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52. America's Future in the Hands of Two Psychopaths Details Download Listen
51. Get Ready, I Smell War Details Download Listen
50. U.S. Economy Folding Like An Accordion Details Download Listen
49. Bubbleology 101 Details Download Listen
48. The Curse of the Illuminati Details Download Listen
47. Syndicate of Death Details Download Listen
46. The King Midas Syndrome Details Download Listen
45. The Arcane Brotherhood of Dark Angels and the Illuminati Details Download Listen
44. Secrets (Volume 149) Details Download Listen
43. Jousting of the Misfits Details Download Listen
42. Secrets (Volume 148) Details Download Listen
41. Dollars for Moloch Details Download Listen
40. Economic Armageddon Details Download Listen
39. Strange Domination: The Eight Pillars of the ZOG Details Download Listen
38. Illuminati Architecture as Global Battleground Details Download Listen
37. Passing Through Eden and Babylon Details Download Listen
36. Secrets (Volume 147) Details Download Listen
35. Black Pharaoh Details Download Listen
34. 911 Chronicles - Truth Rising Details Download Listen
33. Washington, D.C., Illuminati City of Mystery Details Download Listen
32. The March of the Morons Details Download Listen
31. Secrets (Volume 146) Details Download Listen
30. Secrets (Volume 145) Details Download Listen
29. Architectural Colossus Details Download Listen
28. Slaves of Zion Details Download Listen
27. Crash! Details Download Listen
26. Secrets (Volume 144) Details Download Listen
25. Illuminati Psyops and The Alchemy of Control Details Download Listen
24. Will Barak Obama be Assassinated? Details Download Listen
23. The Zionist Plotters Behind the 9-11 Evil Details Download Listen
22. Churches and Pastors Gone Wild (Part 4) Details Download Listen
21. Jesus in the Talmud Details Download Listen
20. Everyone Will Go Hungry Details Download Listen
19. Cain's Seed, Witchcraft Heresies, and the Mystery of God Details Download Listen
18. Secrets (Volume 143) Details Download Listen
17. Planet Petroleum Details Download Listen
16. John McCain: Rothschild Puppet Details Download Listen
15. Slithering Journey of the Oroboros Serpent Details Download Listen
14. Secrets (Volume 142) Details Download Listen
13. Gog, Magog, and the Scroll of Bush Details Download Listen
12. The Bilderbergers Decide America's Economic Future Details Download Listen
11. "Operation Jericho"—Startling Zionist Illuminati Plot! Details Download Listen
10. Secrets (Volume 141) Details Download Listen
09. The Rise of the Illuminati Psychopaths - Part 2 Details Download Listen
08. "Jesus is not Israel’s Messiah" - John Hagee Details Download Listen
07. Rise of the Illuminati Psychopaths Details Download Listen
06. Secrets (Volume 140) Details Download Listen
05. Israel's Golem Monster Proven to be Satan's Baphomet Details Download Listen
04. Israel's Golem Run Amok Details Download Listen
03. Jews Rule America Details Download Listen
02. The True Story of the Bilderbergers Details Download Listen
01. Secrets (Volume 139) Details Download Listen

01. Secrets (Volume 139):
Texe Marrs exposes even more schemes and plots with this follow-up volume of Secrets:
1. The story of Cain
2. MLK, who is he
3. US human experimentation in Iraq
4. HAARP - cause of global warming?
5. Ron Paul campaign
6. Christian automatic writing?

02. The True Story of the Bilderbergers:
Texe Marrs interviews from Spain the Canadian author, Daniel Estulin, on his excellent new book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Who are the elite who make up this secretive group? How do they influence America's economy and politics? Do they choose who our President will be? What status do the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have in this powerful group? Estulin has been researching the Bilderbergers for over a decade, and his research is impeccable.

03. Jews Rule America—Evidence of a Startling Coup d'Etat and Sinister Takeover of U.S. Government:
In his typical no-holds barred style, Texe Marrs documents the take-over and rule of America by the Jewish Zionists. He shows how these men, many of whom are dual citizens, are totally devoid of patriotic instincts except to the nation of Israel. They are, in fact, Israel Firsters. Most literally hate the United States and everything it stands for. They are especially hateful of anything Christian and are working non-stop to de-Christianize society. Discover the names of the Jewish elite in the White House who give orders to Bush and Cheney and are guiding our once great nation into a Zionist cesspool of evil and death.

04. Israel’s Golem Run Amok:
Texe Marrs interviews noted author Michael Collins Piper, discussing his blockbuster new book, The Golem: A World Held Hostage—Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon. The Golem, in Jewish lore and legend, is a monster, a beastly Frankenstein conjured up by the black magic of sorcerous, Talmudic rabbis. Once formed, he goes forth to kill and destroy all perceived enemies of Israel. Piper says that today, Israel’s huge and growing arsenal of nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction are, in truth, The Golem. Israel’s Zionist leaders, insane with hatred for Gentiles—and especially for Arabs and Moslems—fully intend to unleash The Golem on Iran, Syria, and any other nation that opposes the Zionist Master Plan for a Talmudic World Kingdom. Even the capitals of Europe are threatened. Horribly, The Golem of Israel may end up hurdling the United States into a catastrophic World War III and threatens to destroy the earth itself.

05. Israel's Golem Monster Proven to be Satan's Baphomet—Jewish Messiah Worshipped in Secret is Freemasonry's Dark "Goat of Mendes":
The Jewish Talmud, the rabbis’ most holy law book, boasts of a magical beast and monster, the Golem, that is called forth and created by supernatural alchemy and cabalism. The monster ruthlessly slays the enemies of the Jews and defends the Jewish people. Texe Marrs proves that the Golem is none other than the Baphomet of Freemasonry’s ancient Knights Templar cult. The Baphomet idol, a half-human, half-goat god, continues to be worshipped at the highest levels of the occult secret societies. Baphomet’s adoption by satanic Jewish rabbis in the form of the "Golem" has tremendous ramifications for today. This poisonous dogma reinforces the Holy Bible’s prophecies (see Revelation 13 & 17) of the bloody Beast, 666, that will rise up in the last days and wreak havoc and destruction on mankind.

06. Secrets (Volume 140):
Texe Marrs explores things the controlled media dare not talk about:
(1) Judaizer Christians put Israel first and bash Texe for putting Jesus and His Kingdom first;
(2) Hindu supporter tries to persuade Texe that the Hindu gods are the same as the Christian God;
(3) Texe’s book, Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, ahead of its time—was first to unmask danger of genetically engineered food, Illuminati control of seeds, and coming of a World Food Authority;
(4) Shocker!—Seventh Day Adventist founders Ellen G. White and James White have Masonic/Egyptian obelisks marking their graves. What are the implications?;
(5) Japanese attacked a military target, Pearl Harbor, in 1941. Why, then, did President Truman slaughter Japanese civilians with atomic bombs in 1945?…War crimes?;
(6) President Ronald Reagan, lauded as a "great American," actually sought to merge U.S.A. with Mexico and Canada. Was Reagan the inspiration for Bush’s North American Union?;
(7) World chess champ, genius Bobby Fischer, dies of kidney failure in Iceland. The heroic Fischer, a Jew, was hated by Zionists because he publicly exposed the Zionist plot for a global dictatorship; Fischer warned that Bolshevism and Communism were masks for Judaism;
(8) Photo of NAFTA superhighway under construction runs in Austin’s daily newspaper while President Bush and fellow CFR liars pretend the highway is just a conspiracy theory by loons;
(9) Blackwater mercenary army is now America’s version of Nazi brownshirts and Communist blackshirts. Blackwater’s thugs are freely permitted to murder Bush critics and "enemies of the state;" scores of people in New Orleans were killed by Blackwater during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath;
(10) New U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a dedicated Zionist thug, has two framed pictures on wall behind his desk at the Justice Department. One is of George Orwell (author of 1984, and Big Brother), the other of Justice Robert Jackson, chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trial. History reveals that Jackson brutally tortured many of the accused at Nuremberg and used false confessions to gain convictions. Jackson even lied at the trials and claimed the defendants had dropped atomic bombs on innocent Jews, though Germany did not even have nuclear technology.
(11) New movie, No Country for Old Men dispenses a bit of wisdom.

07 & 09. The Rise of the Illuminati Psychopaths and The Savage Horror of America’s Coming Gloom—How McCain, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and Other Mental Deviates are Secretly Working to Destroy Our Once Great Country:
The new science of evilology (ponerology) reveals how and why psychopathic deviates inevitably rise to the top in political empires and then proceed to devastate and destroy everything good and moral in society. America is enjoying a gilded age of prosperity and "happy times," but it is all going to change very fast. You will be amazed at how sick and insane the culture is going to get. Nazism and Communism were mere foretastes of the brutal, barbaric times that lie ahead. For the first time, you will be able to identify the insane who rise to the top levels in politics, know why this is happening, and discover the scientific principles behind the coming, almost unbelievable, revolutionary surge in consummate evil. An incredible breakthrough.

08. "Jesus is not Israel’s Messiah"—A Profile of John Hagee, Zionist Apostle of Satan in the Age of Apostasy:
He’s one of America’s most popular and influential pastors and teachers. Millions believe everything John Hagee says. He wants the United States to utterly smash Iran and the Moslem nations and kill them all with nuclear bombs. In his new book, he praises Jewish rabbis and claims Jesus is not Israel’s Messiah. He says the Jews need not turn to Jesus and the cross for salvation and defends their Old Covenant. He wants all Christians to become Judaizers—and many are doing exactly that. Hagee also says that anyone who goes against these things is helping Satan. Is Hagee right? Did Jesus die on the cross for Jews and Gentiles alike? Is Jesus King of All? Is Judaism superior to Christianity? Should all the Moslem Nations and people be destroyed by nuclear bombs?

10. Secrets (Volume 141):
Texe Marrs reveals news and information the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) U.S. Forest Service and scores of other government agencies are unleashing tasers and brutality on a bullied and cowed public;
(2) Researcher says the world is led by leaders who are perverts and sex addicts;
(3) Illuminati high council punishes Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, for his indiscretion of having an illicit affair with Bronfman Dynasty wife;
(4) Why do most all the mind control shooters commit suicide before their capture by law enforcement?;
(5) Heinous new Bible version blasphemes Jesus Christ by calling him a "gorilla;"
(6) Former Congressman says Gulag U.S.A. exists, concentration camps are real, and the government has thousands of railroad cars outfitted with shackles to transport abductees;
(7) Freemason author boasts of Masonic ritual linked to druidic human sacrifice;
(8) New York City tourism office funds advertising campaign designed to attract gay and lesbian tourists;
(9) "MEGA"—High Council of ten wealthy Jewish Illuminati—meet monthly to issue instructions to political and economic servants;
(10) Neocon Jewish leader calls for more war and conflict abroad to "destabilize" America’s and Israel’s enemies, to fulfill the Zionist revolution.

11. "Operation Jericho"—Startling Zionist Illuminati Plot!—Man-made Jerusalem Earthquake to Plunge Middle East into Death Throes of Nuclear Catastrophe:
New evidence is presented that the western powers, including the Bush Administration and the CIA, in concert with Israel and its Mossad, plan to use newly invented "Tesla" electromagnetic high technology weather and earth science weapons to cause an artificial earthquake in Jerusalem. An existing fault running along the Temple Mount area will be "energized," and the Islamic Dome of the Rock mosque will topple. This destruction will be immediately followed by a false Messiah (the Antichrist) entering the city to the praises of adoring throngs of worshippers, a "miraculous" event aided by Hollywood-type special effects and broadcast simultaneously around the globe.

12. The The Bilderbergers Decide America’s Economic Future—Will They Replace the U.S. Dollar with the Amero?:
A freewheeling discussion with Daniel Estulin, author of the groundbreaking book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Will the fabulously rich and powerful elite of the Bilderberg Group choose America’s next President? Are McCain, Hillary, and Obama under their thumb? Is the financial and economic crisis in the U.S.A. a Bilderberg project? Will there be a financial meltdown? What about the North American Union and the planned new tri-nation currency, the Amero? Are the bankers and corporate CEOs allied with politicians? How much influence do the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Black Nobility of Europe have in Bilderberg circles? Is Russia’s Putin one of them? Are there any "heroes" in opposition to the elite?

13. Gog, Magog, and the Scroll of Bush—Jewish Sanhedrin Honors President George W. Bush as "Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal":
Incredible disclosures! President Bush visited Israel in January and was presented the Scroll of Bush identifying him as the prophesied Gog, of the land of Magog, also known as "Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal." What are the prophetic implications? Do the prophetic books of Ezekiel and Revelation identify this individual (Gog and the Chief Prince of Meshech) as the incarnated son of Satan, antichrist, the evil leader with the number 666? Did Bush, the Israeli Prime Minister and others participate in a Masonic occult ritual deep under the Temple Mount during his stay in Jerusalem? Did Bush’s historic trip presage the soon coming of the prophesied World War III and the awful and bloody Battle of Armageddon?

14. Secrets (Volume 142)
Texe Marrs reveals facts and information the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Environmental visionary says concentration camps will soon be necessary for "refugees" displaced by global warming planetary changes;
(2) New evidence proves global warming is an idiotic hoax. World's top weather scientists, including those of NASA, admit that the earth is cooling, not warming;
(3) MIT Professor of Meteorology says, "Relax, the planet is fine." He says that warming isn't happening, but if it were the effects would be beneficial;
(4) Canadian government shuts Christian ministry down after its leaders refuse to publicly profess other religions and gods as equal in value to Christianity and Jesus;
(5) Rockefellers, Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp.), Monsanto, and others behind scheme to store 4.5 million different varieties of seeds in the Arctic in a "Doomsday Vault;"
(6) Oklahoma congresswoman smeared by gay groups as "more dangerous than Arab terrorists." Her sin?—She spoke out against the homosexual agenda in America, angering the perverts;
(7) Prince Charles of Great Britain speaks live to a World Energy Summit Conference in Abu Dhabi, 7,000 miles distance—as a laser hologram! Shades of Revelation 13, where we are foretold of the "image of the beast" walking and speaking;
(8) Congressmen who are members of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge say Masonic Breakfast on Capital Hill is a great success;
(9) President Bush meets with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and discusses what the elite have in mind next for Africa. Evidence abounds that the Illuminati intend to strip the black continent of its natural resources and kill off most of its population. Was the HIV-AIDS epidemic hitting Africa now with such ferocity a project of the elite?

15. Slithering Journey of the Oroboros Serpent — Is the World on the Threshold of Planned Destruction?:
Texe Marrs interviews Daryl Bradford Smith, host of the internet radio show, The French Connection. Discussed: The plan of the Zionist Illuminati is far advanced, with the United States poised to make war on Iran and Syria, and integrate Turkey, Libya, and other Middle East nations into its Greater Israel web of slavery. Mr. Smith presents evidence that Jewish Masons from the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris and later, from the Lodge in Salonica, Greece, seized power as the "Young Turks" in Turkey and commenced to massacre and carry out genocide against Armenian Christians. This same group, with Lenin and Trotsky as tools, grabbed hold of Russia and carried out the bloody Communist reign of terror. Today, they hold the reins of power in America and control both political parties. Their plans include a World War III, contrived food shortages, and economic chaos.

16. John McCain: Rothschild Puppet, Conservative Chameleon, Zionist Warmonger:
Senator John McCain is clearly favored for President by Israel and the Jewish billionaires who secretly control America’s Washington, D.C. political and banking establishments. In this exclusive report, Texe Marrs reveals why this is so. Discover the startling facts about the Rothschilds’ funding of McCain’s insane bloodlust to kill and ravage Iran and any other nation that doesn’t bow down before Israel’s warmongering machine; McCain’s many sexual infidelities; McCain’s plan to increase taxes on ordinary Americans ten-fold to pay for a disastrous World War III; McCain’s handlers, like the Mossad’s chief stooge, Senator Joe Lieberman; McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, butcher and anti-American traitor who permitted Israel’s Air Force to savagely attack the U.S. Navy’s Liberty vessel and kill scores of courageous American sailors; McCain’s close relationship to Neocon crazies like Pastor John Hagee and the bigoted Jewish rabbis who are clamoring for more blood and treasure to be heaped for Israel’s benefit. If this evil man is elected President, he will destroy America as a nation and push us into the North American Union. This wicked, dark reprobate must not be allowed to occupy the highest political office in the nation. The truth must be broadcast far and wide.

17. Planet Petroleum—The Great Scarcity Hoax and the Elitist Plot to Control the World by Controlling Oil:
Texe Marrs presents irrefutable evidence that the so-called "oil crisis" is a tragic hoax and lie. In fact, the world is awash with oil and will never run out. Never! A recent find in the Gulf of Mexico uncovered enough oil to fuel the United States for 10,000 years. And that’s only one instance of massive oil discoveries being made across the globe. The elite and the bribed, unpatriotic politicians don’t want you to know these facts. They and their media pals lie incessantly, fear-mongering with the false claim of "peak oil." Discover why the Zionist billionaires and their marionettes at Exxon, Mobil, Shell, etc. are using oil as a weapon to regulate our lives and rob our pocketbooks. Huge and abundant stores of oil now exist under the earth and in the seabeds, and "we the people" own it—not the wealthy elitists. Isn’t it time we took back what is ours and forced the greedy rich to serve, not plunder, the people? Why pay an incredible $3 to $5 per gallon for gasoline when the price should be no more than a fraction of this?

18. Secrets (Volume 143)
Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Hate crimes hoaxes multiply—Jews paint Nazi swastikas on doors, deface Jewish tombstones and commit other monstrous crimes to inspire sympathy as victims of "anti-Semitism;
(2) Vatican lists "new sins," including pollution and causing environmental blight;
(3) Coldest winter in decades exposes Global Warming as "globaloney;"
(4) Top Southern Baptists sign pledge to fight "Global Warming," even as scientists are now beginning to warn of exactly the opposite—Global Cooling!;
(5) Does God permit criticism of Israel? If not, were Jesus, John the Baptist, and all the Old Testament prophets sinning when they did it?;
(6) President Bush joins with Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) to nominate gun-grabber liberal for post of director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives;
(7) House of Commons in England considers new legislation to remove the Protestant Church of England as the official faith. Oddly, the motion introduced was numbered "666!";
(8) Should violence be used to defeat evildoers and "Take Back America?";
(9) Bill Clinton’s new globalist organization, the Clinton Global Initiative, is sponsored with money from Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Citibank, Hewlett-Packard, Proctor & Gamble, and other super-rich contributors;
(10) Tattoo ink invented allows peoples bodies to be marked with chipless ID’s;
(11) General Petraeus, Commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, exposed as a Jewish neocon poodle dog;
(12) Train cars loaded with pre-fabricated gulag prison units.

19. Cain's Seed, Witchcraft Heresies, and the Mystery of God:
A Texe Marrs exclusive report. Was Cain, the murderer who slew his brother Abel, the progeny of a sexual liaison between Lucifer (the serpent) and Eve? Was Cain the founder of a tribe or race of "demon seed" individuals? Are the Jews descendents of Cain? Are black people? Is one race "better" or more holy than another? Is it witchcraft for evangelical Christians to exalt and glorify the Jews? Can a Christian receive God’s blessing by planting a "seed" of money in a church or ministry? Why did Jesus tell his disciples that if a man understands the parable of the seed, he would be saved, but if he did not, neither would he understand any other parable?

20. Everyone Will Go Hungry—The Globalist Elite Engineer Food Chaos:
Texe Marrs examines the current food crisis. Why are prices at the supermarket and in the commodities markets going through the roof? Is the world really short of grains, corn, and other goods, or is this yet another contrived hoax, designed to enrich the agribusiness corporations and plunder ordinary Americans’ pocketbooks? What is the impact of the terminator gene that is now programmed into crop seeds, causing them to self-destruct after a single harvest? Are Texe Marrs’ startling predictions in his groundbreaking book, Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, now coming to pass? Why has the United Nations set up a gigantic, new Big Brother bureaucracy, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization?

21. Jesus in the Talmud—"The Cat is Out of the Bag":
They have been keeping their Talmudic hatred of Jesus and Christianity hidden for decades, but now, one of Judaism’s highest authorities has authored a book admitting all the vile and ugly provisions in the Jews’ most holy book—the Babylonian Talmud. Discover how our Lord and Saviour is branded a "bastard;" how Mary, his mother, is claimed to be a whore who got pregnant from sex with a Roman soldier; and how the Rabbis proudly brag that they alone—not Pilate and the Romans—are responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Also, find out how the Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and defraud Gentiles in business transactions; to plot the murder of Gentiles, and why it is said to be OK for Jews to rape and molest children. Unbelievable confessions—made by one of Judaism’s most acclaimed teachers, who says he decided it was time to quit lying and deceiving others and just tell the facts about Judaism’s true beliefs and practices.

22. Churches and Pastors Gone Wild (Part 4:
Once again, Texe Marrs blows the whistle on depraved, so-called "Christian" leaders who are shamelessly harming the cause of Christ and bringing disrepute on the Christian Church:
(1) Oral Roberts son, Richard Roberts, ousted from Tulsa ministry and Oral Roberts University for financial scandals and sexual allegations against his wife and students;
(2) Pope Benedict XVI covers up pedophile crimes of top Vatican cleric;
(3) Oprah Winfrey promotes New Age teachings of satanic textbook, A Course in Miracles, dictated to Jewish psychologist by a demon;
(4) Environmentalist pastors publish new "Green bible;"
(5) Seattle Church holds "Red Hot Bash" featuring rock and roll dances, "R"-rated movies, a champagne bar and "theology of the bottle;"
(6) Episcopal Bishop in Los Angeles apologizes to Hindus for Christian "error" of attempting to convert Hindus to Christ;
(7) Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Church) speaks to 4,000 Jewish rabbis at meeting, but fails to preach Jesus and the Gospel. Instead, Warren advises Jews to "Smile and be friendly;"
(8) Houston Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen, on CNN’s The Larry King Show, assures viewers that Mormons are true Christians, even though the Mormon church teaches that Jesus is only one of many "gods" and Mormon men become god of their own planets after this life is finished;
(9) "Hookers for Jesus"—prostitutes and porn stars become preachers for Jesus;
(10) Senator Obama’s church in Chicago teaches African dance to kids;
(11) Self-professed "Christian" presidential candidates Senator McCain and Clinton engage in Scotch whiskey "chug-a-lug" drinking contest.

23. The Zionist Plotters Behind the 9/11 Evil—How Israel and its Neocon American Spies Pulled Off 9/11:
Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn, author of the groundbreaking book, 9-11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks. Mr. Thorn provides stunning evidence that the Israeli Mossad, in league with criminal elements of the Bush Administration, orchestrated the bloody horror of 9/11, the World Trade Center destruction, and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania terrorist acts. Thorn names the perpetrators, shows exactly how they did it, explains why they have been able to coverup their unspeakable crimes, and warns they will strike again.

24. Will Barack Obama be Assassinated?—Why the Elite Cannot Let This Man Exercise the Awesome Powers of the American Presidency:
A Texe Marrs Exclusive. Why did Hillary Clinton indirectly suggest that Obama may suffer the same fate—murder by assassin—as did Robert Kennedy? Why is a famous Israeli fashion designer selling T-shirts in New York City with the printed logo, "Who Killed Obama?" What fate befell former American Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan when they boldly opposed Israeli special interests? Why are Zionist billionaires with authority over the Mafia, the Mossad, and the CIA so nervous about an Obama presidency? Will Barack Obama last even one term in the Oval Office? Why do all the Kennedy clan—Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Maria Shriver—today support and endorse Obama? Has Obama been groomed by covert forces to take on the Illuminati elite in a desperate and risky gamble to overthrow their plan for a Zionist New World Order?

25. Illuminati Psyops and the Alchemy of Human Control—Nine Fears the Illuminati are Exploiting to Frighten and Batter Us Into Submission:
Texe Marrs analyzes the methods and strategy of the Illuminati in their carefully designed psychological operations against the American people. Food and water shortages, oil price run-ups, environmental propaganda, false terrorism, globalism, cultural attacks, religious apostasy—these are only a few of the tools being used by the elite and their media accomplices to instill a "New Reality" and reprogram peoples minds to accept the austere new economic hardships and Big Brother Police State controls planned for our future. Learn how you and I can fight back to retain our liberties and defend ourselves against their satanic psychological warfare.

26. Secrets (Volume 144)
Texe Marrs uncovers hidden things the media dare not mention:
(1) Christians are being taught biblical errors about who are "God’s Chosen People"—propaganda spews from Judaizer pastors and televangelists;
(2) Hypocrites try to stifle true Christians by crying out, "Judge not!" But, what do the scriptures really say?;
(3) California Governor Schwarzenegger, who once posed nude on the cover of a gay magazine, supports same-sex marriages;
(4) Canada declares war against faith—Christian ministry fined $23,000 under that country’s "hate crime" act for refusing to condone homosexuality;
(5) Israeli law restricts Christians from passing out free Bibles and literature—violators are imprisoned for up to five years;
(6) Former Reagan White House official refers to President George W. Bush as the "White House Moron," says Bush is guilty of lies, aggression, bloodshed, and hypocrisy;
(7) Dual-loyalty spies betray U.S.A. Most recent case is that of a former U.S. Army engineer, a Jewish American, who stole classified material and gave it to Israeli agents. Can Americans of the Jewish race be trusted?;
(8) "Hannah Montana" TV starlet Miley Cyrus recently posed semi-nude for Vanity Fair magazine. But why did the media coverup the fact that the publisher and editor of Vanity Fair are Jewish, and the perverted sex photographer for the magazine, Annie Leibovitz, is not only Jewish—she’s a Jewish lesbian? (Hey, Billy Ray Cyrus, father of 15-year old daughter Miley—what were you thinking?!)

27. Crash!—Who's Manipulating the United States Economy and Why Their Criminal Acts Threaten Us Now With Terrible Catastrophe:
A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. Why is the U.S. economy crashing? Texe uncovers the plot of greedy Illuminati Wall Streeters to enrich their coffers by outrageously driving up the price of gas, oil, and food commodities. Their goal is to destabilize America through a continuing, scientific process of "Creative Destruction." Goldman-Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other Jewish-run New York financial firms control the currency, gold, and commodities markets. They manipulate prices by having their minions in Israel and Washington beat the drums for their bogus "War on Terror," frightening panicked investors into buying oil and agricultural futures and selling stocks. Now our economy is in tatters. Traditionally solid companies like General Motors, Ford, American Airlines, and others are on the ropes. What do the Illuminist Mafia intend to do next and how will it affect your pocketbook? You must have this far-reaching information for financial survival!

28. Slaves of Zion—America Has Become a Jewish Colony and Now We Are All Toiling on the Zionist USA Slave Plantation:
America is in dire straits. Our culture, corporations, and the entire apparatus of government have fallen under the satanic sway of Zionist revolutionaries. They are our Masters and we are declining in every conceivable way. John McCain and Barack Obama both are in tow to the Zionist powers—their pandering at the recent AIPAC (Jewish lobby) convention proved their subservience. The Zionists promote invasion by illegal aliens, the outsourcing of U.S. jobs, Hollywood filth, criminal drug peddling, and a host of other un-American vices. Worse, by controlling our educational institutions and our media, they are able to keep the populace in a brain-hazed, mesmerized slave condition. Is there any hope of overcoming their satanic grip?

29. Architectural Colossus—Mysterious Monuments Enshroud the World With Magic and Seduction:
Texe discusses his newest blockbuster book, Mysterious Monuments, showing how the nefarious goals of the Illuminati elite are being achieved through architecture. Theirs is, in fact, a dark "Gospel in Stone." Included: North American Union pyramids—in West Virginia!; the Knights of Malta "Temple of Blood" in Santo Domingo, and much more…

30. Secrets (Volume 145)
Texe Marrs uncovers hidden things the media dare not mention:
(1) Former 33rd degree Mason says Christian celebrities Dr. Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, and Billy Graham were present at his initiation ceremony where wine was drank from a human skull;
(2) T-shirt by Israeli designer with printed words "Who Killed Obama?" sells for $183 at Jewish-owned store;
(3) Former President Jimmy Carter is attacked and branded "senile" by neocon fanatic, Fox-TV host Sean Hannity, after Carter revealed that Israel has an arsenal of nuclear bombs. McCain advisor, former Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX), says that Carter is correct, but the American people shouldn’t have this information;
(4) Military’s HAARP weather control system now has 300 HF towers—is it responsible for tornadoes, droughts, and floods?
(5) Writer says Republican National Committee elephant logo has 5-pointed occult red star for an eye. The elephant’s trunk is shaped like a "S" for Satan and is designed as a serpent;
(6) President Bush, during visit with Queen Elizabeth in England, reveals secret "mark" in his hand to Queen. Was Bush in England to attend Prince William’s initiation into the satanic Order of the Garter?;
(7) Vaunted cabalistic, hidden "Bible code" is a hoax;
(8) International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has goal of "Judaizing" and perverting the Christian faith;
(9) Order of Skull and Bones exposed in Texe Marrs’ book, Dark Majesty.

31. Secrets (Volume 146)
Texe Marrs examines news and information the controlled media dare not cover:
(1) Secretary of State Condi Rice says she is the "66th keeper of the Great Seal" of the United States;
(2) Brilliant Czech President Vaclav Klaus writes book debunking "global warming." Klaus warns that the myth of global warming is being used to rob people of their freedom and prosperity. He has challenged environmentalist Al Gore to a debate, but Gore is ducking;
(3) Association of 50,000 physical scientists "disbelieves" global warming theories; the group’s leader reports that previous studies purporting to confirm global warming were seriously flawed;
(4) Black racist troublemaker Jesse Jackson angrily says he’d like to cut off some of Barack Obama’s private parts! What’s his beef?;
(5) Business Week magazine profiles Oklahoma oil man T. Boone Pickens and his unbridled ambition to make billions off the coming, great water shortages;
(6) The Feds’ computer database expands, and now over a million people are on Big Brother’s watch-list. What do they intend to do with this list?;
(7) The government's unconstitutional "No Fly" list also continues to grow. What or who, gives the bureaucrats the right?;
(8) Christian evangelicals, bamboozled by unscriptural, Israel First, Judaizer propaganda, donate untold millions to Jewish superiority groups like Rabbi Yeckiel Eckstein’s "On Wings of Eagles" and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The promoters claim they are using the money to resettle the world’s dispersed Jews in their "homeland," Israel, and they say this is God’s will for all Jews. But, hold on!—Why are American Jews exempt from these schemes? Why don’t the Judaizers want to assist America’s over seven million Jews return to Israel? Shouldn’t Jews like singer Barbara Streisand, actor Ben Stiller, Senator Arlen Spector, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, ADL chief Abe Foxman, ACLU director Nadine Stroessen, CNN Newsman Wolf Blitzer, comedians Roseanne Barr and Jerry Seinfeld, and legions of others be told that "God" wants them, as Jews, to leave the U.S.A. and resettle in Israel?

32. March of the Morons—How America is Suffering From Mental and Moral Midget Syndrome, and What You and I Can Do About It:
A crazy new pandemic is sweeping America. Everywhere one turns, insanity is gaining on us, including the global warming hoax; the Iraqi War deception; the beating of war drums against Iran; the contrived oil and food crises; the illegal alien invasion; the growth of the Nanny State; the dupe of Christian evangelicals regarding the Israeli land grab in Palestine; the preposterous 9/11 myth of 19 Arabs hijacking airliners; and the drugging of kids with Ritalin by the Pharma industry. These are symptoms indicating that many Americans are afflicted with extreme double-mindedness and a debilitating form of Mental and Moral Midget Syndrome (MMMS). Just what can we do to end this epidemic and restore ourselves and America to sanity and good mental health?

33. Washington, D.C., Illuminati City of Destiny—Masonic Architecture, Satanic Designs, and Occult Monuments Hidden in Plain Sight in Our Nation's Capital :
Texe Marrs investigates the illuminist and Masonic monuments, statues, and buildings of our nation’s capital. Discover the amazing secrets of the beast and serpent at the Library of Congress; the Sun God’s phallus obelisk known as the Washington Monument; the star goddess atop the Capitol; the dark crypt and stone sarcophagus of the antichrist in the basement, under the rotunda and dome of the Capitol building; the pentagram and hexagram symbols designed in the city’s street layout; and the Egyptian tomb of George Washington. Learn also of the sinister destiny carved out for America and its citizens by the men of the secret societies, as well as the work of the "four carpenters" sent by God.

34. 9/11 Chronicles: Truth Rising—Alex Jones Reports on New Developments in the Ongoing Exposure of 9/11 As An Inside Job:
Conspiracy researcher and talk show personality Alex Jones reports on new developments in the ongoing exposure of 9/11; the bogus government claims about building 7; the frame-up of an innocent scientist blamed for the anthrax deaths; and the rise of citizen groups protesting the 9/11 crime coverup and their "In Your Face" challenge to politicians and elitists. Also: Is Obama a warmonger?; the Russia-Georgia conflict; the Iranian situation; and more.

35. Black Pharaoh—Barack Obama, Mysterious Monuments, and the Second Coming of Osiris:
A Texe Marrs Special Report. Why do so many people stand in awe of Barack Obama and consider him almost a man-god or a messiah? What is the inner meaning of the cryptic words he craftily uses in his campaign speeches? Could Obama be fated to become the spiritual reincarnation of the Egyptian Sun God, Osiris? Amazing and eye-opening parallels between the two do exist. What do the Bible’s prophecies have to say on this topic? Is America being readied by unseen forces to accept its long prophesied "Pharaoh" and King? Is this why mysterious monuments—especially Egyptian obelisks and pyramids—are rising today across the landscape of America?

36. Secrets (Volume 147):

(1) Business Week magazine’s cover intimates that corrupt Wall Street elite "ate the economy" and have brought America to the brink of financial meltdown;
(2) Recreational killing of animals for sheer sport is an abomination;
(3) Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama voted for "live birth" abortion; in other words, for murder of healthy, breathing babies after birth, their bodies to be discarded as medical waste in a dumpster!;
(4) The Jerusalem Post (May 22, 2008) reports that occult cabalist practices such as "red strings, holy water, talismans, and other New Age paraphernalia" are now widely accepted by Jewish rabbis as legitimate religious expression;
(5) Writer has answer to some of America’s most vexing problems;
(6) Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Democrat Party Convention in Denver given against backdrop of ancient Greek temple;
(7) Vatican astronomers at Jesuit-run observatory keep watchful eye on heavens and stars. Are they waiting on some momentous intergalactic event to occur? Meanwhile, the Vatican’s chief astronomer declares, "The extraterrestrial is my brother.";
(8) Law enforcement authorities arrest three "white supremacists" armed with high-powered rifles in Denver, accuse them of an insidious plot to assassinate Senator Barack Obama, then let them go! Was the Israeli Mossad behind this strange plot?;
(9) Exclusive Mini-report: Governor Sarah Palin—Why do the liberal ideologues hate and fear this Christian woman so virulently? Why did McCain choose Sarah as his running mate? Will her eye-opening campaign for the office of Vice President change American politics forever?

37. Passing Through Eden and Babylon—Masonic and Illuminati Architecture From the Age of Nimrod to Today's 21st Century:
Texe interviews Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh. Dr. Pugh, the author of the excellent book, Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666, explains why illuminist architecture has long held such a prominent role in the elitists' agenda for global dominion. These evil men are actively involved in a makeover of Earth. From the days of Eden, Babylon and Egypt to today, their occult designs in building and architecture have foretold their aim of a New Order of the Ages, devoid of truth but big in grandiose architecture.

38. Illuminati Architecture as Global Battleground:
Does illuminist architecture convey a powerful, soul-capturing spiritual message? Do the monuments, buildings, and statues rising across the globe portend a startling prophetic age just ahead? Why did occult, New Age architect John Labell declare to insiders of the Lucis Trust that, "Architecture is the battleground of the spirit?" Texe Marrs demonstrates that an era’s monumental architecture reveals the dominant "Spirit of the Age." He also exposes the occultic illuminist belief that spirits ("demons") actually occupy mystical architecture and make it their habitat. In building such architecture, illuminist believers are, in fact, creating a global psychodrama of open air witchcraft rituals intended to capture men’s souls.

39. Strange Domination: The Eight Pillars of the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) Plan to Control America and the World:
Texe Marrs outlines the eight pillars, or foundations, of the Zionist elite conspiracy to undermine the United States. Their aim is nothing less than to garner control of American political, religious, economic, and cultural institutions; and then use the vast imperialistic power of a ZOG-controlled, U.S.A. government as their proxy to bully, intimidate, and rule the entire world. Discover these eight levers of Zionist domination and see how they so vitally affect your pocketbook, your church, your everyday life, and your future. Can freedom and liberty survive this insidious assault by a pernicious foreign minority operating at every strata of society?

40. Economic Armageddon?—Wall Street Greed, Trillion Dollar Bailouts, and What the Future Holds in Store for You and Me Now:
A Special Texe Marrs Prophetic Outlook. Wall Street greed and political corruption in Washington, D.C., Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, London, and other global capitals have brought the people of the world to the brink of economic collapse. Texe examines the amazing prophecies in the Bible’s books of Revelation and James which warn of the misery that will befall the rich who, in the last days, defraud and rob working men and women. The Bible proclaims that their entire house of cards shall fall in one single hour! Also: What you must do now, to protect yourselves and your family from total disaster.

41. Dollars for Moloch—How the Illuminati Elite Are Using the Economic Crash to Establish A New World Currency Order:
Texe Marrs reveals insider facts about the financial crash. He reports that the Illuminati elite engineered this crash with the aim of establishing a New World Currency Order and a unified global banking and financial system to replace the one just destroyed. America is the ultimate target. We are to be ground down to Third World poverty status. American "brands" and corporate institutions are being acquired by the Illuminati at bargain basement prices. Arabs, Chinese, Israelis are swooping in like hungry, ravenous vultures to grab our land, farms, and assets. The ordinary citizens’ IRA, 401k, pension and retirement accounts are being raided. This is the New Age of Moloch, worship of the ancient Ammonite and Babylonian god of money. He caused innocent children to be sacrificed to the flames amidst a torrent of mothers’ tears. Now, assisted by his Illuminist disciples, the horned "god of credit," the gluttonous Moloch—actually Satan—requires more and more sacrifice. The Illuminati, just as Texe Marrs warned, is finally making its move to destroy American sovereignty and found the global slave plantation.

42. Secrets 148:

(1) Former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, deposed after a call girl sex scandal, warned in February, 2008, of a coming great financial crisis due to predatory lending by banks and mortgage institutions. He said that President Bush and VP Cheney were up to their ears in criminality. Now we know why Spitzer fell from grace—he was about to explode the perverse and crooked Wall Street mess!;
(2) China, France, and others call for New World Order to replace current failed system;
(3) Ads for DVD exposing and blasting Islam are accepted by 70 newspapers, but ads for DVDs exposing Judaism are rejected;
(4) Australian internet writer is arrested at London’s airport and charged with an international crime—because he said he didn’t believe as many as six million Jews died in a Nazi holocaust. Faces up to 5 years in a German prison;
(5) Was Vice President Spiro Agnew forced to resign from office because he insulted the Jewish-run media?;
(6) Opinion polls show that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the North American Union and new Amero currency. Will Congress and the White House stuff it down our throats anyway?;
(7) Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was chosen to run on the Republican ticket by Zionist billionaires in Israel—months before John McCain publicly made the announcement;
(8) Bush-Cheney’s Big Secret: Israel stole Iraq’s oil and is now pocketing tens of billions selling it to China, India, and Japan;
(9) Gay engineer, excited about a sex party he’s going to after work, crashes his train, killing 25 people;
(10) U.S. Army recruiters lower standards—now looking for young men and women with criminal records. The DOD needs more warm bodies as fodder for the Iraq and Afghani wars.

43. Jousting of the Misfits—McCain and Obama as Illuminati Sock Puppets and the Stupidity and Danger of Trusting Politicians to Clean Up America and Set Things Right:
Texe Marrs unmasks both McCain and Obama as tools and minions of the Illuminati Cabal. Obama is under the thumb of Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Zionist deal-maker, money bagman for Israel, and the Mossad agent they call "Mega." Meanwhile, McCain is a long time servant under Lord Jacob Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild of England, who have piped in millions of dollars of illegal foreign contributions to McCain’s presidential campaign. Each candidate journeyed to Israel this past year and gave a Masonic oath of loyalty to Greater Israel and to the rising Zionist World Government. McCain is a long-time crook and warmongering mad-man who has always groveled to his Wall Street masters. Illuminist spawn Obama specializes in Marxist-Leninist dogma and political engineering. Woe to America! The Misfits are set to ascend to the throne!

44. Secrets 148:

(1) Member of Masonic Lodge explains the Masonic view that Jesus is only one of many acceptable gods;
(2) Did the Jesuits author the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?;
(3) Did a 777-point rise in the Dow Jones Average have a connection with the Jewish Holy Day, Rosh Hashanah?;
(4) Regardless of the economic meltdown, the elite continue their building of the TransAmerica Corridor to unite the nations of the U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada in a North American Union;
(5) Israeli elections will vault a pro-World War III advocate into office as Prime Minister;
(6) Heroin production is now the biggest industry in Afghanistan, thanks to the U.S. military invasion;
(7) Pedophilia is wildly rampant among Jews—the Talmud, the Jews’ Holy Book, permits sex with three-year olds.

45. The Arcane Brotherhood of Dark Angels and the Illuminati—Do Spirit Entities Guide the Wicked...:
Throughout history the elite have sought the advice and assistance of demonic spirits. Napoleon consulted the spirits; Vanderbilt never made a business decision without their counsel; Abe Lincoln’s wife conducted seances in the White House; Hillary Clinton and her New Age guru, Jean Houston, communicated with the dead; French President Mitterand traveled to the top of a sacred mountain to conjure up "earth spirits;" DuPont consulted spirits he called "Optimates" and "Planetary Intelligences;" C.W. Leadbeater, 33rd degree Mason, confessed that in the higher rituals of Freemasonry, huge spirits appeared. In the 33rd degree, the highest spirit of all made his presence. He was the one the elite honored as "Spiritual King of the World." So, what are the spirits telling the Illuminati elite today?

46. The King Midas Syndrome:
Why are the Illuminati possessed with a mania for accumulating vast riches? From the days of King Solomon—a monarch who required the priests of the temple to annually offer him 666 talents of gold—to the dynasties of Rockefeller and Rothschild, the Illuminati have been inflicted with the "King Midas Syndrome"—the maniacal desire for gold. Sometimes, even the demons are called upon to help in money-making. Asmodeus is the demon in charge of hidden treasures, Mormo is a "god" of money. From the Order of Skull and Bones to the Wall Street crowd that has today plundered the American treasury, the love of money is the #1 preoccupation of the Illuminati elite. Discover why in this surprising special report.

47. Syndicate of Death—Solving the Riddle of the JFK Assassination, the Anthrax Murders, the D.C. Madam "Suicide," and Other Curious Crimes of the Illuminati:
We now know who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963. We also know who terrorized America by sending anthrax toxins by mail, and we know that the death of the D.C. Madam was not a suicide. In this exclusive report, Texe Marrs reveals startling new evidence about the cruel and dangerous "Syndicate of Death" cartel responsible for so much mayhem and evil.

48. The Curse of the Illuminati—Is America Being Punished by God for "Blessing" Israel?:
The Zionists and millions of deceived Christian evangelicals claim that America will be blessed and rewarded by God for so generously blessing the Jewish, Christ-hating nation of Israel. History and facts prove otherwise. How did the Zionists and evangelicals go so wrong?

49. Bubbleology 101—The Planned Wall Street, Jewish Banker-Engineered Smackdown of America:
The financial meltdown, stock market crash, and economic misery we now suffer is not accidental. It is a result of a succession of hyped and overheated bubbles bursting—the dot.com, real estate, mortgage and credit bubbles, followed by bubbles in collectibles, oil, agriculture, metals, consumer goods, stocks and other assets. Each of these bubbles created untold wealth for Wall Street’s billionaire speculators. The last bubble to burst will be the gigantic, artificially created Money Bubble—the result of the Fed and Treasury throwing some $8.4 trillion into the lap of the greedy global bankers. What happens when this last great bubble goes "poof!"?

50. U.S. Economy Folding Like An Accordion—How Bad Will it Get?:
Can another Great Depression be averted? The U.S. and global economies are jerking ever downward in a deadly deflationary spiral. What can save things? Will businesses fail, shopping malls close, retail stores go bankrupt? What joblessness rate can America expect? Is gold a safe haven? Are there any safe havens left? How much misery is yet to come for ordinary citizens?

51. "Get Ready, I Smell War!"—Specters of A Savage 2009:
The Great Depression that followed the stock market crashes of 1929 and the 1930s ended in 50 million lives lost in the flames of World War II. Hear what Texe now sees as likely, perhaps inevitable, features of our immediate future. Discover why these stunning events and others equally dramatic may well become stark and overwhelming reality:
(1) Economic chaos escalates and the public becomes panic-stricken and frightened;
(2) The Middle East powder keg blows;
(3) Oil shoots up to an astonishing $300 a barrel; gold also rockets upward to new heights;
(4) The Superpower Cold War re-ignites, threatening U.S. security and causing geopolitical conflict incredibly dangerous in scope;
(5) A desperate, weakened U.S.A. is brought to its knees as the North American Union and a new Amero currency is offered as America’s only salvation:
(6) Satanic Zionism will flourish and a corrupt and sinister Greater Israel will rise up out of the flames like a Phoenix.

52. America's Future Is Now in the Hands of Two Psychopaths at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: President Barack Obama, Israeli Agent "Rahm the Cruel" Emanuel, and a Leninist America by 2012:
On January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama takes possession of the Oval Office. "Rahm the Cruel" Emanuel takes over as White House Chief of Staff. Obama and Emanuel are both in the employ of the Israeli Mossad, and "Rahm the Cruel," a former Wall Street manipulator and Chicago Mafioso, actually served in the Israeli military. Together, Obama, our charming and charismatic young President, and Rahm, his Stalinist overseer and Mossad controller, will lash and steer the American Republic ever forward into the morass of a Leninist dictatorship of the elite. Unless something incredible intervenes, by 2012 we shall experience the final, irrevocable "Sovietization of America."