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34. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 121 Details Download Listen
35. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 122 Details Download Listen
36. Texe Marrs - North American EldoradoDetails Download Listen
37. Texe Marrs - Beware of Bush's Immigration ReformDetails Download Listen
38. Texe Marrs - Zionist Evangelists for Satan’s KingdomDetails Download Listen
39. Texe Marrs - TerrorStorm: Interview with Alex JonesDetails Download Listen
40. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 123)Details Download Listen
41. Texe Marrs - Priests of Rome and the Ravages of SatanDetails Download Listen
42. Texe Marrs - The Rise of the 21st Century Sodom and EgyptDetails Download Listen
43. Texe Marrs - More Churches and Pastors Gone Wild!Details Download Listen
44. Texe Marrs - Crypto Jews and Their Bloody Role in Human HistoryDetails Download Listen
45. Texe Marrs - White House BordelloDetails Download Listen
46. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 124)Details Download Listen
47. Texe Marrs - Raging Disciples of BacchusDetails Download Listen
48. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 125)Details Download Listen
49. Texe Marrs - Crypto-Jews and Their Role in Human History (Part 2)Details Download Listen
50. Texe Marrs - Jews Target Christian BibleDetails Download Listen
51. Texe Marrs - Satan's PurposeDetails Download Listen
52. Texe Marrs - Is the Pope the Antichrist?Details Download Listen

August 2006

Secrets 121:
Texe Marrs exposes evil works and unmasks facts and info the controlled media don’t dare touch:
(1) John Conner, author of The Resistance Manifesto, tells us how we can lawfully resist the elitist plot to destroy America and undermine our freedoms;
(2) Two official Masonic websites list evangelist Billy Graham as a member of the Masonic Lodge;
(3) Bush’s clever press spokesman, Tony Snow, is unmasked as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations;
(4) Los Angeles police are now operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drone aircraft, in Big Brother spying operations;
(5) NASA space agency announces it is hard at work on its plan to land astronauts on the moon by 2018. Uh, come again? The year 2018? And we all thought they landed Neil Armstrong and our astronauts on the moon way back in 1969—that’s 37 years ago. So why do they need another 12 years to prepare to do it again?
(6) African witchdoctor says that Africans have long worshipped a terrible "one-eyed god" they call Jahbuhlon. The witchdoctor says he was surprised recently to discover that White Freemasons in the United States and Britain worship the same god!
(7) A noted Brigham Young University Professor of Anthropology, after years of research, now admits that Mormon (LDS) founder Joseph Smith made up and fabricated the Book of Mormon

Secrets 122:
(1)God promises to "tread down" our enemies;
(2) A mob of Orthodox Jews attack Christian tourists in Jerusalem. The Jews were angered by the Christians wearing T-shirts with the message "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself;"
(3) Exposed!—the incredible, and horrible, facts about how Jewish circumcision is performed. Satanic homosexual rabbis in New York City were outed after boy babies come down with herpes, venereal diseases, and AIDS;
(4) California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proves he’s a "girly boy" by posing nude for the cover of a gay magazine and by speaking at a fund-raiser for Republican Party gays;
(5) Perverted Ohio sex criminal rapes nine disabled young boys, then claims it’s his constitutional right!;
(6) The DaVinci Code author Dan Brown may write next about Mormons and the Masons. Mormon founder Joseph Smith patterned his church’s rituals on those he learned in the Masonic Lodge;
(7) TV evangelist Pat Robertson is converted to the environmental gospel, he’s now a believer in the kooky idea of "global warming;"
(8) Climatologists say that the year 1934 was the hottest on record, disproving theories that the recent 2006 heatwave is a sign of global warming;
(9) Texe interviews Victor Thorn of WingTV.net about his new book, 9/11 Evil. Thorn provides irrefutable evidence that the Israeli Mossad spy agency masterminded the World Trade Center and Pentagon disasters of September 11, 2001. Jewish neocons and the Mossad, with the active help of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, pulled off one of the most audacious and bloody terrorist attacks in human history.

September 2006

North American Eldorado:
The Coming Great Boom and Bust of the American Economy, Planned in Advance by the Illuminati Elite:

Throw away everything you think you know about economics. In this Special Report, Texe Marrs shows how the recent announcement of a massively huge oil find off the Louisiana/Texas Coast in the Gulf of Mexico changes everything. What’s more, the theory of "Peak Oil" is a hoax and we will never run out of oil! The Illuminati intend to take advantage of the newly discovered U.S.A. oil reserves by quickly implementing their grand scheme for a North American Union. Mexico and Canada are to be merged with the U.S.A., tens of millions more Mexicans will flee Mexico and retake American states, the new Amero will replace the U.S. dollar, and the Trans-American Corridor will experience a tremendous shot of economic adrenaline. Find out who will lose and who will gain in the coming great Boom; and discover why the Boom is going to be followed with a horrific Bust.

Beware of Bush’s Immigration Reform:
It’s A Trojan Horse Designed to Destroy America From Within:

Texe Marrs provides specifics, obtained from a top U.S. Senator, on exactly how the Bush Administration plans to end America forever as a sovereign nation. America is going to be flooded with millions more Mexican aliens. The plot calls for erasing the border with Mexico and, at the same time, fully implementing the prophesied Project L.U.C.I.D., a scheme to force all of us to be issued a biometric, computer-chip I.D. card. Those who do not carry the card, including Anglo citizens born in America, will be arrested and locked away in "detention camps." New Bush/Republican Party legislation introduced will allow unlimited numbers of Mexican aliens to enter the U.S. It will give them full welfare, Social Security and Medicare benefits and eventually enable the 100-plus million people now living in Mexico to be recognized as legal citizens.

Zionist Evangelists for Satan’s Kingdom:
Pastor John Hagee and the Accursed Evils of the Judaizer Witchcraft Sect:

Christian leaders have changed their goals. No longer is the mission to spiritually save souls and reach people for Christ. The new mission is solely to exalt the nation Israel and to provide material rewards to the Jews, who are said to be God’s eternal Chosen People. Pastor John Hagee and Jerry Falwell have founded a new, 8,000 member Zionist organization, Christians United for Israel, to spread and promote the new "gospel." President Bush backs Hagee 100% and Jewish leaders are filled with praise. The new Zionist teaching casts Arabs and other Middle-eastern peoples as an inferior, lower caste species worthy only of suffering, death and hell. Also, in this new Zionist-based theology, Christians are warned that when Christ returns, he will judge people by only one criterion: how they treated His Chosen People, the Jews.

TerrorStorm—An Interview with Alex Jones:
Texe Marrs interviews popular author and film producer Alex Jones about his latest video, TerrorStorm. Discover how governments create and perpetrate terror incidents—such as the Madrid train bombing, the London subway terror, 9/11, even Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Lusitania—to foster fear and manipulate the public. Over and over, the real terrorists, it turns out, are government funded and sponsored. If it were not for criminal governments, there would be virtually no terrorism at all in the world.

October 2006

Secrets 123:
Texe Marrs uncovers eye-opening news the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Courageous patriots inside the FBI and CIA are waging a secret war against neocon traitors of the Bush Regime. These covert whistleblowers refuse to go along with Bush’s schemes to deceive the public;
(2) New CIA assessment finds that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and is not a threat to America;
(3) New Senate Intelligence Committee report says that Saddam Hussein was never a threat to U.S.A. Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction, nor was he developing them. Moreover, Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. In fact, Saddam was the enemy of Al Quaida and sought to arrest and execute terrorists. In sum, Bush lied about everything and got us into an unnecessary, bloody war with Iraq;
(4) Website brands Texe Marrs a "false teacher," but gives no evidence to prove it;
(5) American Free Press newspaper exposes the CFR’s dangerous plan to end American sovereignty and set up a North American Union;
(6) American Red Cross recommends people prepare for Avian (bird) Flu pandemic, says households should keep two to three weeks of food, water, and medicines on hand in case of widespread quarantines;
(7) High suicide rate for older white males. Why?
(8) Jewish organizations demand U.S. Air Force order service members to stop proselytizing and evangelizing for Jesus;
(9) Congressmen admit the existence of chemtrails being sprayed over populated areas. Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana, says that chemtrails are part of the Defense Department’s space-based technologies programs;
(10) Scientific researcher reports startling discovery—chemtrails contain a number of chemical components, including freeze-dried blood!;
(11) The fascinating story of the Khazars, a Turkish-Mongol people from the western Asian kingdom of Khazaria and how they converted as a nation to Judaism and migrated to Europe and Russia, to become the Ashkenazi Jews that now control Israel’s politics and government. The King of the Khazars, Bulan, commanded them to worship the Jewish deity, Yahweh, or Jehovah under the name Jahbulan, meaning god Yahweh of Bulan. Today, the leaders of the Masonic Lodge worship this same god, Jahbulan (see Texe’s book, Codex Magica).

Catholicism is Satanism
The Priests of Rome and the Ravages of Satan—The Awful Truth About Secret Devil Worship and Dark Rituals by Corrupt Catholic Priests:

The astonishing, true story of Catholic priests worshipping Satan. Includes evidence of human sacrifices—in one instance, the murder of a nun—in dark rituals. Also, true accounts of perverted sexual rites by homosexual priests as they give homage to Lucifer. Reportedly, these evil rituals and black masses are even conducted in St. Peter’s Cathedral itself, inside the Vatican.

The rise of Sodom and Egypt:
Christian Leaders Defy Jesus Christ to Build an Earthly Kingdom of the Jews and A Throne for Antichrist:

Texe examines the fastest growing apostate movement in the world today: Christian Zionism. Leaders of this movement claim that the nation of Israel, not Jesus, is the focus and center of the entire Bible. They say it is blasphemy to criticize Israel and propose that Israel has the divine right to slaughter its enemies and steal their land. They say the Jews must rule the world by divine right and set up a worldly kingdom. They hope to soon rebuild the Jewish Temple, and they want a Holy World War III to massacre Arabs and Moslems. They believe Jews are God’s Chosen and thus are above reproach—even Jews who hate and despise Christ. They teach that Buddhists, Hindus, and other religionists will go to hell for rejecting Jesus, but not the Jews. The Jews, they add, are immune from scriptures like John 3:16 and have their own deal, their own Everlasting Covenant. They believe Jewish rabbis who hate Jesus are wise men. They assure Christians that God will bless all who give Israel money and all who help Jews prosper materially. They do not know it, but they are, in fact, building modern-day Sodom and Egypt and setting up the throne for antichrist. Their Zionist doctrines are doctrines of devils.

More churches and pastors gone wild:
Texe continues his mind-boggling series of "Christian" pastors, evangelists, and churches who are leading gullible thousands of confused "believers" in the most outrageous behavior imaginable. Find out about:
(1) The sicko rap music video promoted at Pastor Rick Warren’s 2006 conference that encourages Christians to dance, show their rear ends and "do the burning bush;"
(2) A new Lutheran Church Christian music CD that features and honors the drug-abusing guitarist Keith Richards of Rolling Stones fame. Richards has done many satanic-worship albums;
(3) The Assembly of God denomination’s most famous preacher who says that Jesus Christ came to him in a vision dressed as a fireman;
(4) Billy Graham, who now admits he once secretly met with Catholic Bishop Fulton. J. Sheen in a private railroad car;
(5) Dr. Robert Schuller, of TV’s Hour of Power fame, who says God has "diversified his portfolio," broadening the path to heaven to let in Hindus, Buddhists, and Moslems;
(6) Youths who come to church services dressed in grunge t-shirts with messages promoting everything from horned devils to bare-breasted women;
(7) Episcopal minister, who cheated on his wife with a homosexual lover and later abandoned his family to shack up with his lover, is rewarded with a promotion;
(8) A church run by cocaine abusers that has set up a "Crackheads for Jesus" organization.

November 2006

Crypto-Jews and Their Bloody Role in Human History:
Closet Jews, or Crypto-Jews, are responsible for many of history’s greatest revolutions and bloody eras. The 18th century French Revolution was fomented by Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt, a crypto-Jew. Jewish bankers funded Lenin and Trotsky (both crypto-Jews) and the bloody rule of Communism. Marxist Karl Marx was a Jew. The Spanish inquisition and torture and killing of Christians in Europe was carried out for the Pope by Torquemada, a crypto-Jew. In the U.S.A., crypto-Jews often hide their names to deceive the masses. Hillary Clinton is a Jew. Many believe George W. Bush to be from Jewish origins. But why do Jews hide in the closet? Is it because, like Lenin, they do their dirty deeds while claiming to be nationalist patriots? Will the crypto-Jews, dug deep into American society, bring us bloodshed and chaos?

White House Bordello:
A Texe Marrs exclusive report on the sexual perverts at the top in Washington, D.C. and how the Bush team has transformed the White House into a brothel, or bordello. An exposé of the nest of crypto-queers running the White House. Evidence that President George W. Bush has more homosexuals in his Administration than even Bill Clinton. One of Bush’s gay friends now sits on the Supreme Court; others are in Congress. Evidence that George W. Bush is, himself, a bisexual and that a male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, is his lover and frequent overnight guest at the White House. Names of three gay Ambassadors appointed by Bush. (One of these men was Bush’s homosexual roommate as a fellow student at Yale University.) Also, how top evangelical leaders wink and turn their eyes away, thus deceiving their audiences and keeping up the pretense that Bush is a "born again Christian." Incredible exposures!

Secrets 124:
Texe Marrs reveals facts and information the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Great Britain sets up fifteen temporary mortuaries for bodies of humans expected due to bird flu pandemic. Government says toll could be 50 million people dead worldwide;
(2) Satan worshipper puts "pox" (curse) on Texe Marrs to frighten and intimidate;
(3) In Israel, the Chief Rabbi meets with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist god-man, to plan a United Nations of Religions, to be headquartered in Jerusalem;
(4) Famous kabbalistic Rabbi Yitsak Kaduri, lying on his death bed in a coma, wakes up momentarily to announce that he knows the name of the global Messiah, and that the Messiah is on earth at this very moment and is ready to reign;
( 5) Mason accepts Christ and renounces Lodge;
(6) President Bush continues to kill Arabs to bring democracy to them;
(7) Acclaimed evangelical Pastor Joel Osteen refuses to condemn gay marriage or homosexuals; says he doesn’t call them sinners;
(8) Attorney Jay Sekulow, a messianic believer, puts Israel first in crusade to boost U.S.A. support for the Jews;
(9) President Bush holds Ramadan holy festival inside the White House, inviting Moslem sheiks and imams;
(10) Moshe Katsov, President of Israel, to be indicted for rape and molestation of ten victims.

Raging Disciples of Bacchus:
Unmasking Sicko Sex Perverts Who Plague and Dishonor Christianity While Do Nothing Congregations Tolerate and Even Applaud Their Dirty, Disgusting Deeds: Texe Marrs turns the light of truth on sensual-minded men and women who claim to be spiritual followers of Christ but who, in fact, are sexual perverts:
(1) World’s leading Christian publisher has set up a "Hot Mom’s Club" and publishes under the imprint, "Naked ink;"
(2) Christian denomination allows gay clergy to marry;
(3) Orthodox monks in Texas who attracted a huge following with an icon, a statue of Mary that was said to shed real human tears, used their fame to lure and sodomize young boys;
(4) Gospel singer on the Bill and Gloria Gather Homecoming TV shows entertains for gay churches;
(5) Pope Benedict XVIs gives kid glove treatment to a powerful and influential Catholic priest guilty of sexually abusing countless young men for over two decades;
(6) Southern Baptists offer new book that advocates lesbianism and worship of a female goddess, Sophia;.
(7) Famous Assembly of God evangelist is exposed as a drunk and a homosexual;
(8) Washington, D.C. National Cathedral ordains leader of world’s largest gay church group;
(9) Methodist Pastor is kicked out of pulpit for refusing to allow an unrepentant homosexual to join his church;
(10) Pastor Jerry Falwell defends Supreme Court nominee who did free work for gay organizations;
(11) Prominent Southern Baptist pastor who often criticized gays from his pulpit is unmasked as a homosexual himself after he is arrested for soliciting male street walkers for sex;
(12) Christian nudists plan to found an all-nude village in Florida;
(13) Two evangelical Christian scholars author book affirming gay marriage as perfectly acceptable to God;
(14) Christian ghostwriter who secretly penned many bestselling books for Christian celebrities and big-name pastors is now promoting the principles taught by a Hindu guru;
(15) NIV Bible translator spells out reasons why, she says, congregations with lesbian pastors are so "lucky;"
(16) Gospel legend Bill Gaither warns Christians not to judge gay behavior; he says we must stop "finger-pointing" and appreciate differences;
(17) Newly elected leader of Episcopal Church says homosexuality is no sin, but instead is a "gift of God;"
(18) Southern Baptist evangelist says strippers who accept Jesus and become Christians don’t have to leave the strip-club business;
(19) Christian ministry calls for abolition of marriage and free sex for people of any and all sexual preferences;
(20) Pastor in Texas who raped three women is still supported by church members, including famed NFL pro-football great, ex-Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith;
(21) Paul Crouch, founder of TBN Christian TV network, refuses to step down, even after being exposed for giving out $425,000 in hush money to ministry limo-driver he had sex with; and more…

December 2006

Secrets 125:
Texe Marrs uncovers secret things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Interesting letters from our ministry friends—about Hillary’s presidential desires, TBN evangelists, and more;
(2) Codex Magica proves Yoga poses are demonic;
(3) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a sordid triple adulterer, draft dodger, and Bohemian Grove participant, authors book about how America can recover God. Say what?;
(4) Democrats now control Congress, but will anything really change? Will the illegal alien invasion continue? Will the Iraq war be stopped?;
(5) Jewish powerbrokers use international police and courts to squelch free speech, insisting that anyone who doubts, questions, or researches the "official view" of the holocaust must be sent to prison. Bush White House agrees—First Amendment must be stuffed in toilet;
(6) Heroic holocaust researchers continue to defy tyrannical governments by publishing new discoveries and facts proving much of what America and the world has been told about the so-called Jewish "holocaust" is pure bunk!;
(7) Pentagon is spending billions of taxpayer dollars to distort and spin the news;
(8) Christian evangelical pastors refuse to criticize President Bush’s North American Union CFR scheme. "Bush," they say, "is a born again Christian and would never lie to or deceive us;"
(9) High-ranking official of Mexico’s government publicly affirms Bush/CFR Plan to end American sovereignty by 2010 and merge the U.S.A., Mexico, and Canada;
(10) What can you and I do now to stop the illegal alien invasion?

Crypto Jews and their bloodlines Part 2
President Hillary Rodham Clinton? Crypto-Jews and Their Bloody Role in Human History (Part 2—Will President Hillary Rodham Clinton Add to Their Bloody Conquest?): Senator Hillary Clinton is being touted as America’s next President. Opinion polls show that her popularity is surging among those identified as "Christian Evangelicals." Even Billy Graham has endorsed Hillary for President. If she takes office, will this ruthless woman use all the unconstitutional tools provided by the Bush Police State and its bogus "War on Terror" to wreak havoc on her enemies? Will patriotic and constitutional Americans be persecuted and sent to gulag concentration camps by the Iron Maiden? Throughout history, covert, hidden "Crypto-Jews" have used governmental powers to brutalize opponents and overthrow godly laws. Examples include Torquemada, Marx, Lenin, Robespierre, Weishaupt, and Nero. Hillary Clinton has now admitted that she, too, is a Jew. Her grandmother spoke Yiddish. Does her Jewish DNA and the despicable hatred of Christianity and Jesus learned by Jewish youth also stamp Hillary as yet another Stalinist and Illuminist monster-in-waiting?

Jews Target Christian Bible—The Zionist Plot to Slander and Destroy the New Testament:
The Jewish ADL and Israeli and American rabbis hate the Holy Bible. They especially detest the Christian New Testament because it indicts the Pharisees for their evil works and thoughts. The Jews are working hand-in-glove with Christian Judaizers, atheists, and homosexuals to rip the Bible to shreds. The new versions are now removing all references to "the Jews." The Jewish Book Club just put out a book claiming the New Testament is "anti-Semitic, hate material." ADL Chief Abe Foxman says the New Testament is responsible for the Nazis’ holocaust of six million Jews in World War II. Christian pastors, especially the Zionist supremacists like Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and John Hagee, are silent on this topic, not wishing to be politically incorrect. Thus the entire Christian establishment is in collusion with this Jewish conspiracy to defame and destroy God’s Word. Texe Marrs, therefore, calls on all true Christians to fight this monstrous campaign of Satan!

Satan's Purpose—Exposing Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Movement as an Illuminati CFR Scheme to End Christianity and Set Up Satan's Ultimate Global Religion:
Shocking evidence that the Marxist, Jewish neo-con controlled Council on Foreign Relations has recruited top evangelicals Pastor Rick Warren, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, and others in its seedy campaign to foster a globalist religion devoid of any New Testament spirituality. Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Movement, borrowed right out of the pages of Lucis Trust and New Age organizing manuals and textbooks, is designed to totally rip the heart out of true Biblical Christianity. The whole planet is now being groomed for a diverse, new faith, based on the sacredness of all religions, the despoiling of Christianity, individual greed, environmental insanity, and sensual partying and celebration. Babylonian hedonism and sodomy are going to be enthroned in a diabolical orgy of religious ecstasy, all orchestrated by the Illuminati.

Is the Pope the Antichrist?
For centuries many Christians have believed the Pope of Rome would turn out to be the prophesied beast 666, the Man of Sin, the despicable Antichrist of Revelation 13. But as wicked as Rome is, have we had our eyes on the wrong target? What of the biblical evidence that the Antichrist will be a Jew? Could a future Jewish Pope be the one who someday assumes this horrific post as Satan incarnate? Which Great City, Rome or Jerusalem, is the prophesied Mystery Babylon? Texe Marrs presents stunning prophetic discoveries that solve this fascinating puzzle once and for all. You can know what is to transpire in the coming months and years. God’s Word has the answers!