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Texe Marrs 2017 one hour programs

Programs lsited in descending order(newest first)
01(first one of the year) through 52(last one of the year)

29. Twisted Prophecies - Part 2: Download

28. Twisted Prophecies - Part 1: Download

27. If Not the President, Then Who Rules America?: Download
Jeff Rense and Texe Marrs discussion.

26. Secrets (Volume 249): Download
Texe Marrs examines news the mass media dare not cover, including:

25. The Kabbalah-Foundation for Satanism and False Religions Like Theosophy, Freemasonry, Mormonism, and Judaism: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report. The Kabbalah, a Jewish cult doctrine, is the basis for almost every known false religion and New Age cult. What do kabbalists believe? Their many goddesses and gods and the Holy Serpent as their guide and model. The adoption of 666 and the beasts of Revelation. The Kabbalah's hatred of Christianity. And much more..

24. Secrets (Volume 248): Download
Texe Marrs examines news the mass media dare not cover, including:
(1) Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, is she back?;
(2) Pan and Baphomet also make a revival;
(3) Senator Bernie Sanders, an atheist and socialist, publicly attacks a Christian nominated by President Donald Trump for his Christian beliefs. Is there now a Religious Test to serve in the government?;
(4) British radio host says the only way to end terrorism is to stop importing Moslem immigrants;
(5) Fifty-seven scientific studies in 2016 say that Climate Change is a myth;
(6) Pedophilia is a Jewish obsession;
(7) A Christian Church in North Carolina converts to Islam-local Christian pastors celebrate and say Moslems worship the same "God" as do Christians;
(8) This man was beheaded the same day he became a Christian-a stunning report!;
(9) Special Counsel Robert Mueller was FBI Chief who covered up 9/11. He hires Clinton Foundation lawyer and other democrat operators to assist him in his bogus "Russian" investigation;
(10) Navy Chaplain kicked out for praying in Jesus' name;
(11) Southern Baptists make big money by promoting immigration invasion-paid millions by government;
(12) Democrats create an Orwellian sense of unreality in society to destabilize America and overthrow President Trump.

23. Unholy Cults and Counterfeit Religions-A Plague on Humanity: Download
Texe Marrs centers in on "Christian" counterfeits like the Mormons (LDS), the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Freemasonry, all of which are offshoots of Judaism. He examines their weird beliefs and their hostility towards Jesus Christ and secret hatred of true Christianity.

22. Robots and DNA Science Advance: Download
Texe Marrs is interviewed by Jeff Rense about new and future advancement in robotics technology and in DNA Science. Within 10 to 15 years we will have robots that are superior to humans in thinking and in work ability. This means terrific changes in job markets. Unemployment will rise. Immigration will cease to be a problem. Humans will live longer lives. But new problems will arise-will robots turn out to be psychopaths? Will humans revolt?

21. Ten Vital Scriptures You Will Rarely Hear Preached in Today's Churches (Part 2): Download
Texe Marrs continues his expose of the important scriptures you will not hear preached today in the world's pulpits.

20. Ten Vital Scriptures You Will Rarely Hear Preached in Today's Churches (Part 1): Download
Texe looks at ten different scriptures of top importance that are often purposely skipped and disregarded by today's pastors. Reason: These scriptures do not fit in with the false teachings and/or political ideology of today's apostate pastors. Incredible information!

19. Secrets (Volume 247): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled mass media either omit or refuse to cover:
(1) Temperature gauges across the globe prove that Climate Change and Global Warming are a hoax. Actually, scientists now say the world is heading into a mini-Ice Age as temperatures plummet;
(2) Snowden: NSA intelligence gained from wiretapping Americans goes direct to Israel;
(3) Ivan Moffat's diary: Moffat, a journalist paid by the U.S. Army to go into the Nazi concentration camps and document what he saw, in his diary on May 3, 1945, notes that, "There is no formal proof that the alleged gas chambers and the crematoria exists;"
(4) Rabbi Ben Ezra, famous Jewish rabbi who died in 1167, taught that the Jewish Messiah is the holy serpent;
(5) Vladimir Putin went into the Crimea after a referendum in which 96 percent of the native peoples voted yes to become a province of Russia. The U.S. and Ukraine propagandize that Putin "violated international law;"
(6) Letter from Arab in Palestine explains that his father, also an Arab, recently had his DNA analyzed. Turns out he is a Jew! As Texe explains, most Palestinians have been proven by DNA to be blood Jews and those who claim to be Jews turn out to be of Khazarian descent;
(7) CNN's Dana Bash is said to be a CIA plant. Many other news reporters are also CIA undercover agents. Trump needs to "drain the swamp."

18. President Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Download
Texe Marrs and Jeff Rense discuss President Trump's first 100 Days in office.
Discussed: Everything from Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court to the missiles fired, destroying a Syrian Air Base.

17. Robocalypse-Robot Supremacy and Man's Destiny: Download
Texe Marrs has long been interested in robots, genetics, artificial intelligence, and the future of humanity. His books, The Personal Robot Book and Careers in Robots are classics. His newest book on robotics is Robot Alchemy. Now, he examines the next quarter century, revealing the incredible and dramatic changes that will take place in our lives as robots come alive and men are demoted. Will immigration become passé as jobs in the U.S.A. are eliminated? Will humans become robot's pets? Could it be that humans will become food for eater robots?

16. Articles Of Wisdom And Instruction From God's Word: Download
Pastor Butch Paugh of West Virginia, has just completed this excellent book. Texe discusses this book with Pastor Paugh and looks at its very important lessons for our Christian life. Topics include: A Nation of Fools, American Idols, Dereliction of Duty, Self-Indulgent Narcissism, and more...

15. More Secrets and Other Weird Stuff: Download
Texe Marrs reports news and facts the other media dare not disclose:
(1) Freeman, a friend of the Ministry, writes interesting new book available at Amazon, entitled Weird Stuff. The book examines magic from an occult viewpoint. Very interesting insights;
(2) The Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church has a new "superior." He is informally called the Black Pope and his name is Father Sosa. Sosa is teaching a new Gospel. He says we must not take Jesus at his word. The Bible must be interpreted by the reader. Thus, Jesus never meant to limit marriage to a man and woman. Men can marry men and women can marry women. The Bible says whatever you think it says, the Jesuit Superior explains.
(3) Liberals and Democrats accept this Jesuitic view. Thus, our Constitution changes with time. It is a living, breathing thing and it says whatever the black-robed Judges say. That's why we have abortion now as law and homosexual marriage, concepts our founding fathers would find abominations;
(4) HBO star Lena Dunham gets pregnant in new episode of Girls. She is told that she must get rid of the "living parasite" inside her womb;
(5) California Senate Leader, a Hispanic, gives speech, admitting that half of his large family has "fake I.D. cards, fake drivers licenses, fake social security cards, and false green cards." He complains: "President Trump wants to deport all my relatives;"
(6) Newspaper editor, John Swinton's famous quote in historic speech: "We of the press constantly put out fake news. We are jumping jacks for the rich;"
(7) In Weird Stuff, author Freeman explains the Illuminati "secret" is that you create your own reality with your will. This, of course, is pure baloney, but it is what they successfully teach initiates;
(8) Real truth: Serving God brings contentment in life.

14. Secrets (Volume 246): Download
Texe Marrs examines facts the controlled media dare not disclose:
(1) Which alternate press websites are best?;
(2) Susan Rice, Obama's National Security Advisor, is outed as the person who spied on Trump and his team for a year. President Trump is proven correct-he was "wiretapped" and surveilled by Obama. Susan Rice is a liar who needs to be investigated and prosecuted for this crime, but President Obama received this information and must be prosecuted as well.
(3) Donna Brazile, Hillary's Campaign Chairperson, a lesbian, admits she lied. Brazile now says she did, while working at CNN, give Hillary the debate questions. But, she adds, Russia made her do it;
(4) Gaddafi, the Libyan leader killed by Moslem terrorists employed by the U.S.A., had stored 143 tons of gold. Who got this massive hoard of gold?
(5) President Obama is staying low while his former subordinates (Susan Rice, et al) are being investigated. He's off in Tahiti and Thailand;
(6) FBI's Comey and NSA's Rogers shamelessly lied about the Obama White House spying on Trump. They both should resign and be prosecuted for perjury.
(7) Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) says America's problem is not race but multiculturalism. Since Muslims do not wish to assimilate, America must reject them as immigrants. He's right!;
(8) Jesus is just a man in heaven, says writer to Texe. Wrong! The Bible tells is that Jesus is the invisible God;
(9) Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, Israel's most popular rabbi, confirms Texe Marrs' findings in Holy Serpent of the Jews. Yes, says Ginsburgh, the Jewish Messiah is the "holy snake."

13. Truth: Download
Exclusive Report by Texe Marrs. What is truth? How can we, as Christians and truthtellers, best live in a decadent world corrupted by lies and untruths? Quotes by Jesus Christ as well as Lenin, Huxley, Armstrong, Rand, Trotsky, Orwell, Churchill, Solzhenitsyn, Nilus, and Hitler on the meaning of truth and consequences of the lie.

12. The Shadow Government-Deep State Secret Intelligence Operations in America: Download
Since 1945, intelligence agencies and their covert operations have grown exponentially until, today, America is being ruled behind the scenes by unknown personages. The Shadow Government murdered President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and has carried out assassinations and murders in countries across the globe. The Shadow Government is feared by politicians, its "black budget" is kept secret, it runs criminal cartels and employs terrible secret tools and methods (Vault 7). It employs tens of thousand of employees and agents. More recently it has threatened President Donald Trump. Discover the secrets behind the men who run the CIA, NSA, DIA, NRO, FBI and other Deep State agencies and bureaus.

11. Amazon Bans Texe Marrs' Book, Holy Serpent of the Jews: Download
Recently, Amazon notified Texe Marrs that they were banning his book, Holy Serpent of the Jews. Their comment was that this book did not meet their "content guidelines." So a book with numerous quotes from rabbis violates this vague regulation? What was so vile that this book had to be removed from their list? Is the serpent the Messiah of the Jews? Do the Jews worship multiple deities?

10. Killing America: Download
Texe Marrs interviews Mike King, author of new book. King discusses forty great wounds over the past 100 years, including the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 by a Communist anarchist, the corrupt establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913; the Great Depression, and FDR's follies; the vicious Cuban-Philippines War and the puffing up of Teddy Roosevelt; the lies of World War II; the assassination of JFK, and the 9/11 hoax and tragedy.

09. Secrets (Volume 245): Download
Texe Marrs examines things the controlled mass media dare not touch:
(1) Moonlight, a gloomy movie about a young black transgender homosexual and his drug-addled mother, wins the Academy Award as Best Picture;
(2) Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, promoter of Climate Change, pays his eyebrow artist to travel 7,500 miles to Los Angeles to do his eyebrows for the Oscars;
(3) Town Meetings-Communist organizations and people paid by George Soros plot to disrupt Town Meetings of Congressional Republicans;
(4) At one Congressional Town Meeting, the leftist crowd grew angry and began chanting for their god, "Lucifer," when a Pastor opened the meeting with a prayer to Jesus;
(5) Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters showed their stupidity in statements about Trump and Russia;
(6) Liberal Democrats contrived to demonstrate their profane language, vulgar behavior, and hatred of Christianity;
(7) Bruce Jenner claims to be a woman but has all-male genitalia. He/she is a transgender whacko;
(8) Transgender boys compete in and win girls sporting events in school competition;
(9) President Trump revokes former President Obama's executive order requiring males be allowed to shower with girls and go to girls bathrooms;
(10) Chris Cuomo, liberal broadcaster, says there is nothing wrong with little girls seeing adult men's genitalia in showers, dressing rooms, and public bathrooms.
(11) Environmentalist demonstrators leave tons of trash behind at Dakota Pipeline;
(12) EPA tells landowners they must forever pay taxes on their land but can never use it because the land may have endangered species on it;
(13) Coils Masonic Encyclopedia says God's name is lost but reveals the Sacred Word of God is "Abaddon" (Destroyer).

08. Feast of the Beast: Download
Texe Marrs reviews his latest book, Feast of the Beast. Amazing facts about Judaism and what rabbis believe about the Last Days. An explanation of their evil doctrine which credits Leviathan, the Holy Serpent, as their secret deity and "Angel of Help." Also-information about the Jew's Feast of the Beast, a spectacularly wicked Day of Purification when the Jews collectively become gods and Gentiles are slaughtered by the millions.

07. The Serpents In Our Midst-Watch Where You Walk; Their Venom is Poisonous and Their Bite is Deadly: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report. Serpent veneration and religion throughout history, from the days of Adam and Eve to the current times of serpent worship in Satanism, Witchcraft, Judaism and Freemasonry.

06. Irreconcilable Differences-The "Other America" of Leftists and Liberals; They Hate Us and They Despise Christianity: Download
America is full of liberal haters-Satanists, witches, lesbians, homosexuals, Marxists, abortionists, atheists, pedophiles, insane Hollywood "celebrities," and other insane types. Hillary got almost 50% (or more?) of the vote and everyday the Democrat Party and the media prove how much they detest us and loathe President Trump. They prefer Islam to Christianity. What should we do about these hateful legions? Will secession work? Will their vitriolic hate continue?

05. Secrets (Volume 244): Download
Texe Marrs discusses news the biased and controlled media will not report:
(1) Atomic Bomb Secrets-new book offered by the Ministry discloses how Japanese Christians were purposely targeted at Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
(2) Trump is keeping his promises. He is hated by the devils who possess the Democrat Party and the Left;
(3) Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi lies about "Sanctuary Cities;"
(4) Immigration flare-up: Trump's ban prohibiting foreigners from terrorist nations is legal and needed;
(5) Pastors win victory over the unconstitutional IRS, thanks to Trump;
(6) Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative is hated by the anti-Trump Left. Thousands protest his colorful speeches at universities;
(7) Jew Hollywood producer Ben Stein calls Trump a "Nazi" and a "bigot." Reason: Trump is America First! Stein says that proves he is anti-Semitic;
(8) Madeleine Albright, the lesbian hag Jew who served as Clinton's bloody Secretary of State, claims she will "register" as a Muslim to protest Trump's immigration policy;
(9) A leading Moslem Imam claims that Mary, mother of Jesus, is now in heaven and is one of Mohammad's many wives;
(10) Actress Meryl Streep, who is well-known as a Communist sympathizer and Trump-hater, says Islam is preferable to Christianity and is a religion of peace;
(11) Authorities arrest a pedophile ring who dressed in animal cartoon costumes and viciously sodomized little boys;
(12) A Muslim mob invades a church in Uganda, assaults Christian pastor and rapes 15 women in the congregation.

04. Hidden History-An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Coverups in American Politics: Download
Texe interviews Donald Jeffries, one of the world's top investigative reporters. Here is the true history of America that has up to now been kept from us. Highlights include: The JFK assassination; the assassinations of Martin Luther King and RFK; the attempt on Ronald Reagan's life; the Clinton scandals; Pedophile coverups; the killing of Osama Bin Laden; the 9/11 scam, and more...

03. Charted History According to the Protocols of Zion-The Plan of Masons and Jews: Download
Texe examines the Protocols of Zion and proves it is an authentic record of past and present history. Will its horrific prescription become mankind's future as well?

02. Chimeras, Monsters, PizzaGate and the Satanic Hoodwink of America and the World: Download
A Texe Marrs Special Report. Scientists have now created half-animal and half-human creatures in the lab. These monsters, called chimeras, propose to revolutionize the world. Meanwhile, Jewish scientists are working on DNA that will be inserted in the mind of every person at birth, ending anti-Semitism forever and creating new races that will love Jews. Amazing scientific discoveries bring us one step closer to robots that are living creatures and perhaps "Terminators." Will children become subjects for scientific sex toys on the lines of the pornographic "PizzaGate" project?

01. Secrets (Volume 243): Download
Texe Marrs examines news and facts the controlled media dare not report:
(1) "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit..." (Colossians 2:8). Watch out that vain, man-made philosophies-for example, on global warming, homosexual marriage, etc.-do not ruin your mind;
(2) Liberal Democrat says Jesus came to her and said, "I am here;"
(3) Wikileaks warns, "If you think 2016 was something, 2017 will blow you away!;"
(4) If Russia really hacked our elections, then Russia is more powerful than the U.S.A.;
(5) Celebrities go crazy complaining about Donald Trump. One even went to the forest to ask the rocks what to do!;
(6) Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is defeated in election by a candidate funded over $6 million by George Soros. The new Sheriff calls illegal aliens our "guests;"
(7) UN Security Council was right to censor Israel over the taking of land to build settler homes. And Secretary of State John Kerry told the truth when he said, "Israel can be a Jewish State or it can be a Democracy. But it cannot be both;"
(8) New KKK reality show for TV is cancelled. Turns out the network faked the show and tried to turn it into a propaganda platform opposing white people;
(9) News article from 1940 cites scientific report that Arctic ice in that year was six foot thick, which is exactly what science finds today. Conclusion: No global warming;
(10) Scientific study finds that people who drink diet drinks actually gain weight;
(11) Liberal TV hosts Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews and others exposed as tax cheats.