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Texe Marrs 2014 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

52. Churches and Pastors Gone Wild (Volume 8): Download
Texe Marrs' special edition. The latest in our series on pastors and churches gone wild. From the "Naked Church" to the Pope's meeting with leaders of world's religions, we will look at the crazy and weird inside our pulpits, all proving that we are in the last days.

51. John 6:66-The Blood, The Flesh, and The Spirit: Download
Biblical insights by Texe Marrs. Jesus does not accept everyone who comes to Him, because He knows the heart of every man. Will He say to you on judgment day, "I never knew you?" The parable of seven devils seizing a man who has been cleaned out but not filled with the Holy Spirit.

50. New World Order Insanity-Abortion is an Act of Love, Ice and Snow Proves Global Warming, IRS Agents Preach in Churches, and Other Madnesses: Download
Has our world gone mad? Barack Obama gave amnesty to 5 million illegals, lied to us about keeping our doctors and health insurance plans, and saving us money. Professor Gruber from MIT received $6 million dollars as a consultant for ObamaCare. He said Americans are stupid and that is how ObamaCare was passed.
(1) IRS, in addition to auditing Tea Party organizations at the behest of the White House, are posing as clergy to gather information on Christian churchgoers. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition is outraged;
(2) Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been fired. Apparently Hagel went to Obama and said there is a rogue New World Order. Hagel demanded Obama question what they are using the military for and warned him to not get bogged down in Afghanistan. Well, he got something done... He got fired;
(3) Article by Kate Manning in Time claims that abortion is an "act of love." She states she doesn't know why pro-life people are against abortion;
(4) Central American illegal aliens are pictured grabbing their crotch and shooting the middle finger. Is this what they think of America? Barack Obama says that unless you are a native American, you have no basis to complain. But weren't native Americans immigrants too?;
(5) Republican leaders claim they will fight President Obama on ObamaCare. Really? Why do they keep funding this heinous act?;
(6) Attorney General Eric Holder is teaming with schools to create race-based punishment for students. Black students will be punished less than white students.
(7) Climatologist John Casey says we are going to have a dark winter. Casey says that Al Gore and his ilk have it wrong. Casey predicts a 30-year cold spell;
(8) Brazil is the leader in dengue fever deaths with 800 occurring since 2009. Scientists are fighting this by infecting mosquitoes to offset the disease. These are genetically modified mosquitoes! What if this goes badly?
(9) International Monetary Fund is given billions by American taxpayers. Christine Lagarde, its director, wants a global tax on energy claiming that a change is needed because of global warming.
(10) We were told that Social Security was solvent until at least 2040. Now Social Security is going broke. Why? Because we are giving money to illegal aliens.

49. Secrets (Volume 219): Download
Texe Marrs discloses secrets the controlled mass media dare not report:
(1) Predicting coldest winter on record in America this year. Bible says we will have the seasons until Shiloh comes;
(2) For years we've been told to take an aspirin a day to help with heart health. Now doctors say not to. Family physician in Australia discovered ulcers were caused by a bacteria. Scoffed at by other doctors. Proven true;
(3) Power of Prophecy specializes in conspiracy because we notice patterns and research them. We know. Our people know. We tell the truth;
(4) Hell Season has begun in America. From today until the New Year, Barack Obama and his cronies will bring hell to U.S.
(5) Ferguson, Missouri: Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and black activists, including Al Sharpton, met secretly to plot strategy for protesters after the grand jury result
(6) Amnesty Executive Action: This is Orwellian doublespeak. This wasn't an order but an action. 4-5 million "refugees" will not be deported. No one is talking about the 25-30 million illegals already here in America. With this abundance of illegals, is America doomed?;
(7) Freemasonry is a revolution in action. It is a permanent conspiracy against religion. Its secret teaching is summed up as: Establish all the rights of man, usurping the government and society;
(8) Chicago school board approved the teaching of anal sex to 5th graders;
(9) The lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas had a court order subpoenas for local pastors as she feared they were preaching against homosexuals;
(10) LaPorte, Colorado preacher fined $100 per day because he preached against homosexuality. Government claimed he was a PAC, and took his church when he refused to pay the fines;
(11) Prince George’s county is offering churches who preach an enviro-focused sermon to have the rain tax waived. 30 pastors have already agreed to preach green;
(12) Mikey Weinstein, named one of the 50 most influential Jews in America, wants Jesus out of the military. After reading a Colonel's article in The Stinger, an Air Force publication, he became irate and demanded this officer be punished.

48. Martin Luther's On the Jews and Their Lies-His Classic Warning About the Jews and Their Hatred of Jesus: Download
Texe Marrs examines the solid teaching of Martin Luther on the Jews and the Talmud. The rabbis' great hatred of Jesus and their unrelenting attacks on the Christian faith are met by Luther's defense of the Bible. He proves over and over that the Jews have abandoned the Old Testament. As Jesus testified, their rabbis have bought into man-made traditions. If this were not so, says Luther, they would have believed in Jesus, for the Old Testament proclaims the Messiah and heralds his coming, An amazing testament of the great hero of the Protestant Reformation and a sure antidote to the hideous, false claims of Judaism.

47. Hellstorm-When Satan and His Devils Came Down to Earth and It was Better to be Dead than Alive: Download
Remember the "good war" fought by the "best generation" against the evil Nazis? You know, the war the Hollywood movies keep telling us that was fought for "democracy" and "our way of life?" Well, Thomas Goodrich gives us the other side-the crimes of our leaders and their pals, the Russian communists. He points out the millions of innocent men, women, and children tortured, raped, slaughtered, and starved to death after their surrender. You'll see what it meant to be a pitiless German POW, cold, suffering and dying from malnutrition behind the barbed wire of an American camp. See the wretched people of burned-out cities. Discover the dark secrets kept from us for far too long. And learn of the "Morgenthau Plan"-the Jewish plan for almost total annihilation of innocent German men, women, and children, a Plan lustily approved by Roosevelt and carried out ruthlessly by war criminal and monster, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Here is the real history of a war in which the demons laughed and the losers begged daily to be allowed to die. Amazing True History.

46. Pope Francis and His Gay Buddies Open Wide the Doors to 21st Century Sodom and Gomorrah: Download
Pope Francis has proven to be soft on homosexuality and gay perversion. Recently, the Catholic bishops had a split on the issue, but the Pope fired a conservative Cardinal who refused to condone sodomy. Meanwhile, Protestant churches have opened up a tidal wave of satanic, new theology. Lesbians and homosexuals say their perversion is a "gift" from God. Many Baptist pastors, including those of the largest churches, now approve this wicked lifestyle and books are also positive. Megastar Pastor Joel Osteen is pleased with this "diversity" and "inclusion." Charismatic leader Ernest Angley of Ohio's Grace Cathedral is accused of fondling young boys. Sodom and Gomorrah are back. Will the anger of God be rekindled and judgement rain down on these evil, false Christians?

45. The 70 Weeks of Daniel-The Greatness of Bible Prophecy, the Coming of Jesus the Messiah, and the Last Days of the Jewish Nation: Download
Texe Marrs explores one of the greatest prophecies in all the Bible: The 70 Weeks of Daniel. This incredible prophecy in Daniel 9 gives the exact date when Jesus the Messiah will come to a sinful, decadent Israel. It prophesies the exact date when the Jewish nation will be extinguished and specifies the end of the Kingdom for physical Israel. Daniel 9 also explains that Jesus the Messiah will confirm the everlasting covenant, bring reconciliation, and atone for sins. Dispensationalism is proven wholly untrue and a dangerous delusion. Please, order this program today—discover the astonishing truth.

44. Pandemic! - The Ebola Invasion Hits America: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report. American fear and anger were ignited recently as a black man from Liberia died of the dreaded Ebola virus in a Dallas, Texas, hospital. Then, two nurses who treated him contracted the disease. The Centers for Disease Control gave conflicting—bad!!—advice on Ebola, and President Obama failed to quarantine victims. Essentially the White House invited an Ebola epidemic. Then the President declared he was sending troops to Africa, ostensibly to “fight” the deadly disease. What is really going on? Are sinister plans afoot? Do the elite intend to cause a terrible pandemic of disease? Why were over one million hazmat uniforms ordered by the Feds? Did the U.S. create Ebola and other dangerous toxins in the laboratory? Texe Marrs provides answers.

43. "Ein Sof" - The Supreme God of the Kabbalah and the Rise of Satan Among the Jews: Download
Meet Ein Sof, the supreme God of Judaism. He is proclaimed first among all gods and goddesses, and the Great Serpent does his bidding. Ein Sof (the Eye) is mysterious, unknowable; he cannot be reached or contacted by the average Jew. He is ineffable. The goddess Malkut (the Shekinah) works her plan, inspired by Hesod, the phallus deity. This evil deity and the kabbalistic Tree of Life are found detailed in the Zohar of the Jews. In recent years, this philosophy has been adopted by religious Jews and has become the central force in their wicked religion. The Old Testament has been abandoned as the Jews turn now to Ein Sof, who shall, they are convinced, make the Jews into an invincible race of gods, masters of the planet, rulers over the Goyim (Gentiles). Is Ein Sof actually Satan in disguise?

42. Zionist Puppets, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul - The Hijacking of Christianity and the Murder of Middle East Christians: Download
Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are agents of the Israeli Mossad. Their task is to hijack American Christianity and promote Israeli causes. Cruz's wife is an executive of Goldman Sachs, and he is a Harvard graduate. Rand Paul, meanwhile, has compromised because he has been told he will not win the election without Jewish money and media support. Both Cruz and Paul are now solidly in the Zionist camp and have pledged allegiance to Israel. They have shamefully abandoned the "America First" theme and are Zionists puppets, just like Bush and Obama before them.

41. Free Syria and the Middle East Maze - Obama's Wicked Plans to Bomb Syria, Destroy the Government, and Bring More Chaos to the Middle East: Download
Making sense of the Middle East insanity. The U.S.A., with Israel and its Arab allies, controls ISIS. The U.S. CIA funded and trained ISIS and tells it what to do. We, then, are the masters of chaos and terror in Syria, Iraq, and throughout the world. ISIS is massacring Christians-at our command. The plan for ISIS is detailed by the 1997 Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Why is Israel-ISIS' next door neighbor-left alone and never attacked? Why are Syrian rebels treated at Israeli hospitals? Why is Israel not the target of a 9/11 type attack? The object of all this disinformation and murder: Destabilize the Middle East, drive Christians out of the Holy Land, and give Israel possession of the oil of the Middle East. Amazing information from intelligence and military sources.

40. Secrets (Volume 217): Download
Texe Marrs discloses secrets the controlled mass media dare not report:
(1) The Bible proclaims that someday every secret will be revealed and shall be, "Shouted from the housetops."
(2) Letters received and prayers requested;
(3) Survey shows that an amazing 83% of the unchurched would visit a church "if invited by a friend;"
(4) English economist, John Maynard Keynes, says governments steal through inflation, yet the masses have no recognition their money is being taken from them;
(5) New scientific research reported in Israeli press: "There is no Jewish race," say scientists. DNA of Jews show they come from central and eastern European stock and have no relation with ancient Israelites;
(6) Modern art (Picasso, etc.) was funded and sponsored by CIA. President Truman made fun of it: "If that is art, I'm a hottentot;"
(7) Jerry Garcia, head of the satanic rock group, the Grateful Dead, was a paid employee of CIA. His job was to be a snoop and to squeal on fellow rockers. Garcia was also paid to help transform American society by spreading hard drugs like LSD;
(8) Transhumanism promoted by new movie, Transcendence. Can humans become machines? To discover more on transhumanism, get my book, Robot Alchemy;
(9) Studies prove that the IQ of Jews is 34th among nations. The myth of the smart Jew is proven wrong. The IQ of the Spaniard, the Mongolian, and the American is much higher than the Jews;
(10) Fifty percent of world's wealth is produced by America, even with all the disincentives of our increasingly socialistic government.

39. The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Synagogue of Satan (Volume 1 of the Heresy Series): Download
Texe Marrs explores the corrupt beginnings of modern Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs). The JWs are proven to be an anti-Christian and Jewish cult. They claim to be the 144,000 of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Jesus is not God in their sick theology but is claimed to be the archangel, Michael. (First in the series on Christian groups that are heretical).

38. Pornography as a Secret Weapon of the Illuminati Elite: Download
A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. The Jews' religion teaches that, to learn how to be gods, the Jew must first practice the depths of Satanic evil. Pornography, pedophilia, and sexual depravity are thus practiced in order for the Jews to become divine. Today, Jews are the world's top pornographers-their smut literature, web XXX-sites, and porno movies flood the market. Jewish porno actors and actresses are at the top of their profession. Magazines with names like "Screw" are published by Jews who explain that pornography is essential to the Jewish crusade of vice and hatred toward the righteousness of Christianity.

37. "We Shall Be Our Own Messiah" - The Shocking Narcissistic Doctrine of the Jewish Religion: Download
Texe Marrs explains the doctrines of Judaism and its Kabbalah. The Jews believe that the serpent, Leviathan, guides them into godhood, and that eventually they will enter the Messianic Age. This will be a time of Utopian Jewish prosperity, during which the Jews are their own Messiah. Ruled by a man-king, like a reincarnated Moses or David, the Jews will be wise and good. Gentiles will worship their Jewish Masters-all who refuse will be beheaded. Only the Jews, says the Talmud, are divine. Others are pitiful beasts-the goyim cattle.

36. Secrets (Volume 216): Download
Texe Marrs unmasks secrets the controlled media dare not report:
(1) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, formerly of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, says that our current government is criminally insane and psychopathic. He refers both to Democrats and Republicans;
(2) Startling new political science study concludes that mega-wealthy individuals and corporations control America and its government to such a degree that the common people have a near-zero impact on public policy. Democracy and a Republic are fanciful fictions today;
(3) Bloomfield, Illinois-another federal judge orders Ten Commandments marker removed from the front lawn of city hall. A lawsuit against the monument was filed by the ACLU on behalf of a witchcraft group, the Order of the Cauldron of the Sage;
(4) Revelation 11:8 calls Jerusalem "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt;" a writer to Texe points out that Jerusalem sits on 7 mountains (see Rev. 17). Revelation 2 and 3 say that Jews of the flesh are the "Synagogue of Satan," and Revelation 18 describes the global commercial power of international Jews;
(5) President Obama fires another military officer, this time it's Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and highly decorated military veteran. Dooley's "crime" was to teach the truth about radical Islam. For this, he was canned!;
(6) Modern art in the 1950s and 1960s, by Picasso, Pollock, de Kooning, and others turns out to have been a big hoax of the American CIA. The CIA funded and sponsored this junk art to make it appear that American culture was far advanced over the "poor Russians." In fact, the artists and their productions made America look like a bunch of idiots and buffoons;
(7) House Speaker John Boehner gets rich from a stock trade. He's a corrupt politician;
(8) ISIS is a U.S. covert terrorist organization, bought and paid for with our tax dollars.

35. Rockefeller and Rothschild United - The New World Order is Built on Oil Monopoly: Download
Texe Marrs explains the reason for the reordering of the Middle East, the U.S. invasions and Israeli aggression in Ukraine. The multibillionaire oilmen and bankers, Rothschild and Rockefeller, have merged their operations. In a few short years, the United States has become the #1 world’s oil producer and is now selling its oil and gas to other countries. Only Russia can compete in the oil and gas market, and the Illuminati elite are working to remove Russia and Putin from their oil perch. They have ignited a false, new Cold War.

34. CIA Terror, Murder, Torture, and Rape in Your Name: Download
The CIA was recently forced to publish a report unmasking its decades-long global system of gulag prisons. Jet aircraft are used and secret police abduct so-called "terrorist suspects"-including American citizens. They are flown to bases around the world, where they are tortured-beaten, raped, and sometimes murdered. The Senate will soon release this report. We must hold former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney accountable.

33. Obama Follows the Protocols of Zion-No Borders, Unbridled Immigration, and the North American Union: Download
America is suffering a massive, never ending invasion by immigrants from Latin America and all the world. Texe Marrs reveals that this is no accident. It is orchestrated, and President Obama is obeying and will accelerate The Protocols of Zion, which prescribes the end of our national border and the merging of the races, cultures, and creeds. Only Judaism is to survive. Meanwhile, the Council on Foreign Relations follows the Protocols with its plan for the North American Union.

32. Secrets (Volume 215): Download
Texe Marrs uncovers news and secrets the controlled mass media dare not report:
(1) Pravda newspaper gives us Moscow’s revealing quote from Lenin;
(2) Admiral William McRaven (USN-Ret.), who was in charge of Seal Team 6 which allegedly "killed" Osama bin Laden, is rewarded for his service to the new World Order elite. He is appointed Chancellor of the University of Texas at Austin. Governor Rick Perry wins favor of elite by helping with McRraven's selection;
(3) CIA admits that it committed unconstitutional acts, including torture, in a 13-year long program of abductions and extraordinary renditions to gulag prison camps across the globe. Moreover, the CIA admits that torture is not effective as a tool to gain helpful information from terrorists;
(4) President Obama, at press conference, states that the U.S. and CIA have been unconstitutionally torturing suspects without court approval;
(5) Fox TV's Sean Hannity is pictured with two American youth (volunteers) in Israeli uniform as they sit atop a military tank during the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Hannity should be ashamed of his propaganda, and the two young men should be put on trial as traitors to America;
(6) Head of International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, calls for higher energy taxes to fight the mythical, nonexistent "Climate Change;"
(7) Pope Francis prays at Vatican with political leaders from Israel and Palestine and with the head of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew. But which "God" was addressed? The Moslem god and the Judaic gods are demonic and of the antichrist;
(8) Pope Francis also meets at the Vatican and prays with sleazy televangelists, Kenneth Copeland and James Robison. Copeland, a "prosperity" con man, even "laid hands" on the Pope as they prayed together. How degrading for the papacy!;
(9) Israeli lawmaker vandalizes the Christian New Testament, rips it apart and calls it "garbage." The Chairman of the Knesset applauds and recommends that other members of Parliament throw copies sent to them in the trash;
(10) Freemasonry found in Christian Church and is openly practiced by the cast of TV's Duck Dynasty;
(11) Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motor Co., says that robots could be more dangerous to humanity than nuclear bombs;
(12) A vial of Pope John Paul's blood goes on tour with stops in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

31. Which Bible Would Jesus Use?: Download
Jack McElroy speaks with Texe Marrs about his excellent, new book, Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The scavengers of religious history continue to attempt to pollute the Holy Bible by publishing more and more insane Bible versions. McElroy explains why the King James Version is far superior to its pale competitors. Only it fully glorifies Jesus Christ and accurately contains God's Words.

30. The Ethnic Cleansing of America-Why Patriots, Nationalists, Traditionalists, and Christian White People are Not Wanted in This Country and are Being Marginalized, Suppressed, and Punished: Download
True Americans have found they have lost their country as the government and media attack on a broad front. Democrats and Republicans alike hate and despise patriots, nationalists, traditionalists, and Christian white people and are carrying out a sinister destruction process. The culture, the entire nation is being ethnically cleansed. The demons are running wild as Obama's "Change" is in play and the Bill of Rights is erased by demonic judges and bureaucrats.

29. Mystery Babylon Lives! DNA Science, the Revival of Khazaria, the Conquest of Ukraine, and the New World Order of the Jews (Gog and Magog): Download
Amazing new developments! Israel had a blue-ribbon team of scientists to study DNA and genetics. This team confirmed that Jews are indeed Khazars. Netanyahu, working with the U.S., has launched a coup and takeover of Ukraine, once part of Khazaria. The goal: Conquest of Ukraine by a Jewish minority. The genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukraine is now in progress as a billionaire Jew, Petro Poroshenko, has seized the presidency. He and Jewish oligarchs are "cleansing" Ukraine which is to become a second Jewish homeland. After Ukraine’s bloody demise, the Jews in the U.S. and Israel will be far advanced in their plot for a New World Order. Gog will reign and Bible prophecy shall be fulfilled!

28. The Islamic Caliphate, the "New" Osama bin Laden, and the Neverending Killing in the Middle East-Product of American and Israeli Cunning and Treachery: Download
Islamic terrorists have quickly conquered much of Iraq, this after 4,500 American dead and tons of thousands have lost limbs and were wounded in the past ten years. America and Obama knew of this invasion, and evidence demonstrates that the U.S. and Israel are bankrolling and arming the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) terrorists. Iraq is to be divided into three parts (Shia, Sunni, and Kurd). The Iraqi Army folded and refused to fight, taking orders to surrender from treasonous Baghdad Generals tied to the CIA and Mossad. Al-Baghdadi, the Caliphate leader, is a tool of the CIA and Mossad. He is being set up to replace the dead Osama bin Laden. America is to be frightened of Al-Baghdadi, worried about another 9/11. It’s all a hoax!

27. Secrets (Volume 214): Download
Texe Marrs investigates things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Fox News does not allow alternative press like Texe Marrs and Alex Jones on the airwaves;
(2) Obama has given control of internet website addresses to the United Nations. Expect more censorship and control of websites like;
(3) Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, roasts former Vice President Dick Cheney in interview: "Rarely has a U.S. President been so wrong. Time and again you got it wrong...;"
(4) Judge Jeanine Pirro, also of Fox News, blast President Obama on her TV program. She accuses him of "dereliction of duty" and of a "coverup;"
(5) Report on ISIS and the Islamic Caliphate's successful attack on Iraq. Iraq is to be divided into 3-parts as part of a Jewish plan to destabilize the Middle East. U.S. is actually funding the Islamic terrorists;
(6) Seal Team 6 murdered by CIA in Afghanistan to shut them up about Osama bin Laden sham attack;
(7) County commissioners in Dallas vote "Yes" on slavery reparations for blacks. Change mind and revote "No" the next day;
(8) Illegal aliens, mostly teens and kids, overrun U.S. borders. Obama celebrates by holding a "Champions for Change" party at White House during which he cited 10 of the illegals for their courageous actions in breaking the American immigration laws;
(9) Blacks complain that Texe is unfair in mentioning black crime in America. Our policy is clear: We will continue to offer such books as White Girl Bleed a Lot, which documents the high proportion of black crimes in America;
(10) Transgenderism is being pushed down our throats as Obama and the liberal Democrats toast sexual perversion.

26. Warmongers and Warlocks in the Republican Party and Bohemian Grove: Download
The Republican Party is filled with those politicians who love war and who practice witchcraft. Now these reprobates are exposed, including the favored children of the Tea Party: Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Governors Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee. Texe Marrs examines the 10 Major Issues in which all these individuals double-deal and deceive, and explains why the Republican Party is little different than the Antichrist Democrat Party. Also: A look at the occultic Bohemian Grove.

25. The Many Gods and Goddesses of the Jewish Kabbalah: Download
Christian pastors and laymen believe that the Jews worship the God of the Old Testament. They are absolutely wrong! In fact, Texe Marrs documents that in Judaism, the Kabbalah teaches of numerous gods and goddesses. Some are sex deities. There is a serpent Queen and her mate, and a daughter and son who have incestuous sex. Amazingly, a serpent is revered as the Messiah-Spirit, and there is even a deity for the male phallus. Never before has anyone revealed these striking facts about the horrors of Judaism. Now you will know why Kabbalism has many initiate-students, including Madonna, Britney Spears, former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Senator Harry Reid.

24. Laodicean Nation-America is Still Fabulously Wealthy, But Evil Grows Exponentially Within: Download
A Special Report by Texe Marrs. In the book of Revelation, Jesus warns the Church of Laodicea that it thinks itself rich but it is spiritually poverty-stricken, being neither cold nor hot. God warns that unless Laodicea repents, He will "spew them out of his mouth." Now Texe examines America, a super-rich colossus that has disgracefully forgotten God and is growing more evil every hour. Will God soon spew us from his mouth?

23. Secrets (Volume 213): Download
Texe Marrs discloses secrets the controlled media dare not report, including:
(1) The U.S. military is developing new brain chips. Inserted in brain tissue, these chips will end soldiers’ anxiety, depression, and other maladies. These chips will also be available for millions of civilians. Big Brother will make you happy and content;
(2) The Pentagon is working with atheist leader Mikey Weinstein and his ungodly Military Religious Freedom Foundation to find and root out from our Armed Forces what Weinstein (a Jew) calls, "Spiritual rape by Christian predators." Weinstein and his Pentagon pals claim that Christians in uniform should be court-martialed for proselytizing about Jesus to others. "They will be punished for this," says Weinstein;
(3) President Obama appoints Chai Feldblum, a Jewish lesbian activist, as a member of the U.S. Equal Employment Commission. Ms. Feldblum says she will ruthlessly enforce rules pertaining to gays in the workplace. "Gays, win, Christians lose," said Feldblum;
(4) Obama bestows the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, on 16 people. Among those awarded the medal are former President Bill Clinton, feminist Gloria Steinem, homosexual socialist Bayard Rustin, lesbian astronaut Sally Ride, and lesbian New Ager Oprah Winfrey;
(5) Black Professor, Anthea Butler, claims that, "America's God is a white racist." She protests, "This American God ain't my God. As a matter of fact he's a white racist God carrying a gun and stalking young black men;"
(6) Texe speaks from the heart, saying that President Obama is a wicked man who despises our Constitution, is striving to ethnically cleanse America, and is strongly promoting the sinful homosexual lifestyle. Nevertheless, he pleads, please do no physical harm to this man or to other such reprobates. "God will punish Obama and these evildoers," says Texe. "We should, therefore, have pity on these people who will someday assuredly face the Judgement Seat of God."

22. Remorseless Killers of Zion-Why Do the Jews Show No Guilt or Remorse for Their Heartless Murder of Jesus Christ?: Download
Who killed Jesus Christ? Was it Pilate and the Romans, or Herod, or possibly the moneychangers in the Temple? In this amazing report, Texe Marrs reveals who Jesus identified as his killers and why they killed him. This unbelievable information has likely never been disclosed in modern times even though the story is told in Scripture. Not only Jesus, but also Paul, Peter, and Stephen in the book of Acts identified the same killers. Today, the killers of Jesus continue to show no guilt or remorse. Their motive remains the same. Highly Recommended!—Texe Marrs

21. Gog and Magog Encompass the Camp of the Saints: Download
Revelation 20 prophesies that just before the end of time, Gog and Magog will come upon the breadth of the whole earth. Their army will control the four corners of the globe. They will make war upon true Christians of understanding and courage-the "Camp of the Saints." God alone will be our rescuer as Gog and Magog are defeated and thrown in the lake of fire. These key events are already beginning to occur.

20. Destabilization of the United States: Download
The U.S. is being destroyed as the factors that bind us as a nation of one people are torn down. Those factors include a common history, shared religion, cultural similarities, laws, borders, constitution, morals, language, education, and voting. The United States is not a democracy. Politicians are corrupt. Voting is a waste of time. There is only one Party-the War & Money Party. Jewish interests are elevated, national interests are demoted. The Constitution is disregarded as liberal judges-mostly Jewish-cram homosexuality and gay marriage down the peoples' throats. ObamaCare and illegal immigration are also being forced on an unwilling population.

19. Matrix of Gog - From the Land of Magog Came the Khazars to Destroy and Plunder: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Daniel Patrick, author of the new book, The Matrix of Gog. Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 20 are explained. The Khazars, false Jews who are actually of the Synagogue of Satan, have invaded Palestine, bringing to pass the prophecies. Gog and Magog are now active. The U.S. has joined Israel and Gog in a devilish alliance designed to destabilize and conquer the Middle East. Many nations have already fallen. Now Gog and his allies have their eyes set on Ukraine, Syria and Iran with Russia and China as roadblocks. The New World Order is here and our liberties are at stake.

18. Secrets (Volume 212): Download
Texe Marrs reveals news and information the controlled media dare not cover:
(1) Christian teachers preach horrible lie, claiming that only those who support Israel and the Jews are saved and will go to heaven. Israel takes the place of Jesus!;
(2) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wears his kabbalistic red wristband and gives deadly Masonic sign. Reid, a Mormon, is also a Jewish Supremacist;
(3) Mark Blitz, who claims to be a Messianic (Christian) Jew also presents kabbalistic hand gestures. He is teacher of Pastor John Hagee who is now preaching Blitz's "Jewish Blood Moon" heresies;
(4) Pastor Rick Warren, on Catholic TV Network, speaks of his support for "Our Pope Francis;"
(5) Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son, deceives audiences with pleas for shoebox toys for foreign kids;
(6) British Prime Minister David Cameron says that Great Britain is stronger now thanks to gay marriages;
(7) Christian publisher releases book promoting gay lifestyle;
(8) Florida psychologist, Dr. Matt Israel, flees state. He's wanted by police for torturing young boys. A Jew, it is believed that he has fled for the sanctuary of the nation of Israel;
(9) Retirement pay for veterans is sliced by U.S. Congress to cut costs. Meanwhile this same Congress recently approved money to fund an international Sex & Entertainment Fair.

17. World's Top Scientists and Researchers Confirm-DNA of Today's Jews are of East European Descent; Today's "Jews" Have No Israelite Genes: Download
Research is now flooding in, confirming the work of genetic scientists Oppenheim and Elhaik. New studies at University of Huddleston and University of Sheffield in Great Britain show no Israelite connection. Texe's book, DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline, is accurate. The befuddled Zionist Jews are bewildered as to what to do.

16. New World Order Destabilization Plan-War, Torture, and Death Without End: Download
Texe Marrs' Special Report on the secret U.S.-Israel plan to fund Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and use military and diplomatic resources throughout the Middle East and the world to topple existing governments and bring in regimes of murder and destabilization. This evil plan has been implemented so far in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Egypt, and Syria. Iran and Ukraine are new targets. Perpetual conflict is the goal, which enables Israeli control of the Middle East and its oil resources.

15. Dominion of the Eagle-Symbol of Supremacy, Symbol of Evil: Download
Texe Marrs examines the symbol of the powerful eagle throughout history by imperialistic empires and dictatorial regimes. From the Tribe of Dan in Genesis to the Babylonians, the Romans, Persians, German Nazis, the Hapsburgs, Rothschilds, the Russian czars and current Russian and U.S. regimes, the Eagle symbolizes a sweeping plan of domination. The Great Seal of the U.S.A. and secret symbols of evil on our one-dollar bill are also evaluated. Prophetic meanings of the eagle symbol are explained.

14. Secrets (Volume 211): Download
Texe Marrs explores things the controlled media will not touch:
(1) Purim, a Jewish holy day, just passed. It’s a bloody tale of intrigue by Queen Esther of Persia and Haman, her opponent. Jewish kids celebrate by eating "Hamantashen" (Haman's flesh) cookies and the Jewish men get drunk in their synagogues. Rabbis name someone in the world as the "Haman of the Year;"
(2) In 1959, at Purim, Joseph Stalin was murdered in the Kremlin. He had become the enemy of the Jews;
(3) Stalin had signed an order two months before his death for the arrest and deportation of all Jews in Russia;
(4) U.S.A. has been working secretly for ten years to overthrow the elected government in Ukraine. Putin wants to keep Ukraine in Russia's sphere of control;
(5) Barack Obama gives control of internet to United Nations. Soon, sites like will be censored as global controllers eliminate those sites they consider against the New World Order;
(6) Scientists discover a giant reservoir of water under the earth, confirming what God said in the book of Genesis;
(7) Orthodox Jews in Israel are rioting and demonstrating. They demand to be exempt from military service. The Orthodox claim they spend all their time studying the Talmud and cannot serve in uniform;
(8) U.S. Senate report finds that the CIA under Bush and Cheney ran a global network of secret concentration camps where "enemies" were tortured and many were murdered. Senator Feinstein says the CIA was even wiretapping and spying on her and other Senators;
(9) The U.S. Senate report officially confirms that the U.S. torture yielded no evidence of future terror attacks and was essentially worthless as a method of discovery.

13. Genetics (DNA), Robots, Mutants, and Other Strange Creatures of Bible Prophecy: Download
A Special Report. The Bible’s amazing prophecies of man’s scientific creation of advanced robots, cyborgs, fleshly mutants, DNA inventions and other strange creatures are explained. The Bible speaks in Revelation of other-worldly locusts and scorpions who attack and hurt humans. Genesis 6 speaks of giants returning; and Revelation 13 has warnings of the beast and image of the beast that will “walk and talk” and perform supernatural acts of evil.

12. Bad to the Bone-How Talismans, Charms, Blood, and Occult Witchcraft are Used as Magic by the Elite: Download
The Illuminati elite, as well as witchcraft sects and secret societies, use locks of human hair, bits of bones, and even entire human hands (cut from victims' arms) as charms and talismans to wield magic and witchcraft. Blood is also collected and used (in one instance, blood from Catholic Pope John Paul II).

11. A Hole in the Sheet-Mind-Blowing Secrets of Judaism and Kosher Sex: Download
Judaism is proven to be a perverted religion based on carnality, sexual promiscuity. Pedophile rabbis are rampant. The Jewish Talmud approves incest and sex between adults and children. Among the Hasidic Orthodox, the women cover themselves with a sheet that has a hole in it during sexual relations. More revelations about what Jewish rabbis actually say is "kosher sex."

10. Vladimir Putin Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize: Download
Putin took over as President of Russia in 2000 when the country was in an economic mess. Putin has brought economic prosperity. He won the 2012 election by over 72 percent of the vote. Putin put the crooked Jewish billionaires in prison and supported the Christian churches against the gays. He kept America out of war in Syria and Iran. Putin is aggressively combating the financial shenanigans of the New World Order.

09. Secrets (Volume 210): Download
Texe Marrs exposes things the controlled media cover up:
(1) National Football League (NFL) bans us of "N" word by players, but "white boy" and "G...Damn" remain okay;
(2) Study shows that online trolls are psychopaths and sadists... They are also often government-paid agents;
(3) Israeli TV show with homosexual character puppets "sock" and "plug" are very popular;
(4) Gay stars pushed on American audiences during Grammy's and Oscars. At Grammy (music awards) 33 gay couples were simultaneously married. While lesbian Ellen Degeneres hosted on Academy Awards (Oscars) night;
(5) Secretary of State John Kerry's brother defends him against accusations of anti-Semitism. "This is untrue because the whole Kerry family is of Jewish heritage," he said. "I am a Jew, my wife is Jewish and we go to a synagogue." John has always pretended to be an Irish Catholic. His wife, Theresa, is a Portuguese Jew;
(6) Arizona Governor Jan Brewer takes away religious freedoms and vetoes her state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Gays celebrate;
(7) Why is the World evil if God is in control?;
(8) Charismatic evangelist Kenneth Copeland and guests celebrate Pope Francis video message inviting charismatics to join forces with Catholicism. "Let's hug each other," says the Pope. Copeland responds: "Luther's protest is over."

08. U.S.A.-Global Ruler of the World and the Beast (Rev. 17): Download
Texe Marrs reports on Revelation 17, and the whore who rides a great red beast. This beast is the United States. The beast conquers the earth, then turns on the whore, burning her flesh and eating her with fire. The beast (U.S.A.) spreads its power and control over every continent on earth. The U.S.A. is the world's economic and military superpower. It is now the Oil Giant of the whole world. Its high tech and robotic mastery is incomparable. Its spy capability is unmatched, and Big Brother reigns over its people and over the people of earth. Texe pictures the U.S.A. as poised to take over the planet. Eventually, it will exalt antichrist.

07. The Evangelical Heresy of "Judeo-Christianity"-Witch's Brew of Ungodly Beliefs: Download
In just a few decades the term, "Judeo-Christian," has caught on. Christians everywhere proclaim themselves to be "Judeo-Christians." They say that America is a "Judeo-Christian" nation. But this is impossible. The very words of Jesus our Lord stand against this. It is blasphemy. Texe Marrs carefully examines the meaning and beliefs of Judaism and states that Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and yes Judaism, cannot be equated with or mixed with true and pure Christianity. A person may be a Jew, but he cannot be a "Judeo-Christian."

06. Secrets (Volume 209): Download
Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media and society dare not touch:
(1) Grammy Awards-an extravaganza of satanic ritual and vulgar pornography is displayed as singer Katy Perry performs a live witchcraft ritual, Madonna shows up in a witch's costume and 33 same-sex couples simultaneously get married. Beyonce and husband, Jay-Z send Illuminati signals as she sexually performs;
(2) America has gone downhill since 1948 when it began to support Israel with billions of tax dollars. Illegal aliens, abortions, depraved music-everything has degraded. Is God punishing us for supporting this Khazar nation in the Middle East?
(3) Immigration reform (amnesty) is being sponsored by both the Republicans and Democrats. The vast majority of citizens want no part of it;
(4) Federal Reserve proven to be an Israeli institution. Janice Yellen, new Chair, is a Jew and so is Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman. Fischer was previously head of the Israel Bank;
(5) A vial of blood of the dead Pope John Paul II has been stolen from the church to whom he "donated" the blood. Legend has it the blood has miracle-working power;
(6) A Masonic Lodge keeps a locket of George Washington's hair;
(7) Portland, Oregon school forbids children to bring peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Says this is "white people's food;"
(8) A Christian Jew, Sid Roth's TV show, blasphemously claims that a Christian's salvation depends on his or her supporting Israel.

05. The Goat in Satanism, Freemasonry, History, and Bible Prophecy: Download
Texe Marrs' report on the goat. Satanists, Freemasons, and atheists all honor and revere the goat as a symbol of their hating Christ Jesus. Recently, the atheists proposed a monument of Baphomet, the male/female goat god, be erected on the grounds of the Capital of Oklahoma. Baphomet was actually worshipped as the devil by the Knights Templar. Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, placed the goathead, along with the 5-pointed star on his evil church's altar. The Masons believe the letter "G" (goat, geometry), represents their supreme deity. Bible prophecies tell us the goat is the last days symbol of the antichrist and the New World Order.

04. False Flags - Template of Terror: Download
We are all holding our breath, waiting for the next shoe to fall. Again and again, we have been hit by surprise "false flag" catastrophes. Michael Collins Piper's new book covers this incredibly important topic. Find out the common elements of every false flag, from 9/11 to the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook. Is America being manipulated and psychologically abused by these manufactured events? Can we stop them?

03. Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 10-Cuba, Israel, Gun Control, Global Warming, Immigration Amnesty, Marijuana, and Other Insanities): Download
Men and women only a few years ago would not have believed 2014 America. It has to have gone raving insane. Texe looks at some key areas which indicate the depth of this depravity and insanity.

02. Too Many: Download
America is the land of plenty. But, in many categories, we have "too many." For example, too many wild animals, environmentalists, perverts, illegal aliens, bureaucrats, official secrets, satan worshippers, indulgent parents, pornography, abortion, and sinful pastors.

01. Secrets (Volume 208): Download
Texe uncovers hidden news and reveals things the controlled media dare not touch. This week's program includes:
(1) What did Phil Robertson say that was so bad as to get suspended from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty?;
(2) Is it right to judge?;
(3) What is M.A.R.S. and why is Texe excited to receive one?;
(4) Has Texe opened people's eyes to the evildoings perpetrated by Israel?;
(5) Was America picked to become the new Atlantis?;
(6) Did Sergius Nilus prophesy the fall of Tsarist Russia?;
(7) Who benefitted from the recent passage of a new governmental budget? Who will suffer from this budget?;
(8) Does the Southern Baptist Convention approve of the new Pope?
(9) Who has just been appointed as the new ambassador to China?