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52. Mysteries of the TempleDetails Download Listen
51. Jews Can Get Away With MurderDetails Download Listen
50. Secret Societies of the New World OrderDetails Download Listen
49. Secrets 160Details Download Listen
48. Conspiracy WorldDetails Download Listen
47. Stony Beasts and Menacing Idols Surround Us EverywhereDetails Download Listen
46. Deceivers In Our MidstDetails Download Listen
45. Secrets 159Details Download Listen
44. The Leveling of AmericaDetails Download Listen
43. The New BabylonDetails Download Listen
42. Rebellion, Death, and HoodwinkDetails Download Listen
41. We Are Being Colonized!Details Download Listen
40. Secrets 158Details Download Listen
39. The Four Great Foes of IlluminismDetails Download Listen
38. Satanic Magic and Alchemy of the Number 9Details Download Listen
37. Witchcraft in the White HouseDetails Download Listen
36. Secrets 157Details Download Listen
35. Stalin's GhostDetails Download Listen
34. Unheralded Secrets of Judaism & Freemasonry (Volume 2)Details Download Listen
33. Devil's Head SoupDetails Download Listen
32. The Truth vs. The LieDetails Download Listen
31. Secrets 156Details Download Listen
30. Pyramid Mysteries of the Atom BombDetails Download Listen
29. And Men Loved the DarknessDetails Download Listen
28. Secrets 155Details Download Listen
27. Illuminati, The Cult That Hijacked HistoryDetails Download Listen
26. The Illuminati’s Secret Societies and A Special Report on the BilderbergersDetails Download Listen
25. Unheralded Secrets of Judaism and FreemasonryDetails Download Listen
24. Eye of the StormDetails Download Listen
23. Secrets 154Details Download Listen
22. The End of The WorldDetails Download Listen
21. Color Me EvilDetails Download Listen
20. Zio-MammonismDetails Download Listen
19. The Gods of ChaosDetails Download Listen
18. Secrets 153Details Download Listen
17. Mexico On Fire!Details Download Listen
16. Holocaust Dogma UnmaskedDetails Download Listen
15. Bible Prophecy UnfoldsDetails Download Listen
14. Secrets 152Details Download Listen
13. Judaism Discovered (Part 2)Details Download Listen
12. Judaism Discovered (Part 1)Details Download Listen
11. America's Extreme MakeoverDetails Download Listen
10. Secrets 151Details Download Listen
09. Sex Cults of the IlluminatiDetails Download Listen
08. Bring in the ClownsDetails Download Listen
07. Secrets 150Details Download Listen
06. Blood WarsDetails Download Listen
05. Noisy Pigs Stumbling in the DarknessDetails Download Listen
04. Rabbis Over the VaticanDetails Download Listen
03. The Janus FactorDetails Download Listen
02. Obama's Mind-Boggling White House Rogue's GalleryDetails Download Listen
01. Red Star Over the USADetails Download Listen

52. Mysteries of the Temple:
Why does Rothschild, the Jewish Sanhedrin, the Masonic Lodge, The Mormon Church, and scores of Satanic cults seek to rebuild Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem? Why did Jesus condemn the Jews’ religion and cast the moneychangers out of the Temple? What of Jesus’ prophecy that the Temple of the Jews would be destroyed and the House of Israel "left desolate" until His return? Why do millions of pro-Zionist evangelical Christians take pride in attempting to undo what Christ has done and strive to nullify Jesus’ prophecy and rebuild both the Temple and the House of Israel? What does the "Temple" signify? What occult mysteries and satanic purposes are embodied in the millennia-old quest to rebuild the Temple and reinstitute blood sacrifices? What will happen when the antichrist (666) enters the rebuilt Temple and blasphemously declares he is "God?"

51. Jews Can Get Away With Murder—Israel, 9/11, and the Goldstone Report:
Texe Marrs interviews Victor Thorn, author of 9/11 Evil and a new book examining the unwarranted and vicious attack on the U.S.S. Liberty ship by Israeli forces. The truth is revealed—that the Israeli Mossad, in conjunction with the highest-level Neocon traitors of the Bush/Cheney Administration, perpetrated the 9/11 massacre. Thorn also examines the latest research on the U.S.S. Liberty attack and the recent Goldstone Report, in which Israel’s military is documented to be guilty of international war crimes in its assault, rape, torture, and merciless killing of innocent Palestinian men, women, and children. Will these guilty criminals ever be brought to justice?

50. Secret Societies of the New World Order:
Texe Marrs and Mark Dice, author of Illuminati: Facts and Fiction, discuss the membership, goals, and practices of notorious elitist secret societies and cults, including the original Bavarian Order of the Illuminati; the Bohemian Grove, the Order of Skull & Bones; and the Church of Satan. Also examined: The Judaic cult and its dangerous racist ideology and conspiratorial aims. Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and his "friend," famed novelist Ayn Rand ("Atlas Shrugged") are also discussed.

49. Secrets 160:
(1) The astonishing connection of Red China's curious and ancient Hung Secret Society with the West's Freemasonry;
(2) Hoax: Jewish deceiver awarded a medal for heroism and D-Day proven to be a fraud;
(3) And more hoaxes: Jewish woman claiming to be a holocaust survivor is outed as a fraud. She wrote a bogus, award-winning book saying that she hid from dreaded Nazis by living for years in the forest as a lonely young girl, miraculously fed and cared for by wild wolves;
(4) Lou Dobbs, CNN host, is fired after the radical Jewish group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, objected to his on-air demand that America's immigration laws be enforced and that Barack Obama produce a U.S.A. birth certificate;
(5) Lucrative, but ghoulish business: Israeli military keeps very busy murdering young Palestinian youth and harvesting their vital organs for transplant operations of the rich;
(6) ADL watch-dog asks for subscription to Power of Prophecy newsletter;
(7) Conspiracy facts are part of a growing body of evidence known as "Conspiracy Science;"
(8) Beware!—Not all advertised Christian drug rehab programs are based on Christian principles.

48. Conspiracy World—Doorway to a Hidden Realm of Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge:
Texe Marrs discusses some of the fascinating facts and revelations in his new book, Conspiracy World, including:
(1) The assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr., and Great Britain’s Princess Diana;
(2) The discovery of missing congressional intern Chandra Levy’s dead body at Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C.;
(3) The "Revolution of Blood"—the Red Terror of Lenin and Trotsky in Soviet Russia;
(4) Rockefeller money and the breeding of the new "Super Man;"
(5) Devil companies, Devil products, Devil logos;
(6) Is Freemasonry a Luciferian secret society?;
(7) UFOs and extraterrestrials—are they for real?;
(8) And much more…

47. Stony Beasts and Menacing Idols Surround Us Everywhere—Who Erected Them?...Are They Alive?...Can They Posses Human Souls?:
Across America and the world grotesque statues and beast-like idols have been erected. Are these hellish creations mere curiosities made of stone and metal, or—could it be—they are "alive?" What of the Bible’s prophecy (Revelation 13) of the “image of the beast” that walks and speaks? Do demons possess these otherwise inanimate objects? Are those who build and pay homage to these hideous idols accursed by God? Are movie images of such horrible beings also accursed?

46. Deceivers in Our Midst—Unmasking the Agent Provocateurs, Shills, and Pied Pipers Working Clandestinely for Big Brother’s Police State and Rothschild’s New World Order:
A Texe Marrs Investigative Report: Shocker!—World’s most infamous "Moslem" terrorists discovered to be Jewish pretenders. Carlos the Jackal, Abu Nidal, and other murderous bombers and hijackers are outed and proven to be Jewish agents working undercover for the Israeli Mossad and CIA. Even the man claimed to be Osama Bin Laden’s chief lieutenant turns out to be a Jewish double agent. And more stunning disclosures: The Moslem "Arab" guy boasting he was American Al Quaida and threatening the U.S. on TV and internet is actually Adam Pearlman, a Jew. FBI admits that Hal Turner, radical "Patriot" radio talk show host, was trained and paid by the agency to create turmoil and chaos. Also, the sinister "American Fuhrer" who headed the American Nazi Party, Frank Collin, is actually Frank Joseph Cohen, a Jew! Meanwhile, a former Senior Ku Klux Klan leader, supposedly from the State of Georgia, is found to now be living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He also is a Jew! It appears that every so-called "Right-wing extremist," "Neo Nazi," "Aryan and Ku Klux Klan group in America is funded and run by masquerading Jews!

45. Secrets 159:
(1) Girl, 15 is gang raped and beaten outside school dance while 16 witnesses watch. None call police;
(2) Schoolgirl watches in horror as teen thug stomps on her tiny puppy's head and kills it;
(3) UN's "Goldstone Report" concludes that Israel is guilty of war crimes and atrocities in its heinous assaults on Palestinians and Gaza;
(4) Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu demands that Israeli troops be exempted from international laws of war;
(5) Bernie Madoff, convicted Wall Street Ponzi scheme operator, turned his workplace into a continuous cocaine and sex party environment;
(6) Survey finds that Mexicans believe Mexican-Americans owe loyalty to Mexico over the U.S.;
(7) America is filling up with dumb people;
(8) Texe interviews Bedros Hajian, founder of the Armenian-American Christian Outreach Ministries, Glendale, California, regarding the Armenian genocide and massacre of Christians by Turkey under crypto-Jewish rule.

44. The Leveling of America—So the World Can Be As One:
Evidence is presented that the United States is intentionally being "leveled" and brought down economically. The illuminists' goal is to diminish and transform America into a Third World nation, driving down workers' wages, destroying the dollar currency, drastically increasing taxes, bottling up our oil and gas by not drilling new wells, and through other economic warfare. After this financial and social crushing of America, it is believed the once proud U.S. citizenry will become so desperate and so impoverished they will sell their birthright and heritage for the few crumbs of wealth that remain. The end-objective of the Illuminati Plan is that a broken U.S.A. will be useful only as a dumping ground for illegal aliens and as a resource for the elite to access when military mercenaries are needed to bleed and die in foreign conflicts.

43. The New Babylon—A Panoramic View of the Rothschild Empire and Its Power and Influence Over America Through President Obama and Our Congress:
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his powerful new book exposing the Rothschilds leadership of the New World Order conspiracy. Piper explains how over the centuries and decades the wealth of the fabulous Rothschild Dynasty has enabled these power-hungry Zionist plotters to seize more and more control—over stock markets, banks, corporations, universities, and national governments. The henchmen of the Rothschilds have also used organized crime to accomplish their aims. Their power is also felt through the secret societies and in globalist groups such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

42. Rebellion, Death, and Hoodwink—The Legacy and Practice of Freemasonry:
Texe Marrs explains the real, hidden objective of the Masonic Lodge. This "fraternity" of evil provides a boiling pot of rebellion for Illuminist leaders. It silently fosters a mindset of death and depravity among its members, of whom the vast majority are deceived and hoodwinked into falsely believing they have joined a secret but "worthy" organization. Texe also reveals the meaning of the three hideously notorious names of Deity taught in the Lodge—those of Mahabone, Jahbulon, and Abaddon.

41. We Are Being Colonized!—The Secret Illuminati Project to Flood the United States with 100,000,000 More Illegal Aliens:
Under a Masonic project sponsored by the Rothschilds and Zionist groups, the United States will be flooded with 100,000,000 more illegal aliens. A recent survey calculated the current number of illegal aliens in the United States at 25 to 30 million, with many of them voting for liberal legislators and a President who will give them free healthcare, housing, welfare, and Social Security. Will President Obama grant amnesty to the illegal population so they can receive Obamacare? Is Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) a hero to the patriot community? What about proof he is a 33rd degree Freemason? Does the State Department circumvent immigration by designating immigrants as "refugees?" Are we to become a colony of the New World Order? The answers to these questions and much more are available on this dynamic program.

40. Secrets 158:
(1) Does Barack Obama have dictatorial ambitions?;
(2) Is there a relationship between the 33 degrees in Freemasonry and the crucifixion of Jesus at the age of 33?;
(3) Former Congressman Jim Traficant, recently released from prison, is branded a "conspiracy theorist" by Sean Hannity. Traficant says he was railroaded to prison by the Israeli lobby;
(4) Jewish movie director Roman Polanski is finally arrested after 3 decades for his rape of a 13 year-old girl. Why is Hollywood up in arms about this?;
(5) Were occult rituals acted out on the broadcast of MTV’s Video Award show?;
(6) Prince Phillip of Great Britain, a radical environmentalist activist, complains that ordinary citizens have too much;
(7) Has Wal-Mart changed their logo to the six-pointed star?;
(8) The leader of the environmental organization Greenpeace admits he lied about global warming causing ice to melt in the Arctic;

39. The Four Great Foes of Illuminism—Can Nationalists (Patriots), Individualists, Shiite Moslems or New Testament Christians Win the Victory Over the Money, Power, and Organization of Satan’s Illuminati Juggernaut?:
Illuminati magic has enveloped the world. You can be an overcomer, but you must decide if you want to join Lucifer or fight and occupy the world for Jesus. Illuminists are collectivists who cultivate the group mindset and distrust individualism. Illuminists are cunning and agile deceivers who teach the masses to love servitude. Who are the four foes of Illuminism? How is the tactic of mobocracy utilized? Is psychiatry a tool of the Illuminist methodology? Only one of the four foes will stand at the completion of this battle. Will you be an overcomer?

38. Satanic Magic and Alchemy of the Number 9—President Obama and Cabalistic Rabbis to Choose Who Will Live and Who Will Die:
Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin warned recently that, if Obama’s so-called "health-care reform" is passed, Death Panels made up of bureaucrats will decide who will live or die. Her warning was laughed at by some, but Texe Marrs reveals that on August 19, in a telephone conference with America’s top Jewish rabbis, President Obama confided, "We are God’s partners in deciding who will live and who will die." Moreover, the rabbis say Obama quoted from the Jews’ Rosh Hashanah prayer and referenced the High Holy Days of the Jews as backup for his belief that he and the Jews hold this god-like power. On 9-09-09 Obama gave a nationally televised address to Congress on his healthcare plan. The three 9s were believed to endow his speech with supernatural power. Texe reveals the hideous meaning of the number 9 in Satanism and Illuminism, pointing out its use over and over as a tool to hex and destroy their opposition. The number 9 is also shown, in occult doctrines, to be the concealed number of the beast, 666, the antichrist Messiah to be welcomed on earth by the Jews.

37. Witchcraft in the White House:
New revelations of Santeria voodoo ritual in the White House—Michelle Obama’s grandmother invites Santeria witch into President’s residence. Also, a photo surfaces revealing Barack and Michelle Obama having an African devil idol in their home in Chicago. And, The Nation magazine reports on Code Pink, an Obama support group, which conducted a witchcraft cleansing ritual to purify the White House of evil spirits. And more...

36. Secrets 157:
((1) Goldman Sachs, the wealthy Wall Street firm with close ties to both the Bush and Obama White Houses, gives out a whopping $10 billion in bonuses to executives, after receiving over $50 billion of free money from the U.S. Treasury’s "TARP" program;
(2) Obama’s socialized medical plan will rob the Medicare program to provide billions in free healthcare benefits for illegal aliens;
(3) Code Pink, a supposed peace group founded by witches and lesbians, did a "cleansing ritual" to rid the White House of bad spirits and omens. The three wealthy women who began this group have received a written letter from President Obama endorsing gay marriage and pledging his intent to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act;
(4) Revealed!—Obama’s first "job" out of college was with a CIA dummy front company called Business International Corporation;
(5) West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller introduces legislation giving President Obama the dictatorial power to shut down the internet or to close down politically incorrect websites;
(6) Entertainer Michael Jackson, now dead, had blasted the Jews who run the entertainment and recording industry: "They’re like leeches;"
(7) Netherlands newspaper alleges the swine flu vaccine is a Jewish conspiracy to reduce world population;
(8) Obama appoints a Zionist Jew, Dr. Thomas Frieden, to head the Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta. He’ll be overseeing the expected swine flu epidemic and immunizations;
(9) UN’s World Health Organization admits that the swine flu scare is overdone and the virus even appears to be peaking.

35. Stalin’s Ghost—Is Barack Obama the Reincarnation of the Soviet Communist Dictator?:
Barack Obama is proven to be a Communist, having been mentored in Hawaii by the late Frank Marshall Davis, an operative of the Communist Party U.S.A. Stalin, Soviet leader, had the ruthless Jew, Kaganovich, as his deputy; Obama, American President, has the ruthless Jew, Emanuel, as his White House Chief of Staff. Obama’s takeover of the U.S. car industry and the banks, along with his scheme to socialize medicine were mirrored by Stalin’s control of Soviet industry. Stalin set up a Communist Youth and Party organization, Obama proposes a 2-million plus strong National Civilian Service corp. Stalin sent Soviet troops into Poland and the Baltic Republics and threatened other nations. Obama has sent U.S. troops into Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan and is threatening others. Obama has only been in office less than a year. Will he continue to emulate the Soviet dictator’s bloody reign?

34. Unheralded Secrets of Judaism & Freemasonry (Volume 2):
Texe Marrs continues his insightful series. In this edition:
(1) The Masonic Lodge teaches that the "Lost Word" (the hidden name of their God) was known to the ancient Patriarchs of Israel—who might this be?;
(2) Were the Old Testament’s Moses and Joseph initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries?;
(3) What does the symbol, "the point within the circle," signify for the Lodge?;
(4) Did the Jewish religion originate from Gnosticism?;
(5) Is God, in Freemasonry, both Father and Mother? Does Judaism recognize the Mother principle?;
(6) Why is the 17th degree called, "Knights of East and West?;"
(7) Why do Masons use a human skull in their initiations?;
(8) Why did Pike teach that Buddha, was "the first Masonic legislator?;"
(9) What is the meaning given to Masons of the Cross?;
(10) How many "Christs" and "Messiahs" does the Lodge recognize?

33. Devil's Head Soup—Christian Imposters in the House of God:
As more and more Pastors and Christian laymen depart from the Holy Bible, the more they are seduced into believing the Devil’s doctrines. Joel Osteen, TV Pastor of Houston’s huge Lakewood Church, thinks Mormons are "true Christians." A Southern Baptist minister, Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, agrees. Ridenhour even says he has been converted to the Book of Mormon, the Mormon (LDS) Church’s false Bible. He claims it is the true word of God, and he now praises Joseph Smith, Mormonism’s founder, as a genuine Prophet of God. Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI, in Rome, speaks of saving Mother Earth. The Pope is also now calling for a World Authority and for a global government, while a new, 1309-page Catholic book speaks of homosexual priests practicing the sacred "Rite of Sodomy."

32. The Truth vs. The Lie—How to Defeat the Illuminati Conspiracy 1-2-3:
Satan and his human disciples have created a world in which The Lie prospers. Indeed, the whole planet has become an interlinking spider’s web of fabrications and untruths. Politicians, bankers, educators, salesmen, blue-collar workers—virtually everyone spreads lies. The Illuminists prey on mankind, inspired by their master, Satan, the Father of Lies. The good news is that we can escape this web of lies. God has the power and is able to empower us so we can live lives of truth and joy and escape "The Lie." Nothing damages the agenda of Satan’s Illuminati more than a person who simply tells the truth and refuses to be a part of the Lie. Here’s how you can join in this thrilling mission of truth-telling.

31. Secrets 156:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) God has a unique plan and purpose for every human being—how can you and I discover this wonderful plan for our lives?;
(2) Tony Alamo, the well-known evangelist, is convicted of molesting and assaulting girls whom he took as wives. One was only 8 years old! Alamo’s real name, as it turns out, is Bernard Lazar Hoffman—he is a Jewish imposter and criminal in the House of God;
(3) Two radio DJs in Austin, Texas are fired for using the term "wetback" to refer to Mexican illegals;
(4) America’s prison population explodes as thousands of illegal aliens commit vicious crimes. Stupid, inept judges let many out awaiting trial and they do more crimes;
(5) Four boys in Phoenix, all Liberian (Africa) immigrants, brutally rape an eight-year old girl, luring her behind a shed with promises of chewing gum. The victim’s parents—also African immigrants—say that in their homeland, the girl is at fault when rape occurs, so they don’t want her anymore;
(6) Nutty radio show host suggests Texe Marrs is secretly a Catholic Jesuit priest. Huh? So why, then, has Texe and Power of Prophecy exposed the Vatican and the Pope more than just about anyone in the world? One wonders if it’s not a Jesuit-type who’s making up this silly nonsense;
(7) Wall Street speculators are at it again—artificially driving up the price of oil and gasoline at the pump;
(8) Crime sprees in small-town America are on the increase. Is the foreign culture of immigrants, combined with meth and other drugs, causing things to go crazy?;
(9) California is bankrupt, but Gov. Schwarzenegger and the State’s politicians keep on spending and taxing. Will it ever stop?;
(10) Milwaukee Catholic Archbishop admits paying $425,000 hush money to boy whom he homosexually molested.

30. Pyramid Mysteries of the Atom Bomb:
Is there an occult connection between the invention and explosion of the first atom bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico, in 1945 and the Egyptian cult of the pyramid? Did satanic high priests assist U.S. scientists working on the atomic bomb development of the Manhattan Project? What roles did Jewish financier and White House manipulator Bernard Baruch and famous scientist Albert Einstein play in convincing President F.D.R. to build the bomb? What of stunning, new evidence that Oppenheimer, the Jewish scientist in charge of the Manhattan Project, was a Soviet Communist spy and that he and other Jewish traitors funneled nuclear bomb secrets both to Stalin’s Soviet Russia and, later, to the Zionist nation of Israel? Discover things the official history books dare not disclose in this exclusive investigative analysis by Texe Marrs.

29. And Men Loved the Darkness"—Why Do the Illuminati Elite Do Evil Things?:
A Texe Marrs exclusive report. Why do the Illuminati elite work so diligently and with such cruel intent to master the world and to subjugate its people? Are these men possessed by devils? Are they psychopaths? Are the elite consumed with power-lust and an inordinate and all-obsessive love of money? Aren’t the trillions they’ve already stolen enough for them? Do they derive pleasure from the blood and horrors of war? Are they sadists who enjoy inflicting great pain on innocent victims? In killing the helpless, are the Illuminati chieftains, in fact, honoring Lucifer by literally conducting open-air human sacrifices? Do the Scriptures provide us insight into their grotesque motives and crimes?

28. Secrets 155:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Pope Benedict issues a new papal encyclical calling for the end of nation-state sovereignties and the founding of a supreme "World Authority," a supra-government "with teeth." The Pope also insists that wealthy nations such as the U.S.A. "redistribute wealth" to poorer nations in a socialist scheme and that the new "World Authority" be given control over all the world’s banks and financial institutions;
(2) A humongous 1,200 feet long "Green Goddess" idol monument is going up in Great Britain;
(3) President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, is unmasked as a member of the elitist "Belizean Grove," an all-women’s feminist equivalent of the California’s men’s satan-fest, the Bohemian Grove;
(4) The environmentalists’ cockeyed theory of Global Warming takes a tumble as the world grows cooler and an unseasonable June chill hits most of the states in the U.S.A.;
(5) The fear factor: Of whom should we be afraid?;
(6) Top Australian biological scientist discovers that the swine flu virus is man-made in government labs. The United Nations World Health Authority is forced to admit the new scientific findings are correct and says it will investigate (oh yeah!);
(7) President Obama and his Israeli White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, warn that the swine flu will attack the American people "with fury" this fall. What do they know?;
(8) Two years ago Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy were the first to warn America of the coming financial catastrophe. Why is this ministry always ahead of its time?;
(9) Was Barack Obama "Rothschild’s Choice" to become President of the United States? Is Obama the Antichrist?

27. Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World:
Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Henry Makow, author of the outstanding new book, Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World. Is there an elite people, a group called the Illuminati, and what is their goal? Has a sick Talmudist system been foisted on America? Is Freemasonry Judaism repackaged? Is Freemasonry based on Judaism? Is Satanism the mindset of the Illuminati?

26. The Illuminati’s Secret Societies and A Special Report on the Bilderbergers:
Texe Marrs gives an update and further exposes the Bilderberg Group. He also interviewed Mark Dice, author of the outstanding new book, The Illuminati: Facts and Fiction. Texe revealed what went on at the most recent Bilderberg conclave this May in Greece. Texe added intelligence he had gleaned from confidential sources indicating that Rothschild convened and extraordinary special "Summit" of the most elite of the Bilderbergers, conducted in June in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel Aviv is now the Financial Capital of the World. Texe also revealed that the Bilderbergers are working with President Obama to institute a new global tax and to create a unified standing army to put down resistance to the New World Order. Mark Dice discussed his new book. He warned that the Illuminati conspiracy is not only very real, but is a threat to ordinary citizens of America and the planet.

25. Unheralded Secrets of Judaism and Freemasonry (Volume 1):
In this volume, the first of a series to come, Texe Marrs unlocks mysteries and connects the twin heresies of Judaism and Freemasonry:
(1) Albert Pike, former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodges, admitted that Freemasonry’s rituals and doctrines originated from the sorcery and magic of the Jewish Cabala; thus, Masonry is a Jewish cult;
(2) Judaizers inside the Christian Church—men like Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and others—are ignorant of the fact that the religion of Judaism is not based on the Torah or Old Testament but, as Jesus revealed, on "man-made traditions;"
(3) The Talmud, a bigoted and hateful book of Satanic smut, is actually the basis of the Judaic faith;
(4) Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry identifies Washington, D.C. as the headquarters for international Freemasonry; it is where the "Supreme Mother Council of the World" is located;
(5) Mackey further revealed that the "Noahides"—descendants of the Bible’s Noah—are the original founders of Masonry.
(6) The Jews say that in the coming New Age, Gentiles who disobey the "Noahide Laws" will be beheaded. Worship of Jesus is a violation of the Noahide Laws. The guillotine employed in Revolutionary France was a precursor of what is to come when the Jews receive their earthly Kingdom.;
(7) The Bible’s book of Ezekiel, chapter 8, paints a graphic description of what goes on inside the inner sanctum of Masonic lodges today;
(8) Why do Masons teach that the starry, northern part of our galaxy is a place of darkness and evil?;
(9) Their worship of the Sun admitted in Masonic encyclopedia;
(10) Masonic celebration of St. John’s day tied to their secret worship of the ancient fish god, Oannes. The Catholic Pope’s fish-like headdress is also based on worship of Oannes. Revelation 13 makes mention of this horned devil-god (the Beast) whom the ancient Philistines honored as Dagon, the fish god;
(11) Of what significance is the color red in the Masonic Lodge and in Judaism?

24. Eye of the Storm — Is America and the Planet on the Threshold of Disaster?:
A Texe Marrs Special Report. America has for over 200 years been blessed by God, but in just one generation ours has become one of the most blasphemous and immoral nations on earth. Falling prey to Jewish talmudic culture influences, the U.S.A. and its leaders have shred almost all standards of decency. Our financial system is defunct and the "Money Bubble" of Obama and the Federal Reserve ($16 trillion dollars spent to reinflate the economy) will soon burst. Joblessness increases at a rapid pace. We are engaged in two futile, bloody wars in the Middle East, and we are now attacking a third country, Pakistan. Gay perverts reign in Washington, D.C. and a satanic cult now uses Hollywood and the media to sink American into a septic cesspool. As bas as things are, regrettably, they are about to get worse!

23. Secrets 154:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Why my books are bestsellers—God’s miracles in Chicago;
(2) Conoco Oil headquarter in Alaska is designed with a glass pyramid;
(3) Hindu "thinker" sends me Mothers Day poem addressed to our "Mother Earth;"
(4) Depraved song by two U.S.A. Jewish pop-rock superstars, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, has lyrics about having sex with each other’s mother! The sicko song is performed on Saturday Night Live TV program and is dedicated to everybody’s mothers;
(5) Talk show host Jason Bermas lashes out at people who dare suggest that Jews run the media or might be involved in a conspiracy—Bermas wants them to go out and kill themselves;
(6) In fact, the Jews do own Hollywood and the U.S.A. media, and they admit it!;
(7) Yale professor says that former President Bush believed that in killing Moslems in the Middle East, he was actually opposing the biblically prophesied demons, Gog and Magog;
(8) What day is Sabbath—Saturday, Sunday, or…?
(9) The Jehovah’s Witnesses are proven to be a Jewish/Zionist cult. The founder of this cult has a pyramid erected at his gravesite, and the JW’s doctrines strongly deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.

22. The End of the World—Bible Prophecy According to Jesus:
Many today fear we are on the threshold of the end of the world. Everywhere, mankind is experiencing unprecedented debauchery, blasphemy, crime, disease, hunger, warfare, and a host of other ills. Gun and ammo sales are at an all time high and fearful people seem to sense that the world is on the edge of a climactic volcanic eruption. What did Jesus, the greatest prophet of all, say about the events of the last days? Do His prophecies spell doom for you and me now, today? Is there, nevertheless, a silver lining in the prophecies of Jesus?

21. Color Me Evil—Why Are Jews Responsible for the World’s Most Infamous and Heinous Crimes?:
Texe Marrs stuns with fresh evidence that, proportionate to their small numbers, the Jews are the most deadly and dangerous tribe and people on earth. Austrian dungeon-master Joseph Fritzl, who imprisoned and forced his own daughter to have children through incest, is a Jew. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine High School mass killers, were Jews. On and on the evidence stacks up. The Soviet genocide of 66 million, mostly Christians, during the Communist era was planned and executed by Jewish commissars, and the biggest financial Ponzi scheme in the history of the U.S.A. was pulled off by Bernie Madoff, a Jew. Did their murder of our Lord Jesus and their stubborn refusal to repent of their evil deeds bring upon these people a terrible curse? Can any Jew escape this curse? How?

20. Zio-Mammonism—How the Money Religion of the International Jew is Bankrupting America, Destroying the Dollar, and Impoverishing the Whole World:
The Hegelian-engineered clash of opposites, Communism vs. Capitalism, is now spiraling humanity and all nations toward the planned Illuminati synthesis. The end-result of this classic, 300-year long conflict will be Zio-Mammonism. It will bring to planet earth the rule of the Zionist elite overseers aided by their Gentile lieutenants and servants. The Jews say this will be a paradise age and, in Hebrew, call it Tikkun Olam. Tel Aviv, Israel has already become the planet’s new financial capital; Jerusalem is its spiritual and judicial center. The U.S.A. and Europe are demoted and are diminishing in status. In the 19th century, acclaimed Jew, Heinrich Heine, wrote: "Money is the God of the Jews, and Rothschild is His prophet." Karl Marx also proclaimed that money is the Jew’s "God." Jesus said it first though, warning both the Jews and the world alike, that man must choose which God he will serve. The choice, Christ said, is between the true God and mammon (money). The triumph of Zio-Mammonism will welcome the dawning of a New Age in which men everywhere shall worship mammon, or money, thus serving the vile, crass "God" of the Jews who rule the planet.

19. The Gods of Chaos Bring Global Devastation—The Illuminati Plan to Destabilize and Deconstruct America and the World to Establish the New World Order:
Satanism’s highest holy days ("hell days") are designed to usher in death, blood, and pain. In this exclusive report, Texe Marrs shockingly connects numerous recent events: fires, a missing young teenager in South Carolina; the sexual torture and murder of eight-year old Sandra Cantu in Florida; Air Force One (747) aircraft and 2 F-16s panicking thousands in New York; the murder of Freddie Mac’s CFO executive; financial happenings on Wall Street; bombings and conflict in Iraq and Pakistan; and the Swine Flu scare. He shows how the Illuminati use the Satanic calendar, heralding such magical hell days as the Spring Equinox, the Grand Climax, and Walpurgisnacht, to wreak havoc on humanity and initiate disciples by blood sacrifice and chaos. The whole world is being fast-forwarded into hellish oblivion.

18. Secrets 153:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Obama’s North American Union scheme goes into high gear as Mexico continues to be whip-sawed by Illuminist design. Mexico’s economy is in tatters, swine flu ravages and earthquake hits;
(2) Clinton’s Pentagon boss, Secretary of Defense William Cohen, in 1997 admitted that the U.S.A. had developed stunning new seismic weapons able to cause earthquake disasters anywhere on earth;
(3) Swine flu virus is man-made. Baxter Laboratories is caught combining swine, avian (bird), and human viruses in a lethal mixture;
(4) Revelation 6, describing the horror of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, prophesies of plagues and pestilence;
(5) Devil idols discovered across the globe confirm the warning given in the Bible’s book of Revelation of wicked idol worship abounding in the last days;
(6) Homosexual Jews Harris and Klebold targeted Christian girls for death at Columbine;
(7) Annual Bilderberger meeting is scheduled this month, May 14th
(8) Texas Governor Rick Perry, who correctly told Washington, D.C. that the State of Texas has the right to secede, is nevertheless a Bilderberger and a two-faced elitist not to be trusted;
(9) Donald Trump declares bankruptcy of his beach-front real estate condo and housing projects in Mexico, leaving American buyers out in the cold. Trump still owns the Miss U.S.A. Pageant. He is responsible for the fiasco in which Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was denied the crown of Miss U.S.A. because she refused to publicly endorse gay marriage. Not surprisingly, the immoral Mr. Trump is a Jew!

17. Mexico on Fire! Will Obama Use This Devastating Crisis as the Catalyst to Usher in the Illuminati-Planned North American Union By the End of 2010?:
It’s suddenly all over the media. Mexican drug cartels are brutalizing Mexico and invading American soil. Vicious Mexican drug gangs are terrorizing American cities. President Obama threatens to send U.S. military troops to quell the growing crime wave. FEMA camps have been readied to house millions of frightened Mexican refugees. Is this the “crisis” engineered in advance by the Illuminist CIA and Mossad designed to cause Americans to accept the merger of Mexico and the U.S.A. as a fait accompli? Will martial law be implemented to restore law and order after the total breakdown and collapse of a shattered Mexican nation? Is this the pretext to set up the North American Union by the end of 2010?

16. Holocaust Dogma Unmasked—A Grim Global Conspiracy Mocking Reality and Capitalizing on Death is Outed by Brave Truthtellers:
If you mention the content of this program to others, you could be arrested and locked away in prison. Across the globe, laws have been passed to keep men and women from discussing the contents of this program. Moreover, truth is no defense. If you so much as question the "official version" of facts, you’ll be labeled a criminal and treated accordingly. This is no idle threat. The truth can get you a stiff prison sentence! However, if you have the guts to discover the truth and the courage to face-down some of the greatest liars in human history, you will find this information a marvelous blessing.

15. Bible Prophecy Unfolds—The Four Horns and Four Carpenters of Zechariah and the Final Destiny of the Illuminati and It's Architectural Colossus:
In the book of Zechariah is found an amazing prophecy. Rarely mentioned by modern-day preachers, little understood, this amazing prophecy has to do with the New World Order and the drive of the Illuminati elite for a reconstructed "paradise" or kingdom on planet earth. Hear Texe's thrilling revelation of the surprising climax of world history as Big Brother's carefully built superstructure meets up with God's wrecking crew!

14. Secrets 152:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) A motorist is pulled over for the heinous crime of "excessive laughing while driving."
(2) Burping worms are contributing to Climate Change and global warming.
(3) Psychiatrists agree—"Climate Change Denial" is a mental disorder;
(4) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Paris, echoes White House Chief of Staff Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel: "Never waste a good crisis;"
(5) Flying syringe mosquitoes will be used to immunize people reluctant to be vaccinated. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will fund this incredible new scientific project;
(6) Reader reports that Disney’s famous, classic Dumbo movie secretly conveys subliminal images, including an all-seeing eye and a pyramid. Plus, in one scene, Dumbo’s trunk becomes an erect phallus!;
(7) Witchcraft evil touches lives in South Carolina when a total stranger invades a funeral service in progress, opens the casket, strikes the deceased with a magic wand, does a necromantic dance and then disappears. The stranger, a 28-year old woman, was later arrested driving down the freeway;
(8) Has the world gone insane?

12-13. Judaism Discovered (Part 1&2)—The Deceitful, Anti-biblical, Talmudic Religion of the Rabbis Laid Bare:
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Hoffman, noted scholar of Judaic studies. Hoffman’s documented exposé of Judaism, an 1100 page masterpiece, lays bare the hateful and despicable religion of the Jews. Unknown to most Christians, the Jews’ religion is chock-full of depravity and blasphemy. Discover the horrors of Judaism—including the rabbis’ vicious lies about Jesus Christ and its racism, bigotry, and murderous attitude toward the Gentiles, whom the Jews consider an inferior race akin to wild beasts. Discover also the Jews’ sick approval of pedophilia (sex with little boys and girls) and other grotesque beliefs and practices of Judaism, all kept conveniently hidden from the public.

11. America's Extreme Makeover—With President Obama and "Rahm the Cruel" in the White House, the Illuminist Criminal Agenda Takes Flight:
The hidden cabal behind the rise of Barack Obama has ruled: "Everything must change!" Our nation is swiftly undergoing an alchemical transformation. The Illuminists, however, are not socialists. They are wealthy "criminal capitalists" and their aim is to privatize the economy and privately own its industry and resources. First, the Mexican domino will fall and millions of desperate Mexicans will rush south. Borders will be erased. Taxes will rocket upward; government bureaucrats and the IRS will persecute the citizenry. We the citizens are to be merged into the Global Plantation. Our culture will become even more anti-God; our heritage will be obliterated. Obama and Emanuel are servants of the Illuminati’s Serpent Circle, acting as overseers and ushers as America is changed and transformed.

10. Secrets 151:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts increasing use of nanorobots, tiny robots the size of a blood cell;
(2) Stormy Daniels, a beautiful porn star, is running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana;
(3) President Obama’s origins and influence traced back to Seattle, Washington;
(4) Supreme Court of Israel approves gay marriages;
(5) U.S. Air Force general suffers mysterious death after he and his boss refuse to secretly transfer atomic bombs to Israel;
(6) Drug-sniffing dogs diagnosed with cancer after sniffing cocaine;
(7) Native American tribe demands the elitist Order of Skull & Bones return the bones of famous Indian Chief Geronimo which were stolen decades ago by Bonesmen;
(8) Occult origins of Yale University, home of Skull & Bones;
(9) Does the classic exposé text, The Protocols of Zion, reveal how the Illuminati manipulate the prices for gold, oil, and other commodities?

09. Sex Cults of the Illuminati:
The Illuminati elite are obsessed with sex. Secret societies such as the Masonic Lodge, the O.T.O., the Bohemian Grove, and the Order of Skull & Bones are saturated with sex idols, sex ritual, sex gods and goddesses, and sex symbols. Homosexuality is rampant. Illuminati architecture is brimming with hidden sexual meaning, especially the obelisks, pyramids, triangle-shaped and circular buildings. Amazing disclosures, from President Nixon’s description of the Bohemian Grovesters as "filthy and faggoty" to the abominable tantric sex rituals of one of America’s most famous rocket scientists. Sex cults even operate deep in the White House crypt and outside, up on the White House roof!

08. Bring in the Clowns—Has the Christian Establishment Become the World’s Biggest Three-Ring Circus?:
Texe Marrs once again takes on the corrupt Christian establishment. Lutheran, Episcopal, Baptist, and other churches, having abandoned the traditional Gospel message, are bringing real clowns in to preach at pulpits. Meanwhile, some charismatics are irate at Texe for his exposure of tattooed, biker-boot wearing Florida evangelist Todd Bentley. These people praise Bentley as 'anointed' of God and tell Texe to shove off and quit complaining about Bentley’s adulterous affairs and his many dark antics. Apparently, the whole Christian Community has gone off its rocker. Satan must be gleeful at seeing this awful mess!

07. Secrets 150:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Scientists disprove Global Warming hysteria; new studies show ice packs in the North and South Poles have not changed one iota in the past 30 years;
(2) Czech President challenges Al Gore at World Economic Forum, declares global warming a hoax;
(3) Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at then President George W. Bush was tortured and jailed. Is he alive today?;
(4) Holocaust propaganda exposed;
(5) the U.S. Military is reportedly preparing for violent protests and riots inside the United States following a feared economic melt-down. Will gulags be filled with dissidents? Are you on their list to be arrested and tossed into these already built hell-holes?;
(6) High-ranking Illuminatus Henry Kissinger says Obama is "primed to create a New World Order";
(7) Republican Senator John McCain praises Obama’s cabinet nominees: "I would have chosen the same people;"
(8) Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Bilderberger, says that the Trans American Corridor, the North American Union’s planned super highway, will be built, notwithstanding citizen objections.

06. Blood Wars: Judaism, Blood Sacrifice, Occult Ritual, Middle East Conflict and the Grand Plan for a Greater Israel:
Armed to the teeth with American weapons, Israel’s Socialist/Talmudist armies are ravaging, killing, and maiming hapless Palestinians in Gaza. With President Obama’s approval, the next targets are Iran and Syria. Meanwhile, the United States will intensify its bloody conflict in Afghanistan and massacre thousands in neighboring Pakistan. These are all occult rituals, human sacrifices in honor of Satan. The Israelis began their war against the people of Gaza on Hanukkah, a Jewish Holy Day. Cabalistic Numerology is also being used, with the 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon lasting exactly 33 days. The "Blood Wars" of the Middle East are part of the Grand Plan for a Greater Israel and the New World Order. Also includes: Shocking new evidence by acclaimed Jewish historians that, for centuries, Jewish rabbis have abducted, tortured, sacrificed, and cannibalized young gentile boys and girls.

05. Noisy Pigs Stumbling in the Darkness—Greedy, Swinish Televangelists and Slumbering Dog Pastors Lead Cackling Charismatics, Piggish Pentecostals, and Babbling, Blasphemous Baptists Into Final Stages of Spiritual Stupor:
There is a new sensation in the Charismatic faith healer arena. His name is Todd Bentley. Todd Bentley is a crude, tattooed, tongues-speaking, ex-drug thug who belches profanity, beds church women, physically kicks and mauls congregants, and gets visits from invisible "financial angels," who sprinkle gold dust on excited people in the pews. Bentley is but the latest messenger as new "Moves of God," ranging from environmental crazes to Judeo-Zionism fads, sweep the confused and apostate churches of the twenty-first century.

04. Rabbis Over the Vatican—Pope Benedict XVI Cedes Keys of Kingdom to Zionist Interlopers, Leaving One Billion Catholics Swallowed Up in a Thick Cloud of Jewish Deceit:
In an amazing turn-about, the new Pope, Benedict XVI, has turned over the reigns of power at the Vatican to Zionist agents. Recently, a Chief Rabbi came to Rome and taught a special conclave of Catholic Cardinals and Bishops. Invited by the Pope, this rabbi instructed the Catholic clergy on how they were to interpret the Old and New Testaments. Meanwhile, a high-level rabbinical council is secretly overseeing all Vatican operations, including the pre-screening of all church literature and papal encyclicals, to insure that Zionist preferences and tradition are preserved. The Holy See has fallen totally to the Judaizers.

03. The Janus Factor—A Double Dose of Evil: "All Fields Are Reversed:"—Solving the Illuminati Riddle of Things Seen and Unseen, Alchemically Transforming the World Into a Hellish Prison:
Texe Marrs uncovers the Illuminati secret formula for world revolution and deceit. This is how and why Satan is making such incredible progress. The Janus Factor is Satan’s hidden method. The two-faced Roman god Janus was known as "Keeper of the Keys" and as "Interpreter of the Mysteries." Throughout history, Janus operatives—Darwin, Hegel, Freud, Marx, Lenin, Obama, and others—have successfully employed the Janus method to psychically and culturally churn global events and overturn all standards of morality and human dignity. No one can battle or defeat today’s forces of evil unless he understands this vitally important discovery. Highly Recommended!

02. Obama's Mind-boggling White House Rogues Gallery—CFR Goons, Trilats, Bilderbergers and Clintonistas to Ravage and "Change" America:
Name-by-name, Texe Marrs examines Obama's appointees to high government office. Obama's cabinet is a shocking array of the worst of Bush and Clinton Administration retreads, Wall Street gangsters, and secret society insiders. The only "Change" possible from this group is the planned, criminal Transformation of America, a process that will only end after the U.S. Constitution is effectively gutted and a Jewish Communist cabal has seized every vestige of authority and influence over our daily lives.

01. Red Star Over the U.S.A. - Zionist President Barack Obama and the Sovietization of America:
On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama will take possession of the Oval Office. What do we actually know about Barack Obama? Is America so gullible that they would elect a Communist/Marxist to the highest office of the world's last superpower? Who are some of Obama's supporters? What do Che Gueverra and Barack Obama have in common? Why would Bill Ayers, a terrorist and bomber from Chicago, support Obama? What did Barack Obama's father advocate? What do we know about Barack Obama's mother?