefeller, Rothschild, and the Bilderbergers: Download
The Bilderbergers are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia this year. What goes on during the Bilderberg group meetings? Are we on the threshold of the New World Order? Are our politicians given their marching orders based on decisions made during the Bilderberger meeting? Why has security installed machine gun nests around the hotel where the Bilderberger meeting is being held? Are they flying drones above the hotel? Who is attending this years conclave?

21. Outrageous! Are you angry yet? (Volume 3): Download
Texe Marrs declares his righteous indignation over things done by evil people and idiots who despise purity and righteous conduct:
(1) Dresses and gowns for men is latest fashion trend;
(2) Fox News, to please Obama, socialists, and liberals, recently hired Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Santita, as a high-paid commentator for The O’Reilly Factor. FOX has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to black racist demagogue Rev. Al Sharpton and given free license to black feminist Jehmu Greene, who called conservative columnist Tucker Carlson a "bow-tying white boy;"
(3) V.A. threatens to cut off benefits to military veteran for handing out Bible tracts and DVDs;
(4) Treyvon Martin was a dangerous, thieving, gangster punk, and George Zimmerman deserves a hero medal for defending himself and his neighborhood;
(5) Obama bureaucrats intent on closing down and bankrupting another American icon—the famous Gibson Guitar Company;
(6) U.S. Navy Admiral: "Get serious. These guys (Iran) are ants. When the time comes, you crush them";
(7) Christian author says Israel is ready to rebuild its Herodian Temple in Jerusalem and that the Jewish Sanhedrin is ready to identify and exalt its long sought-for Messiah (i.e. the Antichrist);
(8) Top scientist declares, "Effective World Government is needed to stave off Climate Catastrophe;"
(9) More scientific stupidity: British scientists claim that dinosaur "gases"—in other words, flatulence—is what has "warmed the earth;"
(10) Medical doctors who publish The Journal of Medical Ethics argue that not only should abortion be allowed, but also the killing of perfectly healthy, newborn babies;
(11) Insane Michigan State officials order family farms to kill thousands of livestock because they have wrong color hair.

20. Secrets 189: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Club of Rome warns, “We are doomed” because of Global Warming;
(2) Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American touted as vice presidential choice of GOP candidate Mitt Romney, pushes for illegals to be given full citizenship;
(3) Member of well-known rock band admits he has attended “snuff parties” where guests pay $100,000 to get in and watch a victim being murdered;
(4) Centipede attacks Texe while he is on live radio;
(5) Connecticut U. S. Senate candidate Lee Whitnum bluntly brands incumbent Senator Joseph Lieberman a “whore” for his blind and unjustified support of Israel;
(6) Street preacher tried by British court for publicly saying homosexuality is a biblical sin;
(7) Group calling itself the “International Fellowship of Christians and Jews” practices scheme to wrest money from ignorant Christian evangelicals;
(8) So-called “Messianic Jewish” congregations who tell unlearned Christians to “return to your Hebrew roots” are nothing more than Satan’s modern-day Judaizers;
(9) Comedy Central’s popular host Jon Stewart insults and mocks the Virgin Mary, repeatedly calling her the “Vagina Mary”;
(10) Foul mouthed comedian Kathy Griffin, who once bashed Jesus, calls Bristol Palin a “big old slutty prostitute.”

19. America Is Unravelling: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report. A process of global and U.S. “Destabilization” is underway. The economy is at the danger point. The dollar is in a free-fall. The EuroZone is collapsing; Japan is also suffering a depression, and Mexico is a basket case of corruption, drug cartels, and mass murders exacerbated by Obama and Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme. A gigantic socialist welfare state is being erected in the U.S.A., and tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are being “redistributed” to blacks, Hispanics, and to illegal aliens to create dependency. A “shock troop” force—literally Red Youth Brigades—are being organized by the criminal Obama Administration, and the entire country is under imminent threat of social breakdown and civil war. Trash society is fed by meth, cocaine, oxycontin, and other drugs. Millions of dumbed-down college students are on the dole due to wasteful government loan programs. Homeland Security is engineering the “Sovietization of America,” complete with a Big Brother Police State and gulag camps. America is in grave danger, and neither the Republican or Democrat Party can help. Romney and Obama—along with the debauched liars of the mainstream media—are under the thumb of the Illuminist elite. What are patriotic men and women to do faced with such immense and grave danger?

18. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Download
Why do most people in the conspiracy field refuse to expose the holocaust? Are our children being programmed by public schools, promoting the victimhood of the holocaust? Why are Jews so afraid of questions about the holocaust? Has the holocaust become part of the Jewish doctrine? Were the concentration camps truly "death camps," or were they used for another purpose? This week Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn on his outstanding new book, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed.

17. “Effete Snobs and Nattering Nabobs”—The Story of Vice President Spiro Agnew, the Greek American Hero Who Frightened the Satanic Jews Right Out of Their Skullcaps: Download
President Richard Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was one of the most admired and talented orators in American history. In one speech after another Agnew lambasted the liberal media and the Jews that control America behind the scenes. He was so effective in countering Jewish media propaganda that the Jewish elite decided to make war against him. Nixon, too, became a target of Jewish wrath, leading to the Jewish owned press, led by The Washington Post and New York Times, publishing the Watergate scandal stories. The Israeli Mossad had prepared an intelligence dossier and was able to discover a small bribe that Vice President Agnew had taken from a contractor early in his career. That led to Agnew’s downfall and he was forced to resign from office, but not before he got in his own two-bits about those whom he called “Effete Snobs and Nattering Nabobs.”

16. Secret History of the Ruling Elite of America: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Deanna Spingola, author of the outstanding new book, The Ruling Elite—A Study in Imperialism, Genocide, and Emancipation. Amazing new facts that revise history and document that industrialist Henry Ford was right when he said, “History is bunk!” Spingola’s research gives us a fascinating new picture of early America. She documents that the Civil War was not fought over slavery and that Abe Lincoln was a bloodthirsty tyrant. Spingola also discusses Rothschild’s plot to take over our government, the atrocities committed against the Native American Indians, and evidence that the U.S.A. has always been an imperialist state? If so, why?

15. Outrageous! Are you angry yet? (Volume 2): Download
Texe heatedly discusses outrageous things that have made him indignant:
(1) Israel’s thuggish Prime Minister Netanyahu threatens to wipe neighboring Lebanon completely off the map;
(2) Monstrous secret medical experiments on hapless airmen come to light. Some of the ex-servicemen are maimed for life;
(3) Orthodox Jews in Israel demand that their military attack and kill Arabs and Palestinians. But they themselves cowardly refuse to serve in uniform. Most Orthodox Jews are also too lazy to work and sit around on government welfare. U.S.A. taxpayers funds it;
(4) Grandfather catches burglar climbing out of window and turns him over to cops, but the idiot police arrest the elderly man;
(5) ABC series “GCB” (Good Christian Bitches) mocks and makes fun of Jesus and Christianity. The show’s producer and directors are all Jews and all are gay;
(6) Jewish Talmud boasts that the Jews killed Jesus;
(7) Actor and Director Mel Gibson still forced by Hollywood to do “penance” for his movie, The Passion of the Christ;
(8) New Bible version changes text to make the New Testament “Muslim friendly.” God is now “Allah” and references to Jesus’ divinity are watered down.
(9) President Obama breaks all-time records, taking a staggering eighteen vacations in his first three years in office;
(10) First Lady Michelle Obama goes on shopping spree in New York City—spends over $50,000 on women’s sexy lingerie;
(11) Professor who claims to be an “ethicist” wants to use mind drugs to turn the world’s seven billion people into zombies who will favor of global warming propaganda;
(12) Environmentalist scientist advocates injecting expectant mothers with new DNA drugs to create littler babies. He says smaller people (the average man, about four feet tall for example) would mean more conservation of earth’s resources.

14. Secrets 188: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Strange, eerie, loud noises are being heard in locations around the world. Did a Pastor in Germany prophesy these sounds and are they a sign of the coming end of the world?;
(2) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns of terrorist attacks and wars caused by dwindling water shortages;
(3) Wall Street’s MF Global Corp. bilked 38,000 farmers and ranchers out of billions. New revelations that the corrupt firm secretly “transferred” and hid two hundred million dollars at JD Morgan Chase Bank just days before filing for bankruptcy.
(4) U.S. founding father James Madison warned of falling into slavery to a tyrannical government;
(5) Big Brother preparing to launch millions of “Dragonflyer”pilotless drone aircraft to watch citizens 24/7. The drones have capability of assassinating human targets on the ground;
(6) Legendary economist cautioned public to beware of the debauching of the nation’s currency.
(7) Former Republican National Committee (RNA) Chairman Ken Mehlman, a President Bush appointee, admits he is a homosexual and favors gay marriage. He faked being a conservative while head of the RNC for years.

13. “China Will Lead the New World Order, and Americans Better Not Resist!”—The Zionist, Communist, and Capitalist Elite Join Dirty Hands to Force the New Civilization On Us: Download
The long-range plan of the Illuminists; China is being built into a last days colossus, with America’s natural resources plundered and redistributed to China. The final goal is a New World Order in which the elite rule America the way the Communist Party chiefs ruled the USSR and Red China. The people are to be battered, bludgeoned, robbed and turned into global serfs. Includes: Special interview with Clyde Lewis, radio host of Ground Zero.

12. Mitt Romney, Mormon Skullduggery, and the Hidden Hand of the Israeli Mossad: Download
Texe Marrs interviews A. True Ott, exposing presidential candidates’ ties with Israel spy agency, the Mossad. Romney’s corporation, Bain, is run by an Israeli intelligence officer. Romney was given special Intel training in Israel—did this prepare him as the first President of the U.S. to be a Mossad agent? Also examined: Mormon (LDS) church links to Judaism and to Israel. How will this impact Romney’s foreign policy in the White House?

11. Confessions of an Anti-Semite: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his insight-filled new book. Michael shares his experiences in meeting Philippine President Marcos and his wife, Imelda, and also the current Iranian President, Ahmadinejad. He discusses Israel’s Zionist lobby in the U.S., including AIPAC and ADL groups. Piper examines the old Jewish tactic of branding anyone who opposes their actions as “anti-Semitic.”

10. Pastors and Churches Gone Wild (Volume 5): Download
The Christian establishment is getting more and more perverted as spiritually empty pastors and leaders parade their wicked ways and fulfill prophecies in the New Testament of a coming great apostasy:
(1) Vampire author Anne Rice returns to Catholic fold but leaves after she is not satisfied;
(2) Pastor of Michigan Church opens up tattoo parlor inside church;
(3) Priest, Moslem Imam, and Rabbi join forces;
(4) Dancing in churches now very popular;
(5) Festival for Christian teens in Wisconsin celebrates with five wild days of comedy, sex talk, rock and roll, and blasphemy;
(6) Southern Baptist and other evangelical leaders lobby in Washington, D. C. for unbridled immigration. They demand social security payments and citizenship be given illegals and insist that the U.S. not deport the four million illegals with criminal records (murder, rape, etc.);
(7) Church committee votes to ban Pastor from preaching all of the Old Testament—claims some of it is “anti-Semitic;”
(8) Protestant man says his entire denomination is so loaded with gay pastors and members he decided to leave before being gay becomes compulsory;
(9) “Holy Yoga” practiced at church;
(10) Illinois Christian seminary seeks “common ground” by mixing Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic, and Protestant together; says this new approach is the future of theological education;
(11) Fifty Christian churches from California to Hawaii and New York read from the Moslem Koran scriptures on Sunday;
(12) Pastor claims to be Christ, says “My name is Jesus and my partner is Mary Magdalene.”

09. Secrets 187: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Is Texe Marrs a cruel and mean man?;
(2) Woman with fifteen illegitimate children complains that the government should be “held accountable;”
(3) Former Vice-President Spiro Agnew lashed out at liberal media, colorfully calling them “nattering nabobs” and “pusillanimous pussyfooters;”
(4) Christians in Israel are being persecuted by hate-filled Jews and their churches are vandalized;
(5) Communist Party USA endorses Barack Obama for a second term in White House;
(6) Have Zionist Jews taken over the Christian book publishing business?;
(7) Was Jesus a subversive?;
(8) What do Mormons really teach and believe about Jesus?;
(9) Outrage: Taxpayers foot the bill for ridiculous new National Museum of African-American history;
(10) Caregiver at nursing home for Catholic nuns and priests reports that some are possessed by devils;
(11) The doctrine of antichrist.

08. Israeli Intelligence Assets in America: Download
A Texe Marrs exclusive report: For the first time ever, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s hidden ties to the infamous Israeli Mossad network are unearthed and exposed. Also unmasked: Clandestine Mossad spy rings in the U.S.A. and the surprising names of some of their illicit operatives, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

07. Outrageous! Are you angry yet? (Volume 1): Download
Texe heatedly discusses outrageous things that have made him indignant:
(1) Wife murderer Josh Powell, recently hacked his two little boys to death with a hatchet and committed suicide by blowing up his house. What were the police, the D.A., and the judge thinking about by letting this psychopath stay out of jail, making his heinous crimes possible?
(2) Postal workers in Great Britain refuse to deliver Bible recordings because the CDs were said to be "offensive;"
(3) U.S. Air Force, now under command of a Jewish general; outlaws the word "God" on military uniform unit patches;
(4) Washington, D.C.’s welfare state—free cell phones and service for millions of "low-income" people, including illegal aliens;
(5) Massachusetts schools are giving first grade children condoms.
(6) Man wins lottery, becomes millionaire, but remains eligible for and continues to collect food stamps;
(7) Millionaires and dead people continue to receive U.S. farm subsidies;
(8) Political commentator Pat Buchanan is fired by MSNBC because his latest book, Suicide of A Superpower, warns of the dangers of multiculturalism and diversity;
(9) Proof that the U.S. press is among the most censored and tightly controlled in all the world;
(10) Creepy Masonic baptism ritual for children comes to light. Has pedophilic overtones.

06. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 8)—Immoral Lizards, Israeli Puppets, Vicious Warmongers, Treasonous Spies, and Other Political Misfits: Download
Texe Marrs goes deep behind the scenes to reveal the strange, bizarre, and secret:
(1) New Rockefeller study envisages future bird flu pandemic and the sacrifice of national sovereignties as people everywhere panic;
(2) Red China is praised by elite as having a superior government worthy of emulation;
(3) Asian financial analyst reports alarming conspiracy between elite and China to destroy the United States, collapse the economy, and install a dictatorial regime in Washington, D.C.;
(4) New York Times attacks U.S. Constitution as antiquated and defective. Jewish Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also trashes the Constitution;
(5) Top aide of Sarah Palin exposed—on George Soros’ payroll;
(6) Sarah Palin now promoting candidacy of Newt Gingrich;
(7) John McCain wants federal government to strictly control and regulate sale of all vitamins and herbs. Pharma lobbyists applaud and give big bucks to the Arizona Senator;
(8) Conservative darling, author Ann Coulter, joins board of Republican homosexual lobby group—says she’s "proud" to be chairman in order to promote the homosexual agenda;
(9) Mitt Romney has long record as promoter of same-sex marriage;
(10) Newt Gingrich’s marriage to third-wife, Callista, featured a lesbian bridesmaid, Kate Olson. The feminist Ms. Olson, now an Episcopal minister, was Callista’s roommate in college.

05. Secrets 186: Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) President Obama praises abortionists, saying that by aborting babies, "We have done the right things. We must continue our efforts so that our daughters are able to fulfill their dreams;"
(2) The federal government has cruelly slaughtered 300 wild donkeys in Big Bend National Park. Environmentalists demand that all donkeys must be shot because these animals are not "native" to the habitat.
(3) Will the Jews rule over all the nations in a last days millennial kingdom?;
(4) Why do Christians want to tour modern-day Israel to see sites of where Jesus was tortured and hung on a cross?
(5) Israeli rabbis continue sexual crime spree—latest reports;
(6) Chief rabbi of Israeli military publishes booklet instructing Jewish troops, "Do not show mercy" to enemies. Rabbi says the Talmud approves killing of men, women, and children;
(7) 1967 Atrocity—Israeli General Moshe Dayan orders thousands of unarmed Egyptian POWs to be murdered and their bodies bulldozed under;
(8) Jewish Professor says Iran has every right to use nuclear energy for electric power;
(9) Israeli Mossad is assassinating Iranian scientists. Will Jewish terrorism ever cease?

04. Amazing Predictions and Revelations - You Heard It First From Texe Marrs...But give credit to God!: Download
A review of some of the amazing events, predictions, and prophecies that Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy were first to reveal.
(1) Secrets of the Order of Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Grove;
(2) New, colored U.S. currency and the fall of the dollar;
(3) DNA science research proves that the "Jews" in Israel today are not genetically related to the ancient Israelites;
(4) Y2K Prediction: The world will not end and will not result in the closing down of America's electric grid;
(5) The stock market (then at 6,500 on the Dow) will rocket up to 13,000;
(6) Obama will be the first "Jewish" President of the U.S.A.;
(7) Senator John Kerry is both a member of Skull & Bones and a crypto-Jew;
(8) In 1948 President Harry Truman was bribed with two million dollars in a suitcase to formally recognize the State of Israel;
(9) The world is awash with petroleum, and oil reserves are growing, not declining;
(10) Nanotechnology to transform world;
(11) Biochips will be implanted in human beings;
(12) Biometrics will be used to create a Big Brother Police State;
(13) Concentration camps and American gulags are being built;
(14) The elite are planning a North American Union and the end of American Sovereignty;
(15) And much more...

03. Martin Luther on the Jews and Their Lies: Download
Great protestant reformer Martin Luther not only took on the Vatican and its lies but also vigorously opposed the horrific lies of the Jewish rabbis and their vile religion, Judaism. Luther did so in spite of the Jews' threat to assassinate and shut him up. The last sermon Luther delivered was a warning to the Christian Church to beware of the hatred, satanic practices, and lies of the Jews and their wicked Talmud. Discover what Luther said and why he said it. Eye-Opening!

02. "Comrades, Eat Your Daily Rations and Be Happy" - Obama's Rural Councils and the Bolshevist Collectivization of America's Farms and Ranches: Download
President Obama's recent Executive Order creating Rural Councils across America is right out of the darkest pages of history. America is undergoing a steady dangerous process of "Sovietization." Examined:
(1) New draconian government laws and federal regulations to control farms and ranches;
(2) the UN's World Food Authority and its credo, "Food is Power!";
(3) Wall Street's corrupt Jon Corzine and his illuminist firm, MF Global, plundered the bank accounts of over 38,000 small farmers who are now facing bankruptcy and ruin;
(4) The "Arctic Seed Vault" where Rothschild, Rockefeller and other elitists have stored heirloom seeds in anticipation of the failure of Monsanto's "terminator gene" GMO seeds;
(5) The coming breakdown in food supplies. Many desperate people will starve while riots and demonstrations multiply;
(6) America's farms and ranches will be seized enmasse by federal police agencies and turned over to billionaire-run collectivized farms (much like Israel's socialist farm co-ops, the kibbutz). Those who object will be arrested and sent to gulag camps; and much more...

01. Secrets 185: Download
(1) General Motors moves electric hybrid car manufacturing to Red China after getting billions in bailout money from U.S. taxpayers;
(2) Two great American corporate icons, Kodak and American Airlines, are in financial crash mode. American Airlines has already filed for bankruptcy; Kodak is next;
(3) Proverbs of the Dog;
(4) Add Jerusalem's latitude and longitude and you get 666;
(5) Planned Parenthood's abortion mills get $487 million from the government in 2011 and performed 329,455 killings of babies. Both Republican and Democrats in Congress continue the insane funding of this demonic and murderous organization;
(6) Bill O'Reilly and Fox News continue to bash Congressman Ron Paul. Fox-paid contributor, the Jew, Dick Morris, calls Ron Paul "Terrifying;"
(7) Christian Zionists continue their warmongering ways;
(8) Unknown truths about the corrupted New International Version (NIV) of the Bible;
(9) What is the meaning of life? - Quantum physics, scientific truth, and the Holy Bible.