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01. Texe Marrs - Secrets (Volume 126). Details Download Listen
02. Texe Marrs - Occult Theocracy. Details Download Listen
03. Texe Marrs - The Death of a Thousand Cuts. Details Download Listen
04. Texe Marrs - Prophecy Marches Onward. Details Download Listen
05. Texe Marrs - Secrets (volume 127). Details Download Listen
06. Texe Marrs - Blood Red Prophecy 2007. Details Download Listen
07. Texe Marrs - Hillary Says "I'm In". Details Download Listen
08. Texe Marrs - Nightmare 2008. Details Download Listen
09. Texe Marrs - Sordid Drama of the Mind-Controlled Beauty Queens. Details Download Listen
10. Secrets (Volume 128) Details Download Listen
11. Occult Cabbalistic Rituals of the Illuminati Details Download Listen
12. Riddle of the Naked Man on a White Horse (Part 1) Details Download Listen
13. Riddle of the Naked Man on a White Horse (Part 2) Details Download Listen
14. The Synagogue of Satan Details Download Listen
15. Secrets (Volume 129) Details Download Listen
16. Riddles in Stone Details Download Listen
17. Money, Alchemy, and Betrayal Details Download Listen
18. Without Bang or Whimper Details Download Listen
19. Secrets (Volume 130) Details Download Listen
20. How the Illuminati Controls America (Volume 1) Details Download Listen
21. How the Illuminati Controls America (Volume 2) Details Download Listen
22. Secrets (Volume 131) Details Download Listen
23. The Two Faces Of Zionism Details Download Listen
24. The Judas Goats Details Download Listen
25. Blood Rites of the Secret Brotherhood. Details Download Listen
26. Codex Magica Update. Details Download Listen
27. Secrets (Volume 132). Details Download Listen
28. Ten Truths That Must Be Told. Details Download Listen
29. The Pigs Are Still in the Parlor (Part 1). Details Download Listen
30. The Pigs Are Still in the Parlor (Part 2). Details Download Listen
31. Big Brother's Blood Lies and Web of Deceit. Details Download Listen
32. The Murder of Pat Tillman, The Travesty of Jessica Lynch. Details Download Listen
33. Orwell’s Children. Details Download Listen
34. Secrets (Volume 133) Details Download Listen
35. Secrets (Volume 134) Details Download Listen
36. Witchdoctors of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Details Download Listen
37. Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda (Part 1). Details Download Listen
38. Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda (Part 2). Details Download Listen
39. Death Grip. Details Download Listen
40. Eden—The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Details Download Listen
41. Secrets (Volume 135) Details Download Listen
42. Confessions of a Troublemaker. Details Download Listen
43. The Great Authority Speaks Out. Details Download Listen
44. Secrets (Volume 136) Details Download Listen
45. The Economic Downfall of America (Part 1) Details Download Listen
46. The Economic Downfall of America (Part 2) Details Download Listen
47. Endgame — The Illuminati Blueprint for Global Enslavement: Details Download Listen
48. Secrets (Volume 137) Details Download Listen
49. Secrets (Volume 138) Details Download Listen
50. Judeo-Christian Death Cult (The) Details Download Listen
51. Satan's Politicians: The Whole Motley Crew Details Download Listen
52. Hidden Dangers of the Six-Pointed Star Details Download Listen

Secrets (Volume 126):
Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Zionist fanatic insists that Israel was justified in bombing and strafing the U.S.S. Liberty ship: "The Liberty got what it deserved.";
(2) Thirty-third degree Mason is unhappy with our exposures of the Lodge;
(3) Letter-writer assures Texe that there really is no such thing as "evil" in the world;
(4) Is the Holy Bible a reliable science book?
(5) Christian evangelist Tony Alamo unmasked as a Crypto-Jew who teaches heresy;
(6) Former Army Chaplain Jim Ammerman is supporter of both Zionist nut John Hagee and papacy promoter Jack Van Impe;
(7) Smiley-boy Houston Pastor Joel Osteen pockets over $10 million from sales of his anti-scriptural positive thinking book;
(8) Zionist- promoting MSNBC TV-news commentator Joe Scarborough, who avoids questions related to a female staffer found dead in his office, now blasts former President Jimmy Carter after Carter exposes apartheid policy of Israel;
(9) University of Oklahoma and Texas A & M University are both led by Skull & Bonesmen;
(10) Whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?;
(11) Oprah Winfrey Show discusses ritual murder by Jewish cabalists;
(12) U.S. Embassy in Baghdad will be largest in world. Also, fourteen permanent U.S. military bases are being built in Iraq.

Occult Theocracy—The Illuminati’s Council on Foreign Relations Plot for a Global Spirituality:
Stunning new exposé by Texe Marrs revealing the CFR’s sinister new scheme to use America’s top Christian evangelical leaders, in league with the Pope and the Vatican, to manipulate the masses into willingly accepting the Zionist globalist agenda of the Illuminati elite. The CFR recently elevated to membership Pastor Rick Warren, Purpose-Driven prophet, and Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention. Warren’s recent trip to Islamic Syria and to Africa on behalf of the Zionist CFR elite and Land’s visits to the United Nations and to the World Economic Forum in Davis, Switzerland, are detailed. Most important: Illuminist Henry Kissinger has been assigned the task of shepherding both the Catholic and Evangelical wings of Christendom into the greedy arms of the CFR high council. A globalist Occult Theocracy is clearly at hand.

The Death of A Thousand Cuts—The Rise of the Seeker Churches and the Slashing Assault on Christian Orthodoxy:
Megasized Seeker churches are being spawned across America by Pastor Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Movement and its spiritual cousin, the Church Growth Movement. Texe Marrs provides an inside look at the revolutionary philosophy and unorthodox activities of these trendy, popular churches. For example:
(1) A Seventh Day Adventist denomination magazine hopes to lure new readers by promoting a convergence of world religions, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity;
(2) Seeker church-goers think "Jesus is cool and he’s a party dude;"
(3) Members of a Christian rock music band dress and look like satanist denizens of hell, yet they are being promoted by the son of famous Christian psychologist James Dobson and the son of former PTL Network personality Jim Bakker;
(4) Prosperity preacher Joel Osteen’s mother warns people to avoid churches and pastors that teach "condemnation, hell, fire, and brimstone;"
(5) Lutheran pastor of 19 years who left his wife to be with his homosexual lover is rewarded with pastorate of California Seeker Church;
(6) Opinion polls show that Christian youth are abandoning their parents’ biblical faith in droves. Young adults are twice as likely to use illegal drugs, engage in extramarital sex, get drunk, use profanity, lie, take revenge, abuse others, watch sexually explicit videos and steal other peoples’ property. The vast majority reject the notion that the Bible should determine what is morally right or wrong.
(7) A pastor of a black Church of God in Christ Church in Tampa, Florida, meets regularly for spiritual guidance with the local leader of the New Age-oriented Church of Scientology;
(8) "Praise Teams" made up of pretty girls in short miniskirts, or hugger jeans, with tattoos on their bodies, are paraded on stage at Seeker churches. Dancing to the heavy metal beat of drums and guitars and hip hop and rock music, the sexy dancers are called "eye candy" by the pastors.

Prophecy Marches Onward!—World Readied for Deception, Chaos, Police State, and Destruction:
Texe Marrs provides ample evidence and proof that prophecy is fast being fulfilled and the time for all things to end cannot be far off:
(1) Sex Carnival: The depraved beauty pageant winner Miss U.S.A. engages in a lesbian smooch and kiss with Miss Teen U.S.A., then begs billionaire Jewish gambling casino magnate Donald Trump for forgiveness;
(2) Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nevada—similarities with biblical Sodom and Gomorrah and ancient Egypt;
(3) America is seat of whoredom of the world;
(4) Christian College conducts hip hop concert and pumps up support for Zionist wars;
(5) President Bush claims authority to open Americans’ mail without court approval;
(6) New federal legislation lets President and Pentagon imprison any American without trial. Is this the beginning of the end of America?;
(7) Russian analyst says U.S. Army is ready for total military takeover of the United States;
(8) Black-hooded thugs in Iraq take Saddam to gallows, then dance and desecrate his dead body. Portents of what is to come with use of guillotine in U.S.A. gulag death camps?;
(9) European Community moves to kill the internet while Big Brother stealthily spies on Americans’ internet use;
(10) Nuremberg-style trials and executions are proposed for global warming skeptics. Former Vice President Al Gore agrees, blasting the skeptics as dangerous "global warming deniers;"
(11) America put on fast track into North American Union.

Secrets 127
Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Some in Congress are pushing for the military draft to be reinstated. Texe says, "Great! And we should start by drafting into military service the Bush daughters, Barbara and Jenna, and all those war-mongers in Washington, D.C., like Newt "the Lizard" Gingrich and the sons and daughters of our privileged U.S. Congress.;
(2) Environmentalists pushing the hoax of "global warming" now are proposing that a layer of dirty pollution be spewed into the atmosphere over earth to block out the sun’s rays;
(3) Devil messages are allegedly discovered in the speaking-in-tongues of charismatic prosperity preachers Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and others;
(4) Former Louisiana Senator David Duke eloquently exposes CNN broadcaster Wolf Blitzer as a paid secret agent of a Jewish criminal spy group—and he does it to Blitzer’s face on international TV;
(5) Former President Jimmy Carter’s bombshell new book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, strikes sensitive nerve of ruling Jewish clique in America. Now, they and their media stooges are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the ex-President. Carter’s being called anti-Semite, Jew-hater, liar, Moslem dunce, and worse.

Blood Red Prophecy 2007 — The Sun, The Moon, and the Cabalistic Year of 666 Evil
A Texe Marrs Special Report. Strange doings are afoot. In New York, a new Secretary-General of the United Nations has been chosen—South Korean diplomat Ban-Ki Moon. Meanwhile, the European Union has elected Spain’s socialist politician, Javier Solana, to take the reins of power. The name "Solana" means Sun, and so we have the "Moon" and the "Sun" in high places of power as we move into year 2007. That number 2007, in occult numerology, translates into the number of the beast, 666 (Revelation 13). Equally eye-opening is the fact that Javier Solana’s name and birthdate translate to the number 666. Bible prophecy warns of the blood and horror that will be wrought in the last days by two demonic beings and planetary entities called the "Sun" and the "Moon." Do the very names of the new leaders of the European Union and the United Nations have prophetic significance? Some say Javier Solana fits all the characteristics of the Antichrist, the beast 666 prophesied to rule the world. Texe reveals some of his tremendous research into the history, heritage, and possible future of both Mr. Moon of the UN and Mr. Sun (Solana) of the EU in this fascinating report.

Hillary Says "I'm In"
Will Hillary Clinton Be Elected President of the United States in 2008?: Hillary has thrown her hat in the ring—she’s going all-out to become the next occupant of the White House. Will election day the second Tuesday in November, 2008 signal the emergence of a brutal new feminine force never before rivaled on the American scene? Find out about Hillary’s massive $200 million dollar campaign war chest, money given to her by billionaire Jewish Zionists. Discover the mind-boggling Bible prophecy that warns of women taking power and children becoming our oppressors. Who are Hillary’s key political opponents in the Democrat Party race? Do they stand a chance against the wily and shrewd Iron Maiden of American politics?

Nightmare 2008—President Hillary Clinton will Inherit George W. Bush’s Orwellian Police State
Texe Marrs, in his electrifying book, Big Sister is Watching You, was the first to alert America to the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton. In that same exposé book, he also revealed her Orwellian compulsion to someday set up a totalitarian dictatorship—with "hers truly" at the helm of leadership. Sadly, by the time George W. Bush leaves office, on January 20, 2009, he and his neo-con Zionist cohorts will hand over to the incoming President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, an American Police State with nightmarish Big Brother tools the likes of which even Stalin and Lenin never dreamed. Hillary will have all the assets of Homeland Security to work with—torture chambers, an extensive gulag camp system, the national I.D. card, hidden videocams everywhere watching us, the suspension of habeus corpus rights, the new "anti-hate" legislation to curb "thought-crimes," and a $250 billion counterterrorism budget that can be used to demolish any and all resistance to the planned Zionist/Illuminati/CFR North American Union and new global order. Moreover, by 2009, the U.S.A. will be occupied by some 50 million illegal aliens, thanks to Bush’s opening of the border floodgates to Mexican aliens and to foreign criminals. Weep now, America, because Big Sister is coming soon—and she has George W. Bush and the Republican Party to thank for making her bloody dictatorship possible.

Sordid Drama of the Mind-Controlled Beauty Queens: Broken Lives and Deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Madonna, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, and Other Illuminati Sex Slaves.
Texe Marrs interviews occult researcher Freeman. Was blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith victim of MK-Ultra/Monarch trauma-based mind control programming? Were Anna and her son murdered after she became heir to millions of dollars? Was Anna, like Marilyn Monroe, used as a sex slave, then discarded like a piece of trash? Why did Princess Diana, just before her death, complain to TV personality Jane Pauley, "I believe I have been prepared like a lamb for slaughter?" And why did Diana lay out her black burial dress three days before her death? Is Britney Spears’ bizarre behavior—cutting off her hair, her sexual antics, tattoos, etc.—a cry for help? What strange role does the Disney corporation play in these beauty queen tragedies? Why are almost all of these women deeply involved in the Jewish sorcery known as the magic of Cabala?

Secrets (Volume 128)
Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not mention:
(1) The Scriptures declare that, "Friendship with the world is enmity with God;"
(2) False Christs continue to deceive. In Florida, a pastor of an affluent church teaches that he is the reincarnated Jesus Christ. His followers shower him with expensive Rolex watches, money and other gifts. Then, to further demonstrate their loyalty, many visit local tattoo parlors and have the number of the beast, 666, tattooed on their neck, arm, hand or torso;
(3) Evangelical leaders are looking over neo-con Zionist Republican presidential candidates—Giuliani, Romney, Gingrich, McCain—and others to see which one they’ll support. Curiously, they avoid the few, true Christian patriots running for President—men like Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas;
(4) Exposed—The names of the traitorous U.S. Senators and Congressmen, Democrat and Republican, who voted against making English America’s official language and voted for giving illegal aliens lucrative U.S. Social Security benefits;
(5) Satanic music concert and extravaganza known as the Inferno Festival will take place in Norway during the same period that many Christians celebrate Easter. The Inferno Festival is sponsored in part by British Airways and will be held at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway;
(6) American resident Ernst Zundel, kidnapped and taken in chains to Germany with the full cooperation of the Bush White House Gestapo, is found guilty of a "thought crime" and sentenced to five years in prison. The 67-year old Christian artist and writer had been accused of questioning whether the holocaust happened the way establishment historians claim it did. In Germany and many other countries, powerful Jewish lobby groups are behind draconian "hate crime" laws designed to shut down free speech, defined as any words or speech that might paint the Jews in a bad light or offend Israel or Jews. The German court announced that Zundel’s mere words were crimes even if he could prove what he said is fact. "Truth is not a defense," said the Judge, disallowing Zundel’s lawyers any right to mount a defense.

Occult Cabbalistic Rituals of the Illuminati—Mind Control, Magic and the End of America
Texe Marrs explains how, all around us, reality is constantly being shaped by magic and ritual. Nothing is real like it seems, even the President and our political leaders are mere actors on a stage—nothing more than Virtual Reality Cyber-Mannequins. Also examined: The New Age craze, promoted by Oprah Winfrey, known simply as "The Secret;" Orwellian double-speak in everyday language; the Illuminati’s goal of "shifting" or "reinventing" the world; and the Illuminist, magical code-words employed in the JFK assassination—words like "Ruby," "Ozwald," "Specter," "Jackie O" (witch), and JFK’s missing brains ("scarecrow"). Was the JFK affair a ritual mind control staged drama played out according to a pre-prepared script? And did the odd and curious lyrics of Don McLean’s subsequent hit, "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie," purposely divulge some of the arcane secrets of the programmers?

Riddle of the Naked Man on a White Horse (Parts 1 and 2)—What Mysterious Power Behind the Synagogue of Satan is Revealed in the Curious Logo of the Council on Foreign Relations?:
Texe Marrs’ exclusive report on the prophetic meaning and significance of the CFR’s revealing logo and the secrets we discover by understanding its links to the Synagogue of Satan, the deadly last days cult mentioned so prominently in the Book of Revelation. Knowledge of the inner meaning and symbolism of the CFR logo opens up a storehouse of truths never before accessible to conspiracy researchers and revisionist historians. The riddle, once solved, holds the key to understanding the hidden causes of "anti-semitism," the reason why Jews so despise Jesus and Christianity, and why the Protocols of Zion are so amazingly on-target and accurate in their revelations of the true causes of world trouble, war, and bloodshed.

The Synagogue of Satan:
Texe Marrs interviews Andrew Hitchcock, author of the powerful new book, The Synagogue of Satan. The prophetic book of Revelation in the Holy Bible twice warns of the blasphemy, lies and murder of the Synagogue of Satan. Author Hitchcock presents a stinging indictment of the cabal that make up this conspiratorial group, painting a historical picture that exposes their secret plan for global domination.

Secrets (Volume 129):
Texe Marrs reveals facts and information that the controlled media dare not cover:
(1) The world’s largest consumer products company, Proctor and Gamble, wins $25 million lawsuit against Amway distributors who claimed the company’s profits went to the Church of Satan;
(2) CFR high-up Henry Kissinger becomes Pope’s political and economic advisor;
(3) Puzzled astronomers discover bizarre hexagon in clouds of planet Saturn;
(4) Was famous painter Pablo Picasso a fraud, a wife-beater, and worse?;
(5) Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols says he and Timothy McVeigh worked under direction of FBI Agent Larry Potts and that the Feds were behind the entire criminal operation—the Clinton White House wanted to pin blame on "domestic terrorists;"
(6) Internet bloggers to be prosecuted by Homeland Security Department?;
(7) Polish publication carries story about Senator John Kerry’s Jewish family roots in province of Silesia;
(8) Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy work closely with CFR, Jewish groups, and

Bush Administration to craft a "Comprehensive Immigration" bill that will give 30 million illegal aliens full amnesty, but under another name so the American people won’t know it’s amnesty;
(9) Noted psychologist argues that all human beings have a dark side he calls, "The Lucifer Effect;"
(10) Theory of evolution breaks down—alarmed scientists scramble for answers, afraid that people will begin to believe in the biblical account of creation;
(11) Greek political activist demands European Union investigate reports of Jewish ritual murders of Gentile children;
(12) Highly acclaimed Jewish professor explains mystical significance of number 666 in Judaism;
(13) Christian bookstore owner wants to ban the sale of King James Version bibles;
(14) New book alleges Hillary Clinton had John F. Kennedy Jr.’s private airplane sabotaged by a bomb;
(15) Neo-Nazi rally secretly organized by FBI as part of a fearmonger campaign to cause general public to back measures for a U.S.A. police state.

Riddles in Stone—Secrets Societies and the Occult Plan Revealed in the Architecture, Monuments, and Layout of Washington, D.C.:
Texe Marrs interviews David Bay, founder of Cutting Edge Ministries and producer of the controversial new video documentary, Riddles in Stone. Find out about the amazing occult implications of Washington’s monuments, buildings, and statues. Was the city designed by Masonic planners? Have Satan and his secret societies used occult and Masonic principles in the street layout? Is the destiny of the United States hidden in these centuries-old designs? A fascinating investigation into unheralded history.

Money, Alchemy, and Betrayal—The CFR Plot for the New Amero Currency, the Death of the Dollar, and the Impoverishment of the American People:
A Texe Marrs Exclusive. The Council on Foreign Relations, backed by the Bush White House, is moving full-steam ahead on its plan to replace the dollar with a new currency, to be called the amero. It’s part of the overall plan for the ending of American Sovereignty and the establishment of the North American Union by 2010. The U.S.A. will die, to be superseded by a new, regional group made up of Mexico, the U.S.A. and Canada. Borders will be erased. To force the American people to accept this new arrangement as a "fait accompli," a financial and economic crash will be intentionally caused and the value of the dollar will be destroyed. Get all the facts and learn how to counteract and fight against this staggering, planned destruction of the American currency and sovereignty.

Without Bang or Whimper—The CFR, President Bush, and the U.S. Congress Escalate Their Scheme to End American Sovereignty and Set Up a Police State:
A Texe Marrs Special Report. The scheme to merge the U.S.A. with Mexico and Canada, erasing all borders and trashing the U.S. Constitution, continues by leaps and bounds. Recently, representatives of the three nations met secretly to plot how oil resources would be allocated. The Trans America Corridor freeway is being built, and the U.S. Border Patrol has abandoned its duties of monitoring the border with Mexico. A gulag system of barbed wire prison camps is rapidly going up, designed to accommodate the die-hard American patriots and other "troublemakers." The CFR and Bush Administration are working with radical Mexican socialist groups like La Raza and MALDEF. Find out how all these incredible developments personally affect you and your loved ones.

Secrets (Volume 130):
Texe Marrs examines news and uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) The Bible says, "God is angry with the wicked every day;"
(2) Global warming theory melts after U.S.A. suffers through coldest winter in 113 years;
(3) Crazy weather forecasters and climate scientists do 180 degree turn—they now say global warming means fewer hurricanes this season rather than more;
(4) Bilderbergers schedule next meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, where they will discuss plans for covert world government;
(5) President Bush appoints "Judas Goat" Mexican Americans to lead U.S. Border Patrol and other sensitive Homeland agencies;
(6) President Bush waves the Mexican flag;
(7) Energy bureaucrats from U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico meet to decide how oil resources are to be manipulated when the North American Union is formed in 2010;
(8) Sexual perversion in public schools heats up—a female teacher is accused of having sex with five boys, all middle school students. Meanwhile, at another middle school, a principal is arrested for methamphetamine distribution. The arresting police find him in his office naked watching gay porn;
(9) Judge in Italy orders girl to abort baby;
(10) University headed by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor puts on an explicit porn show featuring nude sex workers demonstrating sex toys;
(11) Hot new comedian Sara Silverman is depicted on TV program having carnal relations with "God."
(12) Federal judge rejects parents’ plea to exempt their child from classes promoting same sex marriage.

How the Illuminati Controls America (Volume 1):
The Synagogue of Satan and the Dancing Marionettes of the Democrat Party - Is there even a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties? Texe Marrs proves there is not, showing how the same elitist billionaires and back-room players control the Democrats and Republicans. This control extends to choice of presidential candidates and the foreign policy of the United States. Every war, especially since World War I, was fought at the instigation of the Illuminati. The President and Congress are little more than puppets—dancing marionettes. If they do not tow the elitist line, politicians are removed from office, either by election, threat of impeachment, or assassination. Discover why politicians of both parties scornfully disregard what the voters and citizens want and go right ahead implementing the Master Plan of the Illuminati and its Synagogue of Satan. Featured: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Barack Obama.

How the Illuminati Controls America (Volume 2):
The Synagogue of Satan and the Dancing Marionettes of the Democrat Party - Texe Marrs continues the important, two-part series, focusing on the Republican Party and its subjugation and domination by the Illuminati elite and the Synagogue of Satan. Featured: President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and neocon Administration puppets; Governor Schwarzenegger, Senator John McCain, Mayor Giuliani, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Governor Mitt Romney.

Secrets (Volume 131):
Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not touch.
(1) Does the Bible really command Christians to obey political leaders, even when they do evil? Many pastors and other church leaders would have us believe that God requires Christians bow their knees to the Bushes, Clintons, Pol Pots, Hitlers, and Stalins of this world. But, should we?;
(2) Astronomers find amazing six-sided hexagon on planet Saturn and a hurricane with an all-seeing eye;
(3) Many Christians report having apocalyptic dreams. Are these possibly visions sent by God?;
(4) Does image on Mexican peso depict end of the world just a few years from now?;
(5) Illuminati founders in 18th century taught that, from 1776, America had 234 years to fulfill its destiny and usher in the global New World Order. Target Date was 2010. Amazingly, this is the same date chosen by today’s Illuminist traitors for the merger of the U.S.A. into the North American Union;
(6) On May 1st, Mexican illegal aliens nationwide held mass demonstrations. Was this date a co-incidence? On May 1, 1776, Jesuit Mason Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati. Each May 1, communists and socialists around the globe celebrate "Worker Solidarity Day;"
(7) The Los Angeles Times newspaper documents horrendous crime wave by illegal aliens;
(8) Hungarian Jew is elected President of France. Meanwhile, the top Catholic Cardinal in Paris is also a Jew. Coincidence or design?;
(9) Texas Governor Rick Perry acts as chief lobbyist for multinational Spanish corporation Cintra by betraying Texas landowners and building the illegal TransAmerica Highway across their property;
(10) CNN’s Lou Dobbs courageously calls for immediate deportation of all illegal aliens;
(11) Hillary Clinton blasted dirty mouth radio jock Don Imus but accepts $800,000 from foul-mouthed Afro-American rap music stars.

The Two Faces Of Zionism:
The 19th and 20th centuries spawned a number of poisonous political ideologies, or "isms." These included Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, and Zionism. Of these, the most deadly and destructive to world peace and human life is Zionism. Texe Marrs examines the roots of Zionism and shows how Zionism has two faces—that emanating from Israel, the other exerting a network of money, political, and media influence behind the scenes in nations around the globe. Zionism is the number one latter days enemy of God and man, proving once again the amazing prophetic power of the Word of God.

The Judas Goats—Spies, Saboteurs, Infiltrators, and the Enemy Within:
Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper, author of the outstanding new book, The Judas Goats. Piper reveals how the Jewish ADL, AIPAC, JDL, and other elements of the Synagogue of Satan covertly work to undermine American patriotism and destroy nationalism. These Zionist organizations employ provocateurs and saboteurs (Piper courageously names them!) who infiltrate pro-American groups and churches. These "Judas Goats," as Piper calls them, impersonate true patriots and commit crimes to inspire hate legislation. The media help the Judas Goats to smear good patriotic men and women.

Blood Rites of the Secret Brotherhood:
A Texe Marrs Special Report—Astonishing facts are revealed from Texe’s 20-year-long investigation of the Illuminati’s secret societies and groups, including:
(1) The bloody meaning of the Shriner’s "Fez" cap;
(2) The systematic torture and death from America’s CIA during Vietnam’s Operation Phoenix;
(3) The Rockefeller/Bush plot to depopulate planet Earth;
(4) The cryptic messages found in the mysterious Georgia Guidestones demanding that over five billion people be slaughtered;
(5) The Masonic alchemical meaning of the atomic bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, proven to be sacrificial cabalistic holocausts;
(6) The siting of the United Nations building directly over a "field of blood;"
(7) Karl Marx’ hidden desire to destroy all life and even to annihilate the stars and the entire universe;
(8) The real reason Beatle John Lennon was assassinated—in a satanic ritual at the very place where the devilish movie, Rosemary’s Baby, was filmed; and much more…

Codex Magica Update—America Continues to be Bombarded by Secret Symbols and Occult Messages Broadcast by the Illuminati in Plain Sight:
Texe Marrs examines fresh new documentation, including revealing photos of such Illuminist disciples as Fox Network mogul Rupert Murdoch; President George W. Bush; rock star Bono; Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard; Jewish comedian Ben Stiller; and Secretary of State Condi Rice.

Secrets (volume 132):
Texe Marrs reveals facts and information the controlled media dare not cover.
(1) Seventh Day Adventist pastor discovered to be an illuminist—hand signal gives him away;
(2) Hillary says if elected President, she will make her husband, Bill Clinton, "Ambassador to the World;"
(3) Should we judge people, and if so, by what standard?;
(4) Are people who identify themselves as "Christians," but insist that Jews, Moslems, Hindus and Buddhists worship the same God as we do really Christians?;
(5) What is the definition of a godly woman in today’s society?;
(6) Texas Governor Rick Perry (Republican) attends secret Bilderbergers conclave in Istanbul, Turkey, then travels to Jerusalem to get his marching orders from Israeli Prime Minister Olmert;
(7) Congressman Ron Paul says Texas Governor Perry is a cog in the international conspiracy for the New World Order;
(8) How to be happy, secure, and safe every day of your life—a two word formula!

Ten Truths That Must Be Told—Exposing Outrageous Crimes and Deceit That Directly Affect Your Life:
(1) America’s armed forces will never leave Iraq;
(2) The United States will never be self-sufficient in energy resources even though it possesses enough oil, gas, coal, and other resources to meet America’s needs for a thousand years;
(3) Global warming, a hoax, is the newest Illuminati crusade, but the objective of the illuminists has nothing to do with climate changes;
(4) Environmentalists now demand that trees and forests be cut down and dams be blown up;
(5) Abortion will never be completely outlawed in the United States;
(6) America will continue to fight "monsters" and "bogeymen" abroad in bloody wars that are never meant to be won;
(7) The War on Drugs will never be won because the U.S. government is the biggest dope dealer in the world;
(8) America will elect a Zionist Jew disloyal to America as its President;
(9) The Illuminati intend for U.S.A. and Russia to be merged soon after the North American Union is completed in 2010;
(10) Israel will use nuclear bombs to start World War III in the Middle East, insanely believing in the teachings of the cabalist rabbis that a Zionist Global Kingdom will ensue.

The Pigs Are Still in the Parlor (2 parts)—The Plot of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Council of the Americas, and Other Illuminati Cults:
A Texe Marrs Special Report. Eye-opening documentation showing that the plot and agenda of these traitorous New World conspiratorial groups comes right out of the pages of the Synagogue of Satan’s "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." Dating from 1913, the globalist insiders have sought to unravel the U.S. Constitution and usher in a Hegelian synthesis of communism and capitalism. Zionists, such as Colonel E. Mandel House, Bernard Baruch, and David Rockefeller, have labored mightily to end America’s freedoms, set up a borderless world, and enthrone a "money-clad" world dictatorship. Discover who the top names are in the CFR, TLC, and the Council of the Americas and why Christian pastors and evangelists have been recruited in a bid to merge all the world’s religions into one. Find out why the CFR’s membership includes the head of the World Jewish Congress as well as the leaders of pro-terrorist Mexican racist organizations. Discover why President Reagan publicly denounced the CFR and The TLC when he first ran for President, but, after taking office, brought into his Administration leading members of those groups, including his Vice President George H.W. Bush. Do these premier Illuminati groups control all the major political offices in America? Can a person like Congressman Ron Paul, who opposes their deceitful agenda, be elected President of the U.S.A.?

Big Brother’s Lies and Web of Deceit:
Texe Marrs reviews Big Brother’s growing mountain of lies and deceit. Never have so many lies and fabrications been disseminated to Americans and the world. President Bush and Vice President Cheney have led the nation into an orgy of deceit—and blood and death are the end result. Texe recounts lies, one-by-one, that got us into the Iraq War and those told by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Congress. Entire new government bureaus have been set up in the Pentagon and in the White House whose sole purpose is to spin the truth. Hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money has gone to PR and advertising agencies to slant the news and create a media "land of Oz." Sadly, most Americans have been totally mesmerized by the never-ending propaganda assault.

The Murder of Pat Tillman, The Travesty of Jessica Lynch—Can America Handle the Truth?:
Texe Marrs and his special guest, popular talk show host and conspiracy researcher Alex Jones, reveal the horrible truth about the murder—yes, murder!—of U.S. Army Corporal Pat Tillman and the travesty of the Private Jessica Lynch saga. Tillman, a true American hero, gave up his megabucks NFL pro-football career to serve his country in Afghanistan. But he soon discovered the so-called "war against terrorism" is a disgraceful fraud. Tillman was determined to come back to America and lead an anti-war movement, but when the Bush White House and the Pentagon heard of Tillman’s plan, they moved swiftly to terminate his life. And so, a monstrous coverup ensued. Alex and Texe also look at the Pentagon’s fictional account of Private Jessica Lynch’s supposed heroism and rescue, and unmask many other government and Pentagon hoaxes and scams. Why are the elite staging such outrageous psychodramas and why are so many taken in by the liars’ grand theater?

Orwell’s Children—Did George Orwell’s Prophetic Novel, 1984, Foretell Our Future Today?:
It’s been almost six decades since Orwell’s famous book was published. However, it seems as if today’s headlines, in 2007, are almost taken verbatim from Orwell’s mind-bending plot. Hear for yourself how everything going on today—9/11 terrorist attacks, government-induced fear, official doublespeak and newspeak, video spy cams always watching; managed news, contrived wars—pop right out of Orwell’s incredible book. Amazingly, even the bogeyman himself, the infamous Osama Bin Laden, is described in 1984 to an absolute tee.

Secrets (Volume 133):
Texe Marrs uncovers hidden news and reveals things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Former Senator Fred Thompson of TV’s Law and Order program and now a Republican candidate for President of the United States, travels to Israel to get his "marching orders" and win acceptance from Jewish Masonic elite;
(2) Just as Moslems go to Mecca and Hindus bathe in the Ganges River, all U.S. politicians now know they must take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Israel;
(3) Why Congressman Ron Paul is the only choice America has in the presidential sweepstakes;
(4) More on Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s perverted religion and views;
(5) Why do Catholic Bishops in America not excommunicate abominable pro-abortion and homosexual advocates like Senator Ted Kennedy and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi?—Cardinal McCarrick explains;
(6) What Thomas Jefferson had to say about government sticking its nose in religion and Church matters;
(7) Australia apostasy takes flight: Young Christians called "planet shakers" sexually cavort about; they wear tattoos and body piercings, dance wildly in mosh pits, and shake their bodies;
(8) Also in Australia—The Vatican holds its gala World Youth Day with one official speaker at the event actively promoting gay marriage and gay bars;
(9) Former Mayor Willie Brown and the Satan party scene in San Francisco; Also—Who in Washington, D.C., on September 10, 2001 told Mayor Brown not to travel by air the next day, on 9/11?;
(10) A new Hollywood movie produced by Jews blasphemes Jesus, portraying him as a whoremonger in blue jeans who seduces a beautiful young librarian. The raunchy film, said to be a "comedy" and starring Jessica Alba and Winona Ryder, is now hitting movie theaters around the nation. Question: What would Moslems do if Hollywood put out a movie like this portraying the Prophet Mohammed as a sinful young lecher?

Secrets (Volume 134):
Texe Marrs uncovers news and reveals things the controlled media dare not mention:
(1) Jewish ADL honcho Abe Foxman is covering up the genocide and holocaust of over one million Armenian Christians by Turkey in the 20th century. Why? Is it not because it was crypto Jews, described as the "Young Turks," who were the murderous butchers behind this great atrocity?;
(2) Father of 9/11 Flight 93 victim refuses to allow son’s name on memorial;
(3) Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch (Fox News magnate), as owner of HarperCollins Publishing, is responsible for both the pro-homosexual NIV Bible version and The Satanic Bible!;
(4) Your "Purpose" in life—what is it?;
(5) Incredible discovery!—a sea of water—an entire ocean is found inside the earth;
(6) Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman’s horribly blasphemous "jokes" about Jesus—why do Christians tolerate this?;
(7) President Bush meets again in Canada with leaders of Mexico and Canada to put finishing touches on secret 2010 plan for North American Union;
(8) Judicial Watch unearths hidden U.S. government doctrine revealing clandestine plot to end American sovereignty by stealth;
(9) French President Sarkozy, a Jew, proposes a "Council of Wise Men" meet to solve world’s problems;
(10) Senator John McCain’s Middle East Plan—"Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!;
(11) Dog killer and football star Michael Vick—what should his punishment be?

Witchdoctors of the Pharmaceutical Industry:
One of the greatest dangers to America today comes not from terrorists or economic manipulators but from the modern witchdoctors pushing drugs—drugs that are wrecking peoples’ bodies and destroying peoples’ minds. These witchdoctors in executive suites and in doctor’s smocks are getting rich off the misery of unwitting victims by the millions. In fact, the use of drugs is indistinguishable from magic. The Holy Bible says that drugs are derived from sorcery and devilish Craft, and the ancient Mystery Religions commonly used mind-bending drugs in their Luciferian rituals. Now in America, most children are put on horrendous drug-therapy from the time they are two or three years of age, and they’re "diagnosed" with nonexistent maladies and treated with drugs by foolish, moronic doctors. Meanwhile, explosive evidence shows that the CIA is behind the illegal drugs—meth, heroin, LSD, cocaine—flooding America and ruining peoples’ minds and lives.

Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda (Part 1)—The Zionist Media Empire and the Highjacking of History and Truth:
Who really owns the media? Why is it the truth never comes to light and world events are stage-managed? Has there been a century-long plot to buy up and use the media—newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, and now internet—to program peoples’ minds? In fact, the answers to these questions is Yes!, and Texe Marrs documents who and why this is happening. None of this manipulation is by accident. Propaganda and lies are being spread every minute of the day by our Zionist controllers, and, as The Protocols of Zion show, this has long been a key goal of the Illuminist minions. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox—the whole gang of them—cannot be trusted. Here is proof!

Death Grip—How Judaizers Inside the Christian Church Are Working With the Synagogue of Satan to Strangle and Kill the Truth:
A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. In the late 19th century, the secret societies, led by Jewish cabalist rabbis, began a secret project to infiltrate, subvert, and eventually strangle and kill the Christian Church. The diabolical plan involved the setting up of fake "Judeo-Christian" churches, even entire denominations. It was decided that new Bibles and Bible commentaries would be covertly sponsored that would promote Judaism and stealthily degrade Jesus and the Christian Church. So-called "Messianic" Jewish Christian leaders would be funded, and Zionism would replace evangelism as their central focus. In the final stages of this plan, Christianity would simply be swallowed up into Judaism, collapsing back into its reputed "Jewish roots" and Jesus would become simply another Jewish teacher and rabbi. Tragically, this secret plan of the satanic rabbis and Sanhedrin has proven incredibly successful and the racist doctrine of the superiority of "God’s Chosen" has now risen to its ultimate zenith. What comes next? What does Bible prophecy tell us about the future of the beleaguered Christian Church?

Eden—The Knowledge of Good and Evil:
Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, author of the book, Eden—The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Secrets (Volume 135):
Texe Marrs reports news and information the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Unbelievable!—Jewish professor of Judaism at prestigious Princeton University lets cat out of the bag, authors stunning new book, Jesus in the Talmud. Finally, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Judaism reveals what the rabbis’ most holy book says about Jesus, his mother Mary, and Christianity;
(2) 1960s TV show "The Prisoner" was amazingly accurate in describing what 21st century life would be like under Big Brother’s surveillance thumb;
(3) What do Hindus really believe?;
(4) Do the Illuminati and Zionists plan to make Baghdad, Iraq the capital of their global empire?;
(5) New study finds that 63% of Christian teens believe that Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, and Christians pray to the same god;
(6) Pastor Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Church Movement) says Christian fundamentalists are dangerous and are "one of the big enemies of the 21st century";
(7) What exactly is a Christian fundamentalist?;
(8) Professor Daniel Ellsberg, the man who leaked "The Pentagon Papers" disclosing how the American people were lied to about the Vietnam War, now says that "A coup has occurred in America." Ellsberg warns that "concentration camps" do exist and that if and when another 9/11 type event occurs the Bush Administration will use it as a pretext to explode into an oppressive U.S.A. police state;
(9) Congressman Jim Moran, Jr. (D-VA) tells the truth, says that the powerful Israel lobby is responsible for the disastrous war in Iraq. Now, Rep. Moran is under attack by that same Jewish lobby.

Confessions of a Troublemaker:
Texe Marrs talks from the heart about the many persecutions you will no doubt suffer in this world if you choose to fearlessly tell the truth. He describes some of the terrible obstacles that the "powers that be" have tried to put in the way of Power of Prophecy and explains how, with God’s great help, he has been able to successfully navigate the dangerous waters. Don’t doubt it for a moment—God’s people have always been labeled "troublemakers" and have been unfairly singled out and targeted for persecution. But that’s never stopped a true man or woman of Truth, so why should it deter you and me?

The Great Authority Speaks Out—Jesus Christ’s Verdict on Zionism and the Jews:
Everybody seems to have their opinion on Jews, Zionism, and Israel. The evangelicals—John Hagee, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, the Southern Baptists, etc.—uniformly praise Zionism and they rabidly lobby for and support the rabbis and Israel. Others, however, disagree and warn that unbridled Zionist fervor is leading the United States into total disaster. But, guess what? The only one whose voice really counts is Jesus Christ. What does He say in His Word about Zionism, Israel, and the Jews? Jesus is indisputably the greatest authority of all time on this subject. Shouldn’t we listen to what Jesus has to say on this vital and timely topic?

Secrets (Volume 136):
Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) exposes "global warming" as an idiotic hoax;
(2) President Bush’s Attorney-General nominee Michael Mukasey, yet another one of Bush’s Jewish neocon crazies, has no problem with torture;
(3) Billionaire Warren Buffet complains that he and other Americans don’t pay enough in taxes. So, what’s the beef? If Buffet wants to personally write out a big donation check to the IRS, well, why doesn’t he go ahead and do it?;
(4) Roman Catholic Bishop says Christians should address God as "Allah" in bid to win favor with Moslems;
(5) Vatican reportedly will soon exonerate the Knights Templar and their allegedly heretical, homosexual deviate leader, Jacques de Molay, burned at the stake on "Black Friday" in October, 1307;
(6) French President Nicholas Sarkozy, born in Hungary as a Jew, is unmasked by Paris’ top newspaper as a long-time clandestine agent of Israel’s murderous spy agency, the Mossad;
(7) "Conservatism is a Tower of Babel," says columnist Pat Buchanan. He notes that Romney, McCain, Giuliani, and others running for President on the Republican Party ticket are actually liberals. Except for Ron Paul, the Republican candidates hold essentially the same political views as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrats. "Will the real conservative please stand up?," pleads Buchanan.

The Economic Downfall of America — Why the Illuminati Intend to Put 40 Million American Workers Out on the Street and Dissolve the United States:
Is there an Illuminati elite plan to put 40 million American workers on the street and dissolve the United States? Was this financial debacle planned long ago and spoken of in the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? This Texe Marrs Exclusive Report examines the ongoing, deliberate economic downfall of the United States. Huge banks and mortgage companies are failing, General Motors recently announced a $39 billion loss, and real estate foreclosures are sweeping America. What is going on? A former governor of the Federal Reserve predicts a whopping 40 million American workers will be put out on the streets within 10 years, a result of corporate outsourcing. Dell Computer, Intel, AMD, and many others are building huge new plants overseas, while millions of illegal aliens invade the U.S.A. and take jobs from U.S. citizens. The dollar has hit a historic low and the Amero is on the way. Who is wrecking the U.S. economy, and why? Is there hope for a turnaround or is this a replay of the savage Great Depression of the 1930s, only worse? You must listen to this two-part series. Your economic survival is at stake.

Endgame—The Illuminati Blueprint for Global Enslavement:
Texe Marrs interviews Alex Jones on his shocking, new 2-hour-plus video documentary, Endgame. Alex documents the elitist plot to not only set up a brutal Police State to control our thoughts and our every move, he also proves that the Final Solution is planned. They plan to kill most of us. Incredibly, the dark-hearted elite are not even hiding their repulsive scheme. Alex quotes these insane, but politically and economically powerful big-wigs as they come right out and admit their intent to wipe out some 80% of all the earth’s inhabitants. What horrendous force compels these men to worship at the altar of death?

Secrets (Volume 137):
Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch:
(1) Stock Market rises 546 points in just two days—just as Texe Marrs predicted;
(2) Oil’s new record high price has analysts puzzled—what is the real reason behind oil’s rapid climb? Also, insight into its future;
(3) Where do Illuminati elite privately meet?…Location unmasked!;
(4) Secret ties between exclusive Lotus club, wealthy Vanderbilt dynasty, Zionist satanist Untermeyer, and Scofield Bible editor unearthed;
(5) Apparitions of Mary—are they legitimate? Shocker!—"Mary" instructs Christians to take a mark in their forehead;
(6) Confusion reigns about the biblical definition of "Israel." Is there both a spiritual and physical Israel?;
(7) The Vatican’s secret society of Jesus, known as the "Jesuits"—Is it behind the Illuminati conspiracy?;
(8) Who really rules America? Vanity Fair lists America’s 100 most powerful. Guess who’s on the list.
(9) TransAmerica Corridor Super Highway—Austin newspaper publishes revealing picture. Surprise!—agreement between State of Texas and Cintra-Zachry, the globalist combine building the massive project, plots ways to increase income and push traffic from free roads and highways to the new for-profit toll road super highway.

Secrets (Volume 138):
Texe Marrs exposes even more schemes and plots with this follow-up volume of Secrets:
(1) Writer from the country of Latvia reports the Jews run his country, lording it over native-born Latvians;
(2) Woman complains immigrants get more from SSI than her U.S. citizen mom. Her mom gets $700 monthly; immigrants are paid a staggering $2,470;
(3) Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ), a Jew, introduces legislation requiring the U.S.A. to pay Veterans benefits to all Jewish Russian immigrants in U.S. for their former military service in the communist Soviet Army;
(4) Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee claims Jesus was not the Messiah of the Jews. Hagee says all Christians must now defend Israel’s land grabs by immediately attacking its enemy Iran with nuclear bombs;
(5) Jenna Bush, the President’s daughter, writes book promoting "safe sex" instead of abstinence, wants teens to use condoms;
(6) Bush’s Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is dual citizen of both U.S.A. and Israel. Why did the U.S. Senate confirm his appointment by vote of 98-0?;
(7) Catholic priest at Vatican charged with global responsibility to rehab pedophile priests is discovered to be a homosexual pervert himself, after Italian TV reporter films him propositioning young man on street corner for gay sex;
(8) Czechoslovakian President declares "global warming" a hoax and complains that the U.S.A. and the EEC are trying to turn environmentalism into a religion;
(9) Jewish rabbis are angry over Catholic Church’s new Catechism which says that Jews are spiritually our "Elder Brothers." Not so, say the rabbis;
(10) Stunning new book alleges witness saw George W. Bush performing a homosexual act on a known gay Tennessee politician, Victor Ashe. Bush later appointed Ashe as Ambassador to Poland;
(11) Fox News revives tattered career of Republican Party huckster, William Bennett. Bennett, an old pal of Christian radio king James Dobson, had been shamed after it was discovered he had blown $4 million dollars gambling in Las Vegas and also had allegedly used kinky prostitutes;
(12) The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson endorses pro-abortion, gay transvestite Rudy Giuliani for President. Robertson explains on Fox-TV News that Giuliani may have had moral lapses, but he’s good for Israel and that’s what counts most.

Judeo-Christian Death Cult (The)—Why Bush, Cheney, Hagee, Dobson, Robertson, and other Neocons Approve Torture, Genocide and Human Sacrifice on Behalf of God's "Chosen People":
Texe Marrs examines the startling collapse of traditional Christianity as its leaders replace Jesus with Israel as their central focus. The Great Commission is no longer to preach Jesus and the Cross, but to exalt the Jews and defend Israel. In pursuit of this radical new objective, Christian leaders endorse Israel's murder and oppression of Palestinians, Lebanese, and other supposed "enemies." Moreover, whatever it takes—torture, lies, gulags, or genocide—all are encouraged if Israel's political goals are advanced. Evangelical Christianity is being rapidly transformed into a global Death Cult.

Satan’s Politicians—Exposing the Evil Acts and Illuminist Connections of Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, McCain, and the Whole Motley Crew:
It’s a Brave New World out there for the Republican Party. The neocons are firmly in control and the scam is on. The party’s CFR elite-approved slate of candidates for President (exception: Dr. Ron Paul) are Zionist crazies who uniformly support more war and bloodshed in the Middle East. All back the continued invasion of the U.S.A. by millions of illegal aliens. The approved candidates are proven advocates of tax increases, and most strongly endorse the IRS and the Federal Reserve. They are for the continuance and build-up of the Police State. Most are pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. As columnist Pat Buchanan recently observed, "Conservatism is a Tower of Babel." Once again, the old adage is shown to be true. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two political parties.

Hidden Dangers of the Six-Pointed Star—How Rothschild Money and Intrigue Fuel the Synagogue of Satan and Imperil Liberty Freedom and Security Everywhere:
The Rothschilds have for centuries intrigued to control the money and banking system of the United States. Texe Marrs outlines this insidious plot and shows how our political foundations have been undermined, our Constitution pushed aside and disregarded, and our sovereignty put under assault by the Rothschild conspiracy. Today, we hold on to our liberty by only a slender thread—and the Rothschilds plan to snip even that.