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Texe Marrs 2013 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

52. Pope Francis and the Congregation of the Dead: Download
The new Jesuit Pope, Francis, has already given us manifest proof that he will not stay true to God's Word. First, he consecrated the whole world to "Mary." Next, he defied Jesus' teachings on the Jews and Judaism. Pope Francis horribly claims that, "Judaism is the Holy Root of Christianity." He says that Jews "serve as examples to Christians of faithful service to God" and says that Jews do not need to believe in Jesus; they have their own covenant. The Pope claims that those who emphasize the cultural war against abortion of babies and the fight against homosexuality need to be more broad-minded and liberal. The Pope is the global leader of those whom the Bible says are the "Congregation of the Dead."

51. O Foolish Man, Who Hath Bewitched You?: Download
Galatians 3 holds the amazing key to Bible discernment. Texe carefully explains the faith of Abraham and the New Covenant of Jesus. The Bible's doctrine says that the Jews religion and their Old Covenant is today "witchcraft." Those who revert back to Judaism or to elements of the Old Covenant are "Bewitched." Discover the amazing truth—that all who are of Jesus are "Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise."

50. 2016: Will Barack Obama Win a Third Term as President of the United States? Download
ObamaCare is a disaster, and President Obama's popularity is fading fast, so why does Texe Marrs predict he will seek and win a third term as President? The Republicans say he's a lame duck President, but Obama doesn't care what white people say and do. He despises Red State republicans and conservatives. He doesn't need them. He's got the welfare masses-the blacks and Hispanics-and given the unions, the liberal Jews, and the feminist wackos, he is a shoo-in for President. What would cause a constitutional amendment to be quickly implemented to enable him to run again? With all the welfare masses, millions of new Democrat voters from immigration amnesty, and the millions who receive absolutely free ObamaCare medical plans, Obama will win by tem million votes.

49. Secrets (Volume 207): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Public schools threatened with lawsuit by ACLU. Their crime: collecting toys for underprivileged kids for Christmas;
(2) Brain-dead liberal says black thugs in Knock-Out Game simply need "empowerment" to build up their self-esteem;
(3) Republicans in House of Representatives plan to deceive voters (you and me!) by passing immigration amnesty legislation in as many as ten or twelve pieces;
(4) U.S. Government wastes millions studying why lesbians are fatter than other women;
(5) The Rothschild elite have created a "Doomsday Vault" in the North Pole to store all the natural seeds in the world;
(6) Who are the "Smiley Face" ritual killers?;
(7) Evidence that the U.S. Army participated in the blatant murder of 100,000 Korean civilians during the 50s Korean Conflict;
(8) New book says Jesus was simply a first century rabbi;
(9) City of San Antonio, Texas prohibits Christians from employment;
(10) U.S. Postal Service holiday stamps feature Kwanzaa (Afro-American) and Hanukkah (Jewish) but why is there no Christmas stamp?

48. Twofold More the Child of Hell: Download
We now know through DNA science that those who say they are Jews are, in fact, Khazars. They are not the seed of Abraham and certainly have no rights to the land of Israel. But the Khazars are of the Judaic religion. They were converted to Talmudic and Kabalistic Judaism in the 8th century by corrupt Jewish rabbis from Babylon. Amazingly, this makes the Khazars (over 90% of the World's "Jews") even more evil-twice as evil as the Jews who taught them. Jesus' exact words describe the wickedness of the Khazars: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves" (Matthew 23:15).

47. Aliyah Project - What Would Happen to America if all the World's Jews Emigrated to Israel? (Volume 2): Download
The "Return of Jews from around the world" is called "Aliyah" (or Aliya). The Jewish Law dictates that all must return to make Israel a great nation once again. Even evangelical Christians preach their return. Why then are there today as many Jews in the U.S. as there are in Israel? Shouldn't all immigrate to Israel? What would happen if all the bankers, Wall Street con-artists, Hollywood pornographers, and other Jews immediately immigrated from the U.S. to Israel? Aren't most "Jews" Khazars and their ancestors were never in Israel? Most Jews refuse to serve in the American armed forces. They lobby for Israel, run Freemasonry, harvest body parts, found hideous New Age cults, are the sex traffickers. U.S. Communist Party chieftain Gus Hall was a Jew. Our Christian culture would thrive and the Constitution would be respected if Jewish judges departed our shores. Only good could come if Jews left enmasse.

46. Aliyah Project - What Would Happen to America if all the World's Jews Emigrated to Israel? (Volume 1): Download
The "Return of Jews from around the world" is called "Aliyah" (or Aliya). The Jewish Law dictates that all must return to make Israel a great nation once again. Even evangelical Christians preach their return. Why then are there today as many Jews in the U.S. as there are in Israel? Shouldn't all immigrate to Israel? What would happen if all the bankers, Wall Street con-artists, Hollywood pornographers, and other Jews immediately immigrated from the U.S. to Israel? Aren't most "Jews" Khazars and their ancestors were never in Israel? Most Jews refuse to serve in the American armed forces. They lobby for Israel, run Freemasonry, harvest body parts, found hideous New Age cults, are the sex traffickers. U.S. Communist Party chieftain Gus Hall was a Jew. Our Christian culture would thrive and the Constitution would be respected if Jewish judges departed our shores. Only good could come if Jews left enmasse.

45. Myths of the Jews: Download
Texe Marrs explores the myths of the Jews, including:
(1) The Babylonian Talmud is higher than the Bible;
(2) The Jewish religion is not of the Old Testament;
(3) The "Jews" are not Israelites by are Khazars. Thus, they are Gentiles;
(4) The Khazar Jews who come to Israel in 1948 were communists;
(5) Most of the Khazars were from Poland;
(6) Jerusalem is not a Holy City, but instead is identified by God as a Wicked City from which the antichrist and serpent shall arise. It is called ‘Sodom and Egypt" in the book of Revelation;
(7) "666" is a sacred number in the Jewish Kabbalah;
(8) Israel was established based on a bribe paid by Jewish spy Abraham Feinberg to President Harry Truman;
(9) Black and brown Jews who emigrate to Israel are discriminated against;
(10) The I.Q. of Jews is not very high. The IQs of Mongolians and of Americans found to be much higher;
(11) The miracles of Israeli wars are strictly the result of American jets and weapons;
(12) The so-called "Wailing Wall" is not the remains of the Temple of Herod. It is a hoax;
(13) And more myths and lies.

44. Secrets (Volume 206): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Billionaire and casino mogul Jew, Sheldon Adelson tells Rabbi Boteach and an Israeli TV audience that the U.S. should drop a nuclear bomb on Iraq;
(2) Pro-Israel organization polls American Jews whether they would support Israel or the U.S. if a crisis erupted between the two;
(3) Israeli drone hits Palestine target;
(4) The Census Bureau reports that as of late 2011, more people were on welfare in America than those who worked;
(5) Christian teacher David Barton, of Wallbuilders ministry, claims Jesus will come again during the Jewish high holy day of Rosh Hashanah;
(6) ObamaCare will enable a centralized database of body parts and organs for the dead, to be marketed;
(7) U.S. House of Representatives stenographer rises to the dais and tells shocked Congressmen and others: "God will not be mocked…the Constitution was written by Freemasons…You cannot serve two masters."
(8) New "Perpetual Amnesty" Bill approved by President Obama and the Senate. House leaders plan to deceive Americans and will vote to approve "a piece of the Senate bill at a time." This way, they reason, the dumbed-down populace will not be the wiser. "They won’t even know they’ve been snookered,’ snorted on House representative;
(9) Israel is removing the Arab Bedouin people from the Negev Desert, by force if need be. Authorities want to shield the government’s factories which make nuclear bombs and chemical-biological weapons. The Bedouins, nomads, have lived in the Negev for centuries.

43. Devils at the Wailing Wall: Download
The Jews are perpetrating a monumental hoax on Christians and the West by presenting their Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount, as the holy and sacred remains of their famed Jewish Temple. In fact, the Western Wall, as it is better known, was not part of the Temple, but is a remnant of the Roman's old and historic Fort Antonia. Jesus Himself prophesied that, of the Temple, not one stone would be left upon another. It would be totally destroyed, and in 70 A.D., it was, by Roman General Titus. But four centuries ago, a plot was worked to use this wall as a propaganda device to unite the Jews and to confound the Moslems. Today, dumbed-down American and European politicians and Hollywood stars trek to the Wailing Wall and put their written prayer in a crack in the wall's missing mortar. This voodoo mumbo-jumbo is then broadcast across the globe.

42. Khazars Plow Ahead with Illuminati Agenda for A "Greater Israel" in the Middle East and A World Empire-America is Used as a "Dumb Beast" to Kill and Destroy: Download
Khazar "Jews" continue to plow ahead with their dangerous, deadly agenda in the Middle East. They are using Americans as "dumb beasts," military mercenaries to attack or to conquer Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, The Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Iran. Theirs is the "Xenon Plan" which calls for, first, control of the Middle East and its oil by fragmenting and destabilizing nation-states. After this, the Jews will consolidate their World Empire by establishing Big Brother Police States in America and Europe. Everything happening is in accordance with their Talmud and Kabbalah.

41. Secrets (Volume 205): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Poll shows Americans favor Russia’s Putin over Obama 49 to 25 percent;
(2) Pastor Rick Warren’s son commits suicide. Warren blames man who sold him the gun;
(3) United Nations plans a Disarmament Commission to round-up and confiscate all civilian-owned firearms in the world. Will override America’s 2nd Amendment;
(4) IRS missing 67 million dollar from its ObamaCare fund;
(5) Annually, over 100,000 abortions will be by ObamaCare. (President Obama lied and said the plan does not cover abortions);
(6) Evidence of human sacrifice and barbarism by Native American Indians in North America dispels notion of “noble Indians;”
(7) In Argentina, former top government official, a Jew, faces probe in car bomb that blew up Jewish Center;
(8) Dr. Oz, of TV fame, a Turk, and famous movie director Mike Nichols, a Jew both have DNA tested. Discover blood connection;
(9) Air Force Senior Master Sergeant, a Christian, is relieved of duty and faces court martial after refusing to obey order by lesbian Commander to tell her he supports gay marriage. Witch hunt among those in uniform!;
(10) Pope Francis claims, “Judaism is the Holy Root of Christianity.” Evidently, the Pope has never read Jesus’ words in the New Testament stating to Jews, “Your father is the devil” and telling them their religion was “man-made;”
(11) DARPA scientists genetically engineer humans by adding a 47th chromosome;
(12) Arctic sea ice in new study increases a record 60 percent. Environmentalists are stunned but still insist “global warming” is taking place;
(13) Putin and Russia warn homosexuals not to misbehave during Moscow Olympics, or they will go to jail. Russia has an anti-gay propaganda law on the books.

40. The Illuminati Plan to Dissolve the United States and Create a North American Union and a New World Order: Download
Just as the Holy Bible prophesies, the elite are putting together their New World Order. Disregarding the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the President is setting up a North American Union of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as first proposed by the Jewish-led CFR. The 15 planks of the North American Union include:
(1) A “Supra” Supreme Court over the three nations;
(2) Immigration Reform in U.S.;
(3) Building of the TransAmerican Highway;
(4) NAFTA;
(5) Drugs pushed by Mexican cartels;
(6) Guns for gangs;
(7) ObamaCare to be given free to 35 million Mexican illegals;
(8) Agenda 21 environmental and land rules;
(9) Illuminati-funded social media—google, twitter, etc.;
(10) and more...

39. Mystery of the Pyramids and the All-Seeing Eye: Download
Across the globe, more and more pyramids are being built. Texe Marrs answers the question, Why? What is the mystery of the pyramid? Why did George Orwell picture towering pyramids used by wicked government in his novel 1984? How about the all-seeing eye? What is the hidden meaning of this Luciferian Symbol on our U.S. one-dollar bill? Riddles of the occult finally revealed.

38. Jesus Took the Kingdom From the Jews: Download
The Scriptures tell us that Jesus took the Kingdom of God from the Jews and gave it to another nation. Which nation now has the Kingdom? The Jews (Khazars), with the help of the U.S.A. and its confused evangelicals, are trying to set up a Greater Israel in the Middle East. This is why the U.S. is conquering one nation after another in the Middle East. What could cause all their evil plans to come tumbling down? An amazing report.

37. Will America Survive Until 2025? - Signs Tell Us the Implosion is Ahead: Download
Texe Marrs reports on the terrific implosion awaiting an unrepentant United States. Race War; black crime; illegal drugs; foreign aliens welcomed and paid by our wicked government; endless wars being fought against hapless opponents in the Middle East; Moral assault on the people in the form of depraved music, movies, and TV; homosexuality parading around; bashing of Christians; economic catastrophe looms; and much more. Prediction: The fall of America within a dozen years (by 2025).

36. Secrets (Volume 204): Download
Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Global Warming lie collapses as earth continues to cool. The ice packs in both the North and South Poles are growing. The lie the world governments intended to use to gouge the people with "carbon taxes" is quickly ending;
(2) Vice President Biden commends American Jews, says they have a great influence on our culture;
(3) A review of one day’s events on the internet’s The Drudge Report reveals how culture-sick America is. What happened to us as a once great nation?;
(4) JFK assassination 50th anniversary comes this November. The government keeps the real records under lock and key in a safe at the National Archives. After 50 years!—Why?;
(5) President Richard Nixon wanted to secretly break into the National Archives safe and release JFK investigative reports to the nation: Is this why he was forced to resign?;
(6) Russia’s Vladimir Putin, in speech at Jewish holocaust museum, shocks audience by admitting that the Soviet Communist government was made up almost wholly of dangerously misguided Jews;
(7) Sir Winston Churchill’s 1937 bombshell about then world leaders;
(8) In Utah, the NSA’s gigantic new spy complex take shape. Will be the largest building in all the world;
(9) Our U.S. Post Office is working as spy against the American people. It now photographs each envelope it receives, opens some mail, and refers certain pieces to FBI;
(10) NBA basketball player forces girlfriend to sign agreement she will abort their baby if she gets pregnant;
(11) Texas Governor Rick Perry is planning another trip to Israel. A sign he still wants to be President.

35. The "Foolishness of Genealogies": Download
The Bible's New Testament, far from proclaiming any race as God's Chosen, is replete with warnings against racial pride. The Apostle Paul said that those beguiled by the Jews and their religion are "bewitched." He also warns against paying attention to "Jewish fables" and the "foolishness of genealogies." Over and over we are told that race and ethnic background are of no value and that God's grace is offered to every nation on earth. How did today's Christians stray so far away from the truth? Is it possible we can put the Church back on the path toward fulfilling the purpose and mission set forth by God?

34. Robots, Androids, Virtual People, and Other Fantastic Creations - When will Singularity be Achieved and Humans Replaced?: Download
The head-lines keep rolling in. Robots are replacing humans in agriculture, the fast food industry, manufacturing, even as soldiers and navy personnel. Google says a powerful, new computer will result in Singularity within seven years. A complete report by Texe Marrs on man's astonishing new robots. Are they enemies, or partners?

33. The Khazar Jews' War on History and DNA Science: Download
The Catholic Church and the Vatican tried to stop Copernicus and Galileo without success. Now the Zionists are doing their utmost to silence modern-day historians, archaeologists, and DNA scientists. They, too, are failing. DNA Science is undebatable. The Jews turn out to be Khazars and not Abraham's children. They are not Abraham's seed DNA scientists prove: "The Israelite blood in Jews is genetically miniscule-virtually insignificant." There was no exile. There is more Israelite blood among Palestinians than there is among the so-called "Jews" (Khazars). What will the duped Christian Zionists do?-either they abandon science and DNA or hang on to illusion.

32. Government Dupes vs. Conspiracy Theorists: Download
A psychological study by two British scientists shows that "conspiracy theorists" dominate the internet. The facts and arguments of conspiracy theorists are so pervasive the dupes of the government have little to say. They frequently grow angry in the face of legitimate facts. Truth does prevail. The alphabet agencies-the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS-are losing the "propaganda" war. Conspiracy believers are sane and logical; government liars are not. Very few listen to mainstream media anymore. Now the government is forced to murder its opponents-Barnaby Jack and Michael Hastings are examples. Still, no one believes Obama and his propaganda teams. This and much more are on this week's vitally important program, Conspiracy Scientists vs Government Dupes-We are Winning! Wow!

31. Secrets (Volume 203): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) How easy is it to obtain an Obama-Phone?;
(2) Current state of our society: Director of Smithsonian Institution wants to spend taxpayer money to buy the hoodie of Trayvon Martin;
(3) Will Vladimir Putin arrest homosexual athletes during the 2014 Olympic games?;
(4) Why did Pope Francis make the pilgrimage to pray to the Black Madonna?;
(5) What happened to Rafael Padilla, a Catholic priest, within 30 minutes of arriving in his hotel room?;
(6) Jonathan Cahn scored a huge hit with his book The Harbinger, but why does he have no sermons on Jesus?;
(7) What is Aliyah, and why are Christians raising money for it?;
(8) Yoko Ono confesses, "I am a witch." Wynona Judd confesses she is a warlock. Hmmm...;
(9) What did Talmudic scholar Maimonides claim about Turks, Mongols, and blacks?
(10) Is NASA worried about global warming, or global cooling?
(11) Are Americans losing their freedoms because they have been dumbed-down?

30. Transhumanism and Immortality - The Illuminati Elite Goal to Live Forever: Download
Texe Marrs examines "Transhumanism," the science of immortality. It involves the making of humans into robots and cyborgs in order to live forever. Science now says this is possible and that by the year 2045, man's brains can be downloaded into an artificial intelligence machine. But what of the soul? Will God allow this? After all, His Word prescribes death for every human, afterward the judgment. Can these wealthy men and women escape death and the judgment of God?

29. ObamaCare, A Threat to Your Liberty and Pocketbook: Download
Texe Marrs interviews physician, Dr. David Sneed. What monumental changes are to take place because of ObamaCare? How can affordable healthcare possibly accommodate over 300 million Americans? Will death panels rule that some must die and be denied? What about the IRS—will this Big Brother agency enforce ObamaCare and monitor our lives and bodies? Will the entire medical system simply collapse?

28. DNA Science, Mathematic Certainty, and the Jewish Bloodline: Download
A Special Report on Texe's newest book. What DNA Science has discovered about the people who erroneously call themselves "Jews." DNA Science proves they are not the bloodline of Abraham but of King Bulan of Khazaria. How and why they got away with this racial fraud for hundreds of years. How the Khazars bilked and duped Christian evangelicals in to supporting their quest to suppress the Palestinians and to seize the land from them by force. Why the world conveniently refused to listen to the historians and archaeologists. Most important: What must be done now by Christians who realize that the people claiming to be "Jews" are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan?

27. Secrets (Volume 202): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) The North American Union plan, for a continent with one government and no borders, will be brought in with the perpetual amnesty, Immigration Reform Bill;
(2) Is Israel wiretapping America? Two Israeli companies control NSA. Americans are now electronic prisoners of Zionist Israel;
(3) David Duke’s new book, The Secrets of Communism, is scholarly and accurate;
(4) The House of Representatives can stop ObamaCare anytime it wants but it is cooperating with Obama to scam we, the citizens;
(5) Are Congress and the Supreme Court being blackmailed by NSA and Israel to support ungodly homosexual marriage, immigration amnesty, and wars in the Middle East?;
(6) Zimmerman trial proves media is controlled by sick unAmerican interests;
(7) IRS to become one of America’s most powerful law enforcement agencies—churches, groups, and individuals beware!;
(8) IRS Fraud: $4.9 billion paid out to fraudulent returns by "illegal aliens." A national disgrace. At one Atlanta address alone there were 24,000 fake returns filed, and the crooks were given an astounding $46 million in refunds by the IRS;
(9) Abortion protesters screaming for approval of late-term abortions take over Texas legislature as Lt.-Governor meekly submits;
(10) An atheist monument is erected near the Ten Commandments memorial granite slab in Florida. More are planned all over America.

26. The NSA and IRS Will Put Us All in Electronic Cages - Project L.U.C.I.D. and the Beast Universal Human Control System: Download
Bible prophecy warns us of the totalitarian system of Big Brother. Now it's here! Examination of the corrupt NSA and IRS and what is planned for us with ObamaCare. The Police State alphabet agencies (FBI, CIA, HSD, NRO, etc.) and their missions. How the government is preparing a total surveillance society and bringing the social media into its criminal dragnet—Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, etc. Why the U.S. Congress is rotten and satanic, and has sold out to the blackmailers. Amazing revelations!

25. The Jesuit Pope - "Atheists Go to Heaven": Download
The first Jesuit Pope, Francis, publicly claims that all will go to heaven; Atheists, too! Texe Marrs discusses this astonishing claim with author Edward Hendrie (Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great). The Jesuit Order is examined, dating back to its founder, the Illuminatus Spaniard, Ignatius de Loyola. Why the Jesuit Order is a revolutionary group and why they call its leader, the "Black Pope." Also: Do gay priests infect the Vatican and the Jesuits? Why did Pope Benedict leave office and resign? Is the Vatican Bank owned and run by Masonic gangsters?

24. Why God Chose You - His Plan For Your Life: Download
Great news for you if you are a child of God! God chose you for success before you were even born. You are foreordained to serve Him. God creates the good works you are to do in advance. Even calamities can serve the Lord. He has a tremendous Plan for your life. Texe Marrs explains this Plan and much more on this week's vitally important program

23. The Truth Will Set You Free: Download
This week Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, Ye Shall Know the Truth. Do main stream newspapers hide important information in plain sight? Did the Mormon church and big banks help fund the rise of Las Vegas as a gambling mecca? In postwar Germany, did the American occupation government destroy more books than the Nazis? How does Jewish control of the media relate to the book industry?

22. Secrets (Volume 201): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Is Senator John McCain a liberal?;
(2) Is the IRS a terrorist organization, preying on Tea Party, Christian, Constitutional groups, etc.?;
(3) Can atheists go to heaven?;
(4) Is President Barack Obama responsible for the number of gun crimes shrinking?;
(5) Why are American tax dollars funding the liberal-minded NPR?;
(6) Will singer Michael Bolton walk across America for Hillary?;
(7) Mother Jones columnist claims that African-Americans are predominantly murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. Is she right?;
(8) Al Gore and other alarmists have claimed that the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma was caused by global warming. Is this a fact?;
(9) Lesbian love story wins best film at Cannes Film Festival. Part of a great agenda?

21. Will Big Brother Use Robots to Enforce Tyranny?: Download
Texe Marrs discusses his exciting new book, Robot Alchemy. Will intelligent robots outsmart humans as Singularity is reached? Are we moving fast into a cybernetic slave world? Will DARPA link men’s brains together with computers in a vast neural network called the Borg? What will happen to the economy as more people are unemployed and replaced by robotization? Will transhumanism result in people becoming cyborgs? Chips in brains—will humans become superintelligent? How is Big Brother using the new robots and drones to conquer the world and drive people into slavery?

20. Protocols of Zion—Genuine, Authentic, and Important Today: Download
Evidence that the Protocols are genuine. Henry Ford and many others believed the Protocols represented the Jewish Elite’s plan for Global Utopia, led by their leader—the Antichrist. Texe examines this extraordinary claim and finds massive evidence to support it. The Protocols were implemented in the 1917 Russian Communist Revolution and 66 million victims perished. They are still being worked today, and Jewish organizations are desperate to prevent Gentiles from discovering the Protocols.

19. Conspireality-Social Control Through Conspiracy: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn on his new book, Conspireality. Synchronicity is a thread that runs through conspiratorial events. Persons who understand and have discernment recognize that conspiracies are everywhere in society and are definitely real. Discussed: Pat Tillman was murdered in Afghanistan; Malachai Martin and demonic possession; Norway massacre by Zionist Anders Brevik; Operation Gladio—continuing terrorist acts by U.S. government and allies in Europe; Stanley Kubrick, famous Hollywood director who did movies like The Shining, Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut—was he murdered for revealing the sex orgies of the Illuminati in Eyes Wide Shut? Did Kubrick work with NASA and the CIA to film the faked moon landing in 1968?

18. Secrets (Volume 200): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Environmentalists are running for cover;
(2) U.S. is now officially oil independent and we are ready to sell oil and natural gas to the world;
(3) China’s economy is slipping;
(4) New poll shows people fear government more than they fear terrorists;
(5) Thirteen straight years of global cooling;
(6) Agenda 21 and carbon tax are scams;
(7) Dual citizenship by Jews is outrageous;
(8) The gay movement is an abomination, and political correctness is tyranny;
(9) Reverend at National Cathedral is rebel against God;
(10) Pentagon uses Mikey Weinstein, a Jewish consultant, to develop new policy prohibiting servicemen from sharing their Christian faith;
(11) NBA pro player comes “out of closet” as homosexual. President Obama telephones and congratulates;
(12) Illegal immigration—amnesty being pushed will bankrupt U.S.A.

17. Saving Postwar Germany - How Former President Herbert Hoover Saved Tens of Millions of Suffering Germans from the Jaws of Death, Rescuing them from America's Satanic "Morgenthau Plan": Download
The Jews had a heinous death plan for post-war Germany. Under this devilish "Morgenthau Plan," the majority of German citizens were to be starved to death and murdered by occupation forces. Then, former President Herbert Hoover went to Germany, saw what was going on, and complained to weak-kneed Jewish puppet, President Harry Truman. Immediately, more food began to reach the stricken German masses; the concentration camps (for innocent Germans!) were shut down, and Germany began to recover. Only now is Hoover’s heroic rescue of the German nation—in the face of Jewish savagery—coming to light.

16. Anti-Semite vs. Antichrist - The Infiltration of Judaism Into Our Character and Culture: Download
For fear of the Jews many Christians are timid and afraid of defending the Truth. Too many are worried about being called "anti-Semite" when they should be concerned about being in bed with the antichrist! Texe Marrs examines what the Holy Bible says about the antichrist. Revelation 13-the man, 666, has many helpers in Christendom today, lying and telling Christians wrongly to "bless Israel;" falsely claiming the Jews are "God's Chosen," and serving the Jews as accomplices in their evil. As a result, even the satanic Jewish Kabbalah is honored and Jewish occultism prevails throughout America.

15. Busting Out of the Matrix Prison - They Are Constructing a Big Brother "Prison" to Totally Surround and Contain Us: Download
The U.S.A. is rapidly becoming a huge, open-air prison and concentration camp. The government is spending billions to purchase drones and other military equipment to monitor and control the population. Gun control is important for tyrants, but the Bill of Rights hinders their efforts. Texe Marrs interviews Mark Anderson of American Free Press about the proposed United Nations Arms Treaty and how President Obama and our betrayers in Congress intend to use the treaty to overcome America's 2nd Amendment. Texe outlines a Citizens Plan to fight and defeat the Matrix.

14. Secrets (Volume 199): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Senator Rand Paul has changed his tune on illegal immigration;
(2) Are you sick of Tim Tebow?;
(3) Who thinks if "you are old and white you are history?";
(4) What happened to Chandra Levy at Rock Creek Park?;
(5) In an effort to unify standards for airline passengers, TSA okays knives and clubs on planes;
(6) Are flight crews happy with new TSA regulations?;
(7) Why is Homeland Security buying 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets?;
(8) What heinous crimes did a doctor in Philadelphia commit?;
(9) Is Walid Shoebat a Luciferian?;
(10) Is the TV series, The Bible, a factual re-enactment of God's Word?;
(11) Have the Gideons become new age bible pushers?;
(12) Are guns the problem?

13. Big Brother - The Orwellian Nightmare Come True: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Mark Dice, author of the outstanding book, Big Brother—The Orwellian Nightmare Come True. Dice explains the new technologies actually developed or under development by DARPA and other groups, to include drones, robots, videocams, wiretaps, internet surveillance, and electronic mind-reading. We are to be watched and kept track of from cradle to grave, 24 hours per day. The predictions of George Orwell’s 1984 have become startlingly true.

12. Beware Immigration Reform—The New World Order Plot to End American Sovereignty: Download
Texe Marrs uncovers the plans of both the Republican and Democrat parties to give full amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and call it “Reform.” Who are the senators pushing immigration reform? The Bush and Obama links; and the part played in this immigration boondoggle by those interested in dissolving American sovereignty.

11. Deception, Dishonesty, and Disrespect Sweep America - What Can We Do to Make it Right?: Download
America has changed, and not for the better. Everywhere we find deception, dishonesty, and disrespect. The examples of bicyclist Lance Armstrong and Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o are just two of many. Cheating in school, lying on resumes, public profanity - the list of deceit, dishonest behavior, and disrespect to authority is long. Why is this happening and what can you and I do to stop it?

10. Scientific Data Study Confirms - "Jews" Are Not Descendants of Abraham But of King Bulan and the Khazars: Download
Shocking Texe Marrs Special Report.
Who should possess the land of Israel, the nation that was begun when Harry Truman received a two-million dollar bribe? Christian evangelicals say it should be the descendants of Abraham. The evangelicals believe this means the Jews. However, there is one problem. DNA science has proven conclusively that most of the people in the nation of Israel and in World Jewry are not descendants of Abraham. They are not the ancient Israelites and are not the seed of Abraham. This means that the seven-and-a-half million residents are imposters! The "Jews" of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. If the "Jews" are not Abraham's seed, then who is?

09. Secrets (Volume 198): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Why is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) adamantly opposed to Chuck Hagel, nominee for Secretary of Defense?;
(2) Why is America's economy doing better than most countries?;
(3) Why do 92% of the Pakistanis hate the U.S.?;
(4) Should we close bases overseas and bring our troops home?;
(5) Is Barack Obama holding America hostage over immigration reform?;
(6) Propaganda is now legal in the U.S. Has our government been breaking the law before now?;
(7) If government leaders want schools to be gun free, why do all legislators have guns protecting them?;
(8) Should the United States Congress lead by example and utilize ObamaCare first, before forcing it on its citizens?;
(9) Is all human life equal?;
(10) Do Jews run Hollywood?;
(11) Has America become a vulgar nation?

08. Secrets (Volume 197): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not:
(1) Immigration reform is a scam, designed to end America as a nation by submerging it into a vast ocean of foreign invaders;
(2) Gun control—why the government wants your gun even as it is building up a colossal armed police state;
(3) Jacob Lew, a Jew, to be new Secretary of Treasury;
(4) Officer Jack McLamb says that the Sandy Hook school massacre was done by “a programmed assassin in what is known as Operation Clear Eye;”
(5) Senator Marco Rubio a “Chosen One” by Republican Party for 2016 election;
(6) Priest in trouble for denying existence of Jesus;
(7) Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz a proven hypocrite;
(8) German neurologist discovers dark spot in brain of killers and rapists;
(9) Heaviest snowfall in century hits Moscow. What happened to climate change?;
(10) New Jersey Senator Menendez accused of flying to Dominican Republic on airplane owned by crooked Jewish doctor to have sex with underage girls;
(11) Texas Senator Ted Cruz is an Israeli toady—flies to Israel twice for “consultations;” comes back to U.S. to oppose Chuck Hagel as new Secretary of Defense.

07. Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Jesus: Download
In this important message, Texe emphasizes the necessity of the Christian keeping his eyes and heart focused on Jesus Christ and not the world. The world is temporary and passing, but Jesus is eternal. We can accomplish miracles when we look to Jesus and trust Him, and the enemy has no power against the true Christian believer. An inspiring look at Scripture!

06. The Bee, the Hive, the Borg and the Illuminati - Mormonism and Freemasonry According to Lucifer: Download
Texe Marrs uncovers the deep occult connection of the Mormon Church and Freemasonry. Mormon founder Joseph Smith modeled the church and its doctrines on the Masonic Lodge and its rituals. Smith and all the early leaders were Masons. The Mormon Church is based on the use of occult symbology. The bee hive is both a Masonic and a Mormon symbol, signifying that the individual is subservient. The “borg” is the modern equivalent. “Mormo” is, in fact, a demon and was recognized as such by the ancients and by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. How the Mormons and the Masons are both working to end Christianity and set up the Antichrist’s New World Order.

05. The Elite - What's Going to Happen to America?: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Gaylon Ross, author of Who’s Who of the Elite (Volume 9). Discussion of a wide range of issues, including:
(1) The JFK assassination and LBJ’s involvement;
(2) Council on Foreign Relations;
(3) The Bilderbergers;
(4) David Rockefeller and David de Rothschild;
(5) The war on Islam by the elite;
(6) The Moslem and Jewish threats to America and Europe;
(7) The suppression of Christianity.

04. The Holocaust - Have We Been Lied To?: Download
For almost seventy years we have read horrid accounts of the Nazi holocaust. But, were we lied to? Yes, some Jews were rounded up and many died, just as did others in the camps. But why exactly six million Jews? And what about the fictitious lies and myths spread by supposed holocaust survivors. Victor Thorn, author of the investigative new book, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed, explains the great lies we have been told.

03. The Woman Who Rides the Beast - The Beautiful Side of Evil: Download
Revelation 17 depicts a voluptuous, beautiful lady, full of evil, and drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. She is “Mystery Babylon the Great.” A harlot, she has a filthy cup of abominations, and she rides the Beast. This is the beautiful side of evil. But the Beast turns on the whore of Babylon and consumes her with fire. Is this Mystery Woman Israel? Why did Henry Kissinger recently tell the New York Post, “In 10 years there will be no more Israel.” Is Judaism a threat to humanity and to our security and freedom?

02. Rosemary's Baby Deja Vu - Has America Become Satan's Offspring?: Download
Was the famous, 1968 movie Rosemary’s Baby the entry point for satanists in America? Why are both the movie director, Roman Polanski and the writer of the novel Rosemary’s Baby, Jews? Dakota House, the gothic apartment building used in the movie was the home of Beatle John Lennon and where he was assassinated. Lennon’s hideous song, Imagine, which advocates no God and no heaven, is sung by lesbian Dolly Parton, with homosexual pianist Elton John and large church choir. Inside story on movie and why America has gone insane since: In Pennsylvania, an entire family strips naked in a school parking lot and began chanting; Dr. Phil talks with spirit channelers churches and pastors use profanity, etc.

01. Pastors and Churches Gone Wild (Volume 7): Download
In these volumes, Texe Marrs examines the follies and errors of pastors and other church leaders that prove the strong falling away is here:
(1) Judaizer churches—they worship the Jews;
(2) Glenn Beck has a huge “restoring love” rally. He said we must return to God, but the Mormons have millions of gods. Ravi Zacharias, Franklin Graham, Tony Evans, Kenneth Copeland attended;
(3) Norway newspaper advocates school children playing doctor and masturbating together. Maine middle school is giving out birth control pills. California schools do not use terms like “mom, dad, husband or wife” anymore in deference to gays;
(4) In Fort Worth, Texas, a father carved a huge pentagram in his 6-year old son’s back, smeared blood on door, and said, “It’s a holy day;”
(5) Newsweek publishes its annual magazine questioning, “Who is Jesus?”
(6) Houston Pastor invites congregation to get a tattoo for Lent and become “religious art show.” He says the cross is a failure;
(7) Sixty-six members of Congress write a joint letter to the Secretary of Defense complaining about the U.S. Air Force removing references to God;
(8) Chairman of the JCS, Admiral Mullen, tells a chaplain he better get in line and support the homosexual agenda;
(9) Evangelical Lutheran Church in Duluth, Minnesota refuses military honors for funerals, but does marry gays;
(10) Movie Director Paul Verhoeven wants to do movie about Jesus being born after his mother was raped by a Roman soldier;
(11) Pastor says he believes in the “God Story” but doesn’t believe the Bible;
(12) Word “Calvary” missing from the new Bible versions;
(13) Billy Graham says he seeks daily advice from his spiritual director, New York City’s Rabbi Tannenbaum;
(14) David Barton of Wallbuilders Ministry writes foolish book approving Freemasonry;
(15) Christian singer, Sandi Patti performs for gay ship cruise;
(16) The Dalai Lama plants a tree and says he “honors all life.” So why does he okay abortion?