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Texe Marrs 2011 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

53. The Host and the Parasite—Why Are the Jews Compelled to be Destroyers?: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Greg Felton, journalist and author of the books, The Host and the Parasite and Exploding Middle East Myths. Throughout history, in every nation in which Jews gained a foothold after being welcomed, they have eventually been expelled. Why? Is it because of “anti-Semitism” or rather, has persecution come because the Jews proved to be “parasites” and destroyers of their host society? What is there about the Jews that even caused the Apostle Paul 2,000 years ago to declare they are “contrary to all men” and Jesus to denounce the House of Israel as followers of Satan and workers of darkness?

52. Who Do You Say That I Am? - The Birth and Life of Jesus Christ and its Meaning for You and Me: Download
Why did Jesus come in the flesh as God? Who really is Jesus? Is He the "Christ Spirit" who reincarnates and cyclically returns to Earth periodically under different names (Krishna, Buddha, etc.) to help mankind during crises? If Jesus is God, why did he allow Himself to be crucified? Was Jesus, as the Jews and some, so-called "Christian" leaders maintain, simply an "itinerant rabbi" who wanted to reform Judaism? Must we recognize Jesus as Lord and Saviour and follow Him to receive eternal life?

51. Die, America, Die!: Download
Texe Marrs discusses his newest groundbreaking video documentary. America is fast spiraling toward a final catastrophe as the globalists take charge.

50. Kosher Candidates Put Israel First - Republican Presidential Candidates (Except Ron Paul) Prove to be Moral Pygmies, Unartful Liars, and Waffling Flip-Floppers as They Bow Down and Pledge Loyalty to Israel and the Zionist Agenda: Download
A Special Report on Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum. Only those who put Israel first over America and promise to fight perpetual wars in the Middle East, flood Israel with billions in "foreign aid" and armaments, and endorse Israel's cruel suppression of Palestinian rights, can be elected to high office. The Jewish lobby also demands that Republican contenders support liberal philosophies (while claiming to be "conservatives") and buy into Big Government and Fed policies. Constitutionalism is frowned upon. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is despised by the establishment because he puts America first and defends the Constitution.

49. Secrets - Volume 184 Download
(1) Coach Sandusky pedophile scandal at Penn State University is only the tip of the iceberg. Networks of child rapists exist throughout U.S.A. and the world, from France and Belgium to Saudia Arabia and Israel;
(2) Strange twist: Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and Lord Edmond de Rothschild die on very same day. Both were ardent Zionists and Jews;
(3) Power of Prophecy will republish Reginald Haupt's outstanding expos'e book of the secret religion of Freemasonry, The Gods of the Lodge. It will be available by February 1st;
(4) ADL claims "Anti-Semitism on Rise" in transparent attempt to raise cash;
(5) Report on what happened at American Free Press conference in Washington, D. C. - Texe was a featured speaker;
(6) Spychips and RFID are now everywhere. Big Brother is watching;
(7) Fed Reserve audit uncovers fraud in the trillions of dollars;
(8) Goldman Sachs bank has built 200,000 huge warehouses in China, and they are being filled with lumber, tin, copper, aluminum, iron ore and other raw goods. A report from Seattle reveals that trainloads of coal are arriving by rail and are being loaded on giant cargo ships headed for China. What is going on?;
(9) Texe's recent article on "Secession" draws a slew of commentary by Power of Prophecy followers;
(10) Pope Benedict follows in Pope John Paul II's path, inviting world "religious leaders" (shamans, Hindu gurus, Buddhist monks, witches, even atheists) to Assisi, Italy for joint prayer and dialogue. A meeting of devils?;
(11) Russian Christian Saint Sergius Nilus, the man who, in 1905, published The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, prophesied of the horrible bloodshed and suffering that was soon to transpire in Russia. Few believed him. Within a dozen years the Jewish Bolsheviks (Communists) had seized power in the Kremlin, and the horrors began. Sixty-six million, mostly Christians, perished.

48. All Eyes on Rome and the Pope-The Vatican's Call for a World Central Bank, a World Government, and the Surrender of National Sovereignty: Download
Texe interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the important new book, Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great. Hendrie, a lawyer and distinguished graduate of Notre Dame University, explains the meaning of the Vatican's new call for a global authority which would rule the world and make America a slave nation under foreign leaders. The Vatican also proposes redistributing the world's wealth. Hendrie shows how the Zionist Jews have infiltrated and taken over Rome. Their bankers hold the Vatican's money and dictate its teachings. Satanic evil is combining forces, just as is prophesied in the Bible's book of Revelation. The "traditions of man" (Satan's doctrines) are being substituted by false religions for the Word of God.

47. The Man Who Gave the World the Protocols of Zion-The Inspiring Story of Sergius Nilus, Christian Saint and Prophet of God: Download
Texe Marrs tells "the rest of the story"-how the world received the incredible manuscript which exposed the Zionist Jews' staggering blueprint for global conquest and a revived Kingdom of the Jews. Sergius Nilus was a sinner who gave up worldly wealth and position in Russia to become a humble Orthodox priest. He dedicated his life to preaching the cross of Jesus. His books inspired thousands. His prophetic call was realized when a dedicated Christian from France put in his hands a copy of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Nilus published it as a part of his book, The Great Within the Small and the Coming of Antichrist. When Lenin, Trotsky, and the other Jewish Bolsheviks seized power in Moscow (1917), Nilus was arrested and sent to prison for his "offense" of publishing the Protocols. He died a Christian martyr.

46. The Jewish Comedy Club - A Blight and Plague on America: Download
An expose of the "comedy industry" that is predominately Jewish. Who made the Jews the nation's top comedians? Has the moral fiber of America been destroyed by the insidious "funny" routines of these so-called "entertainers?" An eye-opening expose of the filthy, disgusting, and often savagely unAmerican conduct on-stage and on the air of these depraved men and women. Highlighted: Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, Whoopi Goldberg (pseudo Jew), Kathy Griffin, Sarah Silverman, Rodney Daingerfield, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, "Bruno" (Sacha Cohen), Larry David, Buddy Hackett, and many more.

45. Secrets - Volume 183 Download
(1) New Vatican report calls for a "supranational authority" world government to be set up and national sovereignties to be ended. There will be global taxation and a world central bank, and wealth will be distributed. The 22-page plan is published by the Pope's Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice;
(2) Should we, Christians and Constitutionalists, secede and form our own nation? The "New America" continues to ravage our nation's culture and to degrade morality and truth;
(3) Sadly, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Cowboy Museum closes for lack of public support, but the U.S. government has plenty of bucks for homosexual projects and satanic museums and galleries;
(4) France reopens investigation into the death of Princess Diana, after evidence of a coverup by Britain's Scotland Yard is unearthed;
(5) NATO looted Libya of 144 tons of gold and $70 billion in dollar-backed securities. Is this the reason Ghaddafi was overthrown, tortured and murdered?
(6) The usual culprits, Senator John McCain and his queer (homo) sidekick Senator Lindsey Graham, once again demand the U.S. bomb and attack a country—this time, Syria;
(7) Texe provides documented proof that the polar bear population is expanding because the arctic ice pack is growing! Al Gore and the enviro-nuts proven to be liars and deceivers—there is no global warming;
(8) Are you ready to give up your earned Social Security benefits so the U.S. Congress and the White House can continue funding six wars in the Middle East and increase spending for the welfare state?;
(9) George Lucas, famous Hollywood director (Star Wars) says, "The world will end in 2012!"

44. The Mystery of Jahbulon—Strange God of Rothschild, the Masonic Lodge, and the Khazar Jews Who Rule the World: Download
Texe Marrs unveils the strange god, Jahbulon, worshipped in secret. What is the mysterious origin of his name? Is there a connection of “Jahbulon” to the ancient Khazar Kingdom, where the people venerated demonic deities and performed vile rituals? Did the current “Jewish race” come from these ancient Khazar peoples? Why does the Masonic Lodge confess in its Royal Arch degree that the true name of their high “god” is Jahbulon? Is “Jahbulon” also the god of the Talmud and the Kabbalah? Is he the god of the Synagogue of Satan?

43. Should We Secede?...Is it Possible?...Is it Necessary?: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. Has the time come for patriotic Americans to secede from the corrupt “New America?” Can we really ever “take America Back?” Here is evidence that the Old, Constitutional America of Christian virtues and righteousness is dead, never to be revived, lest God performs a great miracle. But why should He? This nation is the planet’s chief purveyor of death, sexual perversion and pornography, blasphemy and hatred toward God, and every other form of spiritual ill. Government torture, false flag wars, terrorism, Big Brother lies and deceptions and media propaganda predominate. Secession may now be our only hope—starting all over again. Can we do this? And what will happen to us if we do not secede?

42. Theft Beyond Belief—We Must End the Talmudic Federal Reserve Bank Cartel While There is Still Time: Download
The Federal Reserve (Fed), founded in 1913 by Zionist bankers, is a private, quasi-government group of major banks and other globalists. Never audited, the Fed prints U.S. currency and electronically stuffs trillions of dollars into the coffers of its favored financial institutions. It's Chairman, currently Ben Shalom Bernanke, is almost always a Jew. He answers neither to the President of the U.S., to the Congress, nor to the American people. In effect, Chairman Bernanke is the High Priest of a Jewish financial Sanhedrin that rules the world and can bankrupt any country, bank or corporation that opposes it. Texe Marrs says "Kill this bank or America will never again be free!"

41. Satan's Hidden Infiltrators—The Religious Jews Lurking Behind the World's Most Wicked Cults, Churches, Religions, and Secret Societies: Download
It is mind-boggling how often we discover that Jews are the founders, financiers, and leaders of the world’s most depraved, soul-destroying religions and cultic groups. Investigate the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Satan, Church of Wicca (witchcraft), Theosophy, A Course in Miracles, Tony Alamo Ministries, EST, Freemasonry, and dozens of others and the same story emerges. The Jews, though small in number, are behind an eye-opening array of evil.

40. Secrets - Volume 182 Download
(1) Congressman Ron Paul beats Obama in latest Harris poll, proving he can win the general election, but the Republican establishment despises Paul’s Constitutional views;
(2) U.S. and Israel team up to prevent Palestine from being admitted to the United Nations, This will permit the Israelis to continue their suppression and murders in Palestine;
(3) Iranian Christian pastor to be executed after he refuses to renounce Jesus and convert back to Islam;
(4) Polar bear population is much higher than ever before, making fools of environmental "experts;"
(5) Bisexual entertainer/singer Cher Bono wants to strangle Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s husband with a snake!;
(6) Rick Perry’s un-American immigration views are unacceptable, but are the same as that of the other candidates’ views, except Ron Paul;
(7) Water level in oceans decreases, defying the claims of environmentalists that Global Warming is melting the polar caps and causing water levels to rise and coastlands and islands to be inundated;
(8) Politicians in Washington, D.C. want to rob citizens of the money they have invested for all these decades. Tell them no, that Social Security is a paid-for program, not welfare. Let’s vote out any politician stupid enough to try to steal the peoples’ money.

39. "The Kingdom of God Shall Be Taken From You": Download
Why do so many Christian evangelicals believe the propaganda put forth by Zionist preachers while, at the same time, avoiding the clear teachings of scripture? The New Testament labels their Jewish Supremacism doctrine “witchcraft” and warns it is an accursed teaching. Yet, the Zionists continue to shove God’s Word aside and insist on elevating Jews, Israel, and satanic Judaism as divine. One pastor even insists that Jesus was a “misinformed anti-Semite” when he bluntly told the Jews, “The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” Was Jesus really a “misinformed anti-Semite?”

38. The Holocaust Controversy and the Falsification of History: Download
Texe Marrs examines a neverending string of fabrications and lies from so-called holocaust "survivors." This is a very profitable business and people are making millions promoting the most ridiculous and fantastic holocaust myths imaginable. Hear Texe Marrs as he uncovers many of the hocus-pocus tales and uncovers the way that Israel and Khazar Jews benefit and even use sympathy and political capital based on these outrageous lies to justify Israel's inhuman crimes against conquered peoples.

37. Illuminati's Master Plan for Global Transformation: Download
The Bible talks of great changes in the last days. There is an alchemical horror occurring now, and people are going insane attempting to keep up. Culture Distortion has been pummeled into the brains of every American. Multi-culturalism has taken over our country. America is not America anymore. What is the Shekinah Project? Is Tikkun Olam at our doorstep? Did the twin towers symbolize the Pillars of the Old World? Did Sampson's tale of pushing down these pillars presage the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers? Is the United States doomed to be a beast of burden for the Zionist overlords?

36. Secrets - Volume 181 Download
(1) Monument built on valuable government land in Washington, D.C., a statue honoring Martin Luther King, is three times as large as those that honor Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. The family of the slain black civil rights leader demanded and was given nearly $800,000 for the "rights" to use MLK's image. While King did inspire America to give equal rights to blacks, the man was secretly a homosexual pervert who regularly engaged in orgies. His aides, including Jesse Jackson, were also immoral devils;
(2) Hollywood heroines are also often hidden sex perverts. Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Dolly Parton, and Cher are just a few of Hollywood's disgraceful corps of lesbians. Cher's daughter, Chaz, recently had a sex change operation and now says she's a "man;"
(3) Al Gore's bogus global warming theories ripped again as fraudulent;
(4) NASA and its environmental wackos release a report which warns that aliens from outer space riding in UFOs may decide to attack planet earth if mankind doesn't stop causing global warming;
(5) The Pope, the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order spend untold millions to operate two huge sky telescopes. They're on the lookout for a "sign" from the heavens from "Mother Mary;"
(6) The internet's Facebook and its Jewish owners are censoring the web, attempting to delete material posted by "holocaust deniers." Whatever happened to free speech?;
(7) A barber shop in Philadelphia is shut down after authorities discover animal ritual sacrifices being conducted in the basement. Santeria priests and priestesses left behind idols, bones, and other satanic objects;
(8) Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities are heavy into practice of the occult Jewish kaballah;
(9) A New York TV executive, a Moslem immigrant from Pakistan, turns himself in after beheading his wife.

35. President Harry S. Truman—Anti-Semite, Father of Israel, Betrayer of America, Mass Murderer, 33° Masonic Devil: Download
An astonishingly documented report and exposé about President Truman. Includes revelations that Truman once took a two million-dollar bribe to recognize Israel as a State. Truman had General George Patton and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal assassinated, and he ordered millions of Germans to be slaughtered—after the Nazis’ surrendered. A supreme shocker!

34. Chess Master Bobby Fischer on the Jews: Download
The fascinating saga of World Chess Master, Bobby Fischer, who fought Zionism and the Jewish agenda even harder than he did his foes in the brainy game of chess. Fischer, himself a Jew, openly unmasked the Jews as an evil clique whose god is Lucifer. The Jews control the United States, Fischer bluntly stated, and are “greedy devils” intent on murder and robbery.

33. Secrets - Volume 180 Download
(1) The nature of psychopaths and of liars;
(2) Self-love is not a Christian virtue but was advocated by famous British satanist Aleister Crowley, whose reigning credo was: "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law;"
(3) Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a liberal Democrat, speaks truth about unnecessary, wasteful foreign wars in Middle East. He rightly blames both the right-wing Republicans and the Democrat hawks;
(4) Both Congress and the White House insist on stealing Americans’ earned entitlement funds. However, they have no problem providing money for bloody Greater Israel wars and to bail-out the huge international banks;
(5) America’s "AAA" debt credit rating in jeopardy because of the same corrupt credit rating agencies—Moody’s and Standard & Poors—who, prior to 2008, knowingly gave wildly leveraged junk mortgages the highest "AAA" ratings. What we have here is manipulation and criminality;
(6) Powerful Joe Strauss, Zionist Jew legislator in Texas, kills bill to prevent the government and TSA from groping crotches and sex organs of air travelers and other citizens. Texas Governor Rick Perry covertly helps Strauss to kill the bill. In effect, Strauss and Perry endorse this harsh Orwellian practice;
(7) Bohemian Grove clandestinely meets again in California. Faggots and perverts cavort;
(8) Are young Jewish men and women attending Mossad-run extremist and militaristic summer training camps?;
(9) Project Gunrunner ("Fast and Furious") was and is a scheme to furnish Mexican drug cartels, gangs and thugs with deadly weapons. Obama’s White House will then use American troops and intelligence forces to intervene and set up the North American Union, ending America’s sovereignty;
(10) Veteran Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 33° Mason, tells outrageous lies denying NASA Masonic activities.

32. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 7)—Norway’s Terrorist Mass Killer; the Revival of the Knights Templar; Freemasonry’s Albert Pike; and the Ruthless Violence of Zionist Fanatics: Download
A Special Report documenting that Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik was a satanist and a radical pro-Zionist who had publicly declared himself a fighter for Israel and a supporter of the Jews. His goal, Breivik wrote, was to revive the old crusaders, the Knights Templar, who centuries ago fought against the Moslems. His victims were Norwegians who had opposed Israel’s brutal suppression of Palestine. Why did America’s media lie and coverup these truths, pretending instead that the killer, Anders Breivik, was a "Nazi," a "Nationalist," and a "right wing, white supremacist?"

31. America's Health Report and Diagnostics Update (Volume 1): Download
Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Bill Deagle on such vital topics as vaccinations, GMO and toxins in foods, the ObamaCare program, fluoride use, the UN World Food Authority, the pharmaceuticals versus supplements controversy, mind control prescription drugs, chemspraying, nanotechnology, cell phone use and brain cancer, and more.

30. Famous Anti-Semites Whom I Admire: Download
Texe talks about the old Jewish canard of “anti-Semite,” illustrating how the Jews and Israel use this false accusation as a weapon to bludgeon their enemies and opponents. Among the well-known men and women who have been falsely pilloried and branded an “anti-Semite:” Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Thomas Edison, Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Bobby Fischer, Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Bill Moyers, Helen Thomas, and of course, Texe Marrs.

29. Judas Goats Go Wild—America's Enemies Within: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper, author of The Judas Goats. Piper exposes the Zionist and New World Order shills masquerading in the political and media worlds. Included: the Jewish ADL, Fox News, CNN, the Vatican, the U.S. Congress, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingram. Piper points out that the supposed split between Republican and Democrats is mostly a mirage and that the Left Wing vs. Right Wing paradigm is likewise a construct of the reigning elite.

28. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 6)— Saturnalia, Sexual Perversion, and the Satanic Elite of Washington, D.C. Babylon: Download
Our nation's Capital has been transformed into a Babylonian cesspool. Ancient "Saturnalia" festivals revived in new forms. Saturn, pagan hidden god and sixth planet from the sun, is honored as supreme deity. Zeus statue stands inside UN building in New York City. Worldwide, politicians perform secret sex rituals—including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; Britain's Prince Andrew, and IMF honcho Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In U.S., new revelations: Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were never married. A lesbian-homosexual hoax, it was the idea of Bill and Hillary Clinton; Actress Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) confesses adulterous sex with former NYC Mayor John Lindsey; Laura Bush, former First Lady, publicly praises "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" and tells disgusting "masturbation of horse" joke about her husband George W. to thousands of viewers on TV—live audience roars with laughter; Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a homosexual activist and crossdresser, may again run for President on the Republican Party ticket.

27. Secrets - Volume 179 Download
(1) Harvard University study advises Democrats to avoid July 4th/Independence Day celebrations;
(2) Family-oriented Michele Bachmann—why the liberal media despises her;
(3) Congress wants to ram the so-called "Dream Act" (amnesty for illegal aliens) down our throats;
(4) Illegal aliens now receive Social Security payments and qualify for Medicare, thanks to former President George W. Bush;
(5) U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (Dem-IL) says he will someday welcome an illegal alien as President of the U.S.A.;
(6) Hispanic high school principal in a Nevada town gives graduation talk solely in Spanish language, offending U.S. citizens who speak English;
(7) Insane airport TSA pats down 95-year old woman in wheelchair wearing a diaper!;
(8) Texe's new book, Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star, is instant bestseller; American Free Press prints wonderful positive review of the book;
(9) Obama and ATF's ill-fated "Project Gunrunner" puts thousands of assault rifles and machine guns in hands of Mexican drug kingpins and their murderous hit men. This was no mistake!
(10) Man who viciously murdered his own wife then tried to commit suicide by drinking rat poison is given preference over 16,000 other people on waiting list for liver transplant;
(11) Woman who drowns in public swimming facility lies dead at bottom of pool for over two days. Other swimmers disregard; Lifeguards are unconcerned; pool maintenance workers pass on by, too. Is this the "New America?";
(12) Other proofs of "New America:" Americans shrug off soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thuggish black mob in Peoria yells out "Kill all whites!" U.S. soccer team is booed by Mexican illegals and Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles stadium—at home game! Ceremony was all-Spanish language. Pre-school kids are ordered to go "unisex" and publicly keep mouth shut on whether they are boys or girls. Black teen mobs of 50 or more hit Walgreen's in Chicago and Philadelphia—steal and pillage.

26. Top 25 Lies of the Last Century: Download
Famous industrialist Henry Ford once stated, "History is bunk!" Now, Texe Marrs proves him right, unmasking the colossal lies fed to the world by the politicians, liars and scoundrels who write the "official" establishment history books. Among the fascinating subjects examined in this report:
(1) Japan actually offered to surrender before the U.S. savaged Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs;
(2) U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy told the truth about Communist spies infesting the government bureaucracy in high places.
(3) President John F. Kennedy was not assassinated by a lone nut gunman;
(4) The world is not running out of oil;
(5) Osama bin Laden was not killed by members of a heroic Navy Seal team in Pakistan;
(6) Fact: The living conditions of the African slaves brought to America by slave traders was far superior to those they had experienced back home;
(7) The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not a surprise;
(8) The victorious U.S.A. intentionally murdered over two million innocent German men, women, and children in the months after Germany surrendered in 1945;
(9) The Federal Reserve Board was not created as a U.S. government institution but is run by private Jewish bankers.

25. Antichrist 2012—Will Prince William of the British Royal Family Become the Prophesied Antichrist? Download
Texe Marrs interviews Clyde Lewis, host of the popular internet radio program, groundzero ( Lewis reveals amazing insider info about Prince William and the British Royal Family, including hidden occult practices, magic, and witchcraft. He documents the murder of Princess Diana and unmasks the secret occult trappings of the recent marriage of Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton. Also examined: The strange prophecies surrounding the year 2012; the biblical Gog and Magog; the coming of Leviathan; the occult meaning of King Arthur and Camelot; and the Red Dragon.

24. Leaving Babylon—How to Be Set Free Download
“Babylon” is a biblical codeword for the last days world system. We are all now caught up as prisoners in the world system. Each of us is surrounded by dangerous evils, threatened by perversions, and led by politicians and leaders who are spiritually and morally bankrupt. As a result, our sanity is at risk and the well-being of our loved ones is in jeopardy. But there is something you and I can do to remain free of the world’s turmoil and chaos. Here is an action plan for personal contentment and happiness in your life.

23. Secrets - Volume 178 Download
(1) Bill Schnoebelen, ex-Mormon and producer of the informative new DVD documentary, Mormonism’s Temple of Doom (DVD), exposes the Mormon Church as a Satanic enterprise. He explains why the Republican Party must not make former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon, its presidential nominee. Schnoebelen also reveals the truth about Glenn Beck, yet another Mormon disciple;
(2) After five years in a German prison, Ernst Zundel, convicted for questioning Jewish written history, is barred from even visiting his wife in the U.S.A., and she is banned from traveling to Germany because of what she has written about history on her website. So much for free speech!;
(3) Huge new oil field find in Texas proves once again that America has no shortage of oil;
(4) New study documents the fact that Jewish Americans are less patriotic than other ethnic groups and refrain from serving in uniform;
(5) The Vatican is forced to shut down a monastery in Rome where the monks threw wild parties for celebrities, and a former stripper—now a nun—danced;
(6) Are the Tea Parties being taken over by the Republican Party neocons?;
(7) Evidence: German prisoners at Nuremberg trials were horribly tortured and their forced "confessions" were bogus;
(8) After World War II, the allies lied about Poland’s Katyn Forest massacre and blamed the Nazis. Archives now show that Stalin and the Jewish Communists slaughtered the 40,000 victims;
(9) Corporate profits hit all-time highs while unemployment soars and working people suffer severe economic devastation.

22. New York Rabbi Sits on the Golden Throne of Babylon—The Real Reason Why U.S.A. Invaded and Now Occupies Iraq: Download
Who’s that rabbi sitting on the golden throne of deposed Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein? Why, it’s the chief rabbi of New York State’s National Guard. And he’s an Orthodox Lubavitcher, the most radical kind of Jewish religious fanatic. Discover why he’s on the throne and how Israel and the Jews have been rewarded with Iraq’s oil riches and more Baghdad treasures by the Bush-Obama Zionist puppet Administration. Truly shocking revelations!

21. Pastors, Churches and other Wild Things Exposed: Download
Texe Marrs reports on the wild and the wilder in a "religious" world filled with fruitcake Christian apostasy:
(1) Sexy Christian women into "Pole Dancing for Jesus;"
(2) Three lesbian pastors officially received into the Lutheran Church;
(3) He’s baack! Former head of National Association of Evangelicals, Ted Haggard, says he favors gay marriage and welcomes gays, lesbians, and transgenders to his church in Colorado;
(4) Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a recent convert to Roman Catholicism, teams up with gay priest, Father Michael Seed. Seed, meanwhile, is outed for hosting wild parties for transvestite nuns and for ripping off the rich by selling Vatican knighthoods;
(5) And more on Catholic convert Tony Blair: He’s coming to America, invited to speak at a Southern Baptist University;
(6) Famed evangelist Billy Graham: "Some people are born Christians;"
(7) At marriage of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, Muslim, Hindu, and Jewish traditions blended into ceremony. Marriage was officiated by Archbishop Rowan, an initiate and witch of the Order of Druids;
(8) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon, belatedly attempts to clean-up his past. Romney, who once bragged he could "out-Kennedy Ted Kennedy," led "Gay Day" parades in Boston and approved XXX-porno movies at the hotel chain he owns;
(9) Many black pastors said to be, um, "flamboyant" (in the same sense that Liberace was flamboyant);
(10) Vatican publicly praises Buddhism as religion of "truth;"
(11) Crystal Cathedral in California files for bankruptcy; tells gays and people shacking up to stay away. Founder and now retired Reverend, Dr. Robert Schuller, is angry at new direction of his once very liberal church;
(12) Zionist Pastor John Hagee hosts Republican presidential candidate, thrice married Newt Gingrich, in church’s pulpit;
(13) Evangelist Greg Laurie uses homosexual singers and raucous rock bands to lure audiences to crusades;
(14) Harvard’s Reverend Peter J. Gomes, a homosexual, black pastor acclaimed by gays as their "Champion," dies at 68. Gomes despised biblical Christians, called them "homophobics."

20. Secrets - Volume 177 Download
(1) What was Prince Andrew doing at a Jewish billionaire's mansion in Florida?;
(2) Was actress Elizabeth Taylor a nice lady?;
(3) Is Libya's Gaddafi a Jew?;
(4) What new fast food hamburger chain opened in Houston?;
(5) Is Multiculturalism a failure?;
(6) Which looney-tune recently joined the chorus of environmentalists chanting about global warming?;
(7) A friend of Barack Obama was recently arrested. What was his crime?;
(8) Bestselling author Ann Coulter goes gay in a big, big way!;
(9) What did George Washington have to say about homosexuality?;
(10) Texe Marrs proven right: Congressman Gary Condit's DNA found on slain Chandra Levy's underwear.

19. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 5)—The Truth About Obama, Our Paper-Maché Hero vs. Osama, The Fictitious Boogeyman: Download
Texe Marrs takes listeners on a journey through the Matrix-created New Reality. So Osama bin Laden is dead? Well, Shakespeare said that the whole world is a stage. The elite puppet masters have created an extravagant, jumbled-up and over-the-top presentation for the confused masses to feast on. Texe discovers the unlikely, the offbeat, and the insane about this staged event. Why did the White House keep changing its story? Why the May 1st date of the attack on Osama’s supposed “one million dollar palatial mansion?” Was Osama really buried at sea? Did torture victims really reveal where he was said to be hiding? Crazy times and crazy leaders produce crazy events, don’t they?

18. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 4) Download
Texe Marrs takes listeners on a journey through the Matrix-Created New Reality. Discussion:
(1) India’s Gandhi is outed as a homosexual freak who left his wife to live with a Jewish Englishman. Why have the media covered this up for over a century?;
(2) Pope John Paul II once visited the grave of Gandhi and received the “Mark of Shiva” on his forehead from a Hindu priestess;
(3) Cass Sunstein, one of Obama’s White House czars, is using the psychopathological phenomenon of “Cognitive Infiltration” to create a parallel “Ghost World” on TV and internet. This surreal process manufactures fake news and bogus websites, and induces strife, conflict, and tensions. It is intended to undermine, smash, and dissolve the Patriot and Constitutionalist Movements;
(4) Contrived but bogus shortages—food, water, oil, etc.—are now being used to frighten the public into submission to the Money Men;
(5) Hollywood produces new “psych” movies that reverberate in peoples’ heads and create cognitive dissonance and fear. Why is planet earth now the Grand Theater of the Illuminati?

17. New World Order Assassins: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn on his fascinating and insight-filled new book. Subjects discussed include:
(1) The murder of Hollywood queen Marilyn Monroe and the connection of John and Bobby Kennedy;
(2) The assassination of JFK and of his last mistress, Washington, D.C. socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer;
(3) Sirhan Sirhan—was he a Manchurian Candidate?;
(4) The shooting of Malcolm X, Black Muslim leader;
(5) John Lennon’s strange murder and a look at John Hinkley, the man who killed the most famous "Beatle;"
(6) Governor George Wallace—left a paraplegic. Who was responsible?;
(7) Martin Luther King’s assassination—the conspirators behind it;

16. Jack the Ripper Lives Again!—The Grotesque Conspiracy of Zionist Rabbis Colluding With the Vatican and With Evangelical Judaizers to Rewrite the Passion of Christ and Slander the Martyrs of the Faith: Download
An Exclusive Texe Marrs Report. Jack the Ripper, the serial killer whose heinously cruel murders of prostitutes in nineteenth century London stunned the populace, was never caught. But he left at the scene of his grisly crimes evidence that mysteriously links both Freemasonry and the Jews to his savagery. Now these revelations of the infamous Jack the Ripper case live again, being found in the secret conspiracy of Zionists to forever change the way Christians and humanity view the killing of Jesus Christ.

15. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Download
Texe Marrs discusses the significance of the famous Protocols of Zion to our lives today. Why has this book been banned and censored more than any book in history, other than the Holy Bible? What do the evildoers have to hide? Have historical events since 1905, the date the Protocols were first published, proven the predictive accuracy of the Protocols? What about charges that the Protocols of Zion are a forgery and a hoax? Are today’s Rothschild dynasty, the global bankers, Wall Street, and the White House following a satanic script laid out over a century ago? Is this, in fact, a heinous blueprint for global domination and the end of human freedom?

14. Secrets - Volume 176 Download
(1) Thank you for your prayers for my health;
(2) Does God superintend your life?;
(3) About Bible Home Church;
(4) What caused Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactors to melt down? Could Japan’s recent voting record in the U.N. against Israel’s slaughter of and inhumanity to Palestinians be behind this catastrophe?;
(5) Was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel also targeted by Israel’s Mossad and the CIA? Her helicopter lost two blades off its rotor and was forced to make an emergency landing just days after Germany cast a surprising vote against Israel in the United Nations;
(6) Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu alleges that Rothschild ordered Israel’s Mossad to assassinate President John F. Kennedy;
(7) Christian leaders, Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Robert Schuller, support new movement called “Chrislam”—the ecumenical partnering of Christianity and Islam;
(8) Why is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee promoting the release from prison of the most notorious spy in American history, Jonathan Pollard? Pollard stole thousands of secret documents from the Defense department and gave them to Israeli spies. They ended up in Red China;
(9) Hawaii’s legislators decide to end the tradition of opening each session with prayer;
(10) Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum (Dem.) omits phrase “under God” from her reading of the Pledge of Allegiance.

13. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 3) Download
Texe Marrs takes a probing look at the bizarre and different and digs in the wall to reveal truth:
(1) The first ever movie on Soviet Gulag concentration camps receives little fanfare from Jewish-controlled media;
(2) The New York Post recently published a picture of Egypt’s deposed dictator, Hosni Mubarak, displaying the Masonic "Hidden Hand of Jahbulon." Texe Marrs exposed this Masonic pose in his bestselling book, Codex Magica;
(3) Why is an Israeli with dual citizenship in America an ambassador in the Islamic Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain? Why did he flee Bahrain after riots erupted?;
(4) Is Israel the only democracy in the Middle East?;
(5) A married Jewish woman in Israel who has consensual sex with a stranger—only to find out later he is a Arab—files charges against him, and he is convicted and sent to prison;
(6) Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s "Czar" of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is developing a plan to destroy the Conspiracy Movement. What is "Cognitive Infiltration" and how is it to be implemented?’
(7) Are the elite working to turn American cities into open air, high-tech concentration camps?

12. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great (Part 2)—How the Zionists and the Vatican Are Conspiring Together for a New World Order: Download

11. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great (Part 1)—How the Zionists and the Vatican Are Conspiring Together for a New World Order: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the new blockbuster book by the same title. Hendrie an ex-Catholic, is not only a graduate of America’s most famous Catholic School, the University of Notre Dame, he also earned his J. D. law degree from a top Jesuit law school. Then he met the real Jesus Christ and everything changed. His ten years of meticulous research has produced astounding evidence and documentation that crypto Jews actually founded the Roman Catholic Church. Jewish infiltrators also set up the “Black Pope” and the Jesuit Order and carried out the bloody Spanish Inquisition. And now, Pope Benedict and Jewish rabbis are working covertly behind the scenes to produce the most evil and wickedly corrupt religious institution in the annals of human history—a combined Jewish-Roman World Church devoid of biblical truth. This is a “must” interview series. Hendrie’s shocking new revelations are the game-changers that will awaken and prepare the wise for the amazing future just ahead.

10. Secrets - Volume 175 Download
(1) Texe gives an update on his health. Thank you for your prayers and your remedies;
(2) Would a "small" nuclear war be beneficial in combating Global Warming?;
(3) Are environmentalists attempting to destroy the earth?;
(4) Should the U.S. evict Mexicans from homes in border towns and build settlements for Americans? Why is it okay for Israel to do this to Palestinians?;
(5) Is Barack Obama controlled by the Jews?;
(6) Why did Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew get removed from the White House by the nattering nabobs and impudent snobs?;
(7) David Horowitz, a neo-con Jew, claims that Ron Paul is an anti-Semite after recent CPAC conference;
(8) Is Israel the only democracy in the Middle East?;
(9) A reviewer of Texe Marrs' book New Age Cults and Religions claims that Texe is cuckoo and that he hates 95% of human beings and they are all going to hell.
(10) Why was Charlie Sheen fired from CBS?

09. Hungry People Make Good Slaves—How Long Before the Food and Water Shortages Begin?: Download
The scenario first warned about in Texe Marrs’ blockbuster book, Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, is now almost here. Food prices have already risen over 40% this year and could sky-rocket overnight 100 percent or more! Shortages are here and people in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, the Philippines and elsewhere are feeling the effects. The United Nations World Food Authority says it is prepared to act to ration the world’s food. Will America’s supermarkets one day discover they can’t buy any food at any price to restock their shelves? Will drinking water also be in short supply? And why have Wall Street billionaires bid up stock share prices on food producing companies and on fertilizer and other agriculture-related products to an outrageous high? What do they know that will soon take place? How should you and I prepare for the elite-induced famines and starvation sure to come?

08. The Police State is Now a Work of Art: Download
The nightmarish Orwellian Police State that Texe Marrs prophesied would come is now at our doorstep. Drone aircraft and satellites are watching us 24/7; the TSA is sexually abusing fliers and subjecting men, women, and children to hazardous X-ray screenings at airports; $300 billion is being spent annually to construct new gulag concentration camps and strengthen new Police State bureaucracies; New Smart ID cards are prepared with iris scan technology and computer chips; children are encouraged to spy and report on their parents’ suspicious activities; New high tech machines read minds and detect "thoughts;" Bible-believing Christians are being diagnosed as "insane" and may be committed to State hospitals; U.S.A. local cops are now receiving armored personnel vehicles, and soon may be issued tanks and laser death ray guns; Crowd control weapons, including "sleeping gas," are now on the shelves of government enforcement agencies; Mind control pharmaceuticals are being stockpiled; Washington, D.C. now has capability and "key" to instantly "kill" thousands of internet websites already targeted as "anti-government" or "potential terrorists" or as "too influential and independent." A spider’s web of evil is being woven so that no one can escape!

07. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 2) Download
Texe Marrs takes a probing look at the bizarre and different and digs in the wall to reveal truth:
(1) Ron Paul Advisor says that Rothschild and Zionists killed JFK;
(2) Fox News magnate Rupert Murdoch is proven to be a Zionist Agent;
(3) Obama shuts down U.S. oil production, orders electrical generating plants to sit idle and allows Americans to freeze;
(4) One mom strangles 18-year old daughter, another shoots her two kids in head: What kind of demonic horror is lurking?;
(5) True colors come out—George W. Bush’s daughter and wife promote homosexual marriages; Former President Jimmy Carter wants a gay U.S. President!;
(6) Man found guilty by jury for exposing Judaism as a “satanic death cult;” faces prison time;
(7) Criminal killer Donald Rumsfeld given “Defender of the Constitution Award” by nation’s largest conservative group;
(8) Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), son of congressman Ron Paul, performs heroic act. He calls for the U.S. to end foreign aid to Israel. Good for him!;
(9) Fox icon Glenn Beck’s new book promotes New Age doctrines;
(10) Pope Benedict’s Vatican astronomer says Rome will welcome extraterrestrial life forms into the church;
(11) Is Global Warming—now called “Climate Change” by environmental crazies— proven by the extreme cold weather we have been experiencing?

06. Secrets - Volume 174 Download
(1) Red Chinese dictator Hu Jintao visits President Obama at White House. First lady Michelle Obama wears "commie red dress," and at a state dinner, Chinese pianist plays a song purposely insulting America;
(2) Ghost cities in China—entire sprawling cities are being built across China, complete with modern factories, schools, skyscrapers, paved streets, homes and office buildings. But, they are all unoccupied! What is going on?;
(3) The Rothschilds’ Goldman Sachs, world’s most powerful bank, buys world’s largest warehouse construction company and builds 200,000 giant warehouses in Red China. They are being filled with reserve stocks of steel, aluminum, copper, lumber and other materials! What is going on?;
(4) How does China get the money to build, build, build? Are the Illuminati building up this Communist country as part of a Master Plan to dethrone and takeover America?;
(5) Muslim girl is electrocuted in an "honor" killing, with approval by her parents and town elders. The horror of Islamic extremism!
(6) Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie, a liberal democrat, has egg on his face after he fails to produce Obama’s birth certificate. He now admits that no birth certificate exists;
(7) Texe Marrs has a simple, three-step plus one plan to save America. Find out what it is and see if you agree.

05. Empire of the Elite (Volume 2)—Rothschild's Four Pillars of Power and the Takeover of America: Download
Texe Marrs examines the four pillars, or levers, of Rothschild and elitist power wielded over America—economic, political, military and police, and mind control (religion and media). This is the beatdown of America. As a New World Order is forged, citizens are driven to desperation and over 225 years of American sovereignty are coming to an end.

04. The Jews Are Preparing a Grave for America: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper, researcher and journalist whose book, The New Babylon, documents the criminality of the Rothschild Empire and unmasks the heinous goals of the Jewish elite. Throughout history, wherever Zionist plotters and crypto Jews have gained a foothold in government—in Turkey, the Soviet Union, etc.—genocides and horror have quickly ensued. Now, powerful Jewish interests have a stranglehold on American government, the economy, and our culture. We are all in grave danger!

03. No! I Will Not Trust in God — The Clear Facts About Killer Jared Lee Loughner You Will Not Hear and See Reported on T.V.: Download
Texe Marrs investigates and reports that Jared Lee Loughner is a satanist, a Jew, a dope-head, a heavy metal and satanic rock music addict, and a hater of God. Why won't the media tell us the facts and nothing but the facts?

02. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 1) Download
Texe Marrs begins a fascinating new series looking at the bizarre and different. This month:
(1) Lewis Carroll's classic book and movie, Alice in Wonderland, told us that strange things are found the deeper we go down the rabbit hole;
(2) The United Nation Global Conference on Climate Change, in Cancun, Mexico opens with a prayer to the ancient Mayan deity, Ixtel, jaguar goddess of the moon, creativity, and weaving. The delegates say they are "weaving" a plan to save Mother Earth. Ninety-three countries, including the U.S., took part in the proceedings;
(3) The 111th Congress spent more money in just two years than was spent by all the congresses since America was founded;
(4) Obama White House acts to quell another investigation into the 2001 anthrax murder case. They are afraid the investigators will discover that the Israeli Mossad was behind the crime;
(5) Was former CIA Director William Colby murdered? Why was the body in his casket discovered to be four inches shorter than he was?;
(6) New figures show over 42 million in U.S. are now on food stamps;
(7) While government workers are prospering and the bankers are receiving multimillion dollar executive bonuses, our politicians made sure our men and women in uniform got the smallest pay increases in history; equally horrible—Social Security recipients, many living at poverty level, haven't received an increase in two years;
(8) Our Federal Reserve doles out trillions of dollars in free money to giant corporations—and all without Congressional approval! Among the happy recipients: Foreign banks and corporations like Switzerland's UBS Bank, England's Barclay's Bank; automakers Volkswagen and BMW from Germany, Hyundai from Korea, and Toyota from Japan. American corporations Ford, Harley-Davidson, and McDonalds pocketed tens of billions, too. Trillions for the rich, pennies or nothing for the suffering taxpayers!

01. Secrets - Volume 173 Download
(1) What is the purpose of baptism in the Christian faith?;
(2) Global warming advocates are looking sillier and sillier as the whole world is caught up in a freezing winter. Mayor Bloomberg of New York is facing angry citizens because the city was totally unprepared for the 500-year snow and ice storms. Just a few years ago, environmentalist guru Al Gore predicted the world would soon be warm all year long and that there would be no more snow;
(3) Environmentalists are claiming that the chilly winter proves the reality of Global Warming. Huh???;
(4) Many Americans are suffering from the poor economy. Will things get worse?;
(5) Texe debated atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hair;
(6) A taxpayer supported art gallery in Loveland, Colorado exhibits blasphemous art depicting homosexual images of Jesus. Will these depraved people ever quit? Why don't Christian pastors and churches in Loveland put a stop to the trashing of our Lord and Savior?;
(7) Website lets 5-year old girls role-play as prostitutes and call girls;
(8) In Great Britain many school's forbid young girls from wearing skirts. Officials contend that wearing skirts is offensive to homosexual students;
(9) U.S.A.-Iran war update: Under pressure from the Jewish Lobby, President Obama prepares air attack on Iran by appointing a Zionist Jew, General Norton Schwarz as U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff. Schwarz's chief assistant and advisor is Dr. Lani Kass, a Jew who was a Major in the Israeli Air Force for 12 years and is a citizen of Israel. In effect, Israel is now in charge of America's worldwide Air Force resources.